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YouTube – Designed To Addict (But To What?)

The burning question, at this point, is whether this recommender system can reliably lead users down epistemically problematic rabbit holes. In other words, is it possible to discern a pattern in YouTube’s AutoPlay system that takes users from ABBA to lizard people? This becomes especially significant when you consider that 70% of all watch-time spent on YouTube is due to videos suggested by the recommender system. – 3 Quarks Daily
Tags: Art, Media, Youtube, Abba, 08.03.20

There’s A New Genre In Town: Quar-Horror

A couple of the filmmakers: “This is where our brains went. Instead of making bread, we were like, ‘what can we do with how we’re creative?'” – NPR
Tags: Art, Media, 08.03.20

James Murdoch Has Resigned From The News Corporation’s Board

Rupert Murdoch’s son James, who has championed environmental causes and helped force out Bill O’Reilly at Fox after the host’s past with sexual harassment came into the open, “abruptly resigned from the board of his father’s publishing company Friday, signaling an acceleration in family tensions over the tenor and politics of its far-flung media empire. “- Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Los Angeles, Fox, James Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch, James, Bill O Reilly, 07.31.20, News Corporation 's Board

Is That Dead Air Time? No, It’s Deliberate Peace And Quiet On The Airwaves

Some stations have meditation minutes, and some have other ways to fill all of that time when they’d normally have stories about events (the events that aren’t happening right now). Some 30-second promos “feature sounds like ocean waves and remind listeners to breathe and limit their screen time.” – Nieman Lab
Tags: Art, Media, 07.28.20, Air Time

Why Is Netflix’s ‘Most Watched’ List Such A Wasteland?

Whew: “If HBO’s Game of Thrones was the last great piece of TV monoculture, then the pandemic has popularized a series of forgettable productions that each offers a fleeting, miniature facsimile of communal attention. Absent the usual summer blockbusters, and with few prestige shows rolling out new episodes, the landscape of American entertainment is barren enough for C- shows and movies to rack up the viewership of B+ productions, if not the associated enthusiasm.” – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Hbo, Media, Netflix, 07.31.20

Canada’s Prominent Black Filmmakers Call Out Racism And Inequity In The Film Industry

“These systemic barriers – no one seemed to notice, no one seemed to care, and so we felt like we had to say something,” says Jennifer Holness, who adds that even as the most senior Black filmmaker in the country, it’s hard to get any funding for projects. – CBC
Tags: Art, Media, Canada, Jennifer Holness, 07.31.20

We Might Look Back On This Time As The Year Of Neverending Remakes

Classic Hollywood movies are getting spitshined and put out again, so why not video games as well? “‘Nostalgia is the major driving force for the success of a remake,’ said Doug Clinton, managing partner for the venture capitalist firm Loup Ventures, which focuses on emerging technology and gaming. ‘Any game that doesn’t have meaningful nostalgic value isn’t likely to be successful.'” Give us anything but 2020. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Loup Ventures, Doug Clinton, 08.01.20

Coronavirus Prevention Measure: Intermission

In China, some areas of the country can require movie theatres to give an intermission in the middle of movies that are more than two hours long. Hurray for bathroom breaks? “There is not yet official clarity as to how long the break should be and whether facilities must be disinfected again during that time frame.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, China, Audience, 07.31.20

The Radio Audience Has Changed In The Pandemic. But Radio doesn’t Seem To Have Changed

When I pop around and listen to public radio streams from around the country, they almost universally sound like they did before the pandemic started. Same with the programs themselves. Things have changed topically, but not formatically. The audience dynamics have completely changed, so why hasn’t the stations’ sound? – Current
Tags: Art, Media, 07.30.20

America Needs A Truth And Reconciliation Commission — And It Should Be Televised

Wesley Morris: “What would an American version be? Court, theater, a hearing, a telethon, therapy, TV, church, Ken Burns, Anna Deavere Smith? Each perhaps — and more. Who would make it? I don’t know…. The production, however, is merely the second hurdle to clear. The first would be convincing executives that it’s worth doing in the first place. Here’s what to say about that: The entertainment industry itself has more than a century of harm to atone for and ameliorate. Any company that believes ...
Tags: Art, Media, Wesley Morris, 07.30.20, Ken Burns Anna Deavere Smith

TikTok Will Give Billions To Creators

The video-sharing social media app said in a blog post Wednesday that it will give creators in the U.S. over $1 billion in the next three years, and more than double that globally. – CNBC
Tags: Art, Media, 07.30.20

‘Independent Cinema, As We Know It And As We Love It, Is Over’

Director and producer Oren Moverman: “The idea of independent financing, putting together films that have no home, taking them to festivals, trying to sell them — they’re going to have to take on a very different model, if they get made. A lot of producers I talk to are looking to set up projects with the streamers, the studios, whoever’s going to be left standing. Whereas the sort of grungy putting together of ten dollars here, ten dollars there to make a film — it’s possible from a financial ...
Tags: Art, Media, Oren Moverman, 07.29.20

Five Lessons From This Year’s Emmy Nominations

Who can blame voters for wanting to escape? The last year has been a wrecked clown car inside a dumpster fire that’s riddled with the plague. Series that deal with today’s ugly reality through a sci-fi or comic-book lens are a fine way of working through tough issues without subjecting oneself to the here and now. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, 07.29.20

AMC Theatres Makes Deal For Quicker Video Releases

In a stunning reversal, AMC Theatres has struck a historic agreement with Universal that will allow the studio’s movies to be made available on premium video-on-demand after just 17 days of play in cinemas, including three weekends, the two companies announced Tuesday. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Amc Theatres, 07.28.20

Black Voice Actors: Yes, There’s Been Progress, But Not Nearly Enough

“The sudden rise of calls for color-conscious casting comes after years of criticism about whitewashed roles. But while many Black voice actors are glad to see white actors leaving roles where they played characters of color … they believe more meaningful changes are needed for truly equitable hiring.” – Vulture
Tags: Art, Media, 07.28.20

Think TikTok Is Ultimately Too Silly To Matter? Think Again

“The ubiquitous app built on short video clips seems frivolous at first, with its lip-synching, dance challenges and goofball celebrities. But this is how a rising generation communicates across the globe.” (It is also, writes Daniel Malloy, “the uncut heroin of social media apps.”) “And the app — thanks to its obscenely valuable Chinese parent company — now is at the heart of geopolitical strife between the world’s biggest powers. Today’s [OZY] Sunday magazine explores TikTok’s rise, its addic...
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, Daniel Malloy, 07.25.20

UK’s Sky Arts Channel Goes Free, All Arts

The move to Freeview, the digital network free to all UK residents, has been under discussion for years and is motivated by “a passion to get as much content to as many people as possible and make it more accessible”. But Sky Arts “isn’t a ratings-driving channel. We’re there to be a bit more experimental. We’re there to help nurture new talent and find new voices; new creative voices… The call out that we’re doing today, as we’re launched as free to air is: ‘Artists, what would you do if I gav...
Tags: Art, UK, Media, Freeview, 07.28.20, Sky Arts Channel Goes Free All Arts

This Year’s Emmy Nominations

Netflix dominated the 72nd Emmy Award nominations on Tuesday, breaking the record for the most nominations ever, and a newcomer to the streaming universe, Disney+, scored a nomination in a big category for “The Mandalorian” in yet another sign of the growing importance of digital technology to Hollywood. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, Netflix, 07.28.20

Regal Cinemas Says It Will Reopen In August

Along with AMC and Cinemark, Regal closed down U.S. sites in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic — which profoundly altered the spring and summer slate. “Wonder Woman 1984” was moved to October and James Bond title “No Time to Die” has been slotted for November while many major titles have been taken off the schedule, gone out on streaming services or dated for 2021. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Amc, James Bond, Audience, 07.28.20, Cinemark Regal

Hollywood Finally Gives In – Will Release Big Movie Outside US First

Warner Bros. finally acknowledged reality: The U.S. is simply not ready for big films to return, and the country has lost its position as the most important movie market in the world. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, US, Warner Bros, Audience, 07.27.20

Another Step In New York Times’ Turn Toward Hollywood

“In a move expanding the news outlet’s presence in Hollywood, The New York Times has named Caitlin Roper executive producer for scripted projects. Roper, who has been a senior editor at The New York Times Magazine since 2016, will develop Times stories for film and TV, ‘developing and producing alongside Hollywood producers using our stories as the launching point for fictional projects.'” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, New York Times, Times, New York Times Magazine, Roper, Caitlin Roper, 07.27.20

Blockbuster Movies Are Delayed Again, Indefinitely

With fresh spikes in the virus in the U.S., studios delay releases again, and “hopes for a speedy substantial resurgence at the global box office were dashed.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, 07.24.20

That Time Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Ended Up Guest-Starring On The Animated Series ‘Arthur’

Just as some of the Boomers and Gen-Xers first encountered opera on Tom and Jerry, and just as some Millennials first found memorized U.S. presidents or learned the nations of the world from Animaniacs, younger generations have Arthur, and that’s why it was important for Rep. John Lewis, civil rights icon, to appear on the animated show. “Arthur decides to organize a cafeteria sit-in to force the school to hire an assistant for Mrs. MacGrady, and Lewis joins in the demonstration.” Of course he ...
Tags: Art, John Lewis, Media, Tom, Lewis, Arthur, Jerry, 07.25.20, Mrs MacGrady

An Almost Finished Series Plus The Virus Shutdown Equals A Deleted Episode

Whoops, not an eight-episode season; a seven-episode season. That standalone can come later, if at all. – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, 07.24.30

True Crime Podcasts Are Wildly Popular, And Some (But Not All) Address Race With Care And Intelligence

Podcasts were hot before the virus killed the commute, but even as their popularity takes a perhaps momentary break, true crime remains popular among listeners (yes, yes, Serial, but there are so many others). Many of them have focused on white men, but a few award-winners meet the standards for diversity in hosts and subjects. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, 07.25.20

A Filmmaker In The Grip Of An Endless Quest For Perfection

The Avatar sequels are delayed – again. That’s the seventh delay, in case you’re counting. Will they ever happen? And what’s going on with James Cameron? – Vulture
Tags: Art, Media, James Cameron, 07.24.20

TikTok Will Spend $200 Million On Creators (How And On Which Creators? Good Question)

“TikTok is launching a program to fund its most popular creators directly for their videos — with an initial $200 million earmarked for the U.S. … How much individual creators will be eligible to earn — and what specific criteria those payments will be based on — isn’t fully clear.” But you can apply starting in August. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, 07.23.20

‘Serial’ Bought By New York Times, Which Signs Partnership Deal With ‘This American Life’

“As part of the Times, Serial Productions will independently commission and edit its own stories, which ‘will now be amplified by the Times,’ the company said.” (The price was reportedly $25 million.) “In addition, the Times said it had entered into an ‘ongoing creative and strategic alliance’ … that will let This American Life continue to collaborate on long-form audio stories with Serial Productions as well as partner with the Times on marketing and ad sales.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, This American Life, Times, 07.22.20, Times Serial Productions, New York Times Which Signs Partnership

To Fix America, We Have To Start Over With Social Media

One force we must confront is the attention economy, an incentive structure designed to reward the most uncompromising, polarized, clickable minority. (Ironically, this minority is very often part of the white majority; see of white nationalists and supremacists following the 2016 election.) The resulting tyranny of the loudest presents an algorithmically-warped view of what’s happening in the rest of the United States. – Wired
Tags: Art, Media, United States, 07.20.20

Gunman Frees Hostages After Ukraine’s President Endorses ‘Earthlings’

A 44-year-old “animal rights activist” named Maksim Krivosh, who recently finished a prison term for fraud and weapons charges, ended a 12-hour standoff and released 13 hostages in the city of Lutsk after President Volodymyr Zelensky publicly endorsed a documentary about industry’s use and abuse of animals titled Earthlings and narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, Lutsk, Maksim Krivosh, 07.22.20

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