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Watch the World's Largest 3D-Printer Spit Out a 25-Foot Boat

If you're shopping for a 3D printer, a key consideration is bed size; what's the largest object you'd realistically need to print? For the University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center, size limitations aren't so much of an issue. That's because they've got a gantry-style 3D printer that can spit out pieces that are 22x100. Twenty-two by 100 feet. And ten feet tall.Here it is in action, printing out a one-piece, 25-foot-long, 5,000-pound boat: For their troubles, UMaine won th...
Tags: Design, Materials, Maine, Sustainable Design, Digital Fabrication, Ornl, Angus King, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Maine, UMaine, CNF, U S Dept of Energy, Maine Technology Institute MTI, University of Maine s Advanced Structures, UMaine Composites Center, Habib Dagher

Engineers Develop a Hyper-Compressible Material Using Artificial Intelligence

You may not realize that among more conventional applications of artificial intelligence like apps and search engines, emerging technologies are transforming yet another unexpected area of design: materials. A fascinating new material study released by Delft University is showing how machine learning may upend our assumptions of how materials are capable of behaving.The Delft study, led by assistant professor of materials science and engineering Miguel Bessa, has developed a new meta material th...
Tags: Science, Design, Tech, Materials, Machine Learning, Delft, Delft University, BESSA, Artificial Intellige, Miguel Bessa

This Plastic-Alternative Packaging for Personal Care Products Is Made Entirely Out of Soap

On average we each go through eleven bottles of shower gel and ten bottles of shampoo a year—and that's without factoring in all the other products that make up our daily personal care routines. "Why is a product that is used for about a month made of a material that takes an average of 500 years to disintegrate?" That's the question designer Jonna Breitenhuber asked herself as she started developing her master's thesis at the University of Arts in Berlin. The end result is a refreshingly simple...
Tags: Design, Berlin, Materials, Jonna Breitenhuber, University of Arts, SOAPBOTTLE, Breitenhuber

MIT's Color-Changing Ink Could Bring Customization to the Next Level 

Ever wish you could change the color of your sneakers whenever you feel like it or update your phone case with a custom design instead of buying a new one? A future where inanimate objects can change colors like a chameleon may not be that far off. A multi-disciplinary team of researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has developed a "reprogrammable" ink that can change color when exposed to UV light. Called PhotoChromeleon, the innovation stands out from ear...
Tags: Design, Mit, Materials, Ford Motor Co, Ford Research and Innovation Center, Yuhua Jin, Alper Kiziltas

Algae Demand Our Attention

Algae is hot right now, and not just because global warming is exacerbating massive algae blooms (you'll understand later). If you've been paying attention to recent design trends, you've likely become aware of the growing popularity of algae in design. This year, the Nature Design Triennial at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York and the Cube Design Museum in Kerkade, Holland, as well as Paola Antonelli's Broken Nature exhibition at the Design Triennale Milano, have exhibited a number of projec...
Tags: New York, Science, Design, China, US, Materials, Canada, North Atlantic, Luma, Fashion Design, Cooper Hewitt, Agar, Paola Antonelli, Japan Korea, Cooper Hewitt Museum, Arles France

Meet 5 Textile-Focused Dutch Designers Exhibiting at Ventura New York

This year, Ventura exhibited their Dutch Edition at ICFF for the first time, venturing into new territory from their typical WantedDesign Manhattan takeover. In the center of the massive furniture fair, a booth filled to the brim of work from 15 different Dutch designers brought a bright, joyous and material-focused perspective to NYCxDesign. One of the main trends we noticed from the show-within-a-show was a focus on textile innovation, with five of the 15 projects centered around finding new c...
Tags: Design, Materials, Manhattan, Ventura, ICFF, Anammox, Colback, Nycxdesign, GACA, Nienke, Ventura Projects, Ventura New York, Nienke Hoogvliet Nienke Hoogvliet, Aleksandra Gaca Aleksandra Gaca, Rick Tegelaar Rick Tegelaar, ICFF Tegelaar

This Ethereal Raincoat is Made Out of Algae-Based Plastic

While there's a lot of public discourse about where plastics go, not much attention is typically paid to where they come from. For interdisciplinary designer Charlotte McCurdy, who began researching the chemical processes of material production during her graduate studies at RISD, our focus on waste reduction and biodegradability is more of a "band-aid solution" that misses the larger connection between common plastics and climate change. Most plastics today are made from fossil fuels, which are...
Tags: Design, Materials, Fashion Design, Cooper Hewitt, Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, RISD, McCurdy, New Inc, Charlotte McCurdy

What are Elastomers, and How Can They Improve Your Manufacturing Process?

Elastomers: what you need to know With 3D printing came a revolution in manufacturing and industrial design, underpinned by dramatic developments in printing materials. One material that has provided proved material innovation is the elastomer, which gives users the ability to 3D print flexible parts to meet their prototyping needs. What is elastomer? The name elastomer comes from the term 'elastic polymer'. An elastomer is a rubbery material composed of long chainlike molecules—polymers. Elast...
Tags: Design, Tech, Materials, 3d Printing, Manufacturing, Stratasys, Elastomers

Will Transparent Wood Become a Viable Construction Material?

One of the world's oldest building materials may soon be getting a makeover. Wood is celebrated for being a good insulator, durable, and renewable, but despite its best qualities it's still opaque, and we need natural light—not only for our sanity but also to decrease our use of artificial light. Glass, however, is a really bad insulator and not energy-efficient. Looking for an alternative to drafty windows, a team of researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden have developed a pr...
Tags: Design, Sweden, Materials, Canada, Morocco, American Chemical Society, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Montanari

3D-Printing Could Rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral

Dutch-based Concr3de has proposed an innovative plan to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral: combine 3D-printing and the ashes and rubble from the site. Essentially the debris resulting from the fire would be used to create new materials to rebuild the landmark. The concept would certainly be the among the most high-profile applications of 3D-printing tech and Concr3de has already built a gargoyle as proof of concept, using …
Tags: Design, France, Materials, Architecture, 3d Printing, Paris, Notre Dame, Linkaboutit, Concr3de

adidas Unveils Zero Waste Plan, Starting with 100% Recyclable Sneakers

Before we get into the details of adidas' heady new footwear release, let's give it some context: over the past few years, adidas has led three main initiatives—Parley, Futurecraft and Speedfactory. Through a partnership with Parley, adidas' line of footwear and apparel made primarily from recycled ocean plastic signified a shift towards environmental awareness for the brand. Before Parley works with a company to produce product, they require a pledge from the company, essentially stating their ...
Tags: Design, Germany, Materials, Footwear, Sneakers, Sustainable Design, Futurecraft, Speedfactory

These Tables Look Like Marble, but They're Made from Denim

As a student at Central Saint Martins in London, Sophie Rowley began experimenting with common everyday materials to create the illusion of natural forms. She combined compressed newspaper and resin to mimic silverwood, melted and sanded blue modeling foam to look like coral, and fused reclaimed glass pieces in a kiln to create a new material reminiscent of the texture of glaciers. Years later, in 2016, she quit her job sourcing textiles for Faye Toogood's fashion line to work at Godrej & Boyce,...
Tags: Design, London, Berlin, India, Materials, Tokyo, Nissan, Furniture Design, Central Saint Martins, Rowley, Faye Toogood, Godrej Boyce, Sophie Rowley, Bahia Denim

Benjamin Hubert Collaborates with Cosentino to Create Raytrace Installation for Milan Design Week

Innovative surfaces producer Cosentino has collaborated with Benjamin Hubert of LAYER on Raytrace, a visual installation located Ventura Centrale, a show during Milan Design Week that's housed in historical vaulted warehouses beneath Milan's Central Train Station. Raytrace uses Dekton, a surface created by Cosentino that blends qualities of glass and porcelain with quartz, as both inspiration and material in the project. Taking direct inspiration from the material itself, Hubert took the ideas o...
Tags: Design, Milan, Earth, Materials, Benjamin Hubert, Hubert, Milan Design Week, Cosentino, Salone Milan, Dekton, Ventura Centrale, Benjamin Hubert Collaborates

Milan Design Week 2019: The Lexus Design Award

Innovators of today who are sure to improve our tomorrow Founded in 2013, the Lexus Design Award continues to seek out and acknowledge innovative and ambitious work by some of the world’s most promising young designers. 2019’s goal is no different yet the program is like nothing we’ve seen before—this year’s participants were encouraged to follow the guiding principles behind the Lexus brand: to anticipate, …
Tags: Sponsored, Design, Technology, Milan, Materials, Lexus, Milan Design Week, Design Fairs, Lexus Design Award 2019, Lexus Design Awards

A Step-by-Step Look at Cody Hoyt's Inlaid Ceramic Technique 

Trained as a painter and printmaker and entirely self-taught in ceramics, Brooklyn-based artist Cody Hoyt lets his experience with the two-dimensional inform his sculptural work. "When it comes to my process, I still feel like I'm living in a two-dimensional world," he says. "I'm finding a voice in three-dimensional form." Best known for his faceted ceramic vessels made of intricately patterned clay slabs, his latest body of work, currently on view at Patrick Parrish Gallery, includes his first ...
Tags: Design, Materials, Brooklyn, Furniture Design, Hoyt, Makita, Poincaré, Cody Hoyt, Patrick Parrish, Patrick Parrish Gallery

Reduce Your Single-Use Plastic with these Reusable Bamboo Containers

2019 seems to be the year of taking actionable steps towards reducing single-use plastic, and reusable to-go containers and multi-purpose utensil sets are a useful and impactful way to start doing so in your everyday life. On that note, Anvil Studios and UCO Ware have created the Bamboo 5-piece set, a non-plastic meal and utensil meal kit made of 90% natural materials:While many of UCO Ware's products are focused on camping and outdoor activities, for this challenge, they enlisted Anvil Studios ...
Tags: Food, Design, Materials, Sustainable Design, Anvil, Anvil Studios, Reusable Bamboo Containers, UCO Ware, Treasure Hinds

Tom Dixon Releases In-House Developed Marbled Material

Resembling three-dimensional marbled paper, but with the weight of stone, Swirl is a new material developed by Tom Dixon Studio. It made its debut at Parisian design fair Maison & Objet, in the form of bookends, candleholders and more. Dixon says that the mysterious material comes from the marble industry’s recycled, powdered residue which is then poured and cut. Read more at Dezeen.
Tags: Design, Materials, Linkaboutit, Decor, Marble, Dixon, Tom Dixon, Maison Objet, Maison et Objet 2019

Studio Visit: Fameed Khalique

"Some of the projects that you want to cry over are the projects that no one will ever see"
Tags: Design, London, Interviews, Designer, Materials, West London, Studio Visits, Fameed Khalique, Surface Materials

Why Materials Matter

Seetal Solanki’s visually striking Why Materials Matter is an investigation into the materials—manmade and organic—that make up the world around us. From its bold green exterior to the individually captivating images inside, readers will be hooked as Solanki explores ancient dyeing techniques to current endeavors by artists, designers, scientists and more to create new materials, in turn creating a better world.
Tags: Books, Design, Reading, Materials, Art Books, Solanki, Prestel, Design Books, Seetal Solanki

Swarovski's Designers of the Future Winners Use Crystal to Investigate 'Smart Living' Solutions

The winners of this year's Swarovski Designers of the Future competition recently unveiled what they've been up to at Design Miami/Basel. On display as a complete exhibition, the commissioned projects each used Swarovski crystal innovations to explore the theme 'Smart Living'. Crystal definitely isn't the first material that comes to mind when you think of smart tech solutions for the home, so we were fascinated to see the results and learn more about each designers' thought process. Frank Kolk...
Tags: Amazon, Design, Competition, Materials, Design Festivals, Google Home, Dream Machine, Miami Basel, Frank Kolkman, Yosuke, Investigate Smart Living Solutions, Bernadette Deddens, Tetsuo Mukai, Yosuke Ushigome, Ushigome s Home Shrine, Alexa Yosuke Ushigome

Materials Offer a Key to Innovative Applications for Home-Health Trends

The following is a sponsored post, courtesy of Covestro. Consumers are increasingly being expected to have a greater role in "healing thyself." Shorter hospital stays, fewer instances of clinician-administered medication, and more do-it-yourself cases of in-home care drive the need for innovative home-healthcare devices. The implications are many—not only for sis, dad and grandma—but also for healthcare brand owners, pharmaceutical packaging producers, medical device designers and related materi...
Tags: Motorola, Design, London, Los Angeles, Tech, ISO, Materials, Fda, Lenovo, FRANKFURT Germany, Pittsburgh PA, Merz, Covestro, Vital USA Inc, Chris Lefteri, OrCam Technologies Ltd Jerusalem Israel

FixIts: User-Moldable Plastic for DIY Repair, Developed by Chris Lefteri

Chris Lefteri, the materials designer who literally wrote the book on the subject, has cooked up a new plastics-based concoction meant to be used for DIY repairs. Called FixIts, Lefteri's blend of polymer-based herbs and spices comes in stick form and is user-moldable: "FixIts are incredibly tough and made to last," says the Kickstarter campaign. "Once hardened, they can be drilled into, hammered into, screwed into, sanded down or cut to size." In terms of texture, "Once it has cooled down...
Tags: Design, Materials, Chris Lefteri

Yuma Kano Discusses the Magical Process of "Rust Harvesting" 

When we think of rust, the first thing that comes to mind is "old," as the natural process is an indicator of age for most products and even modes of transportation like motorcycles and boats. Through his experimental materials project Rust Harvest, designer Yuma Kano aims to transform our notion or rust to something more positive. He created a process called Rust Harvest, in which the first step is naturally creating rust on metal sheets by exposing them to light, rain, earth and seawater. Next...
Tags: Design, Materials, Tokyo, Kano, Furniture Design, Salone Milan, Yuma Kano

FixIts is a new household emergency fixer

FixIts™ is the first product to come out of Chris Lefteri Design and marks an extension from the studio's history as a materials design consultancy by bringing to life one of its founders first material discoveries. FixIts™ is the world's first compostable, hand-moldable plastic stick that softens in 60C water and thus can be used to solve an infinite number of challenges around the home or in creative projects. Fully re-usable, FixIts™ empowers consumers to do DIY on their own terms instead ...
Tags: Design, London, Materials, Kickstarter, Chris, Mark, CMF, Chris Lefteri, Chris Lefteri Design, Alison Lefteri, Forrest Radford Chris, Mark Paton

Central Saint Martins MA Materials Future Grad Projects Explore the Future of Food, Tech & Waste Management

Following their intimate exhibition on the ground level of Ventura Future during Milan Design Week, Central Saint Martins' 2018 MA Materials Future graduate products are now publicly on display at their Degree Show until June 24. Many of the students sill needed to add final touches to their projects on display in Milan, so it's exciting to see the final versions of what was previewed at the show. We found that a majority of the projects deal with handling specific types of waste, while many oth...
Tags: UK, Design, Milan, London, China, Materials, Gogo, Exhibitions, Waste Management,, Wang, Central Saint Martins, Martins, Keane, Food Tech, Piscitelli

The Magic (of) Touch: How Textures Influence Perception

Think of the last time you heard someone say “everything went smoothly” or “I’m having a rough time.” We often use the word “hard” to connote difficulty (“this homework is hard!”) or seriousness (“that’s a hard-news headline”). Likewise, “heavy” can imply emotional gravity as well as physical (as in “famine is a heavy topic”). Turns out that associating certain emotional qualities with physical characteristics isn’t just a matter of convenient metaphors—it’s something we do on a deep psychologic...
Tags: Psychology, Design, Materials, Perception, Hands-on, Texture, McClean, Taylor Studios, Sensory, Design and Planning, Tactile, Exhibit Design, Subconscious, Kathleen McClean

Finding the Right Materials in an Ocean of Options

As a designer, you can probably picture a finished product in your mind long before the specs are finalized. But even if that mental image is crystal clear, significant questions linger regarding how it will all come together—not the least of which being what materials you should use.In my 30 years of designing products, I've found that choosing the right material is one of the most daunting processes I deal with. Luckily, materials are a lot more versatile than they used to be. What was once im...
Tags: Design, Research, Materials, Prototyping, Ocean of Options, Popfoam If

Autonomous Shared Cars Will Require Different Interior Materials Because People are Slobs

I'm a member of ZipCar, which I love for the convenience. But one thing that always reminds you that you're in a shared car is the state of the interiors. I've experienced the following in a ZipCar: Sticky steering wheels, candy wrappers and potato chip bags shoved into various orifices, stained seats, liquid stains on the dashboard, and--three times!--cigarette ashes on the dashboard/console/seating.People are animals, and that they treat shared surfaces like shit shouldn't be a surprise. On to...
Tags: Design, Materials, Zipcar, Allison, Taber, Wards Auto, Continental Benecke Hornschuch, Benecke Hornschuch, Acella, Xpreshn, Erhard -RSB- Barho, Acella Xpreshn Acella

Lignum Vitae: Wood So Bad-Ass, It's Used to Make Shaft Bearings for Nuclear Submarines (and More)

Lignum Vitae, Latin for "Tree of Life," is the national tree of the Bahamas. It's also the world's densest wood, and has such unusual properties that the USS Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered submarine, has its aft main shaft strut bearings made out of the stuff. In addition to being strong, hard, heavy, dense, water- and salt-water-resistant, Lignum Vitae contains natural oils that make the bearings self-lubricating.View the full content here
Tags: Design, Materials, Bahamas, Lignum Vitae Latin for Tree of Life

A Second Designer Experiments with Using Plastic Bottles as Heat-Shrink Joinery

A couple of years ago we looked at the work of Charlène Guillaume. While studying at France's ENSCI-Les Atelier (the National School for Industrial Design), Guillaume experimentally used discarded PET bottles as heat-shrink wrap to join wood: Bottle It from charlene guillaume on Vimeo. While not aesthetically attractive, we thought it a worthy experiment, precisely what design students should be undertaking before practical employment precludes it.Now I see that London-based designer Micael...
Tags: Design, London, France, Materials, Guillaume, Micaella Pedros, Pedros

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