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The Bauhaus Bookshelf: Download Original Bauhaus Books, Journals, Manifestos & Ads That Still Inspire Designers Worldwide

The Bauhaus, Barry Bergdoll writes in the New York Times of the German design school founded a century ago last month, "lasted just 14 years before the Nazis shut it down. And yet in that time it proved a magnet for much that was new and experimental in art, design and architecture — and for decades after, its legacy played an outsize role in changing the physical appearance of the daily world, in everything from book design to household lighting to lightweight furniture." Celebrations of the B...
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Power and publicity trump protection in large marine protected areas

Nations have just one more year to reach the global marine conservation goal to protect 10 percent of the world’s oceans by 2020. Although 7 percent is already legally protected, many new declarations are massive, offshore areas. Some conservationists argue these offshore achievements fail to protect more critical coastal waters and may even be aggressive ocean-grabs by colonial powers. The goal to legally protect 10 percent of the ocean was ratified under the Convention of Biological Diversity...
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"Does this dress make me look guilty?"

Anna Sorokin, the fake heiress accused of being a society scammer, was found guilty. There is an Instagram account devoted to her style in court. Our chief fashion critic @VVFriedman explains why courtroom fashion actually matters. — The New York Times (@nytimes) May 2, 2019 The linked article isn't just about Sorokin but about various celebrities making questionable courtroom fashion choices. Excerpt:And in 2011, during her trial for felony grand theft in Los Angeles, Lindsay Lohan garnered ...
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Amazon Is Offering To Pay New York Times, BuzzFeed, New York Magazine To Expand Abroad

The online-shopping juggernaut is reportedly in talks with those three outlets (and possibly others) “about deals that would reward them for expanding their international presence, specifically in consumer-oriented shopping sites” such as NYT’s Wirecutter and New York Media’s Strategist. – Vox
Tags: Amazon, Art, New York Times, Words, Issues, New York Media, 05.06.19

Director of Marketing and Communications – Shea’s Performing Arts Center

The Director of Marketing and Communications will manage all facets of marketing and public relations for Shea’s. This includes the strategic planning of marketing and audience development campaigns to achieve the financial goals for performances at all three campus venues. OrganizationLocated in Buffalo, New York, Shea’s Performing Arts Center (Shea’s) opened in 1926 as Shea’s Buffalo Theatre. Nicknamed The Wonder Theatre, Shea’s Buffalo Theatre was the dream of Michael Shea. Originally s...
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Is your dumb building making you dumber too?

Poor air quality make for poor working conditions, and the New York Times is on it
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Berlin’s Role in European Arts Evaluated in NYT

The New York Times looks at the evolving role of Berlin in Europe’s arts ecosystem, and how the city’s rising rents and greater wealth have changed a notoriously scrappy arts community. “Berlin is an über-cool city. The economics of the city allow dealers to have really great spaces,” says collector Danny Goldberg. Read more at NYT
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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in The USA

America is a majestic country that annually attracts millions upon millions of tourists to its borders. The country is big, and, because of its importance to our modern history, it is absolutely filled with things to see. For a regular middle-class person that isn’t a citizen of the beautiful United States of America, it may be quite financially challenging to visit all the places that are out there to see. However, what can you do when your honeymoon is approaching, and you want to make it as ...
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Gas stoves are unhealthy and polluting, and the New York Times is on it

The message "Electrify Everything!" is beginning to spread.
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Head Of Met Opera’s National Council Auditions Talks About How Jurors Choose The Winners

New York Times classical critic Anthony Tommasini found he didn’t entirely agree with the choice of winners at this year’s finals. So he called National Council Auditions executive director executive director about what the jury looks and listens for. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, New York Times, Anthony Tommasini, National Council Auditions, 04.30.19, Met Opera 's National Council

NYT Profiles Popularity of Collective Strategies in Modern Arts Practice

A piece in the New York Times this week traces the increased tendencies of artists towards collective practice, a response to rising rents and other challenges to the solitary contemporary artist. “Sectie-C is a different kind of factory,” artist Sander Wassink says of the studio he started in the Netherlands with a group of fellow artists, “a human-scale […]
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As The Humanities Collapse, Who’s To Blame?

Tenured professors, perhaps? This article thinks so. “As far back as 1972, The New York Times reported that the [American Historical Association] was ‘facing open discontent in its ranks as a result of the recession, academic budget trimming and an oversupply of trained historians,’ which engendered a ‘job crisis’ that showed little sign of abating. Nevertheless, for nearly a half-century, historians have failed to organize to halt the disappearance of positions. This must now change.”  – The C...
Tags: Art, Ideas, New York Times, American Historical Association, The Chronicle, 04.26.19

April linkfest

The 2019 Deadspin Name of the Year is down to the Elite Eight. Vote for your favorites in a field that includes Pope Thrower, Pretzel Monteclaro, and Jizyah Shorts. Yes, they’re all real names. ( ) For background, see my 2018 Visual Thesaurus column about the tournament. * How great writing begins: an analysis of the opening paragraphs of “the 94 most compelling articles” in The Atlantic, Fast Company, and the New York Times op-ed section. (Better Humans) * In English, it’s “Once ...
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Steven Spielberg Doesn’t Hate Netflix. Really!

“Recent reporting about the now-rejected proposal to bar movies produced by and for streaming services from Oscar contention has tended to portray Spielberg as a reactionary arch-enemy of Netflix. But insiders say that just isn’t true — his company actually helps Netflix produce some of its programming — and have taken pains to let the New York Times know it.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, New York Times, Spielberg, Steven Spielberg, 04.23.19

Editorial Design for Top Corner Magazine

Editorial Design for Top Corner Magazine abduzeedoApr 24, 2019 Adam Sharratt and Mitch Blunt shared a beautiful editorial design project for Top Corner Magazine. In this issue of Top Corner Magazine, they're exploring the extremes of love and hate. They have thought provoking articles on the cycle of hate in football media, hooliganism in Sweden and the joy of the ConIFA World Cup. Interviews with players from an LGBT+ football club (London Titans) on how the...
Tags: Design, Sweden, New York Times, Editorial Design for Top Corner Magazine, Adam Sharratt, Mitch Blunt, Top Corner Magazine In, Top Corner Magazine, London Titans, Agne Ziukaite, Stephen Bushell Box, Top Corner, Follow Top Corner Magazine on Instagram

Arts Benefactor Jayne Wrightsman Dies at 99

The New York Times profiles the life of Jayne Wrightsman today, a benefactor of the arts and grande dame of New York society whose celebrated collections of decorative and fine arts became a major part of the Met collection, and who passed away this week at 99. “Jayne Wrightsman’s incredible impact on the Metropolitan Museum of Art […]
Tags: Art, New York, News, New York Times, Art News, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Minipost, Jayne Wrightsman

Clever Tool Design, Bold Entrepreneurship: The Story of the American-Made LogOX

There's a reason that only a tiny proportion of the population successfully launches their own product design. In addition to correctly identifying user needs and getting the design right, you also have to nail the manufacturing, the marketing, the distribution network, the customer service. It takes design skills, patience, research, networking and a whole lot of hard work.Meet the Roberts family. They're three members of that tiny proportion. We think you can learn a lot by reading their produ...
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Times Insider: The People Who Put Tomorrow’s New York Times Together

How the newspaper that included a special section on the Mueller report was prepared for readers’ doorsteps.
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Over 6,000 employees demand Amazon take climate change seriously

This month, more than 6,000 employees signed onto a letter demanding Amazon distance itself from big oil companies and develop a more aggressive timeline to reduce its carbon footprint. Without acknowledging the letter’s demands, Amazon spokespersons pointed to a recent blog post promising that the company would release its carbon footprint data in 2019 and a vague plan to reach 100 percent renewable energy at data centers by an unspecified date. Amazon, one of the most profitable companies in ...
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Misty Copeland Curated A Special Dance Photo Section Of The New York Times

OK, that’s pretty cool – here’s an explainer on what she picked, and why. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, New York Times, 04.13.19

First-Ever Photo of a Supermassive Black Hole

Truly a quantum leap, astronomers have “seen the unseeable” and captured an image of a supermassive black hole—a “smoke ring framing a one-way portal to eternity,” Dennis Overbye writes for the New York Times. A planet-sized network of eight radio telescopes—called the Event Horizon Telescope—peered through interstellar dust and gas to reveal the black hole, located in a galaxy called Messier 87, which exists some …
Tags: Astronomy, Space, Science, Design, Tech, New York Times, Linkaboutit, Telescopes, Dennis Overbye, Supermassive Black Hole

Neurons as Art: See Beautiful Anatomy Drawings by the Father of Neuroscience, Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Art depends on popular judgments about the universe, and is nourished by the limited expanse of sentiment. . . . In contrast, science was barely touched upon by the ancients, and is as free from the inconsistencies of fashion as it is from the fickle standards of taste. . . . And let me stress that this conquest of ideas is not subject to fluctuations of opinion, to the silence of envy, or to the caprices of fashion that today repudiate and detest what yesterday was praised as sublime. - Santi...
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High School Kids Stage Alien: The Play, Get Kudos from Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver

High school drama departments tend to work from a pretty standardized repertoire, which makes sense given the strict limitations they work under: short time frames, school-sized budgets, teenage actors. The elaborate, Hollywood film-like productions staged by Max Fischer in Wes Anderson's Rushmore speak to frustrated high-school theater directors and their fantasies about what they could put on stage with a bit more in the way of resources. But just this month, a real high-school drama c...
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The New York Times Asked Readers All Over What They Want From Their Local Theaters. Here’s What They Said.

For instance: “I’m looking for inspiration in three ways: quality, intimacy and creativity.” “New Work, New Work, New Work.” “I want ideas. I want debates, opinions. I want words that move us forward, using phenomenal storytelling, and engaged, committed professionals with a variety of voices. I want it all, and I intend to have it.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, New York Times, Audience, 04.01.19

Paying attention

The New York Times apparently wants us all to be more productive, since it’s hammering away at the subject from many fronts. – Andrew Taylor
Tags: Art, New York Times, Ajblogs, 04.01.19

The Family Acid: California, a far-out photo album from a very unconventional family

For more than 50 years, photographer Roger Steffens has explored the electric arteries of the counterculture, embracing mind-expanding experiences, deep social connection, and unadulterated fun at every turn. After serving in Vietnam at the end of the 1960s, Steffens immersed himself in California’s vibrant bohemia. With his wife Mary and children Kate and Devon, he sought out the eccentric, the outlandish, and the transcendent. Just as often, it found him, grinning, a camera in one hand and a ...
Tags: Art, Post, Photography, Design, News, California, Los Angeles, New York Times, Devon, Dennis Hopper, Vietnam, Kate, West Coast, Berkeley, Death Valley, 1960s

Jonas Wood Profiled in NYT

Jonas Wood gives the New York Times a tour of his East Hollywood Studio, showing off a series of works from his own practice and his personal collection. “I’ve been all-in on painting since I was younger, and I realized that it was because of a lot of fear that it would all go away,” […]
Tags: Art, News, New York Times, Art News, Minipost, Jonas Wood

The Joys and Despairs of Visiting MoMA's "The Value of Good Design" Exhibit

Since its inception, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) claims to have asked "What is good design and how can it enhance everyday life?" Made from a variety of materials—textiles, wood, plastics, leather, metals, glass, etc.—using then-innovative technology, 100-plus featured objects within MoMA's 2019 "The Value of Good Design" exhibit highlight the guiding design principles which shaped the tastes of worldwide consumers across generations.Showcasing a global perspective, from a Brazilian bowl cha...
Tags: Design, New York City, Cars, New York Times, Fiat, Museum of Modern Art, Mitsubishi, Furniture Design, Moma, Object Culture, Museum of Modern Art MoMA, Rhode Island School of Design, Arthur Young, Dante Giacosa, Eva Zeisel, Betty Pepis

Frieze Sculpture Show Comes to Rockefeller Center

The New York Times spotlights the upcoming Frieze New York sculpture show set to open next month at Rockefeller Center in the run-up to Frieze New York.  “The plaza gets half a million people through it every day,” says Loring Randolph, the artistic director of the Americas for Frieze Art Fairs. “There couldn’t be a better place […]
Tags: Art, News, New York Times, Rockefeller Center, Art News, Minipost, Frieze New York, Loring Randolph, Americas for Frieze Art Fairs

Stolen and Recovered Willem de Kooning Painting to Be Sent for Restoration

The New York Times reports on a Willem de Kooning work stolen in 1985 and recovered in 2017, stating that it will be shown off before being sent for restoration. “The F.B.I. has kept this an open case,” says Olivia Miller, the University of Arizona Museum of Art’s curator of exhibition. “The painting has been at […]
Tags: Art, News, New York Times, Art News, Minipost, Willem De Kooning, University of Arizona Museum of Art, Olivia Miller, Recovered Willem de Kooning Painting

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