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Two Members Of Hollywood Foreign Press Association Quit, Slamming Inaction

“There has been no contrition, no humility, little recognition of our faults, no inspiring leadership. We do not wish to be associated with a group, ostensibly dedicated to honest journalism and free speech, that relies on consultants and lawyers to speak for them in vague, legalistic terms.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 06.17.21

NPR Gets Fourth Regional News Hub, This One For Midwest

Thanks to a $4.7 milion grant from former Google chairman Eric Schmidt and his wife, Wendy, the newsroom will be based at KCUR in Kansas City, Missouri, and will also include as partners St. Louis Public Radio, Iowa Public Radio, and Nebraska Public Media. The other three regional hubs are in California, Texas, and the Gulf States (Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama). – Inside Radio
Tags: Google, Art, Media, Npr, Eric Schmidt, Wendy, Kansas City Missouri, California Texas, KCUR, 06.17.21, Hub This One For Midwest, St Louis Public Radio Iowa Public Radio, Nebraska Public Media, Gulf States Louisiana Mississippi

CNN Is Selling News Clips As NFTs

In an initiative called the Vault by CNN, “the WarnerMedia-owned cable news channel … will ‘mint’ NFTs on the Flow blockchain of memorable moments from CNN’s 41-year history. It will then sell them to the public as digital collectibles.” Yes, TV coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the inauguration of Donald Trump, or the death of Anna Nicole Smith could be yours. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Media, Berlin Wall, Cnn, Donald Trump, Anna Nicole Smith, WarnerMedia, 06.16.21

How Many Streaming Services Can One Person Be Expected To Pay For? We’re Starting To Find That Out

“The average number of video streaming services utilized per U.S. user has fallen for the first time, according to technology research firm Omdia. … ‘In the past, many have posited an ultimate limit to the number of services a consumer will be able to manage,’ Omdia highlighted. ‘With U.S. growth stumbling, many will be asking if seven is the new ceiling for video streaming video services (pay and free).'” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, Omdia, 06.15.21

Tensions Seethe Inside America’s Biggest Public Radio Station

“Employees at [WNYC] are terrified that criticizing their station’s leadership could result in being singled out for layoffs and reprimands by human resources.” Employees express particular concern about editor-in-chief Audrey Cooper, hired away from The San Francisco Chronicle one year ago this month. Says one staffer, “I can’t remember a time when newsroom morale has been lower.” – The Daily Beast
Tags: Art, Media, America, San Francisco Chronicle, WNYC, Biggest Public Radio Station, Audrey Cooper, 06.15.21

Copyright Board Changes Streaming Fees

CRB hiked the current rate 17% from the current $0.18 for every 100 songs streamed on on-subscription advertising-supported webcasts to $0.21. – Inside Radio
Tags: Art, Media, 06.14.21

Revenue From NPR’s Podcasts Just Keeps Rising And Rising

“From 2015 to 2019 US-based National Public Radio saw its podcasting revenue grow ten-fold. Things were tougher last year due to the pandemic, though NPR still managed a small amount of growth, but it’s now bouncing back big time,” with an estimated rise of 30% from last year. – World Association of News Publishers
Tags: Art, Media, US, Npr, National Public Radio, 06.11.21

Money Announces Rebrand and Profitability Under Its New Management

Money announced a sitewide rebrand this morning, the result of a year-long process to improve the site speed and user experience, as well as signal a new chapter in the history of the nearly 50-year-old publication. Plans for the redesign began when the advertising technology company Ad Practitioners acquired Money from its parent company, Meredith,...
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Who Stole $30 Million Worth Of Art From Italy’s State Broadcaster?

“The Italian press has dubbed it the ‘sack of RAI.’ Investigators believe disgruntled former staff members stole a trove of artworks worth an estimated $30 million from the Italian public broadcasting company Rai over a period of decades.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Media, Italy, Visual, RAI, 06.14.21

How Did US Public Broadcasting Become The Institution It Is? It Sure Wasn’t Easy

“As self-evident and uncontroversial as the belief in equal access to information sounds within the noncommercial media sector itself, politically the concept always faced resistance. … Fast forward to 2021, and the origin of public broadcasting looks something like a social movement.” – Current
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 06.11.21

“In The Heights” Was Hyped As Summer’s First Hit. Opening Box Office Says Nope

The Warner Bros. musical generated a wane $11.4 million from 3,456 U.S. theaters in its first four days of release, below earlier expectations suggesting the feel-good film would reach $20 million. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Warner Bros, 06.13.21

The Next Streaming Wars Are Coming

Coming to those who are interested in Spanish-language media, to be a little more precise. Disney, Netflix, and Warner Media, and Univision all have a piece of the pie – and are tugging, hard. “It’s easy to see why streamers and studios see a gold mine. Latinos consistently accounted for a disproportionate amount of moviegoing before the pandemic, yet they are severely underrepresented onscreen and behind the camera, including at Netflix” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, Univision, Warner Media, Disney Netflix, 06.11.21

When A Movie Understands A Generational Dilemma

In the Heights might have opened to disappointing box office numbers this weekend, but those who did see it had the chance to learn about second-generation immigrants’ dreams – and, through an elderly character, reality. “The classic peril of assimilation in America is that a perceived greater belonging demands a partial loss of self,” but Abuela Claudia’s character offers more. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Media, America, Abuela Claudia, 06.10.21

Trying To Replicate An Unexpected, Grand Success

That’s what season 2 – and sophomore novels – are all about. Overwhelming numbers for a TV series or book can scare artists off. So what’s going to happen in series 2 of Lupin? – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, 06.11.21

Envisioning A Kinder, More Beautiful Apocalypse

Filmmaker Jim Mickle: “I started asking questions like, ‘What if you could make an apocalyptic story where you actually want to go to that world?’ What does that look like? And you start asking, ‘What happens if humans just disappear for 10 years and nature is suddenly allowed to thrive?’ It would probably be one of the most beautiful places you could go to.” – Slate
Tags: Art, Media, Jim Mickle, 06.13.21

Food Travel Shows Desperately Need New Gatekeepers

Take Netflix’s new High on the Hog as an example: “The narrative about Black food is often one of resilience—a history of dishes and cooking passed down from one generation to the next as Black people survived subpar and inhumane conditions. While part of that is true, High on the Hog is not afraid to complicate that narrative by reconsidering Black cooking through a lens of abundance, and even luxury: It provides context around the lives that were lived before enslavement.” – Vice
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Black, 06.11.21

Kids Was An Amazing Film – That Ruined Its Subjects’ Lives

When Kids came out in 1995, it won awards, had incredible box-office success for a film so raunchy, and essentially took the film world by storm. But “the film’s legacy is more complicated. Many of the young men and women … tapped to play key roles struggled to find work after the film premiered, and grew frustrated that they’d been paid a pittance while the director and the Weinstein brothers scored major paydays.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Weinstein, 06.12.21

Riz Ahmed Wants Far More, And Far Better, Muslim Rep In Hollywood

And it’s not just Hollywood. In recent USC study, the researchers “combed through 200 popular films from the U.S., the U.K., Australia and New Zealand from 2017 to 2019. They found that only six of them had a Muslim in a co-leading role, and only one of those was female. Of the nearly 9,000 speaking parts, fewer than two percent were Muslim. And there none in animated movies.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Australia, New Zealand, Usc, Riz Ahmed, 06.12.21

Keeping It Real – And Dreamy Too

To make In the Heights work as a movie, the playwright and scriptwriter Quiera Alegría Hudes had to make painful cuts, and so did songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda. How to keep it faithful to the feel of the stage show? Director Jon Chu: “What they had created is not just a show. It is a life force.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Lin Manuel Miranda, Jon Chu, 06.11.21, Quiera Alegría Hudes

HBO Max Walks A Tightrope Of Media Rights

Success in streaming, as Netflix has shown, ultimately requires reaching subscribers in every corner of the planet. But taking a streaming service around the world is complicated and expensive. It involves creating locally-sourced shows in multiple languages and navigating regions that don’t have reliable broadband or many consumers with credit cards. For HBO Max, it also means deciding when is the right time to give up revenue from licensing deals. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Audience, HBO Max, 06.10.21, HBO Max Walks

Narendra Modi Launches A Culture War Against Bollywood

“[The Indian Prime Minister’s Hindu nationalist government] is using powerful tools to curtail the creative freedom of Bollywood — in particular the influence of Muslims, who have an outsize presence in the industry. The measures pushed by the Modi government include indiscriminate tax investigations, trumped-up accusations against actors and directors, intimidation and harassment in response to certain movies and TV shows, and the chilling rap of law enforcement at the door.” – The Atlantic ...
Tags: Art, Media, Narendra Modi, Modi, 06.10.21

Planned Film About Jacinda Ardern And Christchurch Mosque Massacre Draws Huge Backlash In New Zealand

The just-announced project They Are Us, to be written and directed by New Zealander Andrew Niccol (writer and co-producer of The Truman Show, writer-director of, among others, Gattaca and Good Kill) and starring Rose Byrne, focuses on the aftermath of the 2019 mass shooting and the national campaign led by Prime Minister Ardern to ban assault rifles in the country. Within a day of the news arriving, many Kiwis reacted with fury to the focus on white politicians rather than the Muslim victims an...
Tags: Art, Media, New Zealand, Muslim, Rose Byrne, Gattaca, Andrew Niccol, Jacinda Ardern, Ardern, White Saviour, 06.11.21, Christchurch Mosque Massacre

Do You Know About Virtual YouTube?

A virtual YouTube is a channel that follows an animated or virtual character instead of a real-life person. These virtual YouTubers (VTubers for short) first became popular in Japan in the mid-2010s, and now have spread around the world. – Slate
Tags: Art, Japan, Media, 06.10.21

The New King Of The Hollywood Musicals

Making Crazy Rich Asians and In the Heights helped Chu figure out what he’s trying to say with his films. Through them, he’s arguing for telling fresh stories via beloved, old-school Hollywood styles. But he also wants to do more than entertain; he wants to help audiences reflect on their own connections to what’s happening on screen. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Chu, 06.08.21

Film Festivals Crank Up As The Movie Business Hangs In Balance

With Cannes on the verge of reigniting international festival activity and Telluride keen on reclaiming the Oscar influencer throne, festivals are mobilizing to become the frontlines for an industry that must assess an uncertain future. – IndieWire
Tags: Art, Media, Cannes, Telluride, 06.08.21

TV’s Tricky Question: To Include COVID In Storylines Or Not?

“It was an issue, if not the big issue, that writers across Hollywood had to face: how to plan a season amid an evolving crisis. Would their universe feature COVID-19, see it in the rearview mirror or pretend it never even happened? And if featured, what would that world even look like? It’s not as though any of them had a crystal ball. … But quickly the choice — a decision made in writers’ rooms [throughout the industry] — became clear: They had to work the ever-changing real world into [their...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Los Angeles, 06.08.21

Kirill Serebrennikov Barred From Leaving Russia To Attend Cannes Festival

The award-winning, beleaguered dissident — famous recently for his dance and opera productions — is also a filmmaker, and he has a new title, Petrov’s Flu, in competition at Cannes this year. He wrote the screenplay while under house arrest pending trial on an embezzlement cased widely considered to be trumped-up; he was convicted on that charge last June and given a three-year suspended sentence, during which he is forbidden to leave Russian territory. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, People, Cannes, Petrov, Kirill Serebrennikov, 06.07.21

Kate Winslet: A Huge Increase In Roles For Women My Age

“I do feel proud that as a woman in the film industry in her mid-40s, having been doing this job since I was 17, that I’m being given this space to fully embrace all of these changes that life’s years have left my face and body with.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, Kate Winslet, 06.07.21

How Podcasts Became Substitutes For Friends During The Lockdown

“The number of podcasts … ballooned, filling voids in the professional lives of the hosts and the social lives of the listeners, and in some cases replacing both. There were periods during lockdown where I was hearing more from certain podcasters than anyone else on Earth – even the people I was sharing a home with. But believing that people you encounter through the media are your friends is not a new phenomenon. It is called parasocial interaction, a term coined by sociologists Donald Horton ...
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 06.07.21, Donald Horton, Richard Wohl

How Big Was The Hit Public Radio And TV Stations Took Last Year?

“Revenues of public television and radio stations declined by $147 million, or 5%, in fiscal year 2020, which included the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, according to CPB’s latest State of the System analysis. The steepest losses in fiscal 2020 were in underwriting, foundation funding and investment income, … [while] individual giving revenue was the only income source that grew.” – Current
Tags: Art, Media, CPB, 06.04.21

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