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Ten Signature Images From Milton Glaser’s Eclectic Career

In his graphic designs, he mingled Dürer with de Chirico, Breuer with Klimt, Islamic ornament with African textiles.
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Milton Glaser’s Unseen Design for New York: ‘Together’

A conversation with the graphic designer, who, until his death at 91, was still thinking about how his craft could help his beleaguered city.
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Celebrating Pride in a Time of Protests and Pandemic

The 50th anniversary of the first Pride parade in the city was, because of the pandemic, a subdued affair. 
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Studio Visit | Milton Glaser

The designer Milton Glaser describes the birth of the ubiquitous “I ♥ NY” logo and the early days of New York magazine.
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Milton Glaser, Master Designer of ‘I ♥ NY’ Logo, Is Dead at 91

He also created the famous poster of Bob Dylan with psychedelic hair, was a co-founder of New York magazine and produced designs for everything from supermarkets to restaurants to “Mad Men.”
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Milton Glaser, Designer of Iconic ‘I ♥ NY’ Logo, Is Dead at 91

He also created the famous poster of Bob Dylan with psychedelic hair, was a co-founder of New York magazine and produced designs for everything from supermarkets to restaurants to “Mad Men.”
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Enter an Archive of William Blake’s Fantastical “Illuminated Books”: The Images Are Sublime, and in High Resolution

William Blake earned his place as the patron saint of all freethinking outsider artists. One might say he perfected the role as he perfected his craft—or crafts rather, since his poetry inspires as much awe and acclaim as his visionary engravings and illustrations. Standing astride the Neoclassical eighteenth century and the Romantic era, Blake rejected the rationalism and classicism that surrounded him from birth and developed a prophetic style drawn from an earlier age. He “sought to emulate...
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Why John Milton’s Lucifer Is So Compelling — To Eve, And To Us

Edwin Yoder: “Despite the warnings of C. S. Lewis and others, I am left echoing Eve’s question: if the beasts [can eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil], why not man? Why, having armed his new creatures with intellectual curiosity, should their thirst for intellectual adventure become the paramount sin and its exercise a cosmic catastrophe? This prohibition seems especially odd because it contradicts what we know of Milton the lifelong scholar and polymath.”
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A Museum Held a Show of Protest Art. Then the Artists Protested the Museum.

Dozens of works were removed from an exhibition at the Design Museum in London after their creators objected to the institution’s hosting an event for a defense firm.
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Please, Saint Peter

I'm always surprised when people think that the morally ambiguous and darkly violent Oliver! is a "family" show. Or for that matter, even Annie -- what kids' show has a song like "We'd Like to Thank You, Herbert Hoover"?I'm starting to feel the same way about Anything Goes. As yet another example of its "adult content" (as if "love affairs with young bears" wasn't enough), Anything Goes skewers organized religion pretty aggressively throughout the show, often through very pointed satire.The mos...
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I've Been a Sinner, I've Been a Scamp

A lot of musical theatre fans love Anything Goes, but consider it a guilty pleasure, the artsy equivalent of Mississippi mud cake, just a mindless, old-fashioned musical comedy confection. They register great surprise when I describe it as a sharp satire.But it is.Musical comedy had dealt in gentle social satire since the beginning, but Anything Goes was the first successful Broadway musical comedy to build its story on two parallel threads of fierce, pointed satire. This time the plot came out...
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Tiny treadmills for turtle hatchlings help scientists evaluate their stamina

When baby sea turtles are born, within their first 24 hours they make the journey from nest to ocean. The trek should take a few minutes, but it sometimes lasts hours in urban settings where artificial light can disorient the hatchlings. Two Florida Atlantic University (FAU) scientists employed wee treadmills and little swimsuits to dig into the turtles’ swimming performance after crawling for so long – and they were surprised by what they found. Speed is crucial for turtle hatchlings, who fac...
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Books about the dark arts pdf

There she comes to understand the true nature of Dust, I stopped drinking two years ago. it causes intense agony that can last as long as the Dark witch or wizard desires. When they read through the book, Oppressing times set in a gloomy dungeon in the basement of the castle, killing Books about the dark arts pdf in the process. Especially her ability to lie with “bare, Written exclusively as a digital audiobook, philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy: A Reader’s Guide. ” she said in 200...
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'Paradise Lost' Has Been 'Translated More Often In Last 30 Years Than Previous 300'

"More than 50 academics around the world collaborated to research a new book, Milton in Translation, discovering that the works of the 17th-century author have been translated more than 300 times and into 57 different languages. These range from Faroese and Manx to Tamil and Tongan, from Persian and Hebrew to Frisian and Welsh."
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The Joy Luck Club Flashcards | Quizlet

Milton's Free Horoscopes. Cancer. 22 June to 23 July Welcome to the Cancer Stars for 2017. Your Cancer Star Predictions for 2017 are shown below.
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The Digital World Has Changed The Very Idea Of What Dictionaries Are

"The online OED now allows the reader to click on citations from Shakespeare and Milton to get the extended passage they’re drawn from, and readers can easily go online to do the same with citations from other writers. Online dictionaries like Wordnik already use algorithms to construct citation lists on the fly; at the limit, you could think of an online dictionary as simply a lexicographical web interface... The advent of online historical corpora has also altered the lexicographer’s method. W...
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Eye Candy for Today: Dore illustration for Fables of La Fontaine

, Gustave Doré Link is to WikiArt, from this page. 19th century illustrator and printmaker Guatave Doré is noted primarily for his dramatic illustrations for Dante’s Devine Comedy and Inferno, Milton’s Paradise Lost and Cervantes Don Quijote, as well as The Bible. Less well known are his illustrations for Shakespeare plays, other epic poems and a number of fables and fairy tales. This wonderfully sly example is from his illustrations for Fables of La Fontaine (link is to Dover book of just t...
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The Credibility Conundrum: Can Design Build Trust?

Subject: Panic Date: Monday, August 29, 2016 Hey Milt, So like I said over coffee Friday, I’ve got to get a website set up fast. And it needs to looks credible! Not like I put it together in a week. Even though that’s exactly what I need to do. Not sure where to start. Thoughts? Frank Subject: Re: Panic Date: Monday, August 29, 2016 Hey Frank, Well, the good news is that you’re aware that it needs to look credible. A lot of people never get to that point. They think they need to fill the...
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Ex-Inmate in Canada Says She Was Placed in Solitary Confinement for Refusing to Wear a Bra 

A woman previously imprisoned at a correctional facility in Canada says she was placed in solitary confinement for refusing to wear a bra. Jeannette Tossounian, now 40, says that when she was incarcerated at the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton three years ago she was told that visible nipples could “arouse the male guards.” Her complaints triggered a change in inmate dress codes across the province. Read more...
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The Tesla of Trucks is Coming

While it's common practice for a company to take the last name of a prominent inventor, few have taken the first name. But since "Tesla" was already taken, electric vehicle company founder Trevor Milton went with "Nikola."Milton's Nikola Motor Company develops sleek-looking, electric-powered vehicles, but they won't be competing with Elon Musk. That's because the former company's vehicles cost around $375,000 and are aimed at the lone driver. Luxury car? Nope; the Nikola One is a bad-ass semi tr...
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