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With Brexit In The Background, Game Of Thrones Bids Farewell To Belfast

Like New Zealand and Lord of the Rings, Belfast became a major tourist attraction thanks to its starring role across eight seasons of Game of Thrones. One local artist who spent a year making sculptures for the farewell party: “The legacy will go on for many, many years. There’s a real pride in the whole country because of Game of Thrones.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, New Zealand, Belfast, 04.13.19

Rushing Restrictive Laws About Internet Content After Terrorist Tragedy Is A Bad Idea

There are vile things on the internet. And after what happened with shootings in New Zealand, there are calls to clamp down on digital content. That may be a bad idea, argues David Sullivan. – Slate
Tags: Art, Media, New Zealand, 04.09.19

Cloudy Bay’s New Cellar Door, The Shed

The winery recently opened a new visitor center in Central Otago, surrounded by stunning South Island scenery “Getting the understanding of the landscape and the people in the place—that informs how we make the wines. It’s very much about the place,” says Jim White, Cloudy Bay‘s Technical Director. Unlike wine made in many other places around the world, limited to a specific vineyard or region, …
Tags: Travel, Design, Alcohol, New Zealand, Vineyards, Wine, Marlborough, Queenstown, South Island, Food + Drink, Wineries, Central Otago, Cloudy Bay, Cellar Doors, Winemaking, Jim White Cloudy Bay

Art as Protest-Discrimination Against Muslim Woman

Is art a medium of protest? Yes, protest art is an effective tool to shout against the evils of society. Today, when I look at the New Zealand incident, it is again made obvious. Recent studies show that one in three of the Muslim woman on global scale face discrimination. When I thought of a subject to paint, this came to my mind like a spark. Yes, this is how the painting “PREY” is born!! Muslim woman face lot of discrimination and humiliations on a global perspective. What to wear is definite...
Tags: Art, Articles, New Zealand, Islamophobia

A climate-sensitive concrete home is carefully embedded into hilly terrain

When Medellín-based architecture studio Juan Manuel Peláez Arquitectos (JUMP Arquitectos) visited its client’s property in nearby Colombian town of La Ceja, the team was so impressed with the landscape that they resolved to minimize alterations to the site. To that end, they adapted the built forms to the uneven terrain by splitting the residence — dubbed the C47 House — into three gabled volumes united by two glazed bridges. Built of concrete, the homes take advantage of the material’s thermal...
Tags: Design, Colombia, Architecture, Gallery, House, New Zealand, Bridge, Carousel Showcase, Concrete, Thermal Mass, Gabled Architecture, Gabled Roof, Minimal Site Impact, Concrete Architecture, Fragmented Architecture, C47 House

The YouTube Movie Critic Who Has Become A Breakout Star

Lindsay Ellis has recently emerged as one of the medium’s breakout stars. She earns more than $10,000 a month on Patreon, the crowdfunding site that’s her primary source of revenue. It helps pay for a small staff of mostly part-time employees and allows her to turn out video series like last year’s three-part deep-dive into the Hobbit trilogy, which cost nearly $20,000. Ellis and some of her team went to New Zealand as part of the production, which she feared her supporters would find excessive...
Tags: Art, Media, Youtube, New Zealand, Ellis, Lindsay Ellis, 03.09.19

Rammed earth ties a contemporary home to the rocky New Zealand landscape

Emerging out of the landscape like a series of boulders, the Kanuka Valley House set into a lush valley in Wanaka, New Zealand mimics the large schist rocks that punctuate the pristine landscape. Wellington-based architectural practice WireDog Architecture designed the angular home for a winemaker and his family, who wanted the house to respect the beauty of the natural landscape. To that end, the architects not only modeled the building off of local rock formations, but also used a natural mat...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, New Zealand, Energy Efficiency, Brazil, Passive House, Wellington, Bamboo, Carousel Showcase, Reclaimed Materials, Lake Wanaka, Rammed Earth, Triple Glazed Windows, Wanaka, Thermal Mass

10 Car Crash Survivors Pose Proudly For A Chilling Photo Project To Raise Awareness About Seatbelt Safety

Liam Bethell Shocking portraits of the searing bruises that seatbelts can leave behind after a crash are being celebrated as survival badges of honor, and showing the importance of belting up. The initiative is part of an NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) campaign to reduce the number of deaths on NZ roads. According to them, 90 people die each year because they weren’t wearing their seatbelt... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Safety, Advertising, Car, Crash, New Zealand, Campaign, Nz, Survivors, Belt, Liam Bethell, NZ Transport Agency NZTA

Could wool fibers replace glass fibers in FRP?

In New Zealand, surfboard maker Paul Barron has developed a new wild and wooly composite.
Tags: Design, News, New Zealand, Paul Barron

Twelve South made this discreet looking picture frame that also charges your phone

Turning a pleasant, memorable piece of home-decor into a useful product seems to be this year’s general consensus. Twelve South’s PowerPic is, outwardly, a photo frame, but it also happens to hide a wireless charger within it. The PowerPic sits on side tables, mantelpieces, workdesks, or coffee tables, and can hold any 5×7 photo of your choice within it. When not in use, the PowerPic is just another photo frame with a picture of your dog, parents, kids, siblings, or favorite artpiece. However,...
Tags: Deals, Home, Gadgets, Design, New Zealand, Popular, Product Design, Twelve South, Wireless Charger, PowerPic, Photo Frame, Picture Frame

Aldous Harding: The Barrel

From New Zealand folk singer Aldous Harding comes “The Barrel,” an acoustic guitar-backed track about the perils and trickery of love. It’s a lovely tune, led by Harding’s vocals, and releases alongside a playful video with obscure props (a big hat, ghoulish mask and maracas included). The single comes from Harding’s forthcoming album, Designer, due out on 26 April.
Tags: Design, Culture, New Zealand, Acoustic Guitar, Folk, Listenup, Harding, Aldous Harding, 4D

This is how climate change will impact wine

Look at a wine label or chat with a wine connoisseur, and you will find that wine has always been intimately connected to location and climate. Grapes taste different from region to region, and even grapes from the same vineyard taste different from year to year, depending on the weather each season. So it is no surprise that drastically changing weather patterns have a huge and confusing impact on the wine industry. Increasing temperatures and climate volatility not only impact the flavor prof...
Tags: Europe, Design, Australia, California, Oregon, Harvard University, New Zealand, Sonoma County, Willamette Valley Vineyards, Napa Valley Even, Savignon Blanc, Elizabeth Wolkovich, Christine Collier Clair, Qimono Chee Hong Bernard Spragg

Circular, solar-powered beach house is a sustainable holiday retreat

A charming, circular escape from the city has popped up on an idyllic stretch of beach in New Zealand. Powered with solar energy and built with weather-resistant materials, the St Andrews Beach House is the work of Austin Maynard Architects, a Fitzroy-based design practice that prides itself on sustainable architecture. The “Euclidean form” of the dwelling was inspired by the beauty of the remote site and is designed to take advantage of views in all directions. Located on Victoria’s Morningto...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, New Zealand, Victoria, Melbourne, Solar Power, Beach House, Carousel Showcase, Rainwater Harvesting, Derek Swalwell, Bach, Mornington Peninsula, Sustainable Architecture, Austin Maynard Architects, Solar Powered Home

Disconnect in this serene tiny home tucked into a coastal sheep farm in New Zealand

Tiny homes around the world offer guests stunning views and relaxing atmospheres, but this studio-style tiny retreat in New Zealand is right up the alley for anyone looking to reconnect with nature. Located in Akara, South Island, the compact, pitched-roof cabin has a floor-to-ceiling glass wall to provide stunning views of the rolling green landscape that leads out to the sea. If that’s not enough, the open-air front patio features a large cedar hot tub for watching the sun go down after a nic...
Tags: Design, New Zealand, Slovenia, Akara South Island, Little Akaloa Bay

Edo De Waart Named San Diego Symphony’s First-Ever Principal Guest Conductor

The Dutch conductor, who is currently music director of the New Zealand Symphony and has held the same post with the symphony orchestras of Antwerp, San Francisco, Milwaukee, and Netherlands Radio, will conduct three to four weekly programs each season, beginning in 2019-2020. — Times of San Diego
Tags: Art, Music, New Zealand, 01.10.19, Edo De Waart Named San Diego Symphony, Antwerp San Francisco Milwaukee, Netherlands Radio

A New Chapter On Restitution Of Plundered Art

All eyes are now on France. Despite the legal hurdles, restitutions are possible but only through a drawn-out process. President Macron’s decision earlier this month to return 26 plundered items to Benin “without delay” will have to be approved by parliament. Similarly, when the Muséum de Rouen discovered a “toi moko”—a tattooed head of an ancient Maori warrior—in its collection in 2011, restitution to New Zealand had to be approved by a special act of parliament, which took four years. – The A...
Tags: Art, France, New Zealand, Benin, Visual, Macron, 12.27.18, Muséum de Rouen

The Acoustic Guitar gets its first significant design mod in 180 years!

Picture an acoustic guitar and what do you see? The classical guitar with its wooden body and circular sound-hole, right? Yep. That guitar was designed sometime in the 1850s by Antonio de Torres, and has pretty much been the same for nearly two centuries, with the exception of the invention of the electric guitar. Maxwell Custom’s custom-made Infinitum guitar takes that age-old form and applies design-thinking to it… the design brief? How do you make the Acoustic Guitar with a harmonically rich ...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, New Zealand, Maxwell, Guitar, Product Design, CNC, Infinitum, Maxwell Custom, Antonio de Torres

Just Creative’s 2018 Year in Review

Hey guys, here’a a quick review of 2018, with an inside look at Just Creative and my personal life, showing stats, revenue and other interesting tid-bits. Did I mention we had a baby? Just Creative Site Stats Over the year, Just Creative received close to 2.5 million page views which is quite staggering, but it is still a fraction of what it used to be back in the blogging hay-days of 2012. It’s getting quite difficult to out rank the big publishers nowadays. 50k unique users a week 85% of t...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Europe, Usa, Design, Instagram, Australia, Safari, Personal, Italy, Sydney, New Zealand, Melbourne, Tasmania, Drake, Skype

All That Glitters Is Gold

Gold Cardstock Paper Just Added To The NZ Catalog After the California Gold Rush in 1849 and the Victoria Gold Rush in 1851, prospectors came to New Zealand looking for their fortunes in the Central Otago Gold Rush in 1861 and the West Coast Gold Rush in 1864. While panning for gold is only remembered today in history books, people’s attraction to shiny surfaces hasn’t waned in the slightest—even when it comes to a simple material such as cardstock. The post All That Glitters Is Gold appeared f...
Tags: Design, New Zealand, California Gold Rush, Laser Cutting Materials, Product & Design Ideas, Central Otago Gold Rush, West Coast Gold Rush

New Biennial Will Be Devoted To Indigenous Art

The Winnipeg Indigenous Biennial, to be hosted by the Winnipeg Art Gallery beginning in 2020, will focus at first on contemporary work by indigenous artists in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; organizers plan for it to become, over the years, a showplace and launching pad for indigenous art and artists from all over the world.
Tags: Art, New Zealand, Visual, Canada Australia, Winnipeg Art Gallery, SJ, 11.08.18

7 tiny homes to get you in the Halloween spirit

Tiny homes are a popular trend that allows people to live simply and affordably. But just because they are compact spaces doesn’t mean there isn’t room to get creative. To get you into the Halloween spirit, here are seven homes and resorts that don’t need any spooky decorations, because each tiny home itself represents the holiday perfectly with whimsy, imagination and larger-than-life personality. Travel to space in the Lunar Lander If you have dreams of going to outer space, you will love...
Tags: Design, New Zealand, Bordeaux, Frigo, Bruit, Javier Senosiain, Columbia River, Rocky Mountain National Park, Central Washington, Lyons Colorado, Wild Wild West, Batchelder, Hobbit House, Nautilus House, Bègles France, Kurt Hughes

Diminish and Ascend staircase: the New Zealand sculpture that is murdering gulls

An artwork in Christchurch has killed at least two birds after they flew into it and impaled themselves. And that’s not the only reason it’s unpopular with someName: Diminish and Ascend staircase.Age: It has been in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens in New Zealand since 2016. Before then, it was on display at the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Animals, World news, Art and design, Animal Welfare, Sydney, New Zealand, Christchurch, Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Textile artist Areez Katki retraces his family’s odyssey

From Auckland to Mumbai to Tehran, textile artist and aesthete Areez Katki is retracing his family’s great odyssey, for inspiration for his next collection Instead of using a tapestry frame, textile artist Areez Katki is using pre-woven fabric and embroidering it by hand for his new exhibition. Pics/Suresh Karkera A Parsi house is a living museum. It is a space so well-preserved in time that every household object is an objet d’art. Ceramics, wall cabinets, diwans, curios, photo frames, barnis...
Tags: Art, Life, Iran, New Zealand, Muscat, Tehran, Mumbai, Auckland, Dolly, Parsi, University of Auckland, Malcolm Smith Gallery, Tardeo, Areez Katki, Suresh Karkera A Parsi, Minoo Lakdawala

Earthquake-resistant Christchurch Central Library is a stunning symbol of rebirth

Nearly eight years after multiple massive earthquakes ravaged the New Zealand city of Christchurch, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects have completed the Christchurch Central Library, a “stunning symbol of hope, unity and rebirth” built on the concepts of resiliency and sustainability. Dubbed Tūranga — Māori for “foundation” — the earthquake-resistant building also pays homage to the deep cultural heritage of Ngāi Tūāhuriri, the local Māori people, through various artworks as well as with a strik...
Tags: Design, Library, Architecture, Gallery, Earthquakes, New Zealand, Christchurch, Resilient Design, Earthquake-resistant Architecture, Shigeru Ban, Concrete, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Maori, Cathedral Square, Christchurch New Zealand

Modernist Brand Identity for Beat School

Modernist Brand Identity for Beat School abduzeedo Oct 26, 2018 Alex Townsend shared a brand identity project create for Beat School,  a Houston based music publishing company comprised of music producers from around the US. The identity needed to be music related, simple and slightly urban. The result is a modernist mark with bold typography and a contrasting color palette. To inject a bit of personality into the brand, I couldn't help using a school ...
Tags: Design, US, New Zealand, Houston, Alex, Modernist Brand Identity for Beat School, Alex Townsend, Beat School, Sony Nike Channel 4 UK YouView Microsoft

Why I made Captain Cook lose his breeches: Lisa Reihana on her colonial video epic

The leading New Zealand artist explains why she reimagined the explorer as a woman – and relives the time her friend threw a wet T-shirt at the QueenOne day several years ago, Lisa Reihana was walking through a Canberra museum with her partner when something caught his eye. It was a set of French woodblock designs for wallpaper dating from the 19th century, depicting the colonial encounters of Captain Cook. They were called Savages of the Pacific Ocean.The New Zealand artist bought the catalogue...
Tags: Art, Cook, Video Art, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, New Zealand, Canberra, Lisa Reihana, Pacific Ocean The New Zealand

Captain Cook finds land and loses his breeches: Lisa Reihana on her video epic

The leading New Zealand artist explains why she turned the explorer into a woman – and relives the time her friend threw a wet T-shirt at the QueenOne day several years ago, Lisa Reihana was walking through a Canberra museum with her partner when something caught his eye. It was a set of French woodblock designs for wallpaper dating from the 19th century, depicting the colonial encounters of Captain Cook. They were called Savages of the Pacific Ocean.The New Zealand artist bought the catalogue b...
Tags: Art, Cook, Video Art, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, New Zealand, Canberra, Lisa Reihana, Pacific Ocean The New Zealand

ArchiTec’s Wool-Centric “New Zealand” Collection

A look at the fabric-inspired brand's new release Justin Seale (former design lead at Mission Workshop, and manager of Chrome‘s sales and product) is now the founder of travel-inspired apparel brand, ArchiTec. And it’s at New Zealand’s Lake Wakatipu that Seale sought out a farm to source the brand’s merino wool. The newest collection from the brand, aptly named the New Zealand Collection, is a release that’s …
Tags: Chrome, Design, Style, Clothing, New Zealand, Apparel, Wool, Lake Wakatipu, Seale, Mission Workshop, Merino Wool, Materials Technology, ArchiTec, ArchiTec 's Wool Centric, Justin Seale

Eco-friendly Scarborough Home is designed to follow the sun

Set into a steep hillside in Christchurch, the Scarborough Home makes the most of its challenging location by embracing site-specific design. The modern family home is the work of New Zealand architectural practice Borrmeister Architects, which capitalized on the property’s stellar ocean views with a pavilion-like design. Modestly sized at 250 square meters, the breezy, passive solar dwelling also boasts environmentally friendly features including solar panels, rainwater retention tanks and a s...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, New Zealand, Scarborough, Solar Panels, Solar Power, Christchurch, Carousel Showcase, Rainwater Harvesting, Sauna, Stone Walls, Vegetable Garden, Cliffside Home, Cliffside Architecture, Outdoor Living

A Giant Mural of Robin Williams Goes Up in Chicago

If you find yourself near Logan Square, off of Milwaukee Avenue, in Chicago, take a moment to explore the new mural celebrating the life and art of Robin Williams. According to TimeOut Chicago, "The expansive mural is the work of New York street artist Jerkface and New Zealand artist Owen Dippie...  Jerkface is known for his subversive depictions of animated pop-culture characters, while Dippie specializes in hyper-detailed portraits." This Chicago mural comes right on the heels of another mura...
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