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Supersonic Aircraft’s Shockwaves Shot by NASA

The first-ever images of two shockwaves interacting, taken by NASA, appeared online this week. These photos—shot using a 150-year-old German technique—are some of the first of supersonic flights in the air and not in a wind tunnel. Seeing how the shockwaves interact with one another and on their own, NASA may be able to reduce the noisiness of sonic booms—the result of pressure changes when …
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Farewell to two cultural pioneers, debunking myths about women's bodies, our co-founder at SXSW and more Four New Statues of Women for NYC While NYC is scattered with statues of notable men, there are very few of women—just five, in fact. She Built NYC is commissioning four new statues of historical and influential women: Billie Holiday, Dr Helen Rodríguez Trías, Elizabeth Jennings Graham and Katherine …
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SpaceX and the New Aesthetics of Space Travel

Though the parameters of a trip into Earth’s orbit haven’t changed much since the dawn of our space travel days, the appearance has—whether it be the suits or the ships. On the next NASA trip, in a SpaceX-built capsule, the astronauts will be treated to sleek, modern interiors, cushy seats, touch-screens and wireless consoles. The look is a significant upgrade from previous designs—many of which …
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Revo’s “Indestructible” Bear Grylls Sunglasses Collaboration

Accessories fit for an adventurer During the development of their new collection, tech-forward sunglasses brand Revo and acclaimed survival instructor Bear Grylls sought an indestructible material that would meet the needs of adventurers. Grylls was drawn to Revo for their well-known technical capabilities. “The lens technology on Revo is second to none,” he explains to CH. “So that was a big pull. Its mirror coating …
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Improving economy class flights, THC from beer yeast, ancient phallic graffiti and more from around the internet 1970s Feminist Artists Inspired Many Famous Painters That Followed Much of the inspiration for the loud and lauded paintings by men from the ’80s comes from feminist artists a decade earlier—by the likes of Joan Semmel, Maria Lassnig, Betty Tompkins and others. The 1960s and ’70s proved to …
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First All-Women Spacewalk Ever

Since 1998, there have been 213 spacewalks at the International Space Station and only 11% of the more than 500 crew members involved have been women. But on the next walk, scheduled for 29 March, the team will be entirely comprised of women—from the astronauts completing the actual walk (Christina Koch and Anne McClain) to the those giving ground support (Mary Lawrence and Kristen Facciol). …
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China hopes to bring solar power to space

China is looking to be the first country in the world to install a solar power outlet in space. Scientists at the China Academy of Space Technology are working on new technology to make solar power in space a reality, and they hope to have something in place by the year 2050. The story of China’s ambitious solar power initiative was first published by a newspaper ran by the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology. The scientists working on the project believe that installing solar power in...
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This Artist Uses Image Editing To Sculpt Icebergs, And No Icebergs Were Harmed In The Making Of This Art

Hugo Livet, “Dérivé”. (© Slaunger) On October 16, Nasa published a photo of a perfectly squared iceberg. The picture quickly went viral, coupled with a few conspiracy theories qualifying this as the work of aliens. However, the phenomenon is rather common according to the scientists. Tabular icebergs are parts of large blocks of ice which are connected to the land. One day, just “. Source
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The NASA Archives. 60 Years in Space.

To celebrate the organization’s first 60 years in space, The NASA Archives features 400+ photographs and rare renderings—spanning the moon landing, rovers on Mars and more. Launched in 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was the world’s first civilian space agency with a focus on peaceful exploration—despite it being founded as part of the Space Race. With notes from science and tech journalists, NASA historians, …
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February linkfest

Why are some companies, like publishers and fashion businesses, called “houses”? Includes a delightful explanation of how Random House got its name. (Grammar Girl) * I’m a pushover for specialized slang dictionaries, and this is a good one: a guide to carnival lingo. Warning: many irresistible rabbit holes on that site. (Good Magic) A razzle dazzle game (Stevens Magic Emporium) * Have startup names gotten less weird? (Techcrunch) * Speaking of weird: This is an article about ...
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Currently Crowdfunding: A Little Something for Space Enthusiasts, a Multifunctional Hammock and More

Brought to you by MAKO Design + Invent, North America's leading design firm for taking your product idea from a sketch on a napkin to store shelves. Download Mako's Invention Guide for free here.Navigating the world of crowdfunding can be overwhelming, to put it lightly. Which projects are worth backing? Where's the filter to weed out the hundreds of useless smart devices? To make the process less frustrating, we scour the various online crowdfunding platforms to put together a weekly roundu...
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Global warming makes 2018 the 4th hottest year ever

U.S. officials have confirmed that 2018 was the fourth hottest year on record. Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA just revealed that temperatures were 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the worldwide average, which includes temperatures between 1951 and 1980. Temperatures in 2018 were the fourth warmest of any year since 1880. That places 2018 slightly behind the top three average temperatures on record: 2016, 2017 and 2015, respectively. Accordi...
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The Incredible Pressure of Building a Shower Head—One With the Potential to Save a Billion Gallons of Water

After years of tough engineering challenges, the Nebia 2.0 is a feat of elegant industrial engineering that pulls inspiration from agricultural irrigation, office furniture, and fuel injection.  California was in a drought—its worst in recorded history. And for much of 2014, Bret Recor had been trying to convince a Mexico City-based hardware team to show him a showerhead that they had designed to cut water use by as much as 85 percent. Now, he was finally sitting in a San Francisco hotel room,...
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Global warming will melt over 1/3 of the Himalayan ice cap by 2100

Asia’s Himalayan mountain range is about to undergo some major changes. New research predicts that global warming will melt at least one-third or up two two-thirds of the glaciers in the region by the year 2100, significantly affecting the 2 billion people who call the mountainous area home. The alarming prediction will come to pass if global carbon emissions continue at their current rates. Even more disturbing is that one-third of the glaciers in the Himalaya and Hindu Kush range will still d...
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NASA finds cavity the size of Manhattan underneath Antarctic glacier

NASA just made a disturbing discovering underneath the Antarctic ice. A team led by the space agency found a huge cavity — around 1,000 feet high — under a glacier in Antarctica, and it is steadily expanding in size. Experts have predicted they would a large cavity somewhere underneath the Thwaites Glacier, which is located in West Antarctica, but they did not expect such a large one between the ice sheet and bedrock. NASA scientists discovered the expansive chamber using a mix of radar and sat...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Farewell to Florence Knoll Bassett, Sweden's affinity for erotica, how germs communicate and more Pioneer of Office Design, Florence Knoll Bassett Dies at 101 Anyone familiar with open floor plans, straight lines and simplicity within their office knows the work of Florence Knoll Bassett. The acclaimed architect and designer reimagined corporate workspaces through her system of “total design,” which removed heavier drapes and desks and …
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Cool Charts Depicting the Evolution of the Alphabet, and the Writing Systems of the World

Learning new things requires both a broad overview of the subject-to-be-studied, and intensive drilling-down in specific areas. Educator and designer Matt Baker found a deficiency in the first area, where more visual aids would be helpful. "I'm what you'd call a visual learner," Baker writes. "I have found that in early grades, visual materials tend to be incorporated often. However, once a person reaches the higher grades, learning becomes almost exclusively based on reading texts and listen...
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NASA Enlisted Artists to Envision the Future

In 1975, NASA began to conceptualize living conditions in space—hiring freelance illustrator Rick Guidice to bring the ideas to life. The resulting works actively shaped the public perception of life off Earth, and do so to this day. Guidice’s illustrations influenced synth-drenched soundscapes, runway shows and popular film—all while being quite literal guides for NASA’s potential population relocation plans (which could house nearly one million people). …
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NASA's Visions of the Future

NASA's Visions of the Future abduzeedoJan 25, 2019 Following NASA's series Space Posters , they recently released a new series entitled: Visions of the Future. From what I was aware of, I've never seen NASA giving so many beautiful opportunities to makers and creators. For this case they thought about sharing a graphical tribute to the Grand Tour, the Mars Exploration Program and more. It's a dear pleasure to go through the collection, learn more about the st...
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Greenland is melting four times faster than it was 15 years ago

A new study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has found that Greenland is melting four times faster than it has in the past 15 years. Using data from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE), which were two satellites launched by Germany and NASA back in 2002, researchers discovered that between 2002 and 2016, Greenland lost 280 gigatons of ice every year, and that resulted in the addition of .03 inches of water annually to the world’s oceans....
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This high-tech LED lighting could grow veggies in space

Move over, freeze-dried foods and Tang. The astronauts of tomorrow may be growing veggies in their spacecraft or even on the moon and Mars. OSRAM, a global high-tech lighting company, showed off its PHYTOFY horticultural lighting system at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). PHYTOFY RL uses LED lights that can be tuned, controlled and scheduled for different research applications. NASA is experimenting with PHYTOFY at the Kennedy Space Center to create plant recipes, which could event...
Tags: Design, Nasa, Mars, Kennedy Space Center, Steve Graves, OSRAM, Maximilian Lössl

Future of Technology Summit to host public showcase of personal jet-packs

The Future of Technology Summit is, in a lot of ways, the true accelerator of technological innovation and a window into the future. While the CES event (which happened just days ago) certainly commemorates the future, it presents innovation through a rather small window. CES, or the consumer electronics show, is exactly what it is. A showcase of new concepts and products within the consumer electronics domain. The Consumer Electronics Show only exhibits innovation, it doesn’t facilitate it the ...
Tags: Design, Washington, Nasa, Washington Dc, Middle East, Exhibitions, Product Design, Richard Browning, Gravity Industries, Frankfurt Bangalore Stockholm

Deforestation could wipe out over 50 percent of species in Haiti

According to new research from Temple University scientist Blair Hedges, the Caribbean island nation of Haiti is undergoing a mass extinction event, and the country is close to losing its rich biodiversity. Hedges — who has spent decades in Haiti’s rain forests — says that the results of his latest study are shocking. In a paper recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Hedges and his co-authors revealed that Haiti, which was once full of lush trees and teeming ...
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Huntington Library Reimagines Its Collection In Social Relevance

The series initiated in 2016, when the Huntington invited scientists from NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to build a sound installation that represented the movement of the International Space Station. The next year, the Huntington’s hushed halls filled with the tumult caused by artists affiliated with the Los Angeles–based Women’s Center for Creative Work. For that exhibition, Jheanelle Garriques responded to the Huntington’s Anglomaniac bent by curating a bluestocking storytelling, let...
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Best of CH 2018: Link About It

Our take on the best thoughtful, eccentric and inspiring stories from the internet this year Beyond what we create ourselves at CH, we’re always reading, watching and viewing content from publishers we admire. Each day we share some of the internet’s best in our Link section. This year, we were enthralled by stories about space, climate change, cultural phenomenons, empowering displays of art, ghost stories and …
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How environmental policies changed in 2018 under Trump

There is no doubt that President Trump has significantly changed environmental policy since taking office that have caused a great deal of public outcry. The current administration’s decisions have affected everything from rolling back on policies enacted by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to cutting funding for different environmental and scientific programs. With so much to keep up with, here is a rundown of the Trump Administration’s environmental action in 2018 and how it ha...
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NASA Creates Movie Parody Posters for Its Expedition Flights: Download Parodies of Metropolis, The Matrix, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and More

For just over eighteen years now, NASA has been conducting expeditions to the International Space Station. Each of these missions has not just a name, or at least a number (last week saw the launch of Expedition 58), but an official poster with a group photo of the crew. "These posters were used to advertise expeditions and were also hung in NASA facilities and other government organizations," says Bored Panda. "However, when astronauts got bored of the standard group photos they decided to spi...
Tags: Google, Science, Design, College, Nasa, Earth, Metropolis, Sci Fi, Seoul, Douglas Adams, Facebook Twitter, Fritz Lang, Andrei Tarkovsky, Colin Marshall, Future of Space Travel, NASA NASA

2018 Best of Bag Design

We're living in a digital age, but we still have lots of physical things we need to carry around. The first bag was probably invented by a caveperson, but here in 2018 we're still cranking out new, innovative bag types. Here's the best of what we saw this year in bag design:Adam Savage released his NASA-inspired, made-from-recycled-materials EDC Two bag, a lower-cost version of his toolbox-inspired EDC One. For an actual toolbox-in-a-bag, check out Klein Tools' super-handy Tradesman Pro Tool ...
Tags: Design, Nasa, Bags, Adam Savage, Edc, Klein Tools, Nomatic, IAMRUNBOX, Lina Westin

ANICORN's Joe Kwan on Why Storytelling and Graphic Design are Key Skills for Watch Designers

When imagining the typical watch on the market today, the first image that conjures up (at least in my mind) is one with sub-dial overkill and too much clutter to highlight the single task watches are designed to do: tell us the time. In a digital age where smartphones have become an extension of our brains, stopwatches, timers, moon cycles and perpetual calendars are easier to access than ever—just ask Siri, Alexa or your favorite digital assistant what the date or time is, and she'll tell you ...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A movie theater for dogs, NASA's fastest spacecraft ever, industrial hemp farming and more from the internet this week Olafur Eliasson Brings 30 Icebergs to London Visionary Icelandic-Danish artist and designer Olafur Eliasson, with the help of geologist Minik Rosing, set 30 iceberg, drawn from the waters inside Greenland’s Nuup Kangerlua fjord, along the banks of London’s Thames. It’s the next installment of his “Ice Watch” …
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