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Jan Morris, Legendary Travel Writer And Memoirist, 94

Morris established her reputation with dispatches from Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary’s climb of Mount Everest – she went 3/4 of the way up herself – and continued as a journalist interviewing everyone from Che Guevara to Guy Burgess. In a book review, “Anatole Broyard extolled Ms. Morris’s travel books as ‘oddly reassuring, showing us that there are more ways of experiencing cultures than most of us supposed.'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Mount Everest, Che Guevara, Morris, Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay, Guy Burgess, Anatole Broyard, 11.21.20, Jan Morris Legendary Travel

Mark Morris And The Art Of Zoom Choreography

Morris on creating during the pandemic: “The idea that our lives are on hold irks him, he said. Or ‘the idea that you’re waiting to come back to your life, and I’m sorry everybody: This is your life.'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Morris, Mark Morris, 05.29.20

Watching Mark Morris Create And Rehearse A Piece For Zoom

“What is a choreographer without a stage but a sad clown of God at a time like this? So Morris has retooled himself as a filmmaker. … There is a certain hallucinatory, Fellini-esque quality to this scene, where a giant of the dance world struggles to master the same awkward video technology that remote office workers are using to teleconference. And where top dancers are limited to a few feet of floor space and bad lighting, using bathroom doors as stage wings.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Dance, Morris, Fellini, Mark Morris, 04.14.20

Paintings by famed chimpanzee artist to be sold by London gallery

During the 1950s, surrealist and ethologist Desmond Morris mentored Congo, a chimpanzee, in the great ape's artistic pursuits. Congo painted more than 400 works that were purchased by the likes of Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso. And now Morris is selling his collection of 55 of Congo's paintings at London's Mayor Gallery. He's keeping just one of them. The paintings -- which will be priced around £1,500 – £6,000 -- will first be on exhibit from December 3-19. From It's Nice That: Morris worked...
Tags: Art, Post, London, News, Animals, Painting, Artists, Congo, Pablo Picasso, Chimpanzees, Painters, Surrealism, Joan Miró, Morris, Desmond Morris, Surrealists

How Did One Of The Best Documentarians Around Get Caught Up In The Theranos Fiasco?

Errol Morris (The Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War, Standard Operating Procedure, American Dharma) actually directed a few commercials for Theranos several years ago, before the company’s fraud was discovered. Morris now refuses to acknowledge any responsibility for having promoted fraudulent goods and services (as is the case with the AIG ads he directed in the years before the 2008 financial crisis). – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Media, Aig, Morris, Errol Morris, 05.22.19

Jan Morris At 92

“Morris has lived many lives, and it is impossible to separate who she is now from who she was before. … She is impatient with questions about transgender politics, possibly because she made peace with her own decisions so long ago. Having reached her age and lived for equal amounts of time as a man and as a woman, she says, the transition she made so long ago somehow feels less relevant.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Jan Morris, Morris, 04.25.19

Would England’s Morris Dancing Clubs Rather Die Out Than Go Co-Ed?

Yes, it’s apparently a real question: as clubs gradually disappear and the membership of the remaining groups ages, admitting women would seem to be an obvious way to keep things going. But whether or not to do so is an argument raging on within the (shrinking) Morris community. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, England, Dance, Ed, Morris, 03.29.19, Morris Dancing Clubs

Should You Publish Your Prices?

When I make tool chests for customers, the price starts at $4,000. But the only way to find this out is to ask me (or to read this caption). I don't publish a price list for the one-off furniture pieces I make for customers. Here's why. A few years ago a potential customer emailed me to inquire about one of the pieces shown on my website. It was listed for $2,000, but he was wondering if he could get it in walnut instead of black cherry, built a bit larger and covered with a more durable catalyz...
Tags: Design, France, Ikea, Midwest, Morris, Ethan Allen, Cincinnati Ohio, Monticello, Appalachian, Christopher Schwarz, Lost Art Press, U S Supreme Court MAP

Frida Kahlo Was a Painter, a Brand Builder, a Survivor. And So Much More.

The artist and pop culture icon meticulously built her own image. A sweeping survey at the Brooklyn Museum examines how she did it, and why.
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Morris, Diego, Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Brooklyn Museum, Frida, Kahlo, Fashion and apparel, Victoria and Albert Museum, Mexico City (Mexico, Catherine J

Robert Morris, Magpie Minimalist Sculptor, Dead At 87

“[He] was one of a generation of artists who embraced the Minimalist credo, along with Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin and others. But while his peers continued to work within the genre’s austere limits, Mr. Morris went on to explore an astonishing variety of stylistic approaches, from scatter art, performance and earthworks to paintings and sculptures symbolizing nuclear holocaust. His detractors, noting his tendency to borrow ideas from other artists freely, questioned his originality and ...
Tags: Art, People, Morris, 11.29.18, Donald Judd Carl Andre Dan Flavin, Robert Morris Magpie

Robert Morris, 87, Dies; Founding Minimalist Sculptor With Manifold Passions

He pioneered a style of radical simplification and wrote influential essays about it. But he also restlessly went beyond it, taking in performance, earthworks and more.
Tags: Art, News, Sculpture, Ny, Morris, Robert Morris, Deaths (Obituaries, Robert (1931-, Castelli Gallery (Manhattan

Robert Morris, Founding Minimalist Sculptor With Manifold Passions, Dies at 87

He pioneered a style of radical simplification and wrote influential essays about it. But he also restlessly went beyond it, taking in performance, earthworks and more.
Tags: Art, News, Sculpture, Ny, Morris, Robert Morris, Deaths (Obituaries, Robert (1931-, Castelli Gallery (Manhattan

Minimalist Robert Morris, 87

Mr. Morris was one of a generation of artists who embraced the Minimalist credo, along with Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin and others. But while they continued to work within the genre’s austere limits, Mr. Morris went on to explore an astonishing variety of stylistic approaches, from scatter art, performance and earthworks to paintings and sculptures symbolizing nuclear holocaust.
Tags: Art, People, Morris, Robert Morris, 11.29.18, Donald Judd Carl Andre Dan Flavin

Federal judge blocks the Keystone XL Pipeline

In a major setback for President Trump and his administration, a U.S. district judge has issued an order to block construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline while the State Department studies its impact on the environment. Last year, the Trump administration approved the controversial 1,179-mile pipeline, but Judge Brian Morris’ 54-page order is preventing it from being built — for now. The decision does not permanently stop construction, but it is putting the development on hold until the State ...
Tags: Design, News, Obama, Environment, Oil, Canada, Conservation, Keystone Pipeline, Npr, State Department, Keystone XL pipeline, Pipeline, Trump, Environmental Protection, Morris, NEPA

Art For Art’s Sake, And For Social Justice’s Sake, Too: In Defense Of ‘The New Moralizers’

Inkoo Kang, responding to Wesley Morris’s essay “The Morality Wars”: “Whoever they are — lefty tweeters, emerging critics, the thinkpiece industry, or millennials and Gen Z at large — I’m probably a member. But I don’t recognize the collapse of nuanced debate that Morris presents. In part that’s because the generational shift Morris posits feels simplistic, given its lack of generosity toward these rabble-rousers.”
Tags: Art, Issues, Wesley Morris, Morris, Inkoo Kang, 10.05.18, Sake And For Social Justice, Sake Too

Seeing a Traditional Furniture Maker's Wooden Ellipse Jig in Action is Highly Satisfying

The wooden ellipse jigs used by furniture makers are some of the niftier contraptions you'll see in a traditional shop. "I made this for an upcoming project which [involves] ovals," writes Harry T. Morris, a young craftsman who hails from Wales. "I know this can be done many other easier ways, but I enjoy the overengineering and how satisfying this is." And lest you mistake Morris for one of those guys who spends more time building contraptions rather than actual finished products, let me a...
Tags: Design, Wales, Morris, Tools & Craft, Harry T Morris

Tools & Craft #107: In Furniture Design, What's Old is New Again

This summer I'd gone to the Museum of the City of New York, to see the absolutely fabulous Stanley Kubrick exhibit. At the same time I stopped in at a small exhibit of the design work of the architect Rosario Candela. Candela's name is still dropped in New York real estate circles; he is the architect behind some of Manhattan's oldest luxury apartment buildings.The show included a settee c. 1926 that really caught my eye. It was made by a Queens-based company called "Company of Master Craftsman"...
Tags: New York, Design, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Stanley Kubrick, Nancy, John Ruskin, William Morris, Joel, Morris, Duncan Phyfe, Joel Moskowitz, Tools for Working Wood, Gramercy Tools, Tools & Craft

Instead Of Closing His Indie Bookstore, Owner Raffles It Off To Customers

“The unusual prize was dreamed up by Paul Morris, who opened Bookends in [the Welsh town of] Cardigan four years ago. The shop is profitable and would have made an estimated £30,000 in a sale, but Morris said he wanted to give someone else the chance to realise their dream of running a bookshop. Over the last three months, anyone who spent more than £20 was eligible to be entered into a raffle to win it. The name of the winner, Ceisjan Van Heerden, who is from the Netherlands, was drawn out of a...
Tags: Art, Netherlands, Words, Abba, Morris, Cardigan, Paul Morris, Ceisjan van Heerden, 09.11.18

What Do Younger Gay Men Make Of ‘The Boys In The Band’? The Times Sent A Couple Of Them To See It

“I truly didn’t know Boys in the Band from The Boys From Brazil.” Zachary Woolfe (33, classical music editor/opera critic), Matthew Schneier (34, reporter/critic for Styles), and Wesley Morris (42, critic-at-large) talk about the play and movie (which only Morris had ever seen or read before) with Stuart Emmrich (63, editor, seen it all).
Tags: Art, Theatre, Brazil, Wesley Morris, Morris, ZACHARY WOOLFE, Matthew Schneier, 08.02.18, Stuart Emmrich

"Once known for trouble, even sticking a piece of chicken into the opening of his penis in a restaurant, for shock value, and getting sued for it, he has visibly mellowed."

"Despite his wild success, Mr. Hirst still sees himself as an outsider in what he calls a 'stuffy' scene in which people 'look their nose down' at him for breaking rules. Like many powerful men, he retains a deep desire to be accepted by the working class world he arose from — in his case, a postwar industrial Leeds of poverty and broken homes. Growing up without money, and then being known for it as much as the work, still stings.... 'He’s sober, which makes communication a lot more reliable,' ...
Tags: Art, Law, America, Venice, Dublin, Leeds, Seinfeld, Chickens, Damien Hirst, Morris, Pitt, Hirst, Larry Gagosian, South Bronx, Ann Althouse, Genitalia

The Performance Art Installation That Sums Up 2017, And Maybe The Human Condition

Wesley Morris writes about Yoann Bourgeois's The Mechanics of History, which features men continually climbing a staircase, falling onto a trampoline, and bouncing back onto the stairs - all on a slowly rotating program. (Morris saw it at, of all places, Paris's Panthéon.)
Tags: Art, Paris, Visual, Wesley Morris, Morris, Yoann Bourgeois, 12.31.17

Art Review: MoMA Upends Its Collection to Celebrate Late Careers

The Museum of Modern Art proves that creativity is not just a young person’s game, stocking its fourth-floor galleries with works made by artists 45 and older.
Tags: Art, News, Georgia, David, Museums, Bourgeois, Sculpture, Jasper, Museum of Modern Art, ANN, Collins, Joan, Jonas, Murray, Moma, Helen

Lab Focused on Human-Centered Design Moves to Put San Diego on Map

For Michèle Morris, the big question hanging over organizers as they laid the groundwork last year for the first Design Forward Summit was whether the innovation community in San Diego understood the value of design. “We didn’t know who was going to show up—and 600 people showed up,” said Morris, who is associate director of the Design Lab at UC San Diego and a founder of the Design Forward Summit. Now, with the second Design Forward Summit set to begin Wednesday on San Diego’s downtown w...
Tags: Startups, Design, Hardware, Entrepreneurship, Trends, It, People, Devices, Software, Innovation, San Diego, Design Thinking, Morris, UC San Diego, Scott Robinson, National blog main

Director of Development - Cultural Non-Profit

Based in the heart of the Brooklyn Cultural District, the Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG) is a cultural institution with a global reach and impact. Founded in 1980, the 18-member dance company tours domestically and internationally with live music, a feature of every performance since 1996 when the MMDG Music Ensemble was formed. Known for his humor, wit, creativity, dedication to live music and commitment to meaningful community engagement, Mark Morris opened the Mark Morris Dance Center in 2001...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Morris, Mark Morris Dance Center, Mark Morris, Dance Group, MMDG, Dance Center Secure Mark Morris, Discalced Inc

A Parallelogram - A Bit Off The Mark

Reviewed by Judd Hollander What if you knew exactly how your life was going to turn out, and there was absolutely nothing you could do to change it? One woman finds herself in exactly that situation in Bruce Norris' rather intriguing, but ultimately unfulfilling A Parallelogram at Second Stage Theater. Bee (Celia Keenan-Bolger) is a person with a self-destructive streak. Currently living with Jay (Stephen Kunken), she's continually trying to find proof that their relationship is not wo...
Tags: Theatre, Jay, Gillette, Bee, Morris, Norris, Kenneth Posner, Michael Greif, Keenan Bolger, Judd Hollander, Bruce Norris, Rachel Hauck, Anita Gillette, Celia Keenan Bolger, Jeff Mahshie, Jane Grey

Photo Editor John Morris, Who Created Our Images Of WWII And Vietnam, Has Died At 100

Morris, who edited Robert Capo's D-Day pictures and got them to Life in time for its first post-D-Day issue, was photo editor of The New York Times for six years during the Vietnam War. "He successfully argued for front-page display of Eddie Adams’s photograph of a Saigon police chief shooting a suspected Vietcong insurgent in […]
Tags: Art, People, New York Times, Vietnam, Saigon, Eddie Adams, Morris, John Morris, 07.28.17, Robert Capo

Tools & Craft #54: The English Arts & Crafts Movement

A small exhibit on Pre-Raphaelite art at the Met was an opportunity for me not only to take another gander at the lovely Jane Morris but also to revisit the Cabinet by Sir Edward Burne-Jones that, for me, epitomizes the early English Arts and Crafts Movement. The English A&C movement was founded based on ideas by John Ruskin, and William Morris was one of its most important proponents. While the movement was the inspiration for the American A&C movement, there is very little commonality of style...
Tags: Design, Brooklyn, Cabinet, Frank Lloyd Wright, John Ruskin, William Morris, Lewis, Joel, Morris, Stickley, Jane Morris, Burne Jones, Joel Moskowitz, Edward Burne Jones, Tools for Working Wood, Gramercy Tools

Top AJBlog Posts For The Weekend Of 07.02.17

Riddell’s Tower Clocking in at a mere seven hundred pages, give or take, The Communist Movement at a Crossroads: Plenums of the Communist International’s Executive Committee, 1922-1923, the eighth volume of John Riddell’s awesome edition of documents ... read more AJBlog: Quick Study Published 2017-07-02 Shoehorned at Hirshhorn: Imprisoning Ai Weiwei’s “@Large” Alcatraz Installation I can understand why Philip Kennicott felt unenthusiastic about the Hirshhorn Museum’s Ai Weiwei: Trace at Hirs...
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Morris, Alcatraz, Riddell, Christopher Duggan, Broadbent, Mark Morris, Mark Morris Dance Group, Lou Harrison, Philip Kennicott, 07.02.17, Communist International 's Executive Committee, John Riddell, Hirshhorn Museum 's Ai Weiwei, Noah Vinson Sam Black

To Be Black, Female and Fed Up With the Mainstream

The spare-looking show “We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-85” at the Brooklyn Museum offers a textured view of the political past.
Tags: Art, News, Discrimination, Blacks, Morris, Brooklyn Museum, Women and Girls, Civil Rights Movement (1954-68, Catherine J, Be Black Female and Fed

The Downtown Brooklyn Arts Management Fellowship Program

The Downtown Brooklyn Arts Management Fellowship Program is a paid 11-month opportunity for a cohort of young people to gain experience and skills for careers in arts management. The program aims to increase the diversity of staff in cultural organizations by creating a route into arts management without having to take unpaid internships or earn a master’s degree. It is sponsored by four organizations in the Brooklyn Cultural District: BRIC, Mark Morris Dance Group, Theatre for a New Audience, a...
Tags: Art, New York City, US, Brooklyn, Opportunities, Shakespeare, Morris, Mark Morris, Brooklyn Cultural District, Polonsky Shakespeare Center, BRIC Mark Morris Dance Group Theatre, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, Administration Finance Fellows, Mark Morris Dance Group MMDG

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