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Sumo wrestles sustainability into an all-natural, biodegradable diaper

Sustainable living is an ongoing pursuit that requires evaluating each purchase and every product we use. But some daily tasks just don’t have suitable solutions. The spotlight on disposable diapers is one example, and the only real option so far has been cloth diapers. Even though cloth diapers do keep the plastic variety from sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years, the plastic ribbing and diaper inserts typically keep cloth diapers from being recyclable. As part of her master’s thesis, Lu...
Tags: Design, Parenting, Switzerland, Biodegradable, James Dyson, Pacific, Green Products, Vanuatu, Lausanne, Eco Kids, Sumo, Konstantin Grcic, ECAL, Natural Materials, Luisa Kahlfeldt, Kahlfeldt

LEED Gold-targeted Ottawa library will honor local history

After nearly a year of public input by Canadians from coast to coast, Toronto-based Diamond Schmitt Architects has finally revealed renderings for the new Ottawa library and archives. Designed in collaboration with KWC Architects, the Ottawa Public Library and Library and Archives Canada Joint Facility will be an innovative landmark representative of all Canadians. The building will target, at minimum, LEED Gold certification and will reflect the region’s rich history and natural beauty with its...
Tags: Design, Toronto, Library, Architecture, Canada, Gallery, Archives, Quebec, Cafe, Ottawa, Carousel Showcase, Ottawa River, Leed Gold, Community Design, LEED, Nature Inspired Architecture

Futuristic, seashell-inspired home is clad in reclaimed wood

Torino-based design studio Wafai Architecture has unveiled an incredible home design that is inspired by the organic shape of a simple seashell. With its tubular volume and light-inviting cutouts, the design for the Scandinavian Seashell Home was not only inspired by nature, but also counts on several sustainable features, such as reclaimed wood cladding, to reduce its environmental impact. The prolific studio’s founder, Abdul Sater Wafai, has become well-known for his spectacular house concept...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Building Materials, Round Homes, Post-format-gallery, Natural Materials, Timber Homes, Reclaimed Building Materials, Straw Insulation, Futuristic Home Design, Seashell Home, Wafai Architecture, Tubular Structures, Scandinavian Seashell Home

Stunning, sustainable lodge blends into beautiful landscape

Romanian architecture firm BLIPSZ has created a near-autonomous holiday home that combines the charms of rural Transylvanian architecture with a sustainable and contemporary design aesthetic. Surrounded by gently rolling hills and valley views, the Lodge in a Glade comprises two barn-inspired structures with green-roofed surfaces that appear to emerge from the earth. South-facing solar panels generate about 90% of the building’s energy needs, which are kept to a minimum thanks to its passive sol...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Solar Energy, Passive Solar, Solar Power, Geothermal Energy, Carousel Showcase, Off-grid, Green Roof, Lodge, Rainwater, Glade, Sustainable Architecture, Natural Materials, BLIPSZ

COBE unveils images of LEED Gold-targeted Adidas HQ in Germany

After a year of operation, sportswear titan Adidas has finally released images of its new LEED Gold-seeking headquarters building in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Designed by Danish architecture firm COBE, the multipurpose building optimizes the work environment with a strong indoor-outdoor connection achieved with walls of glass, soaring skylights and an abundance of greenery throughout the building. Fittingly named HALFTIME, the versatile facility marks COBE’s first completed project in Germany. C...
Tags: Design, Germany, Adidas, Architecture, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, Copenhagen, Natural Light, Leed Gold, Skylight, Office Building, COBE, Green Wall, HERZOGENAURACH Germany, Adidas HQ, Natural Materials

This unisex T-shirt is naturally dyed with Japanese cherry blossoms

Acutely aware of the massive waste in the textile industry, material development company PANGAIA (pronounced Pan-guy-ya) uses plants to make natural fabric dyes, skipping the need for harsh, synthetic additives. One of these natural dyes is sourced from the petals of the Japanese Sakura tree, which only blooms for a few days each year. The result is a gorgeous, light pink T-shirt made from organic cotton and dyed from the discarded cherry blossoms. Dozens of varieties of these cherry trees suppl...
Tags: Fashion, Design, Clothing, Accessories And Fashion, Cherry Blossoms, Sakura, Nagoya Japan, Natural Materials, PANGAIA

Striking, sinuous home outside of So Paulo is inspired by the shape of native pine trees

Rio de Janeiro-based Mareines Arquitetura has unveiled a striking home tucked into the mountainous region near São Paulo. The Pinhão House boasts a unique, elliptical volume with various levels and a leaf-shaped roof that juts out over a covered swimming pool, which is also integrated into the home’s curved shape. Located in Campos do Jordão, the Pinhão House is a gorgeous design with a curvaceous volume surrounded by nature, and it was also built by local craftsmen using locally sourced, natur...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Campos, Wooden Homes, Nature Inspired Design, Post-format-gallery, Glass Homes, Natural Materials, Leonardo Finotti, Pinhão House, Sao Paulo Homes, Mareines Arquitetura, São Paulo The Pinhão House

Cedar Haven is a forest retreat made with reclaimed logs

Blending contemporary design with natural materials, Washington-based residential architecture firm Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture completed a stunning timber home that feels like an extension of its alpine forest environment. Created for a homeowner who wanted a residence that echoed the tranquility of its mountain surroundings, the aptly named Cedar Haven was built mainly from timber and stone — much of which was reclaimed from the site itself. Several salvaged logs and other found objec...
Tags: Design, Colorado, Washington, Architecture, Fireplace, Cabin, Reclaimed Materials, Reclaimed Wood, Stone, Cedar, Benjamin Benschneider, Log Cabin, Found Objects, Natural Materials, Timber Home, Natural Material Palette

Four tiny pavilions make up a low-impact forest home in Mexico

A family that enjoys nature together, stays together. That’s the idea behind the amazing, nature-inspired Casa de Bosque by Mexican architectural firm, WEYES Studio. Tucked into a lush forest, the family home is comprised of four small glass-and-brick structures, all linked by a series of outdoor walkways that weave through the treetops. Located in a large forest just outside of Santiago, Nuevo León, the home features an ingenious design that ensures the human-made structures find true harmony ...
Tags: Design, Mexico, Architecture, Green Building, Passive Home Design, Forest Home, Natural Materials, Cabin Designs, House in the Woods, Elevated Cabins, Nature Inspired Home, La Casa de Bosque, WEYES Studio, Casa de Bosque, WEYES Studio Tucked, Santiago Nuevo León

Premium Handmade Features Define Feit’s Metal Unlined Hiker

Limited to an edition of 40, the all-purpose boot excels beyond average footwear Consider how most shoes are made: they’re conceptualized by a team of designers, pushed through a handful of approval processes, and then assembled offsite—by machines or an entire factory of workers. CH favorite Feit, on the other hand, works through every single boot, brogue, and sneaker one at a time, entrusting one …
Tags: Boots, Design, Style, Leather, Shoes, Handmade, Craftsmanship, Sneakers, Suede, Feit, Tull Price, Natural Materials, Feit Direct, Hiker Boots

MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple designs holiday retreats for an island community

Renowned for beautiful views, indigenous history and a famous golf resort, Ontario’s Bigwin Island will also soon be home to a new planned community spearheaded by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, a Halifax-based studio that won the bid for the project with their contemporary and eco-friendly proposal. The first three cabins of the 40-unit community have recently been completed and feature a locally sourced natural materials palette, an oversized roof reminiscent of Muskoka’s historic cottage...
Tags: Design, Toronto, Architecture, Canada, Energy Efficiency, Halifax, Cabins, Ontario, Locally Sourced Materials, Muskoka, Lake of Bays, Bigwin Island, Sustainable Architecture, Geothermal Heating, MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, Natural Materials

Green-roofed CLT classrooms immerse children in nature

After transforming a historic castle into a secondary school for the Groenendaal College, Antwerp architectural firm HUB was approached once again by the same client to tackle another inspiring school project — an energy-efficient primary school addition in the middle of leafy Groenendaal Park. Fittingly titled the Park Classrooms, the recently completed project provides four classrooms and a large central gathering space for up to 90 Groenendaal Primary School children aged between 6 to 7 years...
Tags: UK, Design, Architecture, Energy Efficiency, Belgium, Sustainable Design, Pavilion, Natural Light, Skylights, Green Roof, Cross Laminated Timber, Hub, Antwerp, CLT, Classrooms, Natural Materials

Rammed-earth walls make up a beautiful retreat hidden in the Zhejiang mountains

Hidden in the misty mountains of Zhejiang, a new eco-sensitive resort made from local materials entices visitors with spectacular views and laid-back charms. International architecture firm kooo architects designed the Retreat Village, which comprises a cluster of luxury suites, for their client Hangzhou Origin Villa Hotel & Resort in the Dashan Village in Zhejiang, China. Taking inspiration from the local vernacular, the architects used local materials and techniques, such as rammed-earth const...
Tags: Design, China, Architecture, Gallery, Resort, Hangzhou, Bamboo, Carousel Showcase, Recycled Materials, Rammed Earth, Zhejiang, Locally Sourced Materials, Zhejiang China, Natural Materials, Indoor Outdoor Living, Rammed Earth Architecture

Award-winning sustainable retreat offers a stylish defense against fire

Australian architectural firm Steendijk’s Bellbird Retreat is proof that designing for fire safety doesn’t have to mean compromising aesthetics. Located in pristine bushland about two hours southwest from Brisbane, the award-winning weekend escape features a striking, weathered steel roof and stellar landscape views as well as a reduced environmental footprint thanks to a rainwater harvesting system and optimized passive design elements. Located on a 141-hectare bush site in Killarney, the Bell...
Tags: Design, Australia, Architecture, Brisbane, Brazil, Brick, Resilient Design, Rainwater Harvesting, Fire Safety, Steel Roof, Killarney, Corten steel, Local Materials, Natural Materials, Fire Prevention, Hoop Pine

This backpack is made from locally sourced cork and recycled materials

The world’s landfills are piling up. While we hear a lot about how the fashion industry contributes to this problem, the topic is less focused on accessories. Yet purses, bags and backpacks also contribute to the fast fashion environment with quickly fading styles and manufacturing pollution. One company is bucking this trend with a backpack made from naturally sustainable cork and recycled materials. The Jajamän cork backpack is a completely vegan option for conscientious consumers looking fo...
Tags: Accessories, Fashion, Design, Backpack, Portugal, Vegan, Cork, Sustainable Design, Accessories And Fashion, Eco Textiles, Pauline van Dongen, Bookbag, Natural Materials, Jajamän

A mountain refuge in Spain is brought back to life with brickwork

In the mountains of the southeastern Spanish town of Jumilla sits “La Casa del Ángel,” a small shelter where outdoor enthusiasts have long sought shelter. To bring more people to the shelter, the local government commissioned Murcia-based firm Martin Lejarraga Oficina de Arquitectura to refurbish the small building, which had been worn down by use and the outdoor elements. In renovating the space, the architects reinforced the structural strength and clad the facade in a variety of brickwork to...
Tags: Design, Spain, Architecture, Gallery, Iceland, Shelter, Brick, Murcia, Bench, Refuge, Refurbishment, Sustainable Architecture, Brickwork, Mountain Refuge, Perforated Brick, Masonry

Taichung Discovery Pavilion champions biodiversity in new "Half Earth" multimedia art installation

In Taichung, Taiwan, the recently completed Discovery Pavilion at the Taichung World Flower Expo explores what life could be like if humans returned half of the Earth’s habitable surfaces to nature — a concept known as “Half Earth” proposed by the “Father of Biodiversity” Edward Wilson in 2016. Taipei-based Cogitoimage International Co., Ltd designed the pavilion to advocate such preservation with a large-scale exhibition that covers the ecology of the Taichung Dajia River as it flows from high...
Tags: Design, Earth, Taiwan, Architecture, Gallery, Ecology, Taipei, Carousel Showcase, Pavilion, Recycled Materials, Taichung, Native Plants, Edward Wilson, Taichung Taiwan, Natural Materials, Environmental Stewardship

A massive, egg-shaped bird observatory features reusable natural materials

Bird lovers in the Netherlands now have a new way of watching their feathered friends thanks to the recent opening of the Tij, a massive wooden bird observatory created with sustainability in mind. Designed by Amsterdam-based RAU Architects in collaboration with Ro&Ad Architects, the unique bird blind is in the shape of an egg in a nod to the thousands of large terns that nest nearby. To reduce environmental impact, the architects constructed the observatory primarily out of wood with modular c...
Tags: Design, London, Architecture, Gallery, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Ikea, The Netherlands, North Sea, Modular, Carousel Showcase, Recycled Materials, Egg Shaped Architecture, Modular Design, South Holland, Sustainable Architecture

Contemporary A-frame home soaks up lakeside views in Mexico

On the edge of Lake Avándaro in the Mexican town of Valle de Bravo is House A, a beautiful, contemporary home that’s designed by Mexico City-based architectural firm Metodo in collaboration with Ingeniería Orca to embrace views of the lake. Named after its sharply pitched A-frame construction, the three-story home is built with walls of glass and folding glazed doors to create a seamless connection with the outdoors. A palette of natural materials complement steel and glass elements to create a...
Tags: Design, Sweden, Mexico, Architecture, Gallery, House, Mexico City, Carousel Showcase, Valle De Bravo, Lake Avándaro, Open-plan, Full-height Glazing, Local Materials, Steel Frame, Natural Materials, Solar Radiation

Local, natural materials make up this eco-friendly jungle refuge in Tulum

Mexican architectural firm Jaquestudio recently completed a new boutique hotel nestled in a leafy paradise within Tulum, Mexico. Carefully sited to preserve nearly three-quarters of the existing jungle vegetation, the Jungle Keva is an environmentally friendly retreat that minimizes site impact and the use of plastics. Moreover, the hotel is built of locally sourced, natural materials that tie the building to the landscape. Designed to mirror the Tulum environment, Jungle Keva features five be...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Jungle, Carousel Showcase, Boutique Hotel, Natural Ventilation, Tulum, Locally Sourced Materials, Tulum Mexico, Peggy Guggenheim, Keva, Lodge, Minimal Site Impact, Natural Materials, Stucco

This cabin offers outstanding views of Oaxaca from a massive, cantilevering terrace

Nature-based refuges come in many shapes and forms, but this gorgeous cabin in Oaxaca manages to capture the serenity of its location thanks to a massive, cantilevering terrace in addition to two spacious rooftop terraces. Designed by Mexican firm LAMZ Arquitectura, the Teitipac Cabin features two interconnecting volumes that were made with reclaimed natural materials, including natural stone found on-site as well as reclaimed steel and wood. Located in the mountainous region of San Sebastián ...
Tags: Design, Mexico, Architecture, Gallery, Oaxaca, Reclaimed Materials, Cabin Design, Natural Materials, Eco Cabins, Low Impact Design, Rooftop Terraces, Mexican Architecture, Low Impact Cabins, Country Cabins, LAMZ Arquitectura, Teitipac Cabin

Solar-powered home puts an eco-friendly twist on the farmhouse vernacular

When architect Paul O’Reilly of the Australian architectural practice archterra was asked by his mother to design a modern farmhouse, he delivered a handsome dwelling that not only takes inspiration from traditional barn architecture, but also deftly addresses the region’s climatic extremes with its site-specific, energy-efficient build. Aptly named the Farm House, the roughly 2,000-square-foot abode features a gabled roofline, a veranda and timber cladding to mimic traditional barns, while th...
Tags: Design, Australia, Architecture, Gallery, House, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Carousel Showcase, Recycled Materials, Farmhouse, Rainwater Collection, Rammed Earth, Bush, Margaret River, Farm House, Energy Efficient

Adobe brick combines with wood in a low-carbon villa in Chiang Mai

Architectural practice Chiangmai Life Architects has completed a striking villa that blends elements of traditional Thai architecture together with environmentally savvy construction practices and modern amenities fit for 21st-century living. Located in the mountains of northern Thailand, the project, dubbed the ‘Earth & Wood Villa,’ was built primarily of locally sourced natural materials from the self-made adobe bricks to the exposed timber elements throughout. In addition to mountain vistas,...
Tags: Design, Thailand, Architecture, Gallery, Bamboo, Chiang Mai, Sustainable Materials, Thermal Insulation, Natural Ventilation, Earth Walls, Locally Sourced Materials, Natural Materials, Natural Stone, Chiangmai Life Architects, Thai Architecture, Adobe Architecture

Solar-powered Dutch home brings the coastal woods indoors

Dutch design studio Natrufied Architecture has embedded a solar-powered home into the coastal woods in the old artist town of Bergen, the Netherlands. Dubbed Bosvilla, the 4,305-square-foot abode is built with a variety of timbers, inside and out, that combine with floor-to-ceiling triple glazing to create an environment that feels like an extension of the outdoors. For energy efficiency, the architects blanketed the building with a green roof, used highly insulated materials and installed 35 s...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Energy Efficiency, Solar Panels, Solar Power, Forest Stewardship Council, FSC, The Netherlands, Carousel Showcase, Natural Light, Bergen, Woodstock, Green Roof, Forest Stewardship Council FSC, Bike Storage

Modern timber winery blends Japanese and Viennese influences

Wien-based architecture practice Architects Collective used innovative timber construction for the contemporary Nett Winery in the Pfalz wine region of Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany. Unlike traditional wine cellars that typically feature massive walls or industrial steel, this new winery features comparatively lightweight construction using ecological materials, including a wooden outer shell and an inner structure of pumice-concrete. Inspired by Japanese architecture and Viennese moderni...
Tags: Design, Germany, Architecture, Gallery, Wine, British Columbia, Winery, Carousel Showcase, Timber Architecture, Wien, Shou Sugi, Neustadt, Natural Materials, Winemaking, Shou Sugi Ban, Origami-like Architecture

11 ways to be more self-sufficient in the new year

Self-sufficient living is all about providing for your own needs— and the needs of your household— without resources or help from the outside. To become more self-sufficient, you need knowledge and skills, plus motivation and a spirit of independence. The reasons for living a self-sufficient lifestyle can be political, social or personal, but whatever the motivation may be, learning how to become self-sufficient can offer a feeling of security, even in the event of a disaster. There isn’t a han...
Tags: Food, Garden, Gardening, Design, Cook, Food Storage, Debt, Features, Plastic, Sewing, Bright Ideas, Green Living, Natural Cleaners, Emergency Kit, Clean Eating, Natural Materials

An old post office is reborn as a bright and breezy beach house

A former post office has been revived as a bright and breezy beach house in Breamlea, Australia. Designed by St. Kilda-based design firm OOF! Architecture, the modern makeover—dubbed the Green Shutter House—was created for clients who had already adapted the post office into a home but were frustrated with the building’s lack of connection with the outdoors. The renovation process opened the front of the house up to waterfront views while introducing more natural light and ventilation to the in...
Tags: Design, Australia, Post Office, Architecture, Gallery, Copenhagen, Beach, Wetlands, St Kilda, Carousel Showcase, Recycled Materials, Salvaged Materials, Green Renovation, Shutter, Plywood, Adaptive Reuse

Eco-friendly guesthouse in Brazil sports a green roof and rammed earth walls

In continuation of its work on the eco-conscious Camburi community center, Sao Paulo-based architecture firm CRU! architects recently completed the Guesthouse Paraty, a sustainable social building project that provided construction jobs and training to the local community. To minimize the environmental impact of the building, the architects used natural materials sourced locally, from red earth excavated on site to the tree trunks and bamboo cut from the surrounding forest. The guesthouse was a...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Brazil, Bamboo, Sao Paulo, Carousel Showcase, Green Architecture, Rammed Earth, Paraty, Locally Sourced Materials, Cru, Black Earth, Granite, Green Wall, Cross-ventilation

A stone barn is transformed into a modern, energy-conscious home in Verona

Milan-based architecture practice Studio Wok has revamped a historic stone barn into a contemporary country home using environmentally friendly materials and design choices. Located in the small parish of Chievo in the west of Verona, Italy, the adaptive reuse project carefully respects the architectural heritage of the site while tastefully bringing the residence up to modern living standards. The result is a charming dwelling filled with natural light, warm timber surfaces and framed views of...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Italy, Verona, Vicenza, Countryside, Chievo, Green Renovation, Natural Light, Adaptive Reuse, Larch, Verona Italy, Stone, Locally Sourced Materials, Stone Barn

Low-budget, bioclimatic home boasts a minimal energy footprint in Costa Rica

When clients Luis and Marce approached design collective YUSO proyectos for their new home in Costa Rica, they already had a very clear idea of what they wanted. First and foremost, the clients wanted the concept of “honesty” to define not only the design and construction process, but also the final appearance and function of the bioclimatic home. As a result, the site-specific project — dubbed the Esparza House — is primarily built from natural materials with minimal and natural finishes. Loc...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Wood, Costa Rica, Carousel Showcase, Passive Design, San Rafael, Luis, Low Carbon Footprint, Bioclimatic, Wastewater Treatment, Bioclimatic Architecture, Elevated Architecture, Natural Materials, Marce

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