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‘Heartbroken’ Osage Nation leaders decry sale of sacred Missouri cave with ancient artwork

Indigenous leaders had hoped to purchase the land, which is home to 1,000-year-old drawings and was auctioned off for $2.2mA Missouri cave containing Native American artwork from more than 1,000 years ago was sold at auction Tuesday, disappointing leaders of the Osage Nation who hoped to buy the land to “protect and preserve our most sacred site”.A bidder agreed to pay US$2.2m to private owners for what’s known as “Picture Cave,” along with the 43 hilly acres that surround it near the town of Wa...
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‘Heartbroken’ Native American leaders decry sale of sacred Missouri cave with ancient artwork

Osage Nation leaders had hoped to purchase the land, which is home to 1,000-year-old drawings and was auctioned off for $2.2m A Missouri cave containing Native American artwork from more than 1,000 years ago was sold at auction Tuesday, disappointing leaders of the Osage Nation who hoped to buy the land to “protect and preserve our most sacred site”.A bidder agreed to pay US$2.2m to private owners for what’s known as “Picture Cave,” along with the 43 hilly acres that surround it near the town of...
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The NYT ethicist — Kwame Anthony Appiah — comes out in favor of cultural appropriation.

begins with a letter from an art therapist who had hospital patients go on "a guided mindfulness journey to find their spirit animals." This involved teaching them about Native American cultures and having them draw "their animals" on a totem pole. One patient questioned the activity and used the criticism "cultural appropriation." I think it's an awful exercise, for many reasons. I don't know what has to happen to you to make you a patient on the receiving end of such "therapy," but if I'd be...
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On Tribal Lands, a Time to Make Art for Solace and Survival

The coronavirus outbreak has had a devastating impact on the livelihoods of Native American artists. But they are responding with a creative resolve born from centuries of adversity.
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A Brooklyn Artist Adjusts to Making Art in Solitude

Lesley Dill usually works with six to eight assistants, but now she is alone with the hundreds of yards of fabric she uses for her mixed-media art.
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A Cree Artist Redraws History

With humor and fantasy, Kent Monkman disrupts clichés of Native victimhood at the Met.
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Native Americans, Kent, Max, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Indigenous People, Kent Monkman, Wagstaff, Hollein, Monkman, Sheena (1952-

Extra-mural studies: why students should not look away from uncomfortable art

The case of George Washington high school in San Francisco is mirrored by the covering of harsh images in Harlem. But such images must be seenEven urging a “truer history”, Paloma Flores, a member of California’s Pitt River tribe, questions the validity of showing an image of a murdered Native American. She’s disturbed by the message of a mural at George Washington high school in San Francisco, where she works, that has been in place for 84 years. Related: A school's mural removal: should kids...
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Can We Start Appreciating Indigenous Art on Its Own Terms?

What Australia’s Aboriginal artists and filmmakers are teaching Americans in two radiant shows.
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These High School Murals Depict an Ugly History. Should They Go?

The school board will decide if 13 Depression-era frescoes showing the life of George Washington should be destroyed.
Tags: Art, News, Washington, Native Americans, Blacks, George Washington, Works Progress Administration, George Washington High School, Murals, Race and Ethnicity, George (1732-99

Head for the Black Hills: tales of Crazy Horse and Custer in South Dakota

The carving of the Crazy Horse statue is a story in itself but then insurgent tales and mountain sculptures have helped shape this midwest stateIt takes a few seconds for the statue of Crazy Horse to come into focus, which is surprising given that it’s being carved out of a 641ft-high stone outcrop. From a distance it looks like just another rocky peak silhouetted against the cloudless South Dakota sky. But get closer and its form and detail become apparent: an unyielding face, a raised arm, a p...
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A 124-year-old statue reviled by Native Americans – and how it came down

San Francisco’s ‘Early Days’ statue was seen by many as a symbol of colonial oppression. What does its removal say about history and public art?In the middle of the night and with dozens of Native Americans watching, San Francisco city workers tied safety ropes around a 124-year-old bronze statue and pulled. Carefully, they dislodged the piece from a granite platform and laid it on top of a flatbed truck. It was a moment stoked with meaning. After decades of effort, the Early Days statue, a symb...
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Overlooked No More: Edmonia Lewis, Sculptor of Worldwide Acclaim

As an artist she transcended constraints, and as a woman of color, she confronted a society that wished to categorize her.
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A Canadian Museum Promotes Indigenous Art. But Don’t Call It ‘Indian.’

Will a debate over terminology at the Art Gallery of Ontario help the progress of artists who are underrepresented in United States museums?
Tags: Art, News, Canada, United States, Museums, Native Americans, Durham, Carr, Kay, Art Gallery of Ontario, Denver Art Museum, National Museum of the American Indian, Race and Ethnicity, Jimmie (1940-, WalkingStick, Emily (1871-1945

Op-Ed Contributor: Decolonizing the Art Museum: The Next Wave

Museums must stop seeing activists as antagonists. They must position themselves as learning communities, not impenetrable centers of self-validating authority.
Tags: Art, News, United States, Museums, Native Americans, Intellectual Property, Durant, Walker Art Center, Sam (1961-

Land fight could give tens of thousands of US Native Americans rights in Canada

A land battle in British Columbia could afford indigenous people residing in the United States rights in Canada. Rick Desautel, an American citizen who identifies as Sinixt, shot an elk in Canada 40 miles north of the border, and the British Columbian government decided to bring charges to court. While they lost an appeal in December, they filed papers last month to appeal again — but The Guardian said the fight could have the unintended consequence of giving Native Americans new rights. In 20...
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Art Review: Coming Face to Face With Jimmie Durham

The sculptor’s retrospective at the Whitney Museum is a “brilliant, half-century-long act of politically driven self-invention,” our critic writes.
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Sculpture, Native Americans, Durham, Whitney Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, American Indian Movement, Jimmie Durham, Jimmie (1940-, Cherokee Indians

Walker Art Center’s Reckoning With ‘Scaffold’ Isn’t Over Yet

The museum’s board has hired a law firm to review the handling of the gallows-like sculpture that offended Native American leaders.
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Sculpture, Native Americans, Durham, Durant, Walker Art Center, Sam (1961-, Jimmie (1940-, Scaffold (Artwork

Emmett Till’s Coffin, a Hangman’s Scaffold and a Debate Over Cultural Appropriation

Protests at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the Whitney Museum in New York challenge white artists’ representations of harrowing stories of racial violence.
Tags: Art, New York, News, Minneapolis, Native Americans, Blacks, Emmett Till, Whitney Museum, Durant, Dana, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Walker Art Center, Schutz, Whitney Museum of American Art, Race and Ethnicity, Whitney Biennial

Walker Art Center Delays Opening of Sculpture Garden Following Controversy

One of the works, “Scaffold,” by Sam Durant, provoked a public outcry and will likely be removed from the exhibition.
Tags: Art, News, Sculpture, Native Americans, Demonstrations, Durant, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Walker Art Center, Protests and Riots, Scaffold, Sam Durant, Sam (1961-

A Red State’s Arts Blues

South Dakota, which voted decisively for Donald J. Trump, is also a prime recipient of grants from the arts agencies the president wants to eliminate.
Tags: Art, Music, News, South Dakota, Native Americans, Theater, Donald J Trump, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Endowment for the Arts, Red State, Public Broadcasting, Endowments, Hamlet (Play

See the pictographs?

A closer look: Photographed today at Calf's Creek Falls — on Utah highway 24.Here's an article about the Fremont People who made these images.The Fremont culture or Fremont people is a pre-Columbian archaeological culture which received its name from the Fremont River in the U.S. state of Utah where the first Fremont sites were discovered.... It inhabited sites in what is now Utah and parts of Nevada, Idaho and Colorado from AD 1 to 1300 (2,000-700 years ago)....Scholars did not agree that th...
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U.S. veterans vow to block construction of Dakota Access Pipeline

Energy Transfer Partners may complete the Dakota Access Pipeline yet: they just have to get past thousands of U.S. military veterans first. Returning to the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota days after President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order reinstating the contentious $3.8 billion project, Veterans Stand has vowed to stonewall the pipeline's completion. "We are committed to the people of Standing Rock, we are committed to nonviolence, and we will do everything within ...
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This all-natural native corn is bejeweled with brilliantly colored kernels

Through his quest to reconnect to his roots, Barnes isolated several traditional strains of seeds that fell to the wayside when his ancestors traveled to what's now Oklahoma in the 1800s. Through years of selective growing, Barnes grew corn that looks bejeweled, creating a colorful celebration of native heirloom varieties of corn. Related: Plant a Wish Restores Native Plant Habitats Around America Barnes didn't hoard the wealth, however, sharing corn seeds with Native American tribe elders a...
Tags: Design, News, Corn, Conservation, Agriculture, Native Americans, Oklahoma, Seeds, Nature / Environment, Eat & Drink, Gardening And Plants, Barnes, Schoen, Heirloom

Obama creates two new western national monuments in last minute effort

The clock is ticking. Before the United States and the world is snapped by political whiplash on January 20, 2017, the Obama Administration is working quickly to secure its environmental legacy by creating new national monuments in environmentally sensitive areas of the Western United States: Bears Ears National Monument in Utah and Gold Butte National Monument. As usual, the land on which these new public resources have been created has been fiercely contested for their political and economic ...
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Heres every bank funding the Dakota Access Pipeline, and how to switch

People around the world are celebrating the U.S. Army Corps' decision to block the Dakota Access Pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, but that doesn't mean the project is not forging forward in other areas. Locals at Standing Rock fear that this move is just a foil and a way to avoid protesters at the build site. Although many of us can't join in the fight for tribal rights and clean water, we can make a powerful statement - by switching financial institutions away from banks fundi...
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Judge rejects riot charges against journalist Amy Goodman for Dakota Access Pipeline coverage

A North Dakota judge has thrown out charges against journalist Amy Goodman after she filmed oil company security using pepper spray and dogs on protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Democracy Now! host could have spent multiple months in jail if Judge John Grinsteiner hadn't rejected the charges in a move widely praised for upholding freedom of the press. At first the state attorney office of North Dakota charged Goodman with "criminal trespass," but later decided to switch to riot ch...
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