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Canvas in Hartford Authenticated as Van Gogh Painting

A still life of poppies from the collection Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, Connecticut has been authenticated as an authentic Van Gogh, the Art Newspaper reports.  The piece was reviewed by the Van Gogh Museum, which evaluated multiple elements of the work to arrive at its decision to authenticate. Read more at Art […]
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First Inaugural Kazakhstan Pavilion in Venice Faces Controversy Over Curation

The launch of the inaugural Kazakhstan pavilion in Venice is facing controversy after the curators hired for the project were dismissed with a press statement posted on Facebook. “Was the project censored? Why did the incoming museum director decide that artists, curators and partners were simply not worth the basic professional courtesy of knowing if […]
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London Mayor Unveils Cultural Infrastructure Plan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled a plan to identify, protect and develop cultural performance and rehearsal space in the city.  “There is no single answer, and many of the conditions and challenges are outside the Mayor’s control,” the report reads. Read more at Arts Professional
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South London Gallery Returned Sackler Funding

South London Gallery returned a £125,000 award from the Sackler Trust last year, Art Newspaper has reported. The news comes after the city’s National Portrait Gallery also publicly rejected funds from the Sackler Trust.  Read more at Art Newspape
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Mary Boone Featured in The Guardian

Mary Boone is profiled in The Guardian this week, exploring her recent jail sentence and her hopes for the future.  “I had 49 wonderful years in art,” she says. “If I’m going to be the Martha Stewart of the art world, I would hope to do it with the same humility, humor, grace and intelligence that […]
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Lehmann Maupin to Stage Show for Studio K.O.S.

Lehmann Maupin will stage the first show dedicated to the K.O.S. artist collective following the death of founder Tim Rollins. The group is now known as Studio K.O.S.“We had been talking about this show since Tim passed away,” says Anna Stothart, the curatorial director of Lehmann Maupin. “We all knew that it was important to have […]
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The Tate Will No Longer Accept Donations from Sackler Trust

Following a meeting with its ethics committee, the Tate will no longer accept donations from the Sackler Trust. “The Sackler family has given generously to Tate in the past, as they have to a large number of U.K. arts institutions,” Tate said in a statement. “We do not intend to remove references to this historic philanthropy. […]
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J. Tomilson Hill Joins Guggenheim Foundation Board

Collector J. Tomilson Hill has joined the board of The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. “Tom is a skillful and deeply experienced leader in business and philanthropy, who will bring strategic insight and discerning guidance as a member of the Board,” said board chair William L. Mack and president Wendy Fisher in a joint statement. “Tom also is a […]
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Kehinde Wiley Launches Residency in Dakar, Senegal

Kehinde Wiley has launched a residency in Dakar, Senegal, called Black Rock Senegal. “Black Rock Senegal came out of a direct need to engage Africa in a much more personal way,” he says. “After years of exploring the continent’s many cultures and countries I had a personal desire to create a workspace in West Africa. As […]
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Brice Marden Gets Profile in NYT

Artist Brice Marden gets the profile treatment in the NYT this week, as the artist recounts his battle with cancer and his working process throughout.  “I guess I was lucky,” he says. “I have been able to work through it all. It hasn’t made me hurry things up. It hasn’t made me work any differently. It’s just […]
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Japanese Corporation Announces $1 Million Art Prize

Japanese holding company Nomura Holdings, Inc. will launch the Nomura Art Award, a prize that will be given to “an artist who has created a body of work of major cultural significance,” a $1 million prize making it one of the largest in the world.  Read more at Art News
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U.S. Museums Failing to Considerably Diversify Artist Holdings and Exhibitions

An ambitious study has found that US museums are failing to diversify the artists they exhibit, The Guardian reports.  “There have been some reactions that have said, ‘Oh, well, of course museum collections aren’t diverse. Of course they’re all dead white men.’ But you can’t say ‘of course’,” said Kevin M Murphy, Williams College’s senior curator of […]
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Trump Budget Pushes for Cuts to NEA

For the third time, President Trump’s proposed annual budget has pushed to cut funding to the NEA. “The Administration believes audiences and aficionados are better than the Government at deciding what art is good or important,” the budget states. Read more at Art Newspape
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City of Venice to Launch Official Arts District During Biennale

At this year’s Venice Biennale, the island of Giudecca will launch an official Art District, including 11 art galleries and three national pavilions— Estonia, Iceland, and Nigeria. “The island of Giudecca has an incredible legacy as a platform for nurturing contemporary art and we are thrilled to placing all of its current galleries and future projects […]
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Met Admission Fees Help Fund $2.8 Million for Local Arts Orgs

Thanks in part to The Met’s new admissions fees, New York’s Department of Cultural Affairs has been able to earmark $2.8 million to 175 arts organizations throughout the city.  “This agreement has allowed the Met to thrive while giving us a unique opportunity to increase cultural investment in our underserved communities—allowing us to support the diversity […]
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Sackler Trust Abandons $1.32 Million Donation to National Portrait Gallery

Fearing protest, the Sackler Trust has abandoned a donation of $1.32 million to London’s National Portrait Gallery.  “It has become evident that recent reporting of allegations made against Sackler family members may cause this new donation to deflect the National Portrait Gallery from its important work,” a spokesperson says. “The allegations against family members are vigorously […]
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LACMA Combines Departments for European and American Art

LACMA has collapsed two major departments into one this year, combining its American and European holdings into a single department as part of director Michael Govan’s plan to gradually arrive at a more fluid museum structure, LA Times reports.  Read more at LA Times
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Lehmann Maupin to Open London Space

Lehmann Maupin will open a new office and viewing room in London, with Isabella Kairis Icoz taking on the position of senior director. “Isabella is a longtime collaborator and important international perspective for the gallery,” says Rachel Lehmann. “She was key in identifying a London space which would suit our present needs, and where we will have the […]
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TEFAF Sees Sale of $12 Million Renoir

A $12.5 million Renoir sold at TEFAF this week, marking one of the fair’s major sales during a strong week.  The fair’s first VIP preview drew 5,000 visitors, with many more expected in the nine days to come. Read more at Art News
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Sotheby’s to Offer Monet Haystacks at May 14th Auction in NYC

Sotheby’s will offer Claude Monet’s Meules from 1890 at its May 14th auction in New York, an impressive work carrying a $55 million estimate.  “It is a privilege to present one of Claude Monet’s defining Impressionist paintings in our Evening Sale this May,” says August Uribe, Sotheby’s head of Impressionist & Modern Art. “Monet’s Haystacks series has long […]
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LA Times Charts Klaus Biesenbach’s Love of MOCA Grand’s Architecture

The LA Times has a piece on Klaus Biesenbach’s love affair with the architecture of the MOCA. “Everyone said, ‘Do you like the building?’ ” he says of his first notes on the beauty of the building. “I said, ‘This is such an important piece of architecture, we need to let it shine.’ ” Read more […]
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Okwui Enwezor Dead at 55

Curator Okwui Enwezor, the critically-precise, adventurous curator who up until recently served as the head of the Haus der Kunst in Germany, has passed away at the age of 55 after a long battle with cancer. “He was one of the leaders of, let’s call it, the free curatorial world—one of the people who believed […]
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Art Newspaper Charts Cost of Government Shutdown

The Art Newspaper charts the damage and financial cost of the recent government shutdown faced by federal museums and arts institutions. “I think that’s the biggest loss—the public-facing piece,” says Melissa Chiu, the director of the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Read more at Art Newspape
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Frieze Sculpture Show Comes to Rockefeller Center

The New York Times spotlights the upcoming Frieze New York sculpture show set to open next month at Rockefeller Center in the run-up to Frieze New York.  “The plaza gets half a million people through it every day,” says Loring Randolph, the artistic director of the Americas for Frieze Art Fairs. “There couldn’t be a better place […]
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Joe Mantello and Stanley Whitney Sit Down in NYT Interview

The NYT sits painter Stanley Whitney down with theater director Joe Mantello to discuss their respective arts and visions this week. “A signature style is a very odd thing now,” Whitney says. “It’s not something people really think is a good idea anymore. They feel it’s a limitation.” Read more at NYT
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Stolen and Recovered Willem de Kooning Painting to Be Sent for Restoration

The New York Times reports on a Willem de Kooning work stolen in 1985 and recovered in 2017, stating that it will be shown off before being sent for restoration. “The F.B.I. has kept this an open case,” says Olivia Miller, the University of Arizona Museum of Art’s curator of exhibition. “The painting has been at […]
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Art Newspaper Spotlights Recent Projects by Collector Budi Tek

A piece in The Art Newspaper looks at recent moves by collector Budi Tek in Los Angeles, and asks if the collector might be branching out towards new exhibition ventures. The collector recently posted a photo of himself online looking at a raw space on Chongming Island.  Read more at Art Newspape
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Curator Larry Ossei-Mensah Profiled in NYT

Curator Larry Ossei-Mensah is profiled in the NYT this week, as he reflects on his current curatorial vision and interests in artists working today. “People who are looking to instigate a conversation that might not be in the mainstream, voices that might not always have a platform. Because I look at a lot of art all […]
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Artist’s Work Stolen from Desert X Show

Artist Eric N. Mack has claimed that his work Halter (2019), a large-scale sculpture featuring patterned fabrics draped over a disused gas station near the Salton Sea for the Desert X show, has disappeared. “As I process the loss of this artwork that I and many others worked tirelessly to realize, I am only pacified by knowing that […]
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NYT Looks at the Deep Holdings of Major Museums

The New York Times has a piece this week on the ever-expanding holdings of major museums, and the experimentation with their collections that curators are undertaking.  “There is this inevitable march where you have to build more storage, more storage, more storage,” says Charles L. Venable, the director of the Indianapolis Museum of Art at […]
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