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Aspen Art Museum Closing Kusama Infinity Room Show Over Building Code Violation

The Aspen Art Museum will close its Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room show 11 weeks early due to an unresolved building code violation.  “The AAM and the City of Aspen have reviewed the museum’s [Kusama] installation to ensure its compliance with municipal building codes,” the museum says. “It is the determination of both parties that fulfilling the artwork’s […]
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Christopher Knight Wins Rabkin Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award

LA Times critic Christopher Knight has won the $50,000 Dorothea and Leo Rabkin Foundation’s lifetime achievement award.  “He was always the one who chose the important things and wrote in detail and beautifully,” says Executive Director Susan C. Larsen. “The most outstanding thing about his career, that lifts him and distinguishes him across the country, is […]
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David Geffen Named as Buyer of Hockney’s ‘Splash’

Bloomberg reports that David Geffen was the buyer of David Hockney‘s The Splash at Sotheby’s last week. “Everyone was thinking about Brexit,” says gallerist and former auctioneer Brett Gorvy. “No one wanted to consign unless there was a financial situation that guaranteed security.” Read more at Bloomberg  
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6 Board Members Resign from Cooper Hewitt Over Removal of Director

Six trustees have resigned from the Cooper Hewitt board in  protest over the dismissal of director Caroline Baumann. “Caroline’s treatment violates every principle of decency, and I feel that remaining on the board tacitly condones this behavior,” says board secretary Judy Francis Zankel. Read more at NYT  
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NYT Looks into Ouster of Cooper Hewitt Director Caroline Baumann

The Cooper Hewitt’s ouster of director Caroline Baumann is profiled in the NYT this week, as some point to controversy behind her wedding and a perceived conflict of interest in her work with a wedding dress designer. “I know the circumstances of the investigation that led to Caroline’s dismissal and I must say I am appalled […]
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Dawoud Bey Interviewed in The Guardian

Artist Dawoud Bey gets a profile in The Guardian this week, as he opens a retrospective at SFMoMA. “What I hope to create is work that makes it apparent that black people exist not only in a social world,” Beys says at the press preview for the SF Moma opening, “but they also have rich interior lives […]
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Artist Pyotr Pavlensky Arrested in Paris

Artist Pyotr Pavlensky is once again facing possible imprisonment over his recent stunt leaking a politician’s sex tape. “[Candidate Benjamin Griveaux] despises his constituents,” the artist says in a statement. “He was the only candidate to use his family to promote a political image. He told a big lie; he began his campaign with a big lie.” […]
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LA Times Charts Demise of Marciano Foundation

The LA Times has a piece this week on the closure of the Marciano Foundation, noting issues with unionizing labor alongside organizational breakdowns and a lack of internal structure. “[Maurice Marciano] didn’t really know how expensive it is to run his own private museum,” says an unnamed source. “He did it in a very generous, very first-class […]
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MoMA Hires Top SFMoMA Curator

Clément Chéroux, senior curator of the photography center at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, is heading to MoMA’s to serve as the museum’s chief curator of photography. “It was a pleasure to work at SFMOMA for three years and to have the support of a fantastic Bay Area photo community,” Chéroux said in a statement. “I am […]
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James Turrell’s Roden Crater Gets $3 million Pledge from Online Gaming Billionaire

Billionaire Mark Pincus, founder of online gaming firm Zynga, has pledged $3 million to James Turrell’s Roden Crater project. “The project itself feels, to me, like modern-day pyramids,” he says. “The ambition and scale and scope of it is something that has the potential to be something that people, many generations from now, will be able to […]
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Private Museum Closings Explored in Art Newspaper Piece

A piece in Art Newspaper asks why so many private museums are already shuttering. “It’s more fun building a museum and a collection and opening it than running it,” says Adrian Ellis, the founding director of AEA Consulting. Read more at Art Newspaper  
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Heiress and Art Benefactor Anne Marion Has Passed Away at Age 81

Oil and ranching heiress Anne Marion, founder of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico has passed away at the age of 81. “Anne Marion was one of the most generous, admirable, and inspirational people I have ever known,” says Marla Price, director of the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, where Marion was an active […]
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Russian Artist Pyotr Pavlensky Wades in Parisian Mayoral Elections, Causing Candidate’s Resignation Over Explicit Video

Russian provocateur and artist Pyotr Pavlensky, whose prior stunts involved setting the doors of a Russian security organization aflame, has taken reportedly taken responsibility for interfering in the Parisian mayoral elections, leaking compromising sexually graphic videos of candidate Benjamin Griveaux online. “He is someone who is always playing up family values, who says he wants to be the mayor […]
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Yayoi Kusama to Show Infinity Rooms in London

Yayoi Kusama will stage another major show of her Infinity Rooms at the Tate Modern this May, the museum has announced.  The show will feature two such works as well as documentation of early performance pieces by the artist.  Read more at Art News    
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Fast Company Previews Rothko Chapel Reopening

Fast Company has a piece on the renovation of the Rothko Chapel in Houston and a look at the space’s improvements. “The Chapel was built with a vision that brought together modern art and a sacred space to promote human unity, solidarity, justice and peace,” says Christopher Rothko, Opening Spaces chairman and the artist’s son. “The universality of this vision […]
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MoMA Acquires 56 Photographs from Gordon Parks’s “The Atmosphere of Crime”

MoMA has acquired 56 prints from Gordon Parks’s series of color photographs for a Life magazine photo essay titled “The Atmosphere of Crime.”  The works will go on view this May as part of the museum’s first seasonal rotation of its collection. Read more at MoMA  
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Artist Blasts Stefan Simchowitz for Flipping His Work

Artist Amoako Boafo criticizes Stefan Simchowitz over the collector’s attempt at flipping one of his works at auction tonight at Phillips. “Now he wants to make profit from it,” he says. “It’s only sad. The painting is so recent.” Read more at Bloomberg  
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Art Newspaper Charts Legal Challenges Around Breaks Between Artist and Gallery

A piece in the Art Newspaper this week documents a series of court cases around gallery-artist splits, noting the various ways and legal issues around the break of a business relationship in the art world. Read more at Art Newspape
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Luchita Hurtado Profiled in WSJ

Artist Luchita Hurtado gets a profile in the WSJ this week, as she finds a more responsive market for her work. Read more at WSJ
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Luxury Tower Residents Lose Appeal Case Against Tate Over Viewing Platform Proximity to Homes

Residents of the luxury flat next to the Tate Modern, who sued over the the museum overlook’s vantage point into their apartments, have lost their court appeal.  “These properties are impressive, and no doubt there are great advantages to be enjoyed in such extensive glassed views, but that in effect comes at a price in terms […]
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MoMA to Show Automobiles in Outdoor Sculpture Garden This Summer

As part of its summer show Automania, MoMA will park a series of cars in its outdoor sculpture park.  The exhibition will include a series of automobiles in the museum collection never shown before. Read more at Art News
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The Guardian Interviews Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger is interviewed in The Guardian this week, discussing her work and the contemporary moment. ”There are moments of recognition and significant changes but we’re living at a time where global white grievance is rampant,” she says, “and there is also a reaction against those symbolic changes. In these brutal and threatening times, I believe it necessary to […]
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Collector Pamela Joyner Featured in Art Newspaper

Collector Pamela Joyner is interviewed in Art Newspaper this week, discussing her collection and her passion for the works she owns. “My favorite part of the response is when I go to the museum and encounter really young people interacting with the art,” she says. “So in the first venue where we opened, I will never forget a […]
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Blain Southern to Close

Blain Southern is closing all of its current spaces, after several high profile departures.  “Despite the support of dedicated gallery staff, I deeply regret that I have been unable to secure the gallery’s future long term,” says Harry Blain. “I want to thank all the artists, collectors, institutions, museums, staff and everyone who has worked with the gallery over the […]
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Art in America Documents Museum Efforts to Make Collections Accessible to the Blind

A piece in Art in America this week looks at how museums are working to make their collections more accessible to the blind.  The piece details various naming strategies and techniques for describing and representing works. Read more at Art in America
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Anselm Kiefer Interviewed in NYT

The NYT has a powerful interview with Anselm Kiefer this week, as the artist takes Karl Ove Knaussgard to his studio, and his childhood home of Donaueschingen, as he reflects on his life and the evolution of his work. “What we see is a picture constructed with workmanlike clarity,” he says. “And yet we are moved, overwhelmed even. […]
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New Info Sees Police Questioning Gallerist’s Widow in Case Surrounding Klimt Discovered in Gallery Wall

In the latest twist behind the case of the Gustav Klimt work discovered in the walls of the the Ricci Oddi modern art gallery in Piacenza, prosecutors in Piacenza are questioning Rossella Tiadina, the widow of former gallery manager Stefano Fugazza. “The decision to question his widow was prompted by a diary entry discovered by police in […]
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Gustav Klimt, Piacenza, Gallery Wall, Ricci Oddi, Rossella Tiadina, Stefano Fugazza

Desert X AlUla Prepares to Open Amid Criticism

As Desert X AlUla prepares to open, the NYT profiles the festival and the fraught politics behind its operation, as Saudi Arabia faces continued criticism and looks to open its culture to the West.  “Engaging people to people, being able to start that dialogue, was something we were brave enough to take on, and I do think […]
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Mat Collishaw Leaves Blain Southern “Immediately”

Mat Collishaw becomes the latest artist to depart Blain Southern Gallery, as announced on his Instagram today.  No comment was offered on his reason for departure. Read more at Art Newspape
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Sonia Boyce to Represent Britain Next Year in Venice

Sonia Boyce has been tapped to represent Britain at the Venice Biennale, making her the first black woman to show for Britain at the event. “There is this question about nations and nationality and that is how [the biennale] was set up; to promote the so-called best of what was happening any given country or nation,” she says. “I […]
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