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This quirky anti-minimalism watch tells time twice!

Cool watch designs are always fun. They’re an expression of our style, and well, of course, a means of telling the time. However, Ji Lee’s Redundant Watch is as quirky as it gets! A communication designer at Facebook, Ji Lee collaborated with Anicorn to create a wristwatch version of his Redundant Clock, which had gained immense popularity. And Anicorn just released an exclusive version of the watch for MoMA. What’s so special about it? The quirky timepiece tells time twice! Instead of the conve...
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MoMA Hires Top SFMoMA Curator

Clément Chéroux, senior curator of the photography center at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, is heading to MoMA’s to serve as the museum’s chief curator of photography. “It was a pleasure to work at SFMOMA for three years and to have the support of a fantastic Bay Area photo community,” Chéroux said in a statement. “I am […]
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MoMA Acquires 56 Photographs from Gordon Parks’s “The Atmosphere of Crime”

MoMA has acquired 56 prints from Gordon Parks’s series of color photographs for a Life magazine photo essay titled “The Atmosphere of Crime.”  The works will go on view this May as part of the museum’s first seasonal rotation of its collection. Read more at MoMA  
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Empathy and Artistry: Rediscovering Dorothea Lange

Her indelible images came to represent the Great Depression. Now a revelatory exhibition at MoMA confirms her place in the pantheon of American photographers.
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MoMA to Show Automobiles in Outdoor Sculpture Garden This Summer

As part of its summer show Automania, MoMA will park a series of cars in its outdoor sculpture park.  The exhibition will include a series of automobiles in the museum collection never shown before. Read more at Art News
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Adam Pendleton Readies Project for MoMA Atrium

Artist Adam Pendleton is readying a new work, Who is Queen? for the atrium of MoMA this summer “It’s looking at blackness as an open-ended idea, not just related to race but in relationship to politics, to art, specifically to the avant-garde,” he says. Read more at NYT  
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Jamal Penjweny,  Saddam is Here (2010), via MoMA Military engagement in Iraq over the last 30 years has had a unprecedented impact on contemporary culture and society, with American intervention  in the Gulf and Iraq Wars opening a debate on American values and beliefs, in turn influencing the work of artists around the world. Exploring this concept MoMA PS1 presents […]
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RIP, Jason Polan, who tried to draw every single person in New York City

12 years ago, I covered the launch of artist Jason Polan's project to sketch every single person in New York City (he'd previously sketched every work of art in the MOMA). Now, via Kottke, I've learned that Polan has died at 37, from colon cancer. Like Kottke, I corresponded fitfully with Polan after I wrote about his work, and he was a delightful correspondent. He was one of the world's delightful weirdos, as his New York Times obit makes clear. Going back through Polan's blog is a sad p...
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This animal-inspired tape dispenser is just elephantastic!

Part stationery part pachyderm, the Elefun is just a fun little tape dispenser that pulls inspiration from the elephant’s trunk. In fact, it treads the line with its abstract form and blue color too, not really being obvious about where its inspiration comes from, but taking enough from the shape of the elephant’s trunk for its user to make that association. Is it life-changing? Probably not. Is it spectacular enough to be inducted into MoMA? I doubt it. Is it a fun exercise that combines creati...
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A History Of The Evolution Of MoMA’s Homes

This new MOMA is exhausting—and serene, and thrilling, and, finally, to a degree that only the greatest museums achieve, transcendental. Wandering the vast new spaces, tracing the familiar chronology of modernism through hushed, looming galleries built to a Louvre-like scale, following its sinewy path through sliding-glass portals and brushed-steel apertures that give seamlessly from Pelli to Taniguchi to DS+R (and Nouvel, thanks to the interthreading of the buildings), a visitor is ove...
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MoMA & the Nouvel Kid on the Block: Revenge of American Folk Art Museum’s Demolished Building?

It’s been 10 years since I published what seems to have been some prescient commentary about the now (belatedly) completed Jean Nouvel-designed 1,050-foot tower (known to CultureGrrl readers as The MoMA Monster). – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Moma, Jean Nouvel, 01.17.20

Artists Remember John Baldessari in MoMA Magazine

A group of artists are interviewed in MoMA’s magazine this week, discussing their relationships with the late John Baldessari. “It’s taken me about 40 years to realize that Baldessari’s studio was the model I’ve used to structure all of my subsequent studio spaces,” says Christopher Williams. Read more at MoMA
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Artists’ Open Letter Calls Again for Removal of Board Members at MoMA PS1

A group of 37 artists have sent an open letter to MoMA PS1 calling for the removal of two board members who have been the subject of criticism over war profiteering. “We appreciate the visibility this exhibition gives to the Iraq wars and to the work of Iraqi artists; however, we also wish to make visible MoMA’s […]
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Artist Ed Ruscha Reads From Jack Kerouac’s On the Road in a Short Film Celebrating His 1966 Photos of the Sunset Strip

In 1956, the Pop artist Ed Ruscha left Oklahoma City for Los Angeles. “I could see I was just born for the job” of an artist, he would later say, “born to watch paint dry.” The comment encapsulates Ruscha’s ironic use of cliché as a centerpiece of his work. He called himself an “abstract artist… who deals with subject matter.” Much of his subject matter has been commonplace words and phrases—decontextualized and foregrounded in paintings and prints made with careful deliberation, against th...
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UPenn's Integrated Product Design Program Offers A Language of Design

In the heart of the University of Pennsylvania's campus, the Integrated Product Design Program (IPD), is the site of a growing culture for creative problem solving. Standing in the IPD studio you are surrounded by evidence of that culture, the desks and workspaces of students replete with products and prototypes. The IPD studio is immediately tantalizing to anyone with a mind for invention. Everywhere there aren't prototypes, there are students; engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs communicat...
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John Baldessari, US conceptual artist with a sense of humour, dies aged 88

Baldessari saw his work, juxtaposing painting, text, video, sculpture and more, as a counter to the world’s po-facednessJohn Baldessari, the Californian conceptual artist known for his witty and provocative image-making, has died aged 88.Baldessari was known for countering what he saw as a po-faced conceptual art scene with colour and humour. He once videoed himself being forced to write lines in a notebook: “I will not make any more boring art.” Such pieces were devised in the 1970s, after Bald...
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YD Talks: (A little more than) Ten Podcasts for Designers to listen to in 2020

I wasn’t really ever a fan of podcasts up until last year. You see, working from home comes with its perks, but also with its fair share of loneliness. I like being the king of my castle and working in my pajamas, but for most of the time I spend working, I stay alone. I’ve been listening to YouTube videos in the background for a while now, but I only installed my first podcast app in 2018. Over the last two years (primarily 2019), podcasts have been my way of surrounding myself with informative...
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Beyond Industrial Design: Apply to SVA's MFA in Products of Design

The deadline for applying to SVA's MFA in Products of Design program is just two weeks away on January 15th, so if you're interested in grad school, you'll want to polish your portfolio and put together application quick. The program teaches every kind of design—from design research, systems design, interaction design, smart objects, and design for social innovation, to branding, service design, sustainability, design strategy, and business design. New offerings include Design for Public Policy,...
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MoMA’s Accessibility Crunch: Too Many Long Lines, Too Many Stairs, Not Enough Chairs

I gave the newly expanded Museum of Modern Art a test it was bound to fail by revisiting on the Sunday after Christmas—a tourist-heavy time of year. Below is my report card, along with some pro-tips for navigating the obstacles and minimizing the amount of time wasted in waiting. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Museum of Modern Art, Ajblogs, Moma, 01.03.20

Mourning Iraq’s Destruction, a Native Son Creates

Dia al-Azzawi, a Baghdad-born artist, weaves antiquity, poetry and messages of resistance at MoMA PS1.
Tags: Art, News, Iraq, Museums, Ny, Baghdad, Moma, DIA, MoMA PS1, Baghdad (Iraq, Queens (NYC, Iraq War (2003-11, Long Island City (Queens, Azzawi

Glenn Lowry On How He Thinks About The Latest Version Of MoMA

“You can never be comprehensive in some absolute way. So, in a way, we’ve gone in the opposite direction and decided we’re not even going to attempt to do that. Instead, we are going to engage again and again and again. The way we are looking at it is that, rather than thinking of this display—which sprawls across almost 170,000 square feet and consists of almost 2,500 works of art—as somehow permanent or even quasi-permanent, we think of it as a point in time that over a two-to-three-ye...
Tags: Art, Visual, Moma, Glenn Lowry, 12.23.19

NYC’s Best End of the Year Cocktails Illustrated

Artist Paul Tuller illustrates some of the best seasonal and signature cocktails We sip in an age when cocktails are approached with as much artistry as stretches of canvas, forcing bartenders to seek out curious components from around the world. The quality of ingredients—from spirits to spices—is at an all-time high. Practices, like those employed for Santina‘s wintry, clarified piña colada, tease multiple senses. And …
Tags: Art, Drinks, Design, NYC, Alcohol, Bars, Mace, Artists, Cocktails, Illustrators, Dante, Food + Drink, Moma, Bemelmans, Paul Tuller, Santina

How Did The Superrich Take Over The Museum World?

Sure, some art has been dependent on wealthy patrons for centuries. But in the age of expansion and renovation, and deep income inequality, that reliance has returned with a vengeance. Take MoMA as a prime example: “Since the late 1990s, when MoMA’s current push to expand began, its trustees appear to have been chosen overwhelmingly for their wealth, and the board now reads like a roll call of the 0.01 percent.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Moma, 12.14.19

NEW Ethical slant on 2019 Power 100 "The most influential people in art"

Last month, the Annual Power 100 was published by ArtReview. This annual listing of influential people in contemporary art has been described as a barometer of influence in the artworld - and tracks... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Tate Modern, Contemporary Art, National Portrait Gallery, Art Business And Marketing, Art Galleries And Museums, Moma, Tate, Making A Mark

Steve Martin makes abstract art theory interesting

In this MoMA video, Steve Martin talks about two of his favorite abstract art paintings and why he appreciates them.
Tags: Art, Post, News, Steve Martin, Moma

Steve Martin on How to Look at Abstract Art

The standard “anyone could do that” response to abstract art generally falls apart when the person who says it tries their hand at making something like a Kandinsky or Miró. Not only were these artists highly trained in techniques and materials, but both possessed their own specific theories of abstract art—the role of line, color, shape, negative space, etc., along with grander ideas about the role of art itself. Few of us walk around with such considered opinions and the ability to tur...
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Happy Thanksgiving—Window Displays, MOMA, and Central Park Images

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone living in the U.S. and Happy Thursday to those of you living elsewhere. I’m in New York visiting family and as we do most year’s we spent yesterday walking around Manhattan and taking in the sights and museums and as I do most year’s I thought I would share a few pictures from the day. Window Displays Macy’s is only a block away from Penn Station and so it’s naturally our first stop. This year Macy’s had different displays along different sides of the build...
Tags: Images, New York, Design, Thanksgiving, Manhattan, Central Park, Willow, Whatever, Moma, Penn Station, Salinger, SAK, J D Salinger, St Patrick 's Cathedral, Central Park West, Macy 's

Pope.L Profiled in New Yorker

Artist Pope.L gets a profile in the New Yorker this week, following the artist’s mass “crawl” this year, and his retrodspective at MoMA.  “People ask me what all this support will do for performance art,” he says. “They say, ‘Oh, wow, the problems for performance are over. Modern has come to our rescue! I don’t have to worry anymore.’ But […]
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Martin Filler: MoMA’s Growth Imperative

MoMA ’s endorsement of unending growth is central to the advancement of corporate values that lie at the heart of the existential crisis facing not just it and countless other cultural institutions, but the planet itself. For more than two decades, MoMA has been in a perpetual state of aggrandizement to anticipate the imagined needs of the twenty-first century and future generations yet unborn. – New York Review of Books
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Review Panel

Review Panel convened this week to consider Kehinde Wiley, Kameelah Janan Rasheed and the newly renovated MoMA. Editor and creator of the online magazine artcritical David Cohen moderated a panel including Seph Rodney, Sharmistha Ray and Raphael Rubinstein. Kehinde Wiley's...
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