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VIDEO: New York City Ballet Releases Short Film THIS BITTER EARTH

New York City Ballet just released a short film entitled This Bitter Earth. [Author: Stage Tube]
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New York City Ballet Announces Cancellation Of 2020 Spring Season 

New York City Ballet has cancelled its 2020 Spring Season which was scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 21 and continue for six weeks, through Sunday, May 31, at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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More And More Men Are Dancing On Pointe

And it’s not just the Trockaderos and Cinderella’s mean stepsisters, either. Gilbert Bolden of New York City Ballet, James Whiteside of ABT, Bennet Gartside of The Royal Ballet, and Raffaele Morra of (yes) the Trocks talk about how and why guys dance on their toes. – Dance Spirit
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Amar Ramasar Is Not Leaving Broadway’s ‘West Side Story’. Neither Are The Protesters Who Want Him Fired

Ramasar, who was sacked from, and later rehired by, New York City Ballet following his role in the nude photo-sharing scandal at the company, is playing Bernardo in the new production by Ivo van Hove. Protesters at the theatre most nights, and their fellows on social media, want West Side Story‘s producers to fire Ramasar and for audience members to boo him; the producers say they’re not going to discipline him for an incident that happened somewhere else two years ago. Neither side seems incli...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Dance, Broadway, Ivo, New York City Ballet, Bernardo, Ramasar, Amar Ramasar, 02.19.20

The Solo Balanchine Made For Paul Taylor, Revived By New York City Ballet

“In his autobiography, Taylor said he had asked Balanchine if there was any way it should be performed. His reply: ‘Is like fly in glass of milk, yes?'” City Ballet soloist Jovani Furlan learned the dance, titled Variations, from Paul Frame (who learned it from Taylor); Furlan has now taught it to, and is alternating performances with, Michael Trusnovec, long the star dancer in Taylor’s own company. Gia Kourlas interviews them both. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Taylor, Paul Taylor, New York City Ballet, Balanchine, Jovani Furlan, Gia Kourlas, Furlan, Michael Trusnovec, 02.04.20

Protests Against The New ‘West Side Story’ For Hiring A Dancer (Briefly) Fired From City Ballet For Sexual Harassment

Sure, there’s been a lot of buzz around this Ivan van Hove production, with new choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. But: “There’s another buzz gathering around the show—and not because two dancers’ injuries forced the postponement of opening night from Feb. 6 to Feb. 20. It is instead the controversy over the production’s choice to cast dancer/actor Amar Ramasar as Bernardo. Ramasar was fired from New York City Ballet in 2018 for sharing aggressively lewd text messages and nude photos a...
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Why There’s A Campaign To Boo Ballet Star Amar Ramasar In Broadway’s ‘West Side Story’

The fired-then-reinstated New York City Ballet principal was a figure in the company’s recent #MeToo scandal (and accompanying lawsuit). While City Ballet’s dancers and the company of West Side Story seem willing (at least publicly) to let Ramasar redeem himself, a number of others — including lawsuit plaintiff Alexandra Waterbury — are calling on audience members to boo him until the producers fire him from the show. – The Guardian
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Can Hip Hop Dance Show Hold A Whole Evening Off-Broadway?

“There’s a massive hole,” producer Lyndsay Magid Aviner said of the lack of urban dance on New York stages. Coming from the circus world, the Aviners said they believe there’s a broad audience for physical storytelling. Justin Peck’s popular 2017 work “The Times Are Racing” for New York City Ballet, danced in sneakers, convinced them that audiences would embrace the kind of work the Madrids are doing. Taking a cue from movement-based hits like “Blue Man Group,” “Stomp” and “Fuerza Bruta,...
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The Decalogue Deluxe Vinyl LP

Composed by Sufjan Stevens and played by Timo Andres, this ballet score for a Justin Peck-choreographed dance performance (which premiered with the New York City Ballet in 2017) impresses with its subtlety and emotion. Far from merely background music, the 10 tracks (referencing the collection’s title Decalogue, which means 10 commandments) dip, accelerate, crescendo, and sometimes even pause entirely to afford the performers solemnity. The …
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Artistic Director – Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

PITTSBURGH BALLET THEATRE (PBT) invites qualified candidates to submit applications to become its next Artistic Director. Serving in a co-leadership role with PBT’s Executive Director, the Artistic Director is responsible for conceiving, developing and implementing the artistic vision and focus of PBT and the PBT School – and, importantly, articulating this vision internally and more broadly to PBT’s community. The next Artistic Director will bring inspiration, creativity, and engagemen...
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Fashion and Dance Get Married

At the New York City Ballet’s Fashion Gala, premieres by Lauren Lovette (costumed by Zac Posen) and Edwaard Liang (costumed by Anna Sui). – Deborah Jowitt
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Executive Director – A.I.M (formerly Abraham in Motion)

A.I.M (formerly Abraham in Motion) seeks a dynamic Executive Director to partner with Artistic Director, Kyle Abraham, and the Board during an exciting period of growth and productivity. HISTORY AND BACKGROUND Founded in 2006 by choreographer Kyle Abraham, A.I.M (formerly Abraham.In.Motion) is a contemporary company of dancers from various disciplines and diverse personal backgrounds that makes and performs dance work exploring identity in relation to personal history. A.I.M works to c...
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Caught In The Middle Of #MeToo: When The Same Union Represents Accusers And Accused

The dismissal and subsequent reinstatement of dancer Amar Ramasar at New York City Ballet is the most high-profile of several recent cases where a performer was fired after a credible complaint of sexual misconduct and his union pressed for reinstatement and/or compensation — very much against the wishes of other union members, among whom were the objects of the misconduct. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Issues, New York City Ballet, Amar Ramasar, 05.17.19

How Suzanne Farrell Came Back To New York City Ballet, 26 Years After Peter Martins Fired Her

Amy Brandt, who danced in Farrell’s company in Washington, DC, talks with Farrell about her return to the troupe where she became a star, and watches her coach Sara Mearns and Russell Janzen in a piece that Balanchine choreographed on her: the “Diamonds” act of Jewels. – Pointe Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Washington Dc, Farrell, New York City Ballet, Balanchine, Suzanne Farrell, Sara Mearns, Peter Martins, Amy Brandt, Russell Janzen, 05.03.19

Why The Dancers’ Union Was Wrong To Push For Amar Ramasar’s And Zachary Catazaro’s Return To New York City Ballet

“In deciding to advocate for these two dancers, AGMA has not only sided with alleged offenders in multiple serious cases of degradation and sexual harassment, but has also sent a clear message to the whole dance community that the redemptive narrative of these male dancers is more important than the trust and safety of their female colleagues.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, New York City Ballet, Zachary Catazaro, Amar Ramasar, 04.24.19, AGMA

Creating A Ballet For The Met Museum Galleries

“As his work for seven dancers moves from darkness (the staid and somber Assyrian Court) to tranquility (the meditative Chinese Garden Court) and finally lightness (a bright court in the American Wing), [he] takes the audience on a journey laced with history and spirituality.” Gia Kourlas talks with New York City Ballet corps member Silas Farley about his new piece, Songs from the Spirit. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, New York City Ballet, GIA, 03.07.19, Chinese Garden Court, Silas Farley

Former Balanchine Dancer Sues Balanchine Trust And Its Founder (And She’s A Board Member)

“Susan Gluck, a trustee of the George Balanchine Trust, which administers the rights to perform Balanchine’s ballets, filed a petition Thursday … seeking a full accounting of the financial management of the trust. She danced [under Mr. B. at New York City Ballet] from 1978 to 1986.” Gluck petition charges that Barbara Horgan, for many years Balanchine’s secretary, “has leveraged the trust to consolidate her power … and maximize her income to the detriment of other trust beneficiaries.” – The Wa...
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Wendy Whelan And Jonathan Stafford Are New York City Ballet’s New Leaders

“Jonathan Stafford, 38, who has been running the company for more than a year on an interim basis, will become the new artistic director of City Ballet as well as its affiliated academy, the School of American Ballet. Wendy Whelan, 51, a star ballerina who danced with the company for 30 years, will become City Ballet’s associate artistic director. The two said they intended to work as partners.” – The New York Times
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New York City Ballet Moves To Get Alexandra Waterbury’s #MeToo Lawsuit Against It Dismissed

“‘Finlay’s sexual relations with (Waterbury) were not even remotely connected to his employment as a dancer for the Ballet,’ declared the court documents filed Wednesday. ‘Indeed, Plaintiff does not and could not allege that anything about Finlay’s job as a dancer required him to engage in a sexual relationship with her. … Even if the Ballet knew that Finlay had engaged in [‘partying and alcohol use’], they hardly suggest knowledge of a propensity for the distribution of intimate photographs al...
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Peter Martins Is Retired From New York City Ballet, But He Won’t Go Away

“More than a year after he left amid allegations of sexual harassment and physical and verbal abuse, he continues to make his presence felt in ways both big and small — including by ordering last-minute cast changes in performances of his ballets and showing up backstage after a show,” much to some dancers’ discomfort. – The New York Times
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Mel A. Tomlinson, Who Danced With Three Of America’s Great Ballet Companies, Dead At 65

A performer “of powerful, regal demeanor,” Tomlinson was a member, in turn, of Dance Theater of Harlem, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and New York City Ballet. He was most celebrated for his performance in the Balanchine-Stravinsky ballet Agon, which he learned from its originator, Arthur Mitchell, at DTH and from Mr. B. himself at NYCB. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, America, People, NYCB, New York City Ballet, Tomlinson, Arthur Mitchell, 02.13.19, Mel A Tomlinson, Balanchine Stravinsky

Pam Tanowitz Named First Choreographer In Residence At Bard Fisher Center

“For the position, a three-year residency to begin in February, Ms. Tanowitz will create three commissioned dances, including a collaboration with the New York City Ballet principal Sara Mearns; she will also develop a digital archive of her work.” — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, New York City Ballet, Sara Mearns, Tanowitz, Pam Tanowitz, 01.31.19, Bard Fisher Center

One Of New York City Ballet’s Most Atypical Dancers Takes On One Of Its Most Difficult Roles

“When he dances, he soars; in life, he swerves into self-doubt. Yet Mr. Stanley, a shy and self-effacing mixed-race 27-year-old gay man, has become one of the company’s most valued principals, both for his dancing and for what his presence means.” Gia Kourlas meets Stanley as he prepares to dance the title role in Balanchine’s Apollo. — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Stanley, New York City Ballet, Balanchine, Gia Kourlas, 01.17.19

On Balanchine’s ‘Apollo’ (Alastair Macaulay Is Back)

With observations from three New York City Ballet alumni who learned the title role from Mr. B himself, the recently-retired chief dance critic of The New York Times looks at what makes this ballet different from the rest of Balanchine’s oeuvre. — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, New York Times, New York City Ballet, Balanchine, 01.15.19

Watch Justin Peck’s Dance Films Choreographed On Some Of The Year’s Best Movie Actors

“Justin Peck, the New York City Ballet’s resident choreographer, created a series of dance films for the year’s best actors. The scenarios put everyday characters in familiar situations: packed into a subway car, stuck in a doctor’s office, caught in downpour. But once they start moving, the actors” — Julia Roberts, Toni Collette, Lakeith Stanfield, Glenn Close, Regina Hall, Yoo Ah-In, Ethan Hawke, Elsie Fisher, Yalitza Aparicio, and (together) Emma Stone, Olivia Colman, And Rachel Weisz — “tur...
Tags: Art, Dance, Rachel Weisz, New York City Ballet, Justin Peck, Emma Stone Olivia Colman, 12.05.18, Ethan Hawke Elsie Fisher Yalitza Aparicio

Toning Down The Asian Stereotypes In ‘Nutcracker’

Marie’s tour with the Nutcracker Prince in Act II includes, of course, Spanish chocolate, Arabian coffee, and Chinese tea. New York City Ballet is one of several companies that has rethought how those dances — tea, in particular — play to American audiences in the 21st century. To wit: out go the Fu Manchu mustache and pointy fingers.
Tags: Art, Dance, Marie, New York City Ballet, SJ, Fu Manchu, 11.13.18

Why Have Men In Ballet Gotten Away With Abuse? Hero Worship Plus Supply-And-Demand

“It’s like a cult,” says Alexandra Waterbury, the accuser at the center of the New York City Ballet nude photo-sharing scandal, of the deference that was given to the bad behavior of the likes of George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, and Peter Martins. As for why women don’t speak up and male dancers get a pass — as one former NYCB dancer puts it, “Women are a dime a dozen.”
Tags: Art, Dance, NYCB, New York City Ballet, Peter Martins, George Balanchine Jerome Robbins, Alexandra Waterbury, 11.02.18

Ballet Culture Is Finally Changing, Because It Has To: Two New York Times Critics Reflect On #MeToo And The City Ballet Lawsuit

A pair of essays, by Gia Kourlas on how New York City Ballet’s dancers are standing up for decency and respect rather than defending the behavior of their now-departed colleagues, and by Siobhan Burke, wondering why the union that’s supposed to represent all the dancers is fighting for the two who were fired rather than the colleagues they demeaned in their texts.
Tags: Art, Dance, New York Times, New York City Ballet, Siobhan Burke, Gia Kourlas, 10.18.18

New York City Ballet Promotes Dancers To Begin Rebuilding After Scandal

“New York City Ballet, which forced out three male stars this year after a nude-photo-sharing scandal, is replenishing its ranks: The company announced Saturday that it was promoting seven dancers, including Joseph Gordon, who was named a principal dancer.”
Tags: Art, Dance, New York City Ballet, Joseph Gordon, 10.13.18

‘City Ballet’s Bravura Sparkler,’ Joaquin De Luz, Is Ready For His Farewell

Marina Harss visits with the 42-year-old Spaniard ahead of his final performance with New York City Ballet, where he has spent 15 years.
Tags: Art, Dance, New York City Ballet, 10.09.18, Joaquin De Luz

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