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Marin Alsop Is Proud Of Her Baltimore Symphony Tenure — And Frustrated, Too

“If I had it to do all over again, I would not have tried so hard to move the BSO out of the Ivory Tower. Sometimes you have to say, ‘OK, this is not where people want to go. Try to enjoy the orchestra and community as much as you can.’ … I didn’t have problems with any one individual. It’s more about an ethos and a philosophy of how you want to exist in a community. I had pushed as hard as I could push.” – The Baltimore Sun
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As Marin Alsop Leaves The Baltimore Symphony, Why Aren’t There More Maestras At Top US Orchestras?

“When she took the position in 2007, she was the first female music director of a top-tier American orchestra. She was, it seemed certain then, the avatar of a new generation of women on important podiums. … But when she departs this summer, the field will go back to the way it was before she came: 25 major orchestras … with no female music directors. Alsop and her Baltimore appointment are often referred to as trailblazing, but so far she remains alone on this particular trail.” – The New York...
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Marin Alsop – A Career Of Firsts

Alsop satisfies exactly none of these stubborn criteria for conducting an orchestra, which is perhaps why her career has been an exercise in exhausting the potential of the word “pioneer.” Owing to her severe allergy to “can’t” and “don’t,” Alsop’s achievements are many and, more often than not, warrant some celebratory disclaimer to the tune of “first woman to [fill in the blank].” – Washington Post
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Baltimore Symphony President To Depart, Ending Turbulent Tenure

“Peter Kjome capped a roller-coaster five years as president and CEO of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra” — a period that included a financial near-collapse, a lockout-turned-strike, and, ultimately, a new contract that improved relations between musicians and management — “by announcing Monday that he will leave the organization when his contract expires in January 2022. Combined with the departure of music director Marin Alsop in August, that means the BSO will embark on its first season of l...
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James Conlon To Fill In At Baltimore Symphony After Marin Alsop’s Departure

Conlon — music director of Los Angeles Opera since 2006 and previously music director or principal conductor of the Paris Opera, the Cincinnati May Festival, the Ravinia Festival, the RAI National Symphony Orchestra in Turin, the Rotterdam Philharmonic, and the city of Cologne in Germany — will become the Baltimore Symphony’s Artistic Adviser in September of 2021, when Alsop ends her 14-year tenure as music director. Conlon will not be a candidate for the permanent music director post. – Baltim...
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La Maestra, A New Competition Specifically For Female Conductors

The event, operated by the Philharmonie de Paris concert hall and the Paris Mozart Orchestra, is taking place this week in the French capital. Conductor Marin Alsop, who is on the jury, talks with host Olivia Salazar-Winspear about why the competition is (still) necessary and the obstacles that women conductors still face, even as their prospects are finally starting to improve. (video) – France 24
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Marin Alsop Named Chief Conductor At Ravinia

She will be the first person to hold this post, which has been created for her, in Ravinia’s 116-year history. – Chicago Tribune
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Berkeley Symphony’s New Conductor On His Transformative Career Encounter With Marin Alsop

Joseph Young: “I went up to her and said ‘I really want to go to grad school for conducting’ and she said ‘why don’t you come study with me.’ That moment changed my life. Before that I had no examples. I had no mentor. All I knew was that I wanted to conduct orchestras. In that moment I had all of that. Someone from whom I learned there is a transcendental power in what we do in music, which I began to appreciate. Someone who showed me, by example, to be a leader not only of an orchestra,...
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Marin Alsop Remembers Christopher Rouse

“Chris was a collector, and a collector of unexpected things: meteorites, records, guns. He started collecting composers’ signatures when he was a kid and amassed what I imagine is the largest private collection of composers’ autographs in the world. He knew how much I loved Brahms ( because we argued about Brahms regularly) and gave me his Brahms autograph last week…kind hearted to the end.” – NewMusicBox
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Marin Alsop's Music Program For Baltimore Schoolkids Has Taken Root And Grown

When the Baltimore Symphony music director started OrchKids ten years ago - with $100,000 of her own money as seed funding - 30 students enrolled. Now there are 1,300, and Alsop hopes to see 5,000 kids taking part in the next five years. Reporter Michael Cooper traveled to Baltimore to have a look.
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Marin Alsop Named Artistic Director Of Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

"'I'm very honoured to be the first [woman in the post],' she admitted, 'but I’m also rather shocked that we can be in this year, in this century, and there can still be 'firsts' for women.'"
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Classical Music's Woman Conductor Problem Isn't A Women's Issue (It's About The Culture)

I ask Marin Alsop if the young women she works with are particularly beset by confidence issues. “Confidence is an issue for all young people today,” she says. “But I do find that the challenges for women seem to be projecting strength unapologetically. Society interprets women’s gestures very differently, so that if women are exuding an aura of extreme confidence that can be deemed off-putting, whereas it’s desirous for men.”
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PBS NewsHour Pays Visit To Dallas Opera's Institute For Women Conductors

"According to industry data, of the nine largest American opera companies by budget, none has a female music director and principal conductor. And Marin Alsop in Baltimore, who served on the faculty at the Dallas workshop, remains the sole woman music director at the nation's 24 largest orchestras. In Dallas, [general director Keith] Cerny hired Nicole Paiement as principal guest conductor, and she played a large role at the institute, encouraging." (video)
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