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Meet Pentagram's Newest Partner: Information Designer Giorgia Lupi

For the first time in nearly a decade, Pentagram New York has brought on a new partner: interaction designer and 2013 Core77 Design Awards honoree Giorgia Lupi. In addition to being the co-founder and design director of Accurat, Lupi is also known for co-authoring Dear Data. She's worked with clients including IBM, Google, Starbucks, United Nations, and the World Health Organization among many others. Her work is part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Cooper Hewitt...
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A Complete Digitization of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus, the Largest Existing Collection of His Drawings & Writings

No historical figure better fits the definition of “Renaissance man” than Leonardo da Vinci, but that term has become so overused as to become misleading. We use it to express mild surprise that one person could use both their left and right hemispheres equally well. But in Leonardo’s day, people did not think of having two brains, and the worlds of art and science were not so far apart as they are now. That an individual in the Renaissance would be able to combine fine arts and fine engineerin...
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Architects to transform two old railway yards into eco parks in Milan

OMA and Milan-based Laboratorio Permanente have won a competition to transform two abandoned railway yards in Milan into eco parks that will act as “ecological filters” for the car-centric city. Titled Agenti Climatici (Climatic Agents), the master plan would use the natural, air-purifying power of plants and the filtering capabilities of water to clean and cool the environment while adding new recreational spaces for the public. The project is part of a larger effort to redevelop disused post-...
Tags: Design, Milan, Park, Bicycles, Air Pollution, Community, Air Quality, Public Parks, Parks / Wildlife, Adaptive Reuse, Water Purification, Landscape Architecture, Oma, CRA, Master Plan, Microclimate


There is something paradoxical in the kaleidoscopic extravaganza that is Milan Design Week (MDW), the design world’s most popular and distinctive annual celebration of style, creativity and innovation. The more talent it attracts and the more venues it colonizes, the more difficult it becomes to navigate it in its entirety and hence to sort out the best of the ever-multiplying treats it has to...
Tags: Art, Milan, Milan Design Week MDW

Land, l’installation célébrant les 100 ans de Poggi Ugo organisé par Valentina Guidi Ottobri et signé Masquespacio

Le studio espagnol d’architecture d’intérieur Masquespacio et l’italienne créatrice et chef de projet du département d’accueil de Luisaviaroma Valentina Guidi Ottobri, présentent l’installation Land, une installation spécifique qui célèbre les 100 ans de l’un des plus anciens et plus importants fours d’Italie: Poggi Ugo. Un voyage pour retomber dans le « Land » (en italien « Terra » qui signifie « sol de terre » utilisé pour produire la Terracotta). Ce projet suggère de nouvelles visions est...
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"Human Code": An Autobiographical History of Human Evolution by Roberto Sironi

One of the most thought-provoking exhibitions that caught our eye during Milan Design Week 2019 was “Human Code”, Italian artist and designer Roberto Sironi’s solo show at Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri (SIAM).
Tags: Art, Milan, Roberto Sironi

Lexus Design Award 2019: The Finalists

Digging into innovations that could change our world for the better The six finalists for this year’s Lexus Design Award, presented during Milan Design Week, might have been the most impressive group yet. While only one was selected as winner (Lisa Marks‘ work on bringing algorithms into the design of patterns for hand-laced, custom-fit garments), all of them showed real-world potential and used creative problem …
Tags: Sponsored, Design, Milan, Lexus, Design Awards, Milan Design Week, Lisa Marks, Lexus Design Award

9 forgotten facts about Leonardo da Vinci

For over 500 years, the masterworks of Leonardo da Vinci have awed artists, connoisseurs, and laypeople alike. Often considered the first High Renaissance artist, Leonardo worked extensively in Florence, Milan, and Rome before ending his career in France, and his techniques and writings influenced artists and thinkers for centuries after his death.Today, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, here are nine surprising facts about his work:In a letter to Ludovico Sforza, ruler o...
Tags: Art, Europe, Books, Music, Milan, London, Featured, France, History, Rome, Paris, Oil Painting, National Gallery, Madrid, Louvre, Mona Lisa

Monochrome Album Design for WARP - Steve Aoki and cie

Monochrome Album Design for WARP - Steve Aoki and cie AoiroStudioApr 29, 2019 Let's kick it off with a monochrome album design for WARP for The Bloody Beetroots featuring Steve Aoki. Designed by Carosello Lab, a creative agency based in Milan, Italy. They have a working collaboration DIM MAK, Steve Aoki’s label from California. They designed a special package to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of WARP. The song by The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki bec...
Tags: Design, Milan, California, Steve Aoki, Carosello Lab

This Ornate 3D-Printed Chair Made Using Generative Design Can Fold Down Flat

Industrial designer Patrick Jouin has been using 3D printing in his designs for years but his latest prototype, which launched during Milan Design Week, pushes the material process to new limits. Inspired by origami and nature, the TAMU chair was developed in partnership with Dassault Systèmes and despite the avant-garde look of the lacy web patterns, the real innovation comes from its ability to fold down almost entirely flat. Early models of the chair deployed a hinged panel structure that wou...
Tags: Design, Milan, Furniture Design, Milan Design Week, Tamu, Dassault Systemes, Patrick Jouin, Jouin

Milan Design Week 2019: Items Available Now

Decor and design objects that will enhance the home Amidst debuts that aim to enrich the city of Milan and others set to inspire a global design audience, the week surrounding Salone del Mobile is also filled with products that people can buy to enhance their home. This meant 2019’s Milan Design Week featured destinations like the inaugural Gucci Decor pop-up shop and a Marimekko …
Tags: Coffee, Design, Milan, Interiors, Lights, Gucci, Lighting, Decor, Lamps, Homeware, Milan Design Week, Alessi, Kitchen Accessories, Salone del Mobile, Gucci Decor, Milan Design Week 2019

Eileen Fisher on Making Sustainability a Joyful, Creative Pursuit

Since founding her eponymous fashion line in 1984, Eileen Fisher has been focused on bringing mindful consumption to the fashion industry. Her timeless, built-to-last approach to design is just one example of this—she's also led a range of sustainability initiatives like Vision 2020, the company's pledge to be using all organic cotton and linen by 2020, among other goals. Most recently, her famous buy-back program—through which customers can return lightly-used garments for store credit—has evol...
Tags: Design, Milan, Sustainable Design, Fashion Design, Fisher, Milan Design Week, Matt Dunham, Eileen Fisher, Irvington New York, Rosanna Orlandi, Lidewij Edelkoort, Sigi, Philip Fimmano

How Neuroaesthetics Will Shape the Future of Design

Unexpectedly, one of the few installations at Milan Design Week that resonated past the thick, blurry Instagram lens wasn't created just by designers. Google's A Space for Being (in collaboration with Muuto and the Arts + Minds Lab at Johns Hopkins University) provoked deep thoughts about the future role of technology in intimate spaces like the home by bringing visitors into a world where their only requirement was to 'be'—no cell phones and no talking allowed. Before entering the space, a colo...
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Is Arthur Mamou-Mani's COS Installation in Milan a Nod to the Future of Architecture?

For eight years, fashion brand COS has used the occasion of Salone del Mobile to flex a more conceptual creative muscle, curating memorable experiences such as Studio Swine's 2017 smoke bubble-filled installation and an all-white ethereal, escape dreamt up by Snarkitecture in 2015.COS Creative Director Karin Gustafsson (left) and architect Arthur Mamou-Mani (right) This year, they returned to Milan in collaboration with London-based architect Arthur Mamou-Mani to create Conifera, a structure tha...
Tags: Design, Milan, London, Architecture, PLA, Milan Design Week, Salone Milan, Karin Gustafsson, Arthur Mamou Mani, Palazzo Isimbardi, Mamou Mani

5 Milan Design Week Trends Designers Should Actually Care About

Milan Design Week came to a close this past Sunday, and after a week of visiting installations, interviewing designers and experiencing extreme visual stimulation, we're finally able to take a moment to ruminate over and make sense of what we experienced. While Salone has traditionally been about furniture and homeware design, we noticed a clear shift in interest towards experimenting with technology, understanding the designer's responsibility when it comes to protecting our planet and creating...
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CRA grows a sustainable pavilion out of mushrooms in just 6 weeks

Could the houses of the future be grown from mushrooms? Italian architectural firm Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) broaches this question with The Circular Garden, a sustainable pavilion made of mushrooms that — true to the project name — was grown out of the soil in six weeks and will return back to the soil at the end of its lifecycle. Created in partnership with global energy company Eni, the mushroom structure was on display at Milan Design Week 2019’s Fuorisalone at Brera’s Orto Botanico, the ...
Tags: Design, Milan, Barcelona, Gallery, Paris, Innovation, Biodegradable, Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí, Mycelium, Eni, Milan Design Week, Brera, CRA, Carlo Ratti, Carlo Ratti Associati

Interview: Giorgio Galli, Design Director of Timex Group

Behind the details on the assembled-in-Connecticut American Documents collection From his multi-floor design lab in Milan, Giorgio Galli—the design director of Timex Group—oversees developments across the historic (and ubiquitous) brand’s portfolio. While headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut, Timex looks to the Giorgio Galli Design Lab in Italy for many reasons, including their illustrious experiences together and proximity between Galli and Timex’s luxury licensed brands, Versace and Ferrag...
Tags: Design, Milan, Interviews, Watches, Connecticut, Italy, Versace, Timex, Galli, Watch Design, Automatic Watches, Giorgio Galli, Giorgio Galli Design Lab, Swiss Movements, Timex Group, Middlebury Connecticut Timex

Milan Design Week 2019 Recap: Day 3

For day three of Milan Design Week, we visited Ventura Centrale, Ventura Futures, and a Design Academy Eindhoven exhibition along the way. Ventura Centrale is Ventura Projects' biggest show, located in empty warehouses at Central Station. Offering a completely blank canvas to designers, Ventura Centrale is popular amongst larger companies looking to create large build-outs and smaller designers looking to go big. Ventura Futures takes a different approach to design, focusing on emerging designer...
Tags: Design, Milan, Alibaba, Freitag, Eindhoven, Yamaha, Milan Design Week, Royal College, Aska, Humanscale, Design Academy Eindhoven, Todd Bracher, Ventura Centrale, Ventura Centrale Ventura Futures, Ventura Centrale is Ventura Projects, Central Station Offering

Milan Design Week - Fashion and Furniture

Collaborations between the worlds of fashion and furniture have been increasingly visible at Milan Design Week and this year has been no exception. Big fashion houses and luxury car brands in partnership with established home-ware designers were making the big statements this year with an array of spectacular installations and eye-catching displays across the city. read more
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Milan Design Week 2019

Collaborations between the worlds of fashion and furniture have been increasingly visible at Milan Design Week and this year has been no exception. Big fashion houses and luxury car brands in partnership with established home-ware designers were making the big statements this year with an array of spectacular installations and eye-catching displays across the city. read more
Tags: Design, Milan, Ralph Lauren, Se, Gucci, Current Exhibition, Milan Design Week, Loewe, COS, Fritz Hansen, Missoni, Jaime Hayon, Kvadrat, Christophe Delcourt, Salone del Mobile, Arthur Mamou-Mani

Organic Overflow at Milan Design Week 2019

Floral use in furniture, installations and more To offset the precision frequently associated with furniture design, many participants in Milan Design Week 2019 used elements from nature to add soft, organic overflow to their presentations. In many instances, we’re simply referring to the calculated use of trees and plants near or atop artificial elements of design. With two specific exhibitions, however, floral components composed the …
Tags: Design, Milan, Furniture, Norman, Chairs, Installations, Tom Dixon, Milan Design Week, COS, Herman Miller, Raf Simons, Kvadrat, Alcova, Design Fairs, Milan Design Week 2019, Nilufar Depot

DesignMashup 2019 - 10-day immersive Italian Design Experience

DesignMashup 2019 - 10-day immersive Italian Design Experience abduzeedoApr 15, 2019 Architects, Designers and Makers worldwide are invited to attend DesignMashup 2019, a 2-part,10-day immersive Italian design experience and workshop to energize and transform their creative work. DesignMashup 2019 starts in Milan with a 3-day immersion in modern design and Italian design progression and builds to a 7-day immersive design workshop at the Civita Institute in I...
Tags: Design, Milan, Italy, Orvieto, Civita, Civita di Bagnoregio, Bagnoregio, Civita Institute, Civita Institute Milan, Civita Institute The Civita Institute, NIAUSI, Astra Zarina, Tony Costa Heywood

One-of-a-kind Wilhelm Lamp is 3D-printed from recycled polycarbonate

Challenged by Milanese design gallerist Rossana Orlandi to “give plastic a second life,” Italian architect Tiziano Vudafieri has created the Wilhelm Lamp, a unique light fixture and tribute to the renowned German industrial designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld. Presented at Rossana Orlandi’s exhibition Guitlessplastic – Master’s Pieces during Milan Design Week, the Wilhelm Lamp reinterprets the Wagenfeld’s modernist glass vase as an enlarged pendant lamp that is 3D-printed from recycled polycarbonate. F...
Tags: Art, Design, Milan, Lamp, 3d Printing, Recycling, Recycled Materials, Green Interiors, Milan Design Week, Recycled Plastic, Modernist, Rossana Orlandi, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Recyclable Plastic, Tiziano Vudafieri, Guiltless Plastic

Verner Panton’s Bond Villain Seating in Reproduction

Several of Danish furniture and interior designer Verner Panton’s creations have been used to decorate Bond villains’ hideouts—from decadent shell chandeliers to minimal lamps and beyond. Perhaps the most recognizable, the Pantonova seating system, is back in production. Bond antagonist Karl Stromberg perched atop the iconic, curve-framed seat in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me and it was just unveiled once more at this year’s Salone …
Tags: Design, Milan, Film, Industrial Design, Furniture, Pop Culture, Denmark, Interiors, Bond, Danish, Milan Design Week, Scandinavian Design, Verner Panton, Karl Stromberg

McKinsey Design at Salone del Mobile 2019

Over five years, McKinsey Design—a division of the qualitative and quantitative business advisory firm—tracked design-related data points at 300 companies as a way to highlight the business value of design. During 2019’s Milan Design Week, Ivy Ross (VP of Hardware Design at Google) joined Jakob Lange (a partner at BIG and the head of BIG Ideas) as well as McKinsey Design partner Ben Sheppard and …
Tags: Google, Design, Milan, Bjarke Ingels, Big Ideas, Mckinsey, Design Thinking, Milan Design Week, Salone, Ivy Ross, Jakob Lange, Ben Sheppard, Milan Design Week 2019, LinkAbout It, McKinsey Design, Milan Design Week Ivy Ross VP of Hardware Design

The Swiss Designer Bringing Human-Centered Solutions to Milan

There's no shortage of beautiful product launches during Milan Design Week, but that's certainly not all you'll find. This year we have our eye on the Design Switzerland exhibition, which will take residence inside the Teatro Litta, Milan's oldest active theatre. Selected from a call for proposals, 11 designers will be showcasing clever and ambitious solutions that aim to improve people's day-to-day lives. One of them, Reto Togni, will be sharing two projects that have piqued our interest. First...
Tags: Design, Milan, Switzerland, Eth Zurich, Milan Design Week, Togni, Salone Milan, Palazzo Litta, Reagiro, Reto Togni, Teatro Litta Milan, Movement Biomechanics, Invacare International GmbH

Panasonic wants to make displays more invisible and ubiquitous in homes

It looks like a Samsung Serif TV (and it sort of made its first appearance at the exact same place, the Milan Design Week), which inspired a wave of hate in me, but that dissipated as quickly as it rose when I learned more about what Panasonic’s actually trying to do. This is the Vitrine. It isn’t a TV, but it’s more of a smart glass cabinet. With a wooden frame on the outside, and an angular glass on the front, the Vitrine, co-created by Panasonic, Vitra, and designer Daniel Rybakken, was devel...
Tags: Design, Milan, Television, Panasonic, Product Design, Vitra, Milan Design Week, Salone del Mobile, Daniel-Rybakken, Samsung Serif TV, Panasonic Vitra

Milan’s The Manzoni Restaurant by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio

A permanent destination to dine or shop the most recent collections For years now, acclaimed designer Tom Dixon has had a presence in Milan—especially during the annual extravaganza Salone del Mobile. With The Manzoni, he’s established a permanent position. Functioning as both a restaurant and showroom, The Manzoni space is a collaboration between Dixon’s Design Research Studio and JLK Design Studio. To enter means stepping from …
Tags: Design, Milan, Shopping, Restaurants, Dining, Interiors, Shops, Decor, Collaborations, Dixon, Tom Dixon, Milan Design Week, Manzoni, Tom Dixon Studio, Design Research Studio, Milan Design Week 2019

Finding "A Space for Being" at Salone del Mobile in Milan

Do you have favorite music that helps you unwind after a long day? Is there a particular scent that transports you back to your childhood? Or does a soft blanket on your lap help you feel calmer as you sit down to read?These reactions are our bodies’ responses to our surroundings, whether it's something we see, touch, smell, taste or hear. Designers intuitively consider these sensory inputs to evoke certain feelings in people. Neuroaesthetics, a scientific field of study that explores the impact...
Tags: Google, Design, Milan, Pixel, John Hopkins University, Salone del Mobile, Neuroaesthetics, International Arts Mind Lab, Johns Hopkins University Visitors, Maremosso Studio Pastel

XXII Triennale di Milano: Broken Nature—Design Takes on Human Survival

Questions and fears abound, but so does hope Profound and frightening questions are at the core of Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival, the main show at the XXII International Exhibition at La Triennale di Milano. A cultural event occurring every three years, La Triennale focuses on some of the most advanced international design, and the 2019 edition is organized into four sections: Broken Nature, …
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