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The Greatest Art Forger Of All Time Might Have Been Killed By The Mafia

When Eric Hebborn was found with a fractured skull near his home in Rome in 1996, his death was a mystery. But now, filmmakers making an 8-part miniseries about his life (and the more than 1,000 forgeries he claimed to have passed off as real) say they have evidence that not only was he working for the mafia for years, but they may have had him murdered as well. – The Guardian (UK)
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Italian Authorities Say Caravaggio Stolen In 1969 May Have Been Hidden In Switzerland By The Mafia

Almost 50 years after a Caravaggio was stolen, "the new lead on the whereabouts of the 17th-century painting – a depiction of the newborn Christ on a bed of straw, painted in the chiaroscuro technique – came from a former mobster-turned-informant, who revealed to Italian investigators that it had once been held by Gaetano Badalamenti, […]
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Pair of Van Gogh Works Stolen in 2002 Recovered in Italy

A pair of Van Gogh works stolen from the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam in 2002 have been recovered in Italy, the New York Times reports, found during an investigation into Mafia clans in the country.  “In this case, they were most likely used in what we call ‘art-napping’ — the Mafia often steals work of art and […]
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Sicily: Culture and Conquest review – the original treasure island

British Museum, LondonRaging bulls, Medusas, Madonnas… there are riches and mysteries galore in this enthralling survey of Sicilian history from the ancient Greeks to the NormansArchimedes had his eureka moment in a bath in Syracuse in Sicily. Antipholus, protagonist of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, comes from the very same place. Cicero described Syracuse as the greatest and most beautiful of all Greek cities, when it was not so much an outpost as a grand imperial metropolis. Consider thi...
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How Playing "Mafia" Led To An Audition

You never know who you're in a room with, or who you're sitting next to, or whose dog your petting, or who you're playing "Mafia" with. So, my friend from NYU was visiting Los Angeles. It was his last night in town, and I really wanted to see him. I regard him as one of the funniest people I know  (and I was in need of a lifting) , so I dragged my 2 girlfriends to his going away party. 3 hours, 2 businesscards, and one phone number later, we leave. I met alot of fun people. One in...
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