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The princess and the Caravaggio: bitter dispute rages over Roman villa

‘It’s like a museum’, says princess caught in inheritance feud over sprawling property in Italian capitalAs legend goes, tossing a coin into the Trevi fountain guarantees a return visit to Rome. When, as a 16-year-old American tourist, Rita Carpenter participated in the ritual and made a wish to one day marry a Roman and live in the Italian capital, little did she know that almost five decades on she would return to marry a prince and home would be a 16th-century villa stuffed with history, incl...
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What Makes Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ a Timeless, Great Painting?

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio had many followers. He was, after all, the most revered painter in Rome before he was exiled for murder. After his own death, his work fell into a period of obscurity and might have disappeared were it not for his many imitators. Called Caravaggisti or tenebrosi (“shadowists”), those who adopted Caravaggio’s high-contrast hyperrealism, including Dutch masters like Rembrandt, produced the finest work of the Baroque period. Some of Caravaggio’s disciples w...
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Roman villa with world’s only Caravaggio mural up for sale

Villa Aurora set to go on auction in January with opening bid of almost €500mA sprawling villa in Rome containing the only ceiling mural ever painted by the Italian master Caravaggio is being put up for sale for almost €500m (£422m).The 2.75-metre wide painting Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto was commissioned by Cardinal Francesco Maria Del Monte in the 16th century to adorn the ceiling in what was his alchemy laboratory at Casino di Villa Boncompagni Ludovisi, better known as Villa Aurora. Continue ...
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‘Damn! This is a Caravaggio!’: the inside story of an old master found in Spain

Art dealer Giancarlo Ciaroni attempted to buy painting listed at €1,500 for €500,000 – but discovered bewildered owners already had two offers of €3mIt took all of six minutes for Massimo Pulini to realise that the small oil painting due to go under the hammer in Madrid earlier this month with a guide price of €1,500 (£1,300) could be worth millions.At 9.48pm on 24 March, Pulini, a 63-year-old professor at the Bologna Fine Arts Academy, received a email request for an evaluation. Sent by an anti...
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Painting that was nearly sold for €1,500 could be Caravaggio worth €50m

Spanish government imposes export ban on oil painting as experts study it to determine authorshipBefore it was pulled from sale, lot 229, a small but luminous oil painting of the scourged Christ attributed to the circle of the 17th-century Spanish artist José de Ribera, had been due to go under the hammer in Madrid on Thursday with a guide price of €1,500 (£1,300).Closer inspection, however, has raised suspicions that the Crowning with Thorns may be the rather more valuable work of the Italian m...
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'Lost Caravaggio' rejected by the Louvre may be worth £100m

Painting that sellers insist is by 17th-century master is to be sold after being found in atticSellers of a painting that they insist is a lost Caravaggio and worth in excess of £100m have announced it will be sold this summer without a reserve.The large painting of Judith beheading Holofornes was found by accident in a Toulouse attic in 2014. It has been pored over by art history experts and scientifically analysed and a highly convincing case has been made that it is from around 1607 and by Ca...
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Living Paintings: 13 Caravaggio Works of Art Performed by Real-Life Actors

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, the father of Baroque painting, shocked the upper class aesthetes of his day by drafting prostitutes and proletariats as models for his primarily Biblical subjects. Ten years ago, under the direction of founder  Ludovica Rambelli,  eight members of the Italian company, Malatheatre, discovered first hand the insanely rigorous poses Caravaggio demanded of his models, creating 23 tableaux vivants inspired by the master’s oeuvre. The company sought less to ...
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Look closer at nativity paintings – and see visions of apocalypse

Christmas cards are full of cutesy depictions of nativity scenes, but Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Caravaggio remind us of the death in Jesus’s storyNativity scenes are the art we see at Christmas, often on cards that put a masterpiece on the mantelpiece. Baby it’s cold outside, so let’s warm our hearts with a bit of Piero della Francesca or Bruegel.Yet we close our eyes to the reality of this art. We turn Renaissance and baroque paintings into empty kitsch when we appropriate them as part ...
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Brian Sewell's art collection is up for grabs – what does it reveal?

We know what he didn’t like, but a Christie’s auction of Sewell’s personal hoard of paintings sets his ferocious critical judgments against his muddled tastesBrian Sewell, the art critic, was never shy about condemning the tastes of others. Many remember Sewell for his dismissals of contemporary art, but he was equally ready to chastise the National Gallery for what he saw as badly conceived exhibitions of the greats. So we knew what he did not like. But what did he love? Related: Brian Sewel...
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Caravaggio and the art of dieting

The luscious banquets painted by the Renaissance master were held up as a good example of healthy eating this week by the National Obesity Forum – but were they really that nutritious?The Caravaggio diet is spread out at an inn in The Supper at Emmaus, painted in 1601 by the man himself. But does it have much in common with the jolly pre-modern gourmandising recommended this week by David Haslam of the National Obesity Forum? Claiming that low-fat diets are counter-productive, Haslam mused: “I o...
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A trigger warning on art? A daft idea – but a back-handed compliment | Jonathan Jones

Stephen Fry was wrong to criticise the use of trigger warnings. Great works of art, like those of Caravaggio, can be frightening, grotesque and extremeTrigger warnings are a modern folktale, surely? The idea that a generation of students are demanding – in between marching against statues and banning Germaine Greer – to be warned about violent, sexual or otherwise threatening content in great works of art has, to someone who has not been on campus for years, a fictional quality.When Stephen Fry ...
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The so-called Caravaggio in the attic looks like a fake to me

A supposedly 400-year-old painting found in Tolouse has the old master’s cinematic lighting and lurid focus. But where is the psychological intensity?I am sorry but it is all too good to be true. The owners of an old house near Toulouse ventured into their attic and found a large dusty painting. When a local antiques dealer gave it a gentle clean, he recognised it as a painting by – or closely associated with – none other than the great Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Related: 'Lost Carava...
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'Lost Caravaggio' found in French attic causes rift in art world

Painting valued at up to €120m found by accident believed by many to be work of Renaissance masterIt could turn out to be an Italian Renaissance masterpiece by one of history’s greatest painters; yet the mysterious 400-year-old canvas was only found by accident when the owners of a house near Toulouse went to fix a leak in the ceiling.The large, remarkably well-preserved canvas of the beheading of the general Holofernes by Judith, from the apocryphal Book of Judith, was painted between 1600 and ...
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Dashing rogues? No, art thieves are boring goons

The recovery of yet another stolen picture by Edvard Munch is a reminder of just how seedy and unromantic art theft has become Related: Stolen Edvard Munch artwork recovered after seven years Art theft is ugly. People love to picture art thieves as dashing cat burglars who look like George Clooney and have a raffish charm that makes their crimes forgivable. In reality, they are mostly gangsters and professional criminals who have no feelings at all about the masterpieces they steal to use as ...
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Long-lost Caravaggio painting goes on show in Tokyo

Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy was found in a private collection in 2014 and is part of exhibition at National Museum of Western ArtA long-lost painting by the Italian master Caravaggio is being shown to the public at an exhibition in Tokyo. Related: 'Restitution of a lost beauty': Caravaggio Nativity replica brought to Palermo Continue reading...
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De-Bosched! Who cares if a painting isn't by a famous artist after all?

Paintings by Rembrandt, Da Vinci and now two of the Prado’s famed Bosches have been identified as the work of ‘followers’ – is it time to update the labels?Art museums like to present their best treasure in an authoritative way. Clearly printed labels on paintings tell you the artist’s name and when he or she lived, as well as the likely date of the work. But how reliable is that information? And if the facts change, do labels change too? Related: Hieronymus Bosch review – a heavenly host of d...
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From Napoleon to the Nazis: the 10 most notorious looted artworks

Romans, Nazis, Victorian-era Brits, noughties cat-burglars they have all stolen priceless works. Here are the most shocking art thefts of the last two millenniaLooting has been part of human behaviour since ancient times. The Romans did it in their very first conquest, in 396 BC. They stripped the city of Veii of anything valuable and established a template for looting that lasted over 2,000 years. It was only in 1815 that the Congress of Vienna made the first serious effort at post-conflict re...
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Flat, soulless and stupid: why photographs dont work in art galleries

Photographs can be powerful, beautiful, and capture the immediacy of a moment like nothing else. But they make poor art when hung on a wall like paintingsPhotography is a miracle of the modern world. It gives us instant visual information from all over the planet and far beyond. It is a unique documentary record of our own lives, a simple source of creative pleasure and fun. I just wish people wouldnt put it in art galleries.Let me be clear: photographs on the page or screen are fascinating. Who...
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