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Narendra Modi Launches A Culture War Against Bollywood

“[The Indian Prime Minister’s Hindu nationalist government] is using powerful tools to curtail the creative freedom of Bollywood — in particular the influence of Muslims, who have an outsize presence in the industry. The measures pushed by the Modi government include indiscriminate tax investigations, trumped-up accusations against actors and directors, intimidation and harassment in response to certain movies and TV shows, and the chilling rap of law enforcement at the door.” – The Atlantic ...
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Modi’s bulldozing of parliament shows him as the architect of a Hindu Taliban | Anish Kapoor

Flattening the majestic Murghal-inspired buildings is the latest stage in a hateful, vanity-fuelled campaign to de-Islamify IndiaAt the heart of New Delhi, the capital of India, sits a Mughal-inspired monument that houses the seat of the Indian parliament. Built by the British architect Edwin Lutyens between 1911 and 1931, the parliament buildings and their grand roadways and water channels follow the form established by the Islamic rulers of Iran and elaborated by the Islamic sultanate of Samar...
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Is Bollywood In The Tank For Indian Prime Minister Modi?

In the lead-up to India’s current elections, a recent Modi biopic, a film about a 2016 military raid against Pakistan, and a high-profile trip of two dozen stars to take selfies with the PM all have critics wondering if India’s film industry is trying to campaign for the incumbent. Reporter Amrit Dhillon suggests that it’s not that simple — or, rather, that it’s simple in a different way. – The Guardian
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India Inaugurates World’s Tallest Statue (And Of Course There’s Controversy)

The Statue of Unity, located in prime minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat, depicts Indian independence leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel; it’s twice the height of the State of Liberty and cost about $400 million. There are critics objecting to the cost, to the appropriation of farmland for the site, and to Chinese bronze and workers being used for the structure — not to mention the accusations that Modi is trying to appropriate Patel’s stature for himself and his party.
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India plans to eliminate single-use plastic by 2022

Big news from India: the country aims to abolish single-use plastic in about four years. Prime minister Narendra Modi announced the goal on World Environment Day, and The Guardian said it’s the most ambitious commitment out of the actions to combat plastic pollution happening in 60 nations. The move could dramatically reduce the flow of plastic from 1.3 billion people. India is resisting plastic pollution with what United Nations Environment head Erik Solheim called a phenomenal commitment. Th...
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For the first time ever, all villages in India have electricity

India has just reached a major energy milestone: for the first time ever, every single one of its inhabited villages has electricity. There are nearly 600,000 villages in the country, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised that they would all be connected to power within 1,000 days of August 2015. Last Saturday, Leisang village was connected to India’s power grid, completing that promise. I salute the efforts of all those who worked tirelessly on the ground, including the team of officials, ...
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Sleep Tech for Your Smartphone Addiction

It’s hard to believe that, for some people, this is what it takes to get a little shut eye! The smartphone struggle is real! It’s called MoDi and it transforms your precious device from something that disturbed your sleep cycle into a sleep aid that combats smartphone addiction.Placed next to your bedside, you first dock your smartphone in MoDi. (Placed in its holder, the glow from the screen is diffused through a screen, creating ambient light.) Engage the sleep system by using your voice. MoDi...
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India aims to bring electricity connections to 40 million households

Millions of homes in India lack electricity. Prime minister Narendra Modi hopes to change that with his Power For All By 2019 plan. Under the scheme, around 40 million households could obtain electricity connections – with the poor receiving them for free. Low income households could finally receive electricity in India. While people won’t get power for free under the Power For All plan – they’ll need to pay for electricity they consume – they could get a free connection. Homes will be connect...
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India ratifies Paris climate agreement on Gandhi's birthday

Another country ratified the Paris climate agreement. On October 2, the day Mahatma Gandhi was born, India ratified the historic agreement. They deposited their "Instrument of Ratification" to the UN on the International Day of Non Violence, which marks Gandhi's birthday. India Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Gandhi lived a life with a minimal carbon footprint. The Paris agreement will go into effect when 55 countries emitting a minimum of 55 percent of emissions worldwide ratify it. 61 cou...
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President Obama and Prime Minister Modi talk renewable energy

This week, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with President Barack Obama to discuss ways for India to scale up its use of renewable energy. The White House released a statement about "the deepening strategic relationship" between the two countries, which will result, in part, in the $20 million U.S.-India Clean Energy Finance (USICEF) initiative expected to mobilize up to $400 million to provide clean energy for up to 1 million households by 2020. Industry observers think the prime mi...
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