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Vice President for Development, Grand Rapids Symphony

Now in its 91th season, the Grand Rapids Symphony invites applications and nominations for the position of Vice President for Development, available in the first quarter of 2021. The Organization Now in its 91th season, the Grand Rapids Symphony (GRS) is a highly acclaimed orchestra that presents more than 400 performances annually, reaching a diverse audience of more than 200,000 concertgoers from 14 West Michigan counties. Nearly half of those who attend are st...
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Amplify Your Bland Backgrounds

There’s a time and place for using flat color backgrounds. However, taking a little extra time to make a more interesting setting using unique patterns and subtle imagery can really pay off. No, we don’t mean the pre-installed PowerPoint backgrounds that were introduced in the 90’s. If you’re feeling like you don’t know where to start mixing it up, let us help with this quick tutorial on how to amplify your bland backgrounds. Image sourcing First, try going to a source for free images like uns...
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This off-grid office under construction in Europe is designed to float in case sea levels rise, completely negating the effects of climate change

Powerhouse Company floating office. Powerhouse Company A design studio created the world's largest floating office in Rotterdam. The office is made of wood and uses solar panels for energy. Designers call it "climate resilient," because it is designed to float in case of rising sea levels.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Dutch design studio Powerhouse Company is creating a massive floating office for a Rotterdam NGO. The office is a way for the Global Center on Adaptat...
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Manager, Audience Research Program, WolfBrown LLC

To advance the vision of more equitable access to high quality market research in the arts sector, WolfBrown seeks a qualified professional to join our small team of researchers in developing and implementing a variety of audience research initiatives over the coming years. Manager, Audience Research ProgramWolfBrown LLCSubmission Deadline: October 18, 2020 Background WolfBrown is a leading provider of market research and management consulting services to cultural institutions, arts age...
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If Dieter Rams Designed an Xbox: Microsoft's Minimalist Xbox Series S

Microsoft has announced they're releasing a small, slick Xbox variant called the Series S. Designed to be used only for downloadable games, the console itself is tiny, as it no longer requires the hardware necessary to accommodate physical media. And the physical design, as you can see, owes a great debt to Dieter Rams' classic work for Braun: Pre-orders begin on September 22nd, and the $299 device will be available on November 10th.
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Spokane Symphony Administrator Resigns After Racist Conspiracy Theory Tweets Are Exposed

Bethany Schoeff-Cotter is a classically trained oboist and married to the symphony’s general manager – and was the personnel manager for 11 years. In her tweets, she “referred to the Black Lives Matter movement as ‘a disease on this country’ and suggested the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis is a hoax designed to influence this year’s elections. Schoeff-Cotter also called those who wear masks to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus ‘idiots’ and accused Microsoft founder Bill Ga...
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Bisa Butler’s Beautiful Quilted Portraits of Frederick Douglass, Nina Simone, Jean-Michel Basquiat & More

Fiber artist Bisa Butler’s quilted portraits of Black Americans gain extra power from their medium. Each work is comprised of many scraps, carefully cut and positioned after hours of research and preliminary sketches. Velvet and silk nestle against bits of vintage flour sacks, West African wax print fabric, denim and, occasionally, hand-me-downs from the sitter’s own collection. In The Warmth of Other Sons, a 12-foot, life-sized portrait of an African American family who migrated nor...
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Should We Be Afraid Of AI?

“Many people were likely stunned to read recently the announcement by Microsoft that AI was proving to be better at reading X-rays than trained radiologists. Most newspaper readers don’t realize how much of their daily paper is now written by AI. That wasn’t supposed to happen; robots were supposed to supplant manual labor jobs, not professional brainwork. Yet here we are: AI is quickly gobbling up entire professions—and those jobs will never come back.” – Scientific American
Tags: Art, Microsoft, Ideas, 05.04.20

Marina Abramovic Just Wants Conspiracy Theorists to Let Her Be

“I am an artist, not a Satanist,” the performance artist said after an online outcry prompted Microsoft to take down a video of her. It’s not the first time she’s faced the accusation.
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What’s All This Fuss We Hear About Marina Abramović Being A Satanist?

“In one of the strangest art controversies in recent memory, a group of right-wing internet users and blogs have begun targeting Marina Abramović, accusing her of being involved in a Satanist cult. She has previously denied the allegations, but the claims have continued to be levied against her, and yesterday brought news that Microsoft deleted a YouTube advertisement for a new work by her after users had targeted it. But where did the claims come from in the first place? [Here’s] a guide to th...
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A Beginner’s Guide to Typography

When it comes to choosing a font, it’s difficult to say why we might prefer one over another. Usually we end up with a nondescript reason like, “this one looks better” or “I liked this one best.” But designers know that typography is an important part of any design. Today we’ll take a look at some of the basic concepts of typography. We’ll look at what it is, some research behind how it helps us produce meaning, as well as whether you should choose a serif or sans serif font. That way, you can s...
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Bode and Microsoft’s AI-Powered Archive of Quilted Textiles

Dubbed the "Bode Vault," this system catalogs the finer details of an ever-growing collection Emily Adams Bode‘s process favors the analog; sketching details passed along by collectors and artisans, repurposing vintage quilting textiles, enlisting skilled craftsman to replicate one-of-a-kind pieces and more instead of mass-producing her ideas. Her garments—released under her eponymous luxury brand, Bode—have won her the 2019 CFDA Award for Emerging Designer of …
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DeVos Institute of Arts Management Executive Assistant Opening

The Executive Assistant will play a vital support role for the Institute’s senior staff who deliver training programs and consulting services for a portfolio of national and international clients. This position is full-time and is based in the Institute’s downtown Washington, D.C. offices. This individual will be responsible for the following, primary roles: Provide administrative support for the Institute’s senior staff, including the PresidentManage scheduling, travel arrangements,...
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Lyric Opera of Kansas City seeks Director of Marketing and Communications

Lyric Opera of Kansas City seeks a poised and professional candidate who will be responsible for the strategy, implementation, evaluation and achievement of earned ticket revenue goals and for the development and effective implementation of communications. The Director is charged with providing clear and consistent leadership and oversight of the Marketing and Ticketing and Patron Services (T&PS) teams. The Director is responsible for developing short-term and long-term marketing an...
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Sheldon Theatre (Red Wing MN) seeks Executive & Artistic Director

Seeking a visionary leader to advance the Sheldon’s mission to entertain, educate, and enlighten the community and its visitors through the transformative power of the performing arts in this beautiful Minnesota town on the Mississippi. Executive & Artistic Director, Sheldon Theatre The City of Red Wing and the Sheldon Theatre Board of Directors seek a visionary leader to advance the Sheldon’s mission to entertain, educate, and enlighten the community and its visitors through the ...
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This Nike Air Jordans Inspired limited-edition Xbox wins the NBA All-Star weekend!

The two giant worlds of tech and sports are colliding or rather collaborating, and I can already hear the NBA fans, sneakerheads and gamers fist-bumping in unison! Microsoft and Nike have teamed up to make a limited-edition custom Xbox One that is rightfully going to paint the town red this Valentine’s day. Here’s the catch – only one lucky Twitter user can win this exclusive console and all you have to do is retweet THIS tweet from Xbox. And if you are looking for Nike’s latest pair of Jordans,...
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How Google, Facebook, Microsoft, And Amazon Became The Most Manipulative Advertisers On TV

“For most of their history, these companies scoffed at traditional media. Can’t measure it, can’t convert viewers into customers, not enough real-time data. Yet here are the 21st century’s most dominant brands behaving like their counterparts of the late 20th, using TV as a key tool to build image and consumer loyalty. Taking a half-step back, this development is a bit rich given that other than Microsoft, these are companies whose businesses are working, through digital advertising dominance a...
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The Phoenix Symphony, Chief Development Officer

Reporting to the President & CEO (CEO), the Chief Development Officer (CDO) is a member of the Senior Executive team and will work closely with the Board Chair, Chair of the Development Committee, and Committee members. This position will be responsible for providing the leadership, management, and coordination for all individual, corporate, foundation, government, and event fundraising efforts as well as planned giving and any capital and endowment campaign fundraising. Organization...
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Designer Spotlight: 3D work of Peter Tarka

Designer Spotlight: 3D work of Peter Tarka abduzeedoJan 29, 2020 Peter Tarka is a designer with an incredible portfolio. I literally spent hours just checking his work and paying attention to the details. Peter’s 3D style is quite friendly, for lack of better word. It reminds me of Nintendo games actually. I know, it’s not the best comparison, however you can see that his style is quite popular, just check the list of clients he has worked with, including bra...
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Self-sufficient floating office building for GCA will take anchor in Rotterdam

Copenhagen- and Rotterdam-based studio Powerhouse Company has unveiled designs for a unique floating office building to be anchored in the historic Rotterdam port of Rijnhaven. Created as the new headquarters for the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA), the contemporary structure will use a wide range of sustainability measures, such as heat exchangers and a green roof, to target energy-neutral, self-sufficient operations. The building, named Floating Office Rotterdam, will also be built entirely ...
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The Clippad mobile accessory turns your smartphone into a renegade GameBoy Advance!

Emulators can only go so far, right?Giacomo Zangani’s Clippad lets you get a much more authentic Nintendo GBA experience by strapping a set of GameBoy controllers to the side of your smartphone. The controllers attach themselves using a clip at the back (similar to the Microsoft xCloud controller concepts we featured earlier), working with practically any phone to turn them into a GameBoy Advance-inspired gaming console. The controllers connect to your phone wirelessly, and let you play a whole ...
Tags: Games, Design, Microsoft, Cellphones, Nintendo, Product Design, Gameboy, GBA, Giacomo Zangani, Clippad

Web Design Trends and Predictions for 2020

This article has been contributed by Aaron Chichioco. As of January 2020, there were about 1.74 billion websites worldwide and active internet users numbered almost 4.43 billion. This year, you can expect more businesses and institutions to strengthen their online presence. As the world embraces inclusivity and accessibility, one can expect that internet penetration rates will go even higher. Given the huge number of websites and the diversity of internet users, developers are in for some exciti...
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5 Huge Marketing Campaigns Gone Wrong (+ How To Ensure Yours Goes Right)

This article has been contributed by Tom Simpkins. Marketing campaigns are some of the best ways to get the word out about your company, a product, or even just a message. Whether you’re aiming to make your brand iconic or simply trying to make a joke out of the competition, a marketing campaign can be a powerful tool. Campaigns can go viral, become beloved, even integrate into the zeitgeist; but they can do so either in a good way or a bad way. Sometimes your marketing message can fall on deaf ...
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China leads the World Design Rankings in 2020: A look at a few A’ Design Awardees from the country

We’re kicking off 2020 with the World Design Rankings as they stand, and it seems like China has steadily found its way to the number 1 position, with a stunning 1538 A’ Design Awards over the years. The World Design Rankings provide a window into which country is the most progressive when it comes to design thinking and more accurately, which country houses the world’s best designers. As of the beginning of this decade, China, USA, Japan, Italy, and the UK sit at the top five positions of the g...
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Mojo Vision’s Smart Contact Lens Prototype

After five years of testing, Mojo Vision (a company comprised of former Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft executives and engineers) officially toured their smart contact lens prototype. The lens would act as an internal interface, letting the wearer peruse their calendar, devise a route home, and even skip songs currently playing within their earbuds. Though the product’s arrival remains years away, testing involves a VR …
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Share Our Passion For The Arts!

Junior publicists work directly under Center Theatre Group’s Head of Publicity and closely with playwrights, directors, actors as well as other theatre artists, producers and arts administrators on all of the earned media including, but not limited to PR in print, online, and broadcast and appearances by staff and associated artists. Position Description POSITION TITLE: Junior Publicist REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS REPORTS DIRECTLY TO: Head of Publicity DIRECT REPORTS INCLUDE: N/A W...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Microsoft, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Dodgers, Communications, Kirk Douglas, Center Theatre Group, Michael Ritchie, Ahmanson Theatre Mark Taper Forum, Meghan Pressman, Center Theatre Group 's Head of Publicity

Étude Arts seeks Managerial Assistant/Contract Manager

We are looking for a self-motivated, master multi-tasker – who is based in NYC – with excellent organizational skills and an upbeat attitude. Description: The successful applicant will work with the Managing Director and staff providing client/project representation support and executive assistant support as required. This person will work directly with a list of artists, servicing their performance engagements with responsibilities including, but not limited to, arranging logistics s...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Microsoft, United States, Étude Arts, Bill Palant

FOSSE/VERDON, HAMILTON, and More Win at the 7th Annual MUAHS Awards; Full List!

The Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild announced winners of its 7th Annual MUAHS Awards in 23 categories of film, television, commercials and live theater, during a formal gala at the NOVO by Microsoft at L.A. Live Downtown on Saturday night, January 11, 2020. Among the winners were FosseVerdon, Hamilton, Cats, Pose, and more [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Revealed: Top Upcoming Tech for Designers & Creatives in 2020

With 2019 now behind us, people are starting to look forward to 2020 and all of the tech the new year will bring. There is no better place to get a preview of what’s the come than at the Consumer Electronics Show that takes place in January in Las Vegas. With this on the horizon, we wanted to do a little bit of forecasting and share what we think some of the biggest tech companies are going to be releasing in 2020 and share our pick for what each company’s best product was in 2019. Revealed: To...
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Top Tech for Designers & Creatives in 2020

With 2019 now behind us, people are starting to look forward to 2020 and all of the tech the new year will bring. There is no better place to get a preview of what’s the come than at the Consumer Electronics Show that takes place in January in Las Vegas. With this on the horizon, we wanted to do a little bit of forecasting and share what we think some of the biggest tech companies are going to be releasing in 2020 and share our pick for what each company’s best product was in 2019. Revealed: To...
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