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Pianist Yundi Li Arrested On Immorality Charge In Beijing

Li, who earned fame in the West in the ’00s and became a household name in China, was arrested with a sex worker — and promptly expelled from the musicians’ union, crippling his career. State TV warned that “anyone who challenges laws and social morality is doomed.” – Bloomberg Quint
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Exploring: The Culture Of Music Genres

“It’s not untrue that these genres are a kind of record company plot to sell us music but there’s a reason why this conspiracy has been so successful: they were recognising real communities and finding ways to serve them. – The Guardian
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Vinyl Records Are Popular — Too Popular To Keep Up

Left for dead with the advent of CDs in the 1980s, vinyl records are now the music industry’s most popular and highest-grossing physical format, with fans choosing it for collectibility, sound quality or simply the tactile experience of music in an age of digital ephemerality. – The New York Times
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Black Americans Should Absolutely Appropriate European Opera (Though Not Necessarily Like This): John McWhorter

Writes the Columbia University linguist and New York Times columnist of Terence Blanchard’s Fire Shut Up in My Bones and William Grant Still’s Highway 1, U.S.A., “the tradition being appropriated here is based on a philosophy of composition and audience reception hardly inevitable.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Featured, New York Times, Columbia University, William Grant, Terence Blanchard, John McWhorter

Report: One-Third Of UK Music Jobs Were Lost During Pandemic

The research said there were 69,000 fewer jobs in music in 2020 than in 2019 – a drop of 35% – due to the “devastating impact” of coronavirus. – BBC
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Why The Dallas Symphony Is Making Significant Investments On Digital Content

“Audiences who were very reticent or uninterested in digital content became interested. I believe we cannot turn back from that whole process.” – Dallas Morning News
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Why Music Is Not A Background Sport

Music — at least for some of us — is an engaged and engaging activity that involves your ear, your intellect, your memory, your imagination and more. And that if those resources aren’t available, there’s no shame in preferring the more serene and restful option of silence. – San Francisco Chronicle
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Glimmerglass Leader To Step Down

Francesca Zambello, 65, who is also the artistic director of Washington National Opera and an independent stage director, will have led Glimmerglass for 12 seasons when she leaves. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Francesca Zambello, Washington National Opera, Glimmerglass

Yes, Eun Sun Kim Has Made Opera History, But She’d Rather Just Be A Conductor

She’s music director at San Francisco Opera and principal guest conductor at Houston Grand Opera, and she’s the first woman and first Asian in either job. But, she says, “I want to be seen just as a conductor.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, San Francisco Opera, Houston Grand Opera, Eun Sun Kim

Nick Cave’s Online Store: Pencils Adorned with Lyrics, Mugs, Polaroids & More

I’m sitting on the balcony Reading Flannery O’Connor With a pencil and a plan – Nick Cave, Carnage Access to technology has transformed the creative process, and many artists who’ve come to depend on it have long ceased to marvel at the labor and time saved, seething with resentment when devices and digital access fails. Musician Nick Cave, founder and frontman of The Bad Seeds, is one who hasn’t abandoned his analog ways, whether he’s in the act of generating new songs, or seeking respite from...
Tags: Facebook, Music, Design, Instagram, Writing, College, Creativity, Vikings, Polaroid, Staffordshire, Nick Cave, Bic, Wim Wenders, Warren Ellis, Flannery O'Connor, Ayun Halliday

Paul McCartney Writes About The Genesis Of “Eleanor Rigby”

“Initially, the priest was ‘Father McCartney,’ because it had the right number of syllables. I took the song to John at around that point, … and he said, ‘That’s great, Father McCartney.’ He loved it. But I wasn’t really comfortable with it.” – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Music, Paul Mccartney, John, Mccartney

Bright Sheng And Campus Culture Run Amok? Or…

To some observers, it’s a case of campus “cancel culture” run amok. To others, the incident is symbolic of an arrogant academic and artistic old guard and of the deeply embedded anti-Black racism in classical music. – The New York Times
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Paddy Moloney, Who Died Last Week, Put Irish Music On The Map

The Chieftains became bigger stars than the Rolling Stones in 1975, when Stanley Kubrick used their music in the movie Barry Lyndon – and that’s when they quit their day jobs to perform Irish folk music full-time. – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, Stanley Kubrick, Rolling Stones, Barry Lyndon, Paddy Moloney

Musicians Aim To Revitalize The Maori Language

In 1999, when musician Dame Hinewehi Mohi sang the national anthem in Maori at the men’s Rugby World Cup, she got quite a backlash. Now, “awareness and celebration of Maori music is mirroring a shift in attitudes toward the language across New Zealand.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, New Zealand, Dame Hinewehi Mohi

Gandhi in heels? Maria Callas statue hits the wrong note

Critics compare figure of famous soprano erected in Greek capital to an Oscar statuette Drama in life, drama in posterity. For Maria Callas, Greece’s greatest diva, there is, even 44 years after her death, no let up from the artistic wrangling that was her lot.But this time the uproar is focused on a statue erected at the foot of the ancient Acropolis, opposite the Roman theatre where the world-renowned opera singer made her debut. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, Greece, World news, Culture, Art and design, Sculpture, Acropolis, Roman, Gandhi, Maria Callas

How Opera Invented The Modern Fan

Theater impresarios quickly recognized them as their ideal audience: the true-blue fans who reliably subscribed to the whole opera season; bought programs, auto­graphed photos; and drummed up the anticipation and conversation that kept theaters in business. – LitHub
Tags: Art, Music, Audience

Visa Delays Are Crippling US Music World

The delays have hampered many industries, but they are particularly upending classical music, which relies on stars from all over the world to make a circuit of leading concert halls and opera houses. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Visa Delays Are Crippling US Music World

Twelve Predictions About The Future Of Music

Dead musicians will start by giving tours in concert halls, but as the cost of the technology goes down, they will begin performing everywhere. – Ted Gioia
Tags: Art, Music

Just What Are Esa-Pekka Salonen And His “Collaborative Partners” At The San Francisco Symphony Up To? They’re Not Sure Yet

Esperanza Spalding: “You may know who you’re writing for, the instrumentation, the length. … But once you actually start populating the spaces with notes and phrases, it changes. You can’t know what the shape of something you’ve never done before is going to be.” – San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, Music, Featured, San Francisco, Esperanza Spalding, Esa Pekka Salonen

And Who Are These San Francisco Symphony “Collaborative Partners”, Anyway?

Here’s what to know about Nicholas Britell, Julia Bullock, Claire Chase, Bryce Dessner, Pekka Kuusisto, Nico Muhly, Carol Reiley, and Esperanza Spalding. – San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, Music, San Francisco Symphony

Country Music Is Losing Some Devoted Fans As The Culture Wars Rage On

The stereotype of country music lovers being only Southern and Midwestern conservatives isn’t really true — yet. As some industry stars take controversial stands on some issues (e.g., vaccines) and keep silent on others (George Floyd and BLM), some fans are turning away. – MSN (The Washington Post)
Tags: Art, Music, BLM, Audience, George Floyd

Inside The Rebuilding Of The New York Philharmonic’s Hall: Will The Acoustics Finally Be Good?

“Renovation is a weak term for this undertaking. … Acousticians scrutinized every block and beam in the auditorium and the architects bent their design to the properties of sound.” Justin Davidson looks into what made David Geffen Hall’s sound problematic and how it’s being fixed. – New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Music, Featured, New York Philharmonic, David Geffen Hall, Justin Davidson

Nathalie Stutzmann Named Music Director Of Atlanta Symphony

Stutzmann, a former contralto from France who’s currently principal guest conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, will start an initial four-year term at the ASO’s helm next fall. She’ll be the only woman currently serving as music director of a year-round orchestra in the US. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, France, US, Philadelphia Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony, Nathalie Stutzmann, Stutzmann

A Temporary, Prefab Concert Hall At A Disused Power Plant On The Edge Of Town — Can It Work?

That’s what they’re hoping for in Munich, where the Gasteig has closed for a multiyear renovation. Both the city’s orchestra’s will be performing at the Isarphilharmonie, assembled for only $46 million but custom-designed with (very successful) acoustics by Yasuhisa Toyota. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Munich, Yasuhisa Toyota, Disused Power Plant On The Edge Of Town

K-boom! How the unstoppable stars of K-pop went gunning for the art world

First came K-cinema, then K-pop and K-TV. Now South Korea’s young stars are conquering the world with K-art. But what do their dark visions say about their nation’s psyche – and ours?Ohnim is having a blue period, just like Picasso. Over Zoom from a gallery in Seoul, the Korean rapper Song Min-ho, better known as Mino to K-pop fans but Ohnim in the art world, shows me a painting he finished the previous evening in collaboration with artist Choi Na-ri. It depicts a blue crouched figure, like a de...
Tags: Art, South Korea, Music, London, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Pop and rock, Sculpture, Korea, Installation, Exhibitions, Seoul, Rodin, Saatchi Gallery, Saatchi

Here’s The First Woman To Be Named Music Director Of A Major Italian Opera House

Oksana Lyniv, the 43-year-old Ukrainian who this summer became the first female conductor at Bayreuth and who last year finished a term leading the orchestra and opera of Graz (Austria’s second city), takes over at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna in January. – OperaWire
Tags: Art, Music, Opera House, Bayreuth, Graz Austria, Oksana Lyniv, Teatro Comunale di Bologna

What Are The Rules For Politicians Using Music In Their Campaigns?

The campaigns can buy licensing packages from music rights organisations like BMI and ASCAP, that give them legal access to millions of songs. Some, including The Rolling Stones, have opted out of those deals – but many artists are taken by surprise when their music becomes a politician’s theme song. – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, Ascap

Researchers: Hit Pop Music Increasingly Relies On Harmonic Surprise

The researchers found that the most popular songs had a high level of harmonic surprise, including the use of relatively rare chords in verses, for example, instead of just sticking with, say, a standard C major chord progression (C, G, F). The best songs follow up that harmonic surprise with a catchy common chorus. – Ars Technica
Tags: Art, Music

Musicians And Venues Struggle To Balance Safety With The Joy Of Finally Having Performances

Rock musician Dave Grohl speaks for pretty much every performer: “You wake up every day, cross your fingers that they’ll open a door, turn on the lights and we’ll have a … show. It’s not guaranteed.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, Dave Grohl

The Founder Of The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Arrived Just In Time For The Great Fire

Conductor Theodore Thomas’ first concert in Chicago was predicted to be “one of the most notable events in the history of music in Chicago.” Sure, except with no music: “By curtain time, Crosby’s, and much of the city around it, would be ash and ruin.” – Chicago Sun-Times
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