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Karen O + Danger Mouse: Woman

In conjunction with news of forthcoming joint album Prima Lux, Karen O and Danger Mouse share a raucous track titled “Woman.” An infectious, drum-driven pulse anchors the tune. Karen O shines, as always, but it’s a delightful blend of both artists—bringing out the best of their sonic evolutions. Prima Lux is set for a 15 March release, via BMG.
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Daste: Sober

Fusing lo-fi funk with wavy alternative, Daste’s “Sober” is an ode to giving someone your undivided attention. The Australian trio (signed to Mammal Sounds) may not be referencing drugs or alcohol, but rather the millions of other distractions that invade intimate situations. “I know you’re feeling like I’m in my head all the time / Cause when you tell me about your day-to-day I don’t …
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Agoria feat. Blasé: You’re Not Alone

Accompanied by a stunning video treatment directed by Latin Grammy Award-winner Hernan Corera, Agoria (aka Sebastien Devaud) releases a new single titled “You’re Not Alone,” featuring French singer Blasé. It’s an entrancing tune about promises between two people—and the distances they’ll go for one another. In the otherworldly video, the song acts as an appropriate soundtrack for a cross-desert ride, intimate moments between lovers and crowded, …
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Panda Bear: Token

The last few years have seen the 10th anniversary celebrations of two milestone Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox) albums—first, his acclaimed solo work Person Pitch (2007) and then the Animal Collective commercial darling Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009). Now Lennox is gearing up for a new solo release, Buoys, and both the debut single and the latest release “Token” continue to stoke excitement. Directed by, and featuring …
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Amaal: Not What I Thought

Setting a break-up ballad against the bleak, beautiful landscapes of Iceland always seems to yield success. Toronto-based Amaal does so in “Not What I Thought,” to striking result. Director Sean Brown casts intimate close-ups against shots of sheer alienation. A mood is built through the visuals that complements Amaal’s vocal grace. The track is the recording artist’s first from a forthcoming EP.
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Nick Waterhouse: Song For Winners

With the same energy and growl he’s become known for, Nick Waterhouse returns with “Song For Winners.” Accompanying the track is the announcement of a self-titled LP coming 8 March on Innovative Leisure and a US tour. This tune in particular—with crackling drums and frustrated vocals—is accentuated by its ending: almost a full minute breakdown featuring drums, saxophone and electric guitar.
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Cochemea: All My Relations

Born from collective writing sessions and improvisation, Cochemea Gastelum’s “All My Relations” delivers nothing short of a transcendent jazz experience. Blended with indigenous-influenced rhythms, the track acts as a beautiful meditation on Gastelum’s Yaqui and Mescalero Apache Indian ancestry. A saxophonist with the Dap Kings, Gastelum crafted the track—and others on the album—during the last year of the iconic band’s tour with Sharon Jones. This album, also called All My …
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Lizzo: Juice

Once again Lizzo has blended various genres for an effortlessly perfect pop song that celebrates self-love. With elements of funk and soul, the track has a distinctly retro vibe—spurred on by its ’80s-inflected music video. Directed by Quinn Wilson, the clip pays homage to everything from the Soul Glo commercials in Coming to America to workout tapes, talk shows and infomercials.
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Naomi Banks’ Farewell to 2018 Playlist For COOL HUNTING

The London-based singer selects songs by SAFIA, Kehlani, Blossom and more Fusing genres, London-based Naomi Banks released her debut EP Deja Vu last month and it’s a lush, immersive soundscape blending jazz, electronic, neo-soul and more. Emotive and tender, powerful and soaring, Banks’ songs strike a heartstring. “I think people listen to music and lyrics so differently, which makes it difficult to create something that will be …
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The Raconteurs: Now That You’re Gone

Back with their first transmission in 10 years, The Raconteurs—a band comprised of Jack White, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler—have released a pair of singles that will appear on their currently untitled 2019 album. Their reunion was announced earlier this year, but the singles—”Sunday Driver” and “Now That You’re Gone”—are proof the plan is still in motion. The latter of the two—both of which …
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Saba feat. theMIND: SIRENS

“SIRENS,” the second half of the track “BUSY/SIRENS” from Saba’s album Care for Me, is a poignant portrayal of misaccused black men. “Riding through the city / I’m young, I’m black, I’m guilty / I know one time wanna kill / They don’t know me but they fear me,” he begins his first verse. With cutting cadence, Saba tackles topics ranging from police brutality to racial profiling …
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Charlotte Gainsbourg: Bombs Away

From Take 2, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s sundry five-track EP, “Bombs Away” rides on dance floor-ready synth waves. Gainsbourg’s vocals—and the narrative lyrics—set a tone of curious immediacy. The track, which was produced by SebastiAn, joins a cover of Kanye West’s “Runaway,” a live version of Gainsbourg’s hit “Deadly Valentine,” and two other new songs on the EP—one that demonstrate the depth of the singer’s vision and (bilingual) capabilities.
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Bill Baird: Mosquito

With “Mosquito,” Bill Baird lays his latest rhythmic track atop mesmerizing, repetitious visuals in a music video of his own production and direction. The song is pulled from Owl, Baird’s most recent release with the Los Angeles art collective Arthur King Presents. The reflective nature of the song—underscored by the symbolism in the video—goes deeper than the insect and into more psychological territory.
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Woman’s Hour: Don’t Speak

Both a return and a break-up announcement, “Don’t Speak” marks two milestones for UK band Woman’s Hour. Drawn from their forthcoming second (and final) album Ephyra, the track’s beauty lies in delicate melodies and dream-pop hypnotism. With choreography and performances by Anders Hayward and Ellis Saul in the music video, it’s a stunning reintroduction to a band that will leave listeners with much to love.
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Feng Suave: Venus Flytrap

From Amsterdam-based Feng Suave, “Venus Flytrap” is a beautifully slow-moving track. With psychedelic and indie influences, the intricacies of the song are the high points; be it subtle chirping of birds or lyrics detailing a love story told through the eyes of a bug trapped in the mouth of a Venus Flytrap. The result is a dreamy, sun-drenched tune.
Tags: Music, Design, Culture, Amsterdam, Indie, Listenup, New Music, Venus Flytrap, Psychedelic, Feng Suave, Feng Suave Venus Flytrap

Art Of Tones: Have Fun For a Little

From their recently released LP Unbalanced, Art Of Tones (aka Ludovic Llorca) “Have Fun For a Little” is an uplifting track made for the dance floor. Blending deep house, disco and funk, the French artist has crafted an infectious bop—complete with glossy production. Sparkly and warm, it’s a very satisfying tune.
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Jacob Collier feat. Laura Mvula: Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep

“Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep” is a sprawling tune conducted by Jules Buckley and performed by Jacob Collier, Laura Mvula and the Metropole Orkest. With its vast harmonies, the whimsical song transcends traditional constraints and is more of a soundscape. The single, from Collier’s forthcoming album Djesse (Vol 1.), highlights his talents as an instrumentalist and vocalist with incredible potential.
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The Natvral: Home

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart’s Kip Berman—working under the solo moniker The Natvral—dropped a debut solo EP earlier this year. From it, the heartfelt track “Home” now gets a music video, directed by Remy Holwick. From upturned roses and an all-around pink palate, there’s over-the-top folk nostalgia here—and it works with a wink to the audience.
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Private Agenda: Instinct

From the four-track EP Affection, Private Agenda‘s “Instinct” layers reverb vocals on top of heavy synth for a breezy, infectious result. With a languid bass line, the infectious synth-pop tune glides along—sprinkled with disco elements throughout.
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Christine and the Queens: Kiss It Better / Wuthering Heights

For her BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performance, Christine and the Queens (aka Héloïse Letissier) has managed to weave together two important tracks by iconic pop singers, and create something entirely transcendent. Her cover of Rihanna’s “Kiss it Better” contains smatterings of Kate Bush’s 1978 masterpiece “Wuthering Heights,” all in a minimal, funk-inflected package. A mash-up never sounded quite so exquisite.
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Ex:Re: Romance

With “Romance,” Elena Tonra—lead singer of acclaimed English indie-folk act Daughter—makes her solo debut as Ex:Re (pronounced ex ray). Tonra’s beautiful vocals, which address the death and finality of romance, move trance-like through the altogether muted track. There’s intimacy to the effort that receives visual support through an Antonia Luxem-directed music video, where Tonra can be found twirling alone through a smokey dance floor. Ex:Re’s debut album …
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A$AP Rocky: Sundress

Fresh off the buzz from his 2018 release, TESTING, comes A$AP Rocky’s Kevin Parker-infused and Danger Mouse-produced track titled “Sundress.” The song samples Tame Impala‘s “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?” from the full-length debut Innerspeaker. The upbeat track is anchored by the sample, but its highest points are Rocky’s chorus and his heartbroken verse—which is reflected in the video’s choose-your-adventure-style love story directed by Frank Lebon.
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Listen Up

From a transcendent acoustic rework to a dance-worthy remix and beyond, our weekly musical round-up serpentwithfeet: bless ur heart (acoustic) Brooklyn-based artist serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah Wise) breathes new life into “bless ur heart” with a just-released acoustic rendition. From Wise’s LP soil, the original and highly theatrical track sheds its layers as Wise lets his delicate vocals rise in a tender, moving and transcendent way. Your Smith: The Spot (Young & …
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serpentwithfeet: bless ur heart (acoustic)

Brooklyn-based artist serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah Wise) breathes new life into “bless ur heart” with a just-released acoustic rendition. From Wise’s LP soil, the original and highly theatrical track sheds its layers as Wise lets his delicate vocals rise in a tender, moving and transcendent way.
Tags: Music, Design, Culture, Brooklyn, Listenup, Acoustic, New Music, Wise, Serpentwithfeet, Josiah Wise, LGBTQ Community, LGBTQ Artists

Your Smith: The Spot (Young & Sick Remix)

Your Smith (aka LA-based singer/songwriter Caroline Smith) released her debut EP, Bad Habit, earlier this year and much of its thoughtful, playful ethos and sonic palette honestly remind one of Sheryl Crow’s debut Tuesday Night Music Club. Dutch artist Young & Sick took EP-standout and lead single “The Spot” and gave it a disco-driven, dance-worthy remix. It’s an uptempo cocktail party track that will have hips …
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SG Lewis feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs: Dusk

London-based SG Lewis (aka Sam Lewis) has just released another enthralling track, this time teaming up with fellow British DJ/producer and vocalist Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for “Again.” The song is from the second chapter of Lewis’ three-part concept album Dusk, Dark, Dawn and is a textured electronic track that’s a little heavier than the releases from Dusk. Still, it’s warm and rich—thanks in part to the tender …
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Regina Spektor: Birdsong

Regina Spektor drapes serpentine vocals atop fingerpicked acoustic guitar to form “Birdsong.” This latest track from the singer and multi-instrumentalist appears in an episode of the new Matthew Weiner show The  Romanoffs on Amazon Prime. It’s brief, clocking in under two minutes, but uses every moment for a considered beauty that’s undeniably Spektor.
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Listen Up

Neo-soul, blues, hip-hop, pop and more in this week's bops King Princess: Pussy is God With equal parts sweetness and swagger, King Princess (aka Mikaela Straus) has crafted an incredibly satisfying and infectious bop with “Pussy is God.” The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer’s new track is glittery and polished, with plenty of synths and boom-bap percussion, but shies away from becoming overly saccharine or twee. It’s a delightfully catchy, perky pop song …
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Panda Bear: Dolphin

In typical Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox) style, his new song “Dolphin” is delightfully oddball. Complete with droplet sounds, the gentle psych-pop tune is led by acoustic guitars and Lennox’s delicate vocals. Without any real hook, the track will appear on the upcoming album Buoys, which Lennox co-produced and co-mixed with Rusty Santos.
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Earl Sweatshirt: Nowehere2go

After plenty of teasing and a three-year hiatus, Earl Sweatshirt (aka Thebe Kgositsile) has released “Nowhere2go”—a noisy, experimental track produced by Adé Hakim Sayyad. Kgositsile’s growth as an artist is evident in the ways that he finds his place on the track—fittingly, he raps about finding friendship and relief, and coming out on the other side of dark times.
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