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COVID Response: Panic Buying Of Pianos?

“Many see the period of isolation as an opportunity to pursue passions that might have otherwise lain dormant. Music-learning apps and sheet music sites like nKoda have boomed, and, contrary to trends across the rest of the retail sector, so have instrument sales.” – Van
Tags: Art, Music, 04.01.20

Assembling New Micro-Operas During Coronavirus Confinement

“Ella Marchment, stage director of the International Opera Awards, is behind the scheme, which is called #OperaHarmony. … The [project] will pair composers with librettists to create pieces on the theme of distance or community. The composers and librettists will then be matched with directors and singers to record their micro-opera, which will be shared online.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, Music, 04.01.20, Ella Marchment

As The World Shuts Down, Yale School Of Music Takes Care Of Its Students

“In a March 31st letter to alumni, Dean Robert Blocker outlined an ambitious plan to provide aid, including ‘a one-time stipend of $500’ to all students to assist with travel and expenses; full pay, despite social distancing, for all student employees through May 1st, 2020; and relocation of all international students who could not return home to University housing.” – The Middleclass Artist
Tags: Art, Music, 04.01.20, World Shuts Down Yale School Of Music, Robert Blocker

Classical Music Is Thriving As We Quarantine Ourselves

Locked out of the concert hall because of global coronavirus concerns, endangered in physical and financial terms, classical music is fighting to survive and finding more paths than ever to listeners. Part of this phenomenon is that we’re quite literally a captive audience. But another part is the odd compatibility between classical music and digital media. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, Audience, 03.31.20

The Music Schools That Were Quite Prepared For Distance Learning

Unlike so many other institutions, the major music schools of America were uniquely prepared to make the transition to online instruction. The fact is, they’ve been preparing for it for years by enhancing and expanding their Wi-Fi capabilities, installing and becoming adept at the use of multiple learning and communication platforms, developing and honing online teaching skills, all while working with a student body that is totally comfortable with the relationship between education and ...
Tags: Art, Music, America, 03.31.20

Bayreuth Festival 2020 Canceled Due To Coronavirus

This summer’s event would have included the premiere of a new Ring cycle staged by Valentin Schwarz with Pietari Inkinen conducting; that production will “probably” be postponed until 2022. Tickets for this year’s festival will be honored in 2021. – Opera News
Tags: Art, Music, 03.31.20, Valentin Schwarz, Pietari Inkinen

Philadelphia Orchestra Gets Pay Cuts But No Job Losses

“Players voted last week to approve an across-the-board 20% reduction in compensation starting April 1 and lasting through the middle of September. ​Pay cuts have also been instituted for orchestra staff on a sliding scale up to 20% depending on salary level, and music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin will give up at least 20% of his paycheck.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer
Tags: Art, Music, Philadelphia, Yannick Nézet Séguin, 03.31.20

Would Mozart Have Performed for You on Zoom?

As general manager of the Met, I celebrate the proliferation of streamed shows during a pandemic. But nothing compares to the real thing.
Tags: Art, Music, News, Classical Music, Theater, Opera, Price, Mozart, Gould, Glenn, Metropolitan Opera, Leontyne

Classical Music Activity Explodes Online As Shutdown Closes Stages

In-person performances have been replaced by a deluge of digital ones — live streams and recently unlocked archive recordings — that have made for a calendar hardly less busy than before concert halls closed. It’s enough to keep a critic happily overwhelmed, yet also wondering whether the industry is making a mistake by giving away so much for free. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Audience, 03.31.20

There’s An App For That: Be A Pop Star

Voisey allows users to choose from a library of beats from around the world, submitted to the Voisey website by producers, and sing their own lyrics and melodies over them. Their vocals are run through in-app vocal effects including auto-tune. The app is designed to make anyone sound like a star. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Music, 03.30.20, Voisey

Aldeburgh Festival Is Called Off For First Time In Its History

“The Aldeburgh Festival is the latest cultural casualty of the coronavirus pandemic. The classical music event founded in 1948 by Benjamin Britten will not go ahead, it has been announced.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, Benjamin Britten, 03.30.20

Musician Sues Pension Fund For Risky Investments And Wins $28 Million Settlement

Thursday’s settlement deal in a case brought by a onetime Philadelphia area saxophonist against a $2 billion musicians’ pension fund shows that the trustees who ratify advisers’ and outside managers’ investment picks can be held responsible for their mistakes. – Philadelphia Inquirer
Tags: Art, Music, Philadelphia, 03.28.20

A Choir Practice That Turned Deadly

Sixty singers showed up in early March for a 2.5-hour choir practice. Now, three weeks later, “45 have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or ill with the symptoms, at least three have been hospitalized, and two are dead.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, 03.29.20

Why We Should Bail Out Classical Music

Matthew Walther: “If it is worth bailing out restaurants and bars and other places where people congregate together for merriment and diversion, we must not neglect those institutions in which men and women come together for something that satisfies all the deepest longings of our species.” – The Week
Tags: Art, Music, Matthew Walther, 03.28.20

The Pop And Classical Music Critics Traded Jobs For A Day

The classical music critic got to watch a rapper marched offstage after verbally assaulting a host and throwing a drink at the crowd. She said, “I was surprised he had his shirt off and trousers down so quickly. It takes a bit longer for a symphony orchestra.” – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, 03.29.20

The National Symphony Orchestra Lays Off All 96 Musicians With A One-Week Notice

Despite a $25 million stimulus package for the Kennedy Center, the musicians of the NSO were told late Friday night that their April 3 paycheck would be their last, and their health care would end at the end of May if concerts have not resumed. Unsurprisingly, given that their collective bargaining agreement requires six weeks of pay before layoffs for economic hardship, “the union has filed a grievance challenging what it believes is an illegal action.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, Kennedy Center, NSO, 03.28.20

Cancelled culture: at-home substitutes for major theatre, art and music events

The Observer’s critics offer creative alternatives to major forthcoming gigs, concerts, shows and exhibitions that have been postponed or called offCancelled: Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Alternative: Charli XCX’s Self-Isolation IG Livestream (Instagram) It’s hard to know how long CXCX will continue with her top-notch series of daily livestreams, in which she’s played at talkshow host, communing with collaborators Christine and the Queens, Rita Ora and Kim Petras, or working out with Diplo. But ...
Tags: Art, Books, Music, Comedy, Theatre, Dance, Culture, Art and design, Charli Xcx, Exhibitions, Christine, Kim Petras, Queens Rita Ora

For Your Weekend Listening, NYT Music Critics Choose Best Recordings Of Each Of Beethoven’s Symphonies

But with live performances suspended by the coronavirus pandemic, we classical music critics decided to take matters into our own hands and create our dream cycle, featuring our favorite recording of each symphony with just one rule: No conductor or orchestra could appear more than once. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Beethoven, 03.27.20

The Other Bach: Before He Died, Peter Serkin Labored To Reveal The Genius Of C.P.E.

Day after day during the recording sessions, he did take after take, hour after hour. It was Marty Krystall who finally starting insisting on regular breaks. Death hovered over the sessions in more ways than one. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Peter Serkin, Marty Krystall

Kansas City Symphony Cuts Rest Of Season But Will Pay Musicians

All salary and benefits for the players wil be maintained through the end of the 2019-20 season in June — thanks, according to executive director Danny Beckley, to increased support from patrons and donors. – The Kansas City Star
Tags: Art, Music, Kansas City, 03.26.20, Danny Beckley

Kansas City Symphony Cancels Concerts Into May But Will Pay Musicians

All salary and benefits for the players wil be maintained through the end of the 2019-20 season in June — thanks, according to executive director Danny Beckley, to increased support from patrons and donors. – The Kansas City Star
Tags: Art, Music, Kansas City, 03.26.20, Danny Beckley

Kansas City Symphony Concerts Into May But Will Pay Musicians

All salary and benefits for the players wil be maintained through the end of the 2019-20 season in June — thanks, according to executive director Danny Beckley, to increased support from patrons and donors. – The Kansas City Star
Tags: Art, Music, Kansas City, 03.26.20, Danny Beckley

Songwriters, Self-Employed Musicians To Get Aid In Bailout Bill

Most industry creative and support occupations are not eligible for unemployment.  The bill now covers self-employed small-business owners, a category that in music ranges from songwriters to roadies. Under the new bill, self-employed individuals could begin receiving financial aid, through grants and loans, as soon as next month. – Variety
Tags: Art, Music, 03.26.20

Verbier Festival For 2020 Called Off

Said festival founder Martin T. Engstroem, “There were far too many uncertainties. Our audience and our musicians come from all over the world with a large population mix. We could not take responsibility for a new outbreak of the virus.” The gathering in the Swiss Alps had been scheduled for July 17 to August 2. – EN24 (Switzerland)
Tags: Art, Music, 03.26.20, Martin T Engstroem

The Musician Class Is Being Wiped Out

“Roughly 90% of our members are affected,” said Horace Trubridge, general secretary of the Musicians’ Union. “This will force musicians out of the profession. Our members also do a lot of event work – weddings and conferences – that has also fallen off a cliff, coupled with the fact that most of our members subsidise their income from live performance by teaching and studio recording work which of course they can’t do now either.” The idea that universal credit is going to keep these peopl...
Tags: Art, Music, Musicians ' Union, 03.24.20, Horace Trubridge

Scottish Opera Lends Set-Hauling Trucks To Help Supermarket Supply Chains

“The opera company’s drivers have been using their cabs to help deliver food to Tesco stores in Scotland, as supermarkets face unprecedented demand from shoppers during the coronavirus crisis. … Alex Reedijk, Scottish Opera’s general director, said the company had been linked up with Tesco after the supermarket chain contacted a local general haulage company asking for help.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, Music, Scotland, Tesco, 03.23.20, Alex Reedijk Scottish Opera

How Do You Run Choir Practice For 300 Kids Via Zoom? Like This

“Since March 16, the [Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale’s] four ensembles have been hosting nine Zoom rehearsals every week, while its sister organization, Philadelphia Girls Choir, is running roughly 14 among its four ensembles.” Reporter Cassie Owens watches a rehearsal and talks to director Jeffrey Smith about how he pulls it off. – The Philadelphia Inquirer
Tags: Art, Music, Jeffrey Smith, Philadelphia Boys Choir, 03.26.20, Philadelphia Girls Choir, Cassie Owens

Ojai Music Festival Cancelled

“The Ojai Music Festival has joined the list of coronavirus cancellations, … marking the first time since its founding in 1947 that the annual celebration of experimental classical music will not be held.” This year’s guest music director was to have been German composer Matthias Pintscher. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, 03.24.20

One Of Britain’s Major Classical Artist Management Agencies Is Liquidating

Yes, it’s because of the coronavirus. “‘Our artists, staff, directors and shareholders are devastated by this sad but inevitable turn of events,’ says Hazard Chase managing director, James Brown. ‘Our world has been torn apart in less than a month.'” – Classical Music (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, James Brown, Britain, 03.23.20

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