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Some Independent Movie Theatres Have Been Doing Great During COVID

For a certain sector of the exhibition business, things look, if not blazingly bright, at least cautiously bullish. While not immune to the forces that have affected the greater industry, independent theaters and art houses have managed to weather the challenges with startling success. – MSN
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The Social Media Problem: We’re Talking Too Much

A lot is wrong with the internet, but much of it boils down to this one problem: We are all constantly talking to one another. Take that in every sense. Before online tools, we talked less frequently, and with fewer people. – The Atlantic
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The “Immersive Transcript”, A New Way To Make Podcasts Accessible To Deaf Audiences

“Transcripts are hardly uncommon in podcasting but they’re often an afterthought, littered with omissions and inaccuracies thanks to automated transcription. … For their new show More Than This, Vox Media set out to create a podcast that could also be seen and felt. – Nieman Lab
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Facebook Agrees To Pay News Outlets In France For Content

“Facebook said Thursday that it has struck a deal with a group of French publishers to pay for links to their news stories that are shared by people on the social network. … The financial terms weren’t disclosed.” – AP
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Alec Baldwin, Firing Prop Gun On Set, Kills Cinematographer And Wounds Director

While filming a scene on location near Santa Fe for the feature Rust, which he co-wrote, is producing and stars in, Baldwin discharged a prop pistol loaded with blanks and hit director of photography Halyna Hutchins, now dead, and director Joel Souza, hospitalized. – Santa Fe New Mexican
Tags: Art, Featured, Media, Santa Fe, Alec Baldwin, Baldwin, Joel Souza, Halyna Hutchins

What Monica Lewinsky’s Documentary About Public Shaming Completely Misunderstands

In HBO’s 15 Minutes of Shame, Lewinsky — the prototype victim of worldwide public humiliation via the media — argues that today’s Twitter-driven pile-ons could stop if the pilers simply paused and thought about their targets as actual people. Lili Loofbourow explains just why that’s way too optimistic. – Slate
Tags: Art, Hbo, Media, Monica Lewinsky, Lewinsky, Lili Loofbourow

25 TV Shows That Are Defining/Reflecting The 21st Century

These are the series that are both influential and significant, that have broken new ground, that have reflected life specifically in this century, or that have changed the culture of TV in some way. – BBC
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How To Count Audience? Netflix Makes A Change

The streamer, in reporting its third quarter financials, noted that it will switch to reporting on hours viewed for its shows and movies rather than the number of households or accounts that choose to watch them. – Deadline
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A Growing Chorus Demanding Safer Movie Production Rules

“It’s really clear from our survey, that it’s not just about the data; it’s the stories that people are telling about their experiences working on productions. It’s clear that these hours are not sustainable – they’re not healthy and they’re not safe for people.” – The Guardian
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Native American Radio In The Big City

There’s a long history of radio serving indigenous Americans, but most of it involves dedicated stations serving individual tribes in rural areas. Here’s a look at “Beyond Bows and Arrows”, a show on KNON which serves the varied Native American community in Dallas-Fort Worth. – Texas Observer
Tags: Art, Media, Big City

Facebook Gets Serious About Building The Metaverse

The company announced it plans to create 10,000 new jobs across the European Union in order to develop what it calls the metaverse. In Facebook’s own words, it’s a “new phase of interconnected virtual experiences using technologies like virtual and augmented reality.“ – Mashable
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WBEZ And The Chicago Sun-Times: Can Public Radio Really Rescue Print Journalism?

“Similar mergers and acquisitions have become a common way to bolster the struggling print industry, but if radio were to take on a major newspaper, that would be a first.” – The Verge
Tags: Art, Featured, Media, Chicago Sun Times, WBEZ, Public Radio Really Rescue Print Journalism

Motion Picture Academy Boss To Step Down After Ten Tumultuous Years

The news comes just weeks after the long-awaited opening of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, a $480-million project that Hudson played a key role in spearheading and that, despite its problem-plagued gestation, has been well received thus far. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Los Angeles, Hudson, Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures

On Producing PBS Pledge Drive Specials

“In the case of fundraising programming, there are no awards for style points. Does it pledge? Is it constructed for that purpose? It may be a fun show to watch, but if people don’t open their wallets as the key measurement, it’s a bomb.” – Current
Tags: Art, Media, PBS Pledge Drive Specials

Deepfakes — The End Of Truth?

Like most digital technologies, the quality of deepfakes is increasing at an alarming rate, and it is clear that even the most complex deepfake tools will be as easy to use as Instagram filters in the very near future. – Shelly Palmer
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How The IATSE Strike Was Probably Averted

“The companies — Walt Disney Co., Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Sony Pictures Entertainment, NBCUniversal, ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia — were forced to abandon their take-it-or-leave-it approach to the talks, which had been dragging on for five months.” – Los Angeles Times
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A Russian Actress And Director Shot Film Scenes On The International Space Station

“The 12-day journey, backed by Russia’s space agency Roscosmos, was the latest act in a race among spacefaring countries to generate public excitement about human spaceflight.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Russia, International Space Station, Roscosmos

Remember A Few Months Ago When Kind Comedy Was All The Rage?

Well, things have changed: The Ted Lasso freakout has faded, while Squid Game‘s popularity has spurred producers to search for more “international drama.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Ted Lasso

What Will Happen When The College Culture Wars Come For Public Radio?

Nearly two-thirds of NPR stations are affiliated with colleges or universities, and “with higher education at the crossroads of the culture wars, public media is vulnerable to growing political interference over its operations.” – Nieman Lab
Tags: Art, Media, Npr

The Golden Globes Will Not Be Televised On NBC

But they are happening, and they will be televised – on the CW Network. Will anyone in Hollywood care? – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Nbc, CW Network Will

Everything American Fans Are Probably Missing In Squid Game

Fans of K-drama probably know much of this already, but “peppered throughout the series are blink-and-you’ll-miss-them references to historical events and political jargon.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Media

The Benefit Of Watching Horror Movies

People can derive pleasure from recreational horror, whether in a haunted attraction or in front of the screen. For some, it is about maximum stimulation; those people are the adrenaline junkies. But for others, it is about keeping fear at a tolerable level. Aeon
Tags: Art, Media, Audience

The Benefit Of Watching HorrorMovies

People can derive pleasure from recreational horror, whether in a haunted attraction or in front of the screen. For some, it is about maximum stimulation; those people are the adrenaline junkies. But for others, it is about keeping fear at a tolerable level. Aeon
Tags: Art, Media, Audience

As Netflix Has More International Hits, Subtitles Are Becoming A Serious Issue

Some observers have been criticizing the English titles for Squid Game in particular, with one Korean-American even saying “If you don’t understand Korean, you didn’t really watch the same show.” The format’s constraints make it a tricky business — and one hugely affected by Netflix. – The Guardian
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Rotten Tomatoes And Measuring The Divide Between Critics And Audience

The new Disney Plus documentary on Dr Anthony Fauci, which explores the personal side of the controversial figure, has a certified 91 percent approval rating from critics and a mere 2 percent from audiences. – The Spectator
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Higher Education Is Now An American Culture War Battleground. Public Radio Could Get Trampled.

Many listeners don’t realize how enmeshed public radio is with higher ed: two-thirds of NPR outlets are affiliated with colleges or universities, many of which own the stations’ licenses. As culture war politics erupt at universities (e.g., Nikole Hannah-Jones and UNC), public radio becomes vulnerable. – Nieman Lab
Tags: Art, Media, Npr, Nikole Hannah Jones

The Very First Video Game Was Released Exactly 50 Years Ago. Here’s Why It Never Caught On

Computer Space made its debut in 1971 at a trade show for pinball machines and jukeboxes. (Its creators founded Atari and released Pong the following year.) The common story is that it was too complicated for bar patrons, but that wasn’t the real problem. – The Conversation
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IATSE Tells Hollywood Studios That Midnight On Monday Is The Strike Deadline

“Unless an agreement is reached with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers in the coming days, 60,000 IATSE film and TV workers will go on strike on Monday, Oct. 18, at 12:01 a.m. PDT.” The primary issues are rest periods and minimum pay. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Netflix CEO’s Chappelle Memo Is A Masterpiece Of Gaslighting

If the LGBTQ community, including members of your own staff, tells you that — even when couched in calling out racism — 70 minutes of Chappelle insulting gay and trans people is hateful, how can your response be “um, no it’s not”? – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Chappelle

TV Ads Are Fading. Where Will That Money Go?

Though total TV advertising is set to top $60 billion this year, according to media agency Zenith, the market is expected to shrink by 4 percent in 2021, which creates an incentive to stop digital giants from stealing business. –
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