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Instead Of Trashing Or Replacing Its Old-Style, Stereotyped Colonists-Meet-Indians Diorama, This Museum Is Interrogating It

The American Museum of Natural History in New York has a 1939 diorama purporting to show a diplomatic meeting between governor Peter Stuyvesant of New Amsterdam (today’s Manhattan) and some Lenape Indians, and — not everything in it is wrong (Stuyvesant really did have a pegleg), but in 2019, you can’t call it accurate. So the Museum decided to make the diorama an exhibit on old stereotypes, with labeling explaining the differences between what’s shown and what’s known of the site’s actual hist...
Tags: Art, New York, Manhattan, American Museum of Natural History, Stuyvesant, Issues, SJ, New Amsterdam, Peter Stuyvesant, 03.20.19, Ana Fota

NYC considers Manhattan land expansion to fight climate change

On Thursday March 14, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City unveiled a $10 billion plan to prepare lower Manhattan for the inevitable invasion of sea level rise predicted with climate change. The plan was announced alongside the release of the Lower Manhattan Climate Resilience Study, which provides a complete assessment of predicted climate risks, including sea level rise, storm surge, extreme rainfall and heat waves. The plan includes extensive construction of permanent and smartly integrated...
Tags: Design, Climate Change, NYC, New York City, Environment, Urban, Resilience, Italy, Sea Level Rise, Manhattan, Bill De Blasio, Natural Disaster, Sustainable Development, Gizmodo, Staten Island, Brooklyn Bridge

Off-Broadway’s Best-Connected, Best-Loved Talent-Spotter

“For the past 15 years, [Jason Eagan] has been the remarkably well-connected, stealthily low-profile, principal creative force shaping the innovative Off-Broadway incubator Ars Nova. … He’s the guy who plucked an obscure Billy Eichner out of one Manhattan basement and an unknown Lin-Manuel Miranda out of another; who discovered the alt-cabaret comedian Bridget Everett at midnight at a karaoke bar; who looked upon the glorious excess of Dave Malloy’s nascent War and Peace musical, Natasha, Pierr...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Manhattan, Billy Eichner, Lin Manuel Miranda, Bridget Everett, Dave Malloy, Natasha Pierre the Great Comet, 03.13.19, Jason Eagan

Green-roofed NY home taps into passive solar with contemporary style

New York-based design firm Slade Architecture has reconciled a client’s need for privacy with their desire for connection with the landscape in the Link Farm House, a contemporary home that splits the public and private areas into two perpendicular volumes. Located on a 220-acre organic farm in Dutchess County, New York, the expansive home engages the bucolic surroundings with a glass public-facing volume balanced atop a grassy knoll and a lower, private-facing volume built of locally sourced s...
Tags: Utah, New York, Design, Manhattan, Dutchess County New York, Slade Architecture, Link Farm House

OMA unveils designs for zigzagging residential towers in Brooklyn

OMA’s New York office has unveiled striking designs for the Greenpoint Landing mixed-use towers—two dramatically stepped buildings that appear to be two jagged halves of a whole. Designed to frame views of Greenpoint and vistas of Manhattan beyond, the project is “a ziggurat and its inverse…carefully calibrated to one another,” says OMA Partner Jason Long. Greenpoint Landing, which is expected to break ground in August of this year, is located in the Brooklyn waterfront neighborhood of Greenpoi...
Tags: New York, Design, NYC, New York City, Architecture, Brooklyn, Gallery, Amsterdam, Manhattan, Green space, Carousel Showcase, Mixed-use, Williamsburg, Oma, Greenpoint, Waterfront

Terrible And Bizarre Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents

If the weather clears up later I might mow the pool. What would your dream home look like? Would it be a rustic farm hidden deep in the woods or maybe a penthouse in Manhattan? Would the interior design be more traditional or perhaps a reflection of all the latest trends? While it is fun to think about the perfect house or flat, the reality of real estate listings is far harsher... Source
Tags: Design, Manhattan

Central Park — The Painting

Frederick Law Olmsted was a genius of unfathomable proportion. This gentleman saw the center of a bustling island, and envisioned 1.317 square miles of trees, hills, bridges, lakes and pathways — and invented Central Park. Having spent 12 years living in Manhattan (10 of which, were on the Upper East Side) — The Park was …
Tags: Art, NYC, Commission, Manhattan, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Contemporary Art, Shaq, Central Park, Painting Process, Guggenheim, Manhattan Painting, Borbay, Acrylic, Acrylic On Canvas, Commissioned Art

Critic’s Pick: Jasper Johns Stays Divinely Busy

A gallery exhibition in Manhattan gives the truest picture of the artist, at 88, who is continuing to work and innovate.
Tags: Art, News, Manhattan, Jasper, Ny, Matthew, Jasper Johns, Johns, Marks, Gallery (Manhattan

Manhattan Pier Is Deemed Unsafe, Forcing Cancellation of an Art Show

The Armory Show will relocate to Pier 90, forcing the shutdown of Volta, a companion show that was set to be held there.
Tags: Art, News, Manhattan, Conventions, Ny, Armory Show, VOLTA, Manhattan (NYC, The International Fair of New Art (NYC, Fairs and Trade Shows, Economic Development Corp, Pier 92 (Manhattan

'Shape of Light' Shines in the Space Where Photographic Art Bleeds into Wider Art

None From May to October 2018, the Tate Modern in London presented an exhibition titled Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art, examining relationships between abstraction in fine art and photographic practice. The exhibition featured an array of photographs curated for the show, with relevant examples of abstract art from the Tate's collection. The book, Shape of Light, serves as the companion volume to that exhibition. A generous collection of reproduced photographs, colou...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Music, London, Review, Los Angeles, Book Review, Paris, Manhattan, Laszlo Moholy Nagy, Dada, Tate, Alfred Stieglitz, Man Ray, Stieglitz

The Parting of the Furniture

So it’s come to this: BILLY is joining the gig economy, and he’ll hold your books and whatever else you see fit until you upgrade to KALLAX or HEMNES, or you finally bring yourself to KonMari all your worldly possessions away.IKEA recently announced that it is looking to launch a subscription model, in which customers effectively “lease” furniture and trade it back via credit system; depending on the condition, the Swedish behemoth will either refurbish or recycle the used items. Initially limit...
Tags: Amazon, New York, Design, China, India, CSR, Bloomberg, Bbc, Netflix, Furniture, Canada, Brooklyn, New York Times, Ikea, Switzerland, Manhattan

Met Hands Over Looted Egyptian Coffin

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has announced that it has handed over a first-century BC gilded coffin to the Manhattan district attorney for return to the Egyptian government upon discovering the item was looted in 2011. “I can tell you that the provenance file we provided to the Metropolitan Museum, to my best knowledge, was absolutely correct,” […]
Tags: Art, News, Manhattan, Art News, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Minipost

Met Museum Closes Show And Returns Golden Casket To Egypt

“Less than two years after an acquisition, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced today that it had handed over a first-century BC gilded coffin to the Manhattan district attorney for return to the Egyptian government after discovering that it had been looted in 2011.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Egypt, Manhattan, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Visual, 02.15.19

"Her gallery was considered by many to be at, or near, the white hot center of the ’80s art boom. The works she displayed there... were 'seen as slanting heavily toward an overtly macho form of Neo-Expressionist painting.'..."

"In 2016, the actor Alec Baldwin sued Ms. Boone, saying she had defrauded him by promising him one painting by Mr. Bleckner, but then providing another, similar Bleckner painting with the same name. Mr. Baldwin’s case was eventually settled... In the tax case, Ms. Boone was charged with filing false returns.... [Boone's lawyer] told the judge that she committed her crimes 'not because she was greedy, but because she was frightened.'... [Prosecutors] cited the many personal expenses Ms. Boone had...
Tags: Art, Crime, Law, Tax, Manhattan, Hermès, Alec Baldwin, Boone, Louis Vuitton, Baldwin, Ann Althouse, Mary Boone, Bleckner

Global warming will melt over 1/3 of the Himalayan ice cap by 2100

Asia’s Himalayan mountain range is about to undergo some major changes. New research predicts that global warming will melt at least one-third or up two two-thirds of the glaciers in the region by the year 2100, significantly affecting the 2 billion people who call the mountainous area home. The alarming prediction will come to pass if global carbon emissions continue at their current rates. Even more disturbing is that one-third of the glaciers in the Himalaya and Hindu Kush range will still d...
Tags: Asia, Design, India, Nasa, Manhattan, Himalaya, Antarctic, China Pakistan, Indus, Hindu Kush, Philippus Wester

Making DIY Concrete Casting Easy and Practical: The Quikrete WalkMaker

This product design here might seem humble, but I consider it a triple win for both the business selling it and the end user: 1) It enables some seriously money-saving DIY; 2) It helps the company move more of their own product; 3) It makes good use of materials.The object in question is the Quikrete WalkMaker. (Other manufacturers offer variants, this is just the one that's locally available to me.) It tackles a problem I never considered when living in Manhattan, which is drainage and landscap...
Tags: Design, Diy, Manhattan, Ben Uyeda, Quikrete

Top 5 Industrial Design Jobs for this week

As a part of our careers-related columns, these are our top five picks of the best industrial design opportunities on Yanko Design’s recruitment platform YD Job Board. This week brings you openings at LEGO, Bose, Tasty and more interesting opportunities.Check out Yanko Design Job Board for more design openings.Want your requirement to be featured along with these global design-driven companies? Post a Job with us right away!Senior Creative Automotive Designer at Mercedes-Benz Research & Developm...
Tags: Europe, Design, Boston, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nuremberg, Playmobil, Yanko Design, Yanko, Alexander Williams, Carlsbad CA, Yanko Design Job Board, LEGO Bose Tasty, Brandstätter Foundation Co KG With, Brandstätter Stiftung Co KG, Zirndorf

NASA finds cavity the size of Manhattan underneath Antarctic glacier

NASA just made a disturbing discovering underneath the Antarctic ice. A team led by the space agency found a huge cavity — around 1,000 feet high — under a glacier in Antarctica, and it is steadily expanding in size. Experts have predicted they would a large cavity somewhere underneath the Thwaites Glacier, which is located in West Antarctica, but they did not expect such a large one between the ice sheet and bedrock. NASA scientists discovered the expansive chamber using a mix of radar and sat...
Tags: Florida, Design, Nasa, Antarctica, Manhattan, Antarctic, Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL, West Antarctica, Thwaites Glacier, Pietro Milillo

The New Skinny Super Towers Of Manhattan

Poking up above the Manhattan skyline like etiolated beanpoles, they seem to defy the laws of both gravity and commercial sense. They stand like naked elevator shafts awaiting their floors, raw extrusions of capital piled up until it hits the clouds. These towers are not only the product of advances in construction technology – and a global surfeit of super-rich buyers – but a zoning policy that allows a developer to acquire unused airspace nearby, add it to their own lot, and erect a vast stru...
Tags: Art, Manhattan, Visual, 02.05.19

In This Manhattan Apartment, Every Room Is a Testament to Japanese Tradition

The artist Hiroshi Sugimoto’s first architectural project in New York City is a defiant celebration of a bygone age.
Tags: Tea, Art, News, New York City, Manhattan, Ny, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Culture (Arts, Interior Design and Furnishings, Central Park (Manhattan

IKEA Will Begin Testing a Furniture Subscription Model

Remember Kamarq from last year's NYCxDesign? If not, here's a dramatic refresher. Besides all the sneaky copying, Kamarq was onto something with their furniture subscription service geared towards city-dwelling millennials...Now, less than a year later, IKEA will be adopting a similar furniture leasing program as they aim to move towards a circular business model that reuses and prolongs the lifespan of their furniture. Eventually, the company hopes to offer scalable subscription services, meani...
Tags: Design, New York City, Ikea, Manhattan, Furniture Design, Design News, Kamarq

AO Preview – Mexico City Art Week, February 6th – 10th, 2019

Abraham Cruzvillegas, Blind self portrait listening to the version of ‘Canción mixteca’ (‘Qué lejos estoy’) by Enrique “Chato” Rodríguez, while tasting an unexpected spirulina ice cream at a Thai restaurant in Austin, after finishing a book about a guy selling snow balls in Manhattan, thinking on how specific needs generate diverse shapes in space… (2018), via Kurimanzutto […]
Tags: Art, Mexico, Austin, Show, Manhattan, Art News, Featured Post, Rodriguez, Enrique, Material Art Fair, Zona Maco, Abraham Cruzvillegas Blind

This Is *Not* The Vehicle You’d Expect For Garth Drabinsky’s Comeback

With his company, Livent, Drabinsky was one of Broadway’s powerhouse producers in the 1990s (Ragtime, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Show Boat, Fosse, Parade). Then he got busted for financial fraud and did time in a Canadian prison. Now he’s back — at, of all places, Berkeley Rep, with Paradise Square, a sort-of Stephen Foster jukebox musical about Irish- and African-Americans in Civil War-era Manhattan. — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Manhattan, Garth Drabinsky, Stephen Foster, 02.01.19, Livent Drabinsky, Berkeley Rep with Paradise Square

At Manhattan’s New Museum, Workers Vote To Unionize

Associate curators, art handlers, and staff at the front desk, gift shop, and museum bookstore will now be represented by the United Auto Workers. The vote was 38 to 8. — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Manhattan, Visual, United Auto Workers, 01.24.19

Solar-powered home embraces Hudson River views and aging in place

Wanting to reconnect with the outdoors after decades of living in Manhattan, a couple nearing retirement asked New York-based architecture firm Resolution: 4 Architecture to design a contemporary home in the northern suburbs of New York City that would take full advantage of a waterfront site. Located on one of Croton-on-Hudson’s highest overlooks, the resulting design features an elevated profile that appears to float above the trees and boasts panoramic views of the Hudson River through walls...
Tags: New York, Design, New York City, Architecture, Gallery, Manhattan, Solar Energy, Solar Panels, Solar Power, Quebec, Hudson, Hudson River, Waterfront, White Oak, Croton, IPE

So The Times Thinks It’s Wonderful That Yannick Nézet-Séguin Is Openly Gay. What About The Paper’s Own Role In Keeping The Closet Shut For So Long?

Joel Rozen: “Closeting rarely happens in a vacuum; it requires a hostile culture of gay suppression and mechanisms like the popular media to thrive. Rather than simply acting like the secrecy of high-profile gay men in Manhattan was a random phenomenon, a story such as Woolfe’s could just as well have addressed the music press’s past complicity in making homosexuality a secret in the first place.” — Slate
Tags: Art, Music, Manhattan, Yannick Nézet Séguin, Woolfe, 01.23.19, Joel Rozen

RIP – Filmmaker Jonas Mekas Has Passed Away at the Age of 96

Jonas Mekas in 1964, via NYT Film-maker Jonas Mekas, a figure who loomed large in the New York cinematic landscape, and an artist widely considered the godfather of underground cinema, has died at the age of 96.  A founder of both the famed Film Culture magazine and the still operating Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan, his energetic […]
Tags: Art, New York, News, Manhattan, Obituary, Art News, Anthology Film Archives, Jonas Mekas, NYT Film

Saint Joseph’s Arts Society Opens in San Francisco

Art News has a piece this week on  San Francisco’s Saint Joseph’s Arts Society, a newly opened exhibition space in the city that features a range of exhibitions including one curated by Venus Over Manhattan. “Hopefully, collectively, it will be a gift to the city of San Francisco,” says building owner Ken Fulk.  Read more at Art News
Tags: Art, News, San Francisco, Manhattan, Art News, Minipost, Joseph, Saint Joseph 's Arts Society Opens, Ken Fulk Read

The Last Manhattan Arcade

Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center is a video arcade – and not a new, hip, bar-focused pinball arcade, but an old-school video arcade, which has survived Manhattan’s rising rents and the rise of personal gaming by constant reinvention. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Manhattan, Audience, Visual, 01.14.19, Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center

Upright Citizens Brigade To Close One Of Its Theaters

“[UCB], facing substantial financial pressures, announced on Wednesday that it would be closing its East Village location in Manhattan, a month after laying off several staff members. That will leave the comedy theater with three venues: Its struggling flagship in Hell’s Kitchen, which opened last year, and two locations in Los Angeles.” — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Los Angeles, Manhattan, UCB, 01.10.19

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