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Artistic Director – New York City Gay Men’s Chorus

The AD will devise and implement an innovative, transformational, and relevant artistic strategy. The strategy will be in line with the mission, vision, and values as a leading organization within the field of LGBTQ performing arts in New York as well as nationally and internationally. OrganizationBig Apple Performing Arts (BAPA) is an LGBTQ-identified organization that serves as the nonprofit umbrella management company for New York City Gay Men’s Chorus (NYCGMC), Youth Pride Chorus, the ...
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Watching Two New York City Ballet Dancers Get Ready To Star In ‘Sleeping Beauty’ For The First Time

Anthony Huxley (the Prince): “For me [the difficult thing] always is the acting and being a presence onstage … because I’m not a natural projector with my face.” Indiana Woodward (Aurora): “The suitors are all rooting for you. They’re all like [whispers]: ‘You can do it. You can do it.’ I’m like, ‘Help.'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York City, Dance, First Time, Anthony Huxley, 02.19.19, Indiana Woodward Aurora

Climate twins: which city will your city feel like in 2080?

The phrase “global warming” gets tossed around a lot, but do we really understand what it means and how it will feel? In the groundbreaking Paris Agreement, 195 countries agreed to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius — but how will those 2 degrees really affect our lives? A new study in Nature links 540 U.S. cities to other cities with a current climate that is similar to how those cities will feel in 60 years. As CityLab’s Robinson Meyer explained, the study takes each city and finds “th...
Tags: Weather, Design, News, Climate Change, Washington, New York City, Environment, Urban, Global Warming, Cities, Arkansas, Paris, Heat, Philadelphia, Memphis, Southern California

The Minnow: a photography exhibition

This will be my first solo photography exhibition in New York City. It’s a group of images I’ve wanted to share for a while, all of which were taken on August 31st 2017 at Nauset Beach, Cape Cod between 11:18 am and 1:33 pm. Feb 28th 6-10PM – Seven House...Read more »
Tags: Art, New York City, Exhibition, Nauset Beach Cape Cod

Weekend Extra: Meet The Mrudangam

There may be a longshot chance that you are unfamiliar with the mrudangam. It is a South Indian percussion instrument that Rajna Swaminathan has introduced into American music since she became a part of the New York City jazz community in 2011. – Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, New York City, Ajblogs, 02.14.19, Rajna Swaminathan

Programming Manager, Joyce Theatre

The Joyce Theater Foundation, Inc. among the world’s best presentation for venues for dance, seeks Programming Manager. Reports to Director of Programming. The Programming Manager will: Work closely with Director of Programming, in coordination with Production, School and Family Programs, Marketing, Finance, and other departments as needed, to manage all engagement related logistics for an approximately 48-week annual performance seasonCollect and disseminate information regarding progr...
Tags: Art, Jobs, New York City, Chelsea, Lincoln Center, Joyce Theater, Joyce Theater Foundation Inc, Joyce, Joyce Theatre, Joyce Theater Foundation, Aaron Mattocks

Neil Gaiman Reads His Manifesto on Making Art: Features the 10 Things He Wish He Knew As a Young Artist

I think you're absolutely allowed several minutes, possibly even half a day to feel very, very sorry for yourself indeed. And then just start making art. - Neil Gaiman It’s a bit early in the year for commencement speeches, but fortunately for lifelong learners who rely on a steady drip of inspiration and encouragement, author Neil Gaiman excels at putting old wine in new bottles. He repurposed his keynote address to Philadelphia's University of the Arts’ Class of 2012 for Art Matter...
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Clean, On Time and Rat-Free: 9 International Transit Systems With Lessons for New York

From Tokyo to Zurich, readers told us how New York’s subway compares with the public transportation in their cities (spoiler alert: not well).
Tags: Art, Japan, New York, News, Germany, Subways, New York City, United States, Tokyo, Buses, Zurich, Railroads, Great Britain, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, London (England, Travel and Vacations

Call Me Madam - Bright, Bouncy, and at times creaky

Reviewed by Judd Hollander Given the state of things in the world today, one would think the time would be prefect for a revival of the 1950 Broadway musical, Call Me Madam. The show currently being given a such treatment as part of the Encores! series at New York City Center . With a score by Irving Berlin, a book by Howard Lindsay & Russel Crouse, and starring Ethel Merman, this gentle political satire originally ending up running for a total of 644 performances. In ...
Tags: Congress, Berlin, New York City, Theatre, Washington Dc, Maria, Cosmo, Kenneth, Berman, Sally, Ike, U S, Lauren Worsham, Ethel Merman, Irving Berlin, Ben Davis

The Modern’s Monkey 47 Table-Side Gibson

One of the best cocktails in the city, prepared at your table New York City has no shortage of theatrical cocktail venues or bartenders with a penchant for performance. And, of course, there are so many signature drinks around the globe that come ablaze or garnished with their own garden for pure spectacle. That’s not what The Modern‘s Monkey 47 Gibson represents. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. …
Tags: Design, Alcohol, New York City, Cocktails, Gin, Food + Drink, Moma, Gibson, Classic Cocktails, Monkey 47, The Modern

Download Free Coloring Books from 113 Museums

One can only color so many floral-trimmed affirmations before one begins to crave something slightly more perverse. An emaciated, naked, anthropomorphized mandrake root, say or… Thy wish is our command, but be prepared to hustle, because today is the final day of Color Our Collections, a compellingly democratic initiative on the part of the New York Academy of Medicine. Since 2016, the Academy has made an annual practice of inviting other libraries, archives, and cultural institutions around th...
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In This Manhattan Apartment, Every Room Is a Testament to Japanese Tradition

The artist Hiroshi Sugimoto’s first architectural project in New York City is a defiant celebration of a bygone age.
Tags: Tea, Art, News, New York City, Manhattan, Ny, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Culture (Arts, Interior Design and Furnishings, Central Park (Manhattan

IKEA Will Begin Testing a Furniture Subscription Model

Remember Kamarq from last year's NYCxDesign? If not, here's a dramatic refresher. Besides all the sneaky copying, Kamarq was onto something with their furniture subscription service geared towards city-dwelling millennials...Now, less than a year later, IKEA will be adopting a similar furniture leasing program as they aim to move towards a circular business model that reuses and prolongs the lifespan of their furniture. Eventually, the company hopes to offer scalable subscription services, meani...
Tags: Design, New York City, Ikea, Manhattan, Furniture Design, Design News, Kamarq

20 Most Influential Graphic Design Companies From Around the World

Graphic design is a notoriously competitive field and it can be tough for companies to stand out. But, at least twenty graphic design firms from around the world have proven to be the best in their field, with gorgeous portfolios filled with impressive clients and prominent design campaigns. These are the design firms that clients with virtually unlimited budgets turn to when they need a brand identity, packaging design, or help with other types of design. These design firms drive graphic desig...
Tags: Apple, Startups, New York, Design, London, Jimmy Kimmel, Berlin, New York City, Inspiration, Samsung, Sales, San Francisco, Entrepreneurs, Spain, Barcelona, Chicago

Korean Ingredients at NYC’s Reception Bar

The zero-proof section of the cocktail menu is a particular reason to visit From the outside, newcomer Reception Bar looks like yet another drinking hole in NYC‘s Lower East Side—fitted with floating orb lights, shades of peach and timber, plants in the circular windows and curved doorways. But one night exploring the menu proves Reception Bar is a sanctuary for people tired of classic cocktails or even alcohol …
Tags: Design, NYC, Alcohol, New York City, Bars, Cocktails, Korean, Les, Food + Drink, Lower East Side, Alcohol-free, Korean Cocktails

Why I Have High Hopes for Snarkitecture's Upcoming Permanent Exhibition Space, Snark Park 

Here in New York City (specifically SoHo), we've seen dozens of popup "museums" come and go as quickly as documentation that they even existed in the first place filters through and disappears on Instagram feeds. There's been a Rosé, "Mansion", a bubble tea "experience" (just drink a bubble tea, there's your experience), and a Color "Factory". Even Refinery29's 29Rooms managed to feel less like an art installation and more like a branded photo-op this year. What we like to think started off as g...
Tags: Design, Instagram, New York City, Exhibitions, Soho, Hudson Yards, Snarkitecture, Ben Porto, Snark Park, Alex Mustonen Daniel Arsham

If New York City Wants To Landmark The Strand Bookstore (Against Its Owner’s Wishes), Just What Will That Protect?

“The Landmarks Preservation Commission exists to safeguard ‘the buildings and places that represent New York City’s cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history.’ But this is not the same thing as safeguarding the city’s cultural, social, economic and political heritage. The emphasis is on buildings and places, not what takes place inside them.” — The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York City, Issues, Landmarks Preservation Commission, 01.30.19

Americans For The Arts Expands Programs For Cultural Equity And Diversity In Arts Leadership

This year the organization will extend its 25-year-old Diversity in Arts Leadership program beyond New York City to New Jersey and Iowa, launch an Arts & Cultural Equity Fellows program in the Great Lakes region, create an Arts & Culture Leaders of Color Network, and begin a 3-day retreat called the Leaders of Color Forum. — Americans for the Arts
Tags: Art, New York City, Iowa, New Jersey, Great Lakes, Issues, Sj1, 01.28.19, Color Network

Studio Swine Plays with Plasma to Capture the Sublime at A/D/O

Old warehouses glancing towards the East River have shifted into artist lofts, cafes and installation studios. Outside these warehouses, surprisingly clean and empty streets vibrate for blocks with the invisible creativity happening behind closed doors. One of these spaces, A/D/O by MINI, recently unveiled the six-month culmination of Studio Swine's residency, an exhibition that investigates the unseen: Wave. Particle. Duplex.Studio Swine (Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers) is made u...
Tags: New York, Design, Milan, New York City, Fine Art, Greenpoint, East River, Greenpoint Brooklyn, Azusa Murakami, Alexander Groves

The Wally Shop is bringing zero-waste grocery delivery to Brooklyn

Zero-waste grocery delivery has made its way to Brooklyn. The Wally Shop is attempting to change the grocery game by delivering local, organic produce from farmers markets and bulk stores to customers. The food is placed in packaging that the company later picks up and reuses. The new delivery service wants to help with the global waste problem and reduce addiction to single-use plastic by making sustainable grocery shopping more convenient. The idea came from Wally Shop founder and CEO Tamara ...
Tags: Design, News, Groceries, Boston, New York City, Environment, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Zero Waste, Sustainable, Grocery Delivery, Product, Eat & Drink, Lim, Amazon Related, Zero-waste Movement

Director of Marketing and Communications – OPERA America

OPERA America, the national nonprofit service organization for opera, headquartered at the National Opera Center in midtown New York City, seeks an innovative and collaborative institutional marketer to lead the organization’s outward-facing identity. OPERA America’s strategic plan, in alignment with its 50th anniversary in 2019–2020, positions the organization as an authoritative source of information for the breadth of stakeholders in opera. The organization is looking for an imaginative ...
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Embr Wave Helps Your Body Temperature Stay Regulated Both Indoors and Outdoors

If you're in New York City right now—or any other city experiencing extreme drops in temperature—you know how it goes: One day the winter chill is tolerable, then the next you're wearing three jackets, two beanies, and a scarf wrapped around your entire face except your eyes. And then the next day, you're sick as a dog. Yes, heated jackets are a solution to staying warm and ditching a few layers, but what about when you ride overly heated public transportation or when you get to the office and y...
Tags: Design, New York City, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Embr, Sam Shames, Embr Wave

Solar-powered home embraces Hudson River views and aging in place

Wanting to reconnect with the outdoors after decades of living in Manhattan, a couple nearing retirement asked New York-based architecture firm Resolution: 4 Architecture to design a contemporary home in the northern suburbs of New York City that would take full advantage of a waterfront site. Located on one of Croton-on-Hudson’s highest overlooks, the resulting design features an elevated profile that appears to float above the trees and boasts panoramic views of the Hudson River through walls...
Tags: New York, Design, New York City, Architecture, Gallery, Manhattan, Solar Energy, Solar Panels, Solar Power, Quebec, Hudson, Hudson River, Waterfront, White Oak, Croton, IPE

Tools & Craft #125: Book Recommendations for Those Who Like Making Things

I read a lot and I firmly believe that no matter how indispensable a YouTube video, a blog, or a magazine article can be, the long form of writing - a book - can both entertain and educate the way no other media can. Here is a short list of books that we stock, old and new that I think are worth reading. Now actually I think all the books we stock are worth reading, but I particularly wanted to highlight some personal favorites. I'm including some of the many new books we stock along with som...
Tags: New York, Design, New York City, Book Reviews, Brooklyn, Estonia, Robert, Peter Nicholson, Joel, Hayward, Carpenter, Joiner, Fire Department, John Brown, Eric Sloane, Christopher Schwarz

Librarian Honors a Dying Tree by Turning It Into a Little Free Library

And then she said to Annika, "Why don't you feel in that old tree stump? One practically always finds things in old tree stumps."  - Pippi Longstocking, Astrid Lindgren  Remember that other classic of children's literature, wherein a boy runs from the city to a secluded mountain, taking up residence in an old tree he hollows into a cozy shelter? Public librarian and artist Sharalee Armitage Howard’s Little Free Library is a bit like that, except there was no running involved. When the ve...
Tags: Google, Books, Design, College, New York City, Creativity, Idaho, K-12, Libraries, Reddit, Howard, Facebook Twitter, Beatrix Potter, Little Free Library, Pippi Longstocking, Pippi Longstocking Astrid Lindgren

Vintage Geological Maps Get Turned Into 3D Topographical Wonders

What good is an old-fashioned map in the age of apps? One need not be a mountaineer, geoscientist, or civil engineer to get the topographical lay of the land with a speed and accuracy that would have blown Lewis and Clark’s minds’ right through the top of the lynx and otter toppers they took to wearing after their standard issue army lids wore out. There’s still something to be said for the old ways, though. Graphic designer Scott Reinhard has all the latest technological advances at his di...
Tags: Google, Maps, Design, Technology, College, New York City, History, United States, K-12, Jason Kottke, Lewis, Facebook Twitter, Clark, U S Geological Survey USGS, U S Geological Survey, Hoosier State

The Musical Instruments in Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights Get Brought to Life, and It Turns Out That They Sound “Painful” and “Horrible”

Welcome to The Garden of Earthly Delights. You’ll find no angelic strings here. Those are reserved for first class citizens whose virtuous lives earned them passage to the uppermost heights. Down below, stringed instruments produce the most hellish sort of cacophony, a fitting accompaniment for the horn whose bell is befouled with the arm of a tortured soul. How do we know that's what they sounded like? A group of musicologists, craftspeople and academics from the Bate Collection of Musical...
Tags: Google, Art, Music, Comedy, College, New York City, Religion, Museums, University of Oxford, Lamb, Slayer, Bosch, Facebook Twitter, Hieronymus Bosch, Ayun Halliday, Andrew Lamb


Exhibition: Fleur Noire Exhibit Description: One of New York City’s finest tattoo studios, Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour, is organizing its first ever Pop-Up Art Exhibition in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where a large percentage of sales will be donated to benefit a good cause. Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase a...Read more »
Tags: Art, New York City, Exhibition, Williamsburg Brooklyn, Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour

Fascinatin' Rhythm

When I wrote my history book, Strike Up the Band, I had two primary agendas. One was to reject the premise of all other musical theatre history books, that the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical was the pinnacle of the art form. It wasn't. The other agenda was to include in the story of our art form all the people of color, the women, the people with disabilities who helped shape the American musical theatre but get left out of almost all history books. I hope I did a decent job of re-balancing our ...
Tags: New York, Cook, Musicals, Boston, Berlin, New York City, Theatre, America, New Jersey, Broadway, African American, Manhattan, Theater, Johnson, Black, Chinatown

Tools & Craft #123: The Future of Furniture, Part 5 - Forming Sheet Goods

I think it is fair to say that most furniture is made of solid wood or sheet goods - the latter being plywood, melamine, or MDF, depending on budget and design considerations. As discussed in the last blog, cutting sheets goods accurately and with a clean, ready-to-glue edge isn't trivial, and it's a real roadblock for a lot of beginners who are just trying to build their first pieces of useful furniture.The obvious solution is to use a table saw, panel saw, or a portable saw and rail system ...
Tags: Design, New York City, Noah, Brooklyn, Ikea, Joel, MDF, CNC, Joel Moskowitz, Custom IKEA, Tools for Working Wood, Gramercy Tools, Tools & Craft, Noah Grossman, Alec Gessner

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