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She Explains ‘Mansplaining’ With Help From 17th-Century Art

In her new book “Men to Avoid in Art and Life,” Nicole Tersigni harnesses her skill with a Twitter meme to illuminate the experience of women harassed by concern trolls, “sexperts” and more.
Tags: Art, News, Social Media, Discrimination, Nicole, Books and Literature, Women and Girls, Writing and Writers, Comedy and Humor, Tersigni, Men to Avoid in Art and Life (Book, Nicole Tersigni

Tourist Posing With 200-Year-Old Sculpture Breaks Her Toes

An Austrian man has apologized for the damage he caused to a Canova sculpture, saying he didn’t realize he had crunched the foot of the plaster Pauline Bonaparte.
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Italy, Birthdays, Antonio, Canova, Restoration and Renovation

Repairing a decaying basketball court with the Japanese art of kintsugi

Originating in the 15th century, kintsugi is the Japanese art/craft of repairing cracks in pottery by obviously filling in the breaks with lacquer and gold or other precious metals to celebrate the imperfections. Artist Victor Solomon, whose "Literally Balling" series is about basketball and opulence, applied kintsugi to a deteriorating basketball court in southern Los Angeles. “With the heartbreaking beginning to 2020 and this weekend’s return of basketball – I’ve been thinking about t...
Tags: Art, Video, News, Los Angeles, Basketball, Solomon, Hoop Dreams, Balling, Kintsugi, Victor Solomon

New York’s Sidewalk Prophets Are Heirs of the Artisans of France’s Lascaux Caves

A critic’s tour deciphers the signs and symbols of the street art adorning boarded-up storefronts. What it tells us about our shared political realities and the ways our stories are connected.
Tags: Art, New York, News, France, New York City, Lascaux Caves, Murals, Caves and Caverns, Lascaux (France

New York’s Sidewalk Prophets Are Heirs of the Lascaux Cave Artisans

What street art adorning boarded-up storefronts tells us about our shared political realities and the ways our stories are connected. A critic’s tour deciphers the signs and symbols.
Tags: Art, New York, News, New York City, Murals, Caves and Caverns, Lascaux (France

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Lays Off Dozens More Workers

The Metropolitan Museum of Art told its staff that it was laying off 79 employees and announced 181 furloughs and 93 voluntary retirements.
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Finances, Max, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Weiss, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Layoffs and Job Reductions, Wages and Salaries, Hollein, Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, Dan (1977-, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV

Chanel Miller’s Secret Source of Strength

“Drawing was a way for me to see that I was still there,” says the author, who refuses to be defined by an assault. A new mural in San Francisco is her museum debut.
Tags: Art, News, San Francisco, Museums, Sex Crimes, Chanel, Turner, Miller, San Francisco (Calif, Asian-Americans, Brock Allen, Asian Art Museum, Chanel Miller, Know My Name (Book

What Worried Artists in Lockdown? The Same Things as Everyone Else

A major European show of work made during coronavirus confinement deals with boredom, doubt and isolation.
Tags: Art, News, Austria, Gallery, William, Kentridge, Marianna, Lockdown, Quarantines, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, Simnett, Cammock, Helen (1970-, Kunsthaus Bregenz (Bregenz

Will Superblue Be the ‘Infinity Room’ Writ Large?

Art objects are a bore. People want multisensory “experiences,” the more immersive the better. With JR, James Turrell, teamLab and more, a new business venture funded by Marc Glimcher and Laurene Powell Jobs hopes to deliver.
Tags: Art, Jobs, News, James, Jr, Laurene Powell Jobs, Kusama, Marc, Laurene Powell, Yayoi, Turrell, Marc Glimcher, Emerson Collective, Glimcher, Culture (Arts, Miami (Fla

Man builds guitars using wood from a lynching tree

Freeman Vines is a luthier in Fountain, North Carolina. For half a century, he's crafted beautiful guitars from wood taken from a tree used to lynch Black people. Vines deeply moving work is the subject of a new photography book, Hanging Tree Guitars, with tintype images by Timothy Duffy and essays by Zoe Van Buren and Lonnie Holle. Duffy is the co-founder of North Carolina's Music Maker Relief Foundation, "founded to preserve the musical traditions of the South by directly supporting the mu...
Tags: Art, Photography, Video, Music, News, Race, Racism, North Carolina, Guitars, Freeman, Timothy Duffy, Lynchings, Freeman Vines, Fountain North Carolina, Zoe Van Buren, Lonnie Holle Duffy

The Strange Lives of Objects in the Coronavirus Era

The pandemic has inspired a flurry of new and novel items — and given ordinary ones new meanings.
Tags: Design, News, Museums, Collectors and Collections, Archives and Records, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, Quarantine (Life and Culture

Beyoncé’s ‘Black Is King’: Let’s Discuss

Six critics on the visual album rooted in her “Lion King”-inspired record “The Gift,” a grand statement of African-diaspora pride and creative power.
Tags: Art, Movies, Beyonce, News, Dancing, Black People, Knowles, Fashion and apparel, Rap and Hip-Hop, Pop and Rock Music, Disney Plus, Black Is King (Movie

A sneak preview of Drew Friedman's book of portraits of underground comix icons

The fantastic Drew Friedman says: "My latest book project will be one hundred black and white portraits of underground comix icons presented as they were during that most fertile era of underground comix, 1967-1977, from Z to A, ZAP to ARCADE (with some stops before and after). Short biographies and samples of their work will also be included." To me, this is a natural followup to my two Heroes of the Comics books that both focused on the great creators of mainstream comics, from the mid- thirti...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Drew Friedman, Air Pirates, Underground comix, Fantagraphics Below R Crumb

The 1964 Olympics Certified a New Japan, in Steel and on the Screen

The world’s elite athletes would have been in Tokyo right now if not for the coronavirus pandemic. When they went half a century ago, they discovered a capital transformed by design.
Tags: Japan, Design, News, Architecture, Tokyo, Kuma, New Japan, Kon, Taniguchi, Ichikawa, Stadiums and Arenas, Tokyo (Japan, Historic Buildings and Sites, Olympic Games (2020, Kengo (1954-, Olympic Games (1964

An Artist Having Fun While Waiting for Catastrophe

Heather Phillipson’s works make viewers smile, but underneath their bright, over-the-top exteriors are dark, urgent messages.
Tags: Art, News, Sculpture, Tate Britain, Phillipson, London (England, Heather Phillipson, Heather (1978-

Raven Leilani, a Flâneur Who Is Going Places

The novelist’s debut, “Luster,” is winning accolades for its unfiltered depiction of sex, failure and a Black woman adrift in work and life.
Tags: Art, News, Black People, Farrar, Raven, Books and Literature, Leilani, Labor and Jobs, Writing and Writers, Straus & Giroux, Quarantine (Life and Culture, Luster (Book, Raven Leilani

Picasso Mural Torn From Building After Years of Dispute

To the outrage of preservationists and art-world figures, the work was removed into storage on Thursday from the side of government offices facing demolition in Oslo.
Tags: Art, News, Demolition, Picasso, Pablo, Breivik, Oslo (Norway, Anders Behring, Nesjar, Carl (1920- 2015

'Wake me up when this is over,' a print by Casey Drake Makes

I identify with this very much. I really enjoy Casey Drake's drawings and prints. You can purchase 'Wake me up when this is over' and 'Social Distancing,' shown above, on CASEYDRAKEMAKES, and follow the Florida artist and mom's work on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She's doing some very cool YouTube videos that show her creative process, too -- in large scale chalk drawings on pavement.
Tags: Art, Facebook, Post, Florida, News, Creativity, Twitter Instagram, Quarantine Sucks, Casey Drake

Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now

Our critic shares accounts that make her feel, think and see in new ways — something that feels especially vital right now.
Tags: Art, News, Social Media, Carmen, Asad, Nicola, Tyson, Marianna, Raza, Cranford, Instagram Now, Instagram Inc, Kevin Jr, Simnett, Home Cooking (Instagram Account, Works on Water

Why is there a crashed space capsule in Winganon, Oklahoma?

In the late 1950s, a truck carrying a cement mixer crashed on E300 Road between Talala and Winganon, Oklahoma. Apparently too heavy for anyone to deal with, the mixer sat for decades where it was occasionally graffitied or whimsically decorated. In 2011, artists Heather and Barry Thomas celebrated their wedding anniversary by transforming the drum mixer into a space capsule. It's now a popular roadside attraction for curious travelers, terrestrial or otherwise. Winganon Space Capsule (via M...
Tags: Art, Post, Happy Mutants, Space, News, Makers, Nasa, Heather, Roadside Attractions, Barry Thomas, Winganon Oklahoma, Talala, Winganon Space Capsule

Adding a New Name to the Canon in Clay: Doyle Lane

The underrecognized Black ceramist made tiny “weed pots” in the 1960s and ’70s that are seen today on a fresh pedestal.
Tags: Art, News, Sculpture, Black People, Canon, White, Lane, Doyle, Huntington Library, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles (Calif, Ceramics and Pottery, Charles (1918-79, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens, Doyle Lane

Mew is a furry, purring, wailing theremin

Emily Groves' Mew is an interactive furry slab. When you approach it, it begins to purr. When you stroke it, the purring intensifies and miaowing commences. If you stroke it too hard, the miaowing becomes wailing and hissing. Mew was part of a collaborative sound object project between Design Products, Information Experience Design and Visual Communication students at the RCA, London. Sensors and sounds were programmed with Arduino and Max MSP.
Tags: Art, Gadgets, Video, News, Arduino, Mew, Cronenbergian, Emily Groves Mew, RCA London Sensors

Kerry James Marshall’s Black Birds Take Flight in a New Series

Inspired by John James Audubon, the painter explores the societal “pecking order” in two works that dovetail with “this mystery about whether or not Audubon himself was Black.”
Tags: Art, News, Birds, Marshall, Helen, John James Audubon, Luc, Kerry James, John James, Audubon, Tuymans, Kerry James Marshall, Race and Ethnicity, Chicago (Ill, Molesworth, Mastry (Exhibit

AI turns photos into cartoonlike paintings

Learning to Cartoonize Using White-box Cartoon Representations, by Xinrui Wang and Jinze Yu at the University of Tokyo, describes an AI trained to turn photographs into paintings reminiscent of cartoon backdrops. Landscapes become beautiful Ghibli-esque backdrops... ... whereas portraits become rotoscoped 1980s ads, Patrick Nagel by way of Ralph Bakshi... The AI presumably cares nothing for whatever constellation of references we might pose it under. More examples and inference code at the git...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Ai, Ralph Bakshi, University Of Tokyo, Patrick Nagel, Xinrui Wang, Jinze Yu

WATCH: Virgin Galactic spaceship new cabin design reveal

I'd totally go. Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic unveiled a new cabin design today, and streamed the launch event live. Watch the replay here, and sign up for a trip if you've got plenty of cash and don't mind waiting.
Tags: Video, Space, Science, Design, News, Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson, Aviation, Space Flight, Spaceflight

A Clue to Van Gogh’s Final Days Is Found in His Last Painting

A researcher says he has uncovered the precise location where the artist painted “Tree Roots,” thought to be the last piece he worked on the day he suffered a fatal gunshot wound.
Tags: Art, News, France, Van Gogh, Vincent, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Netherlands, Auvers-sur-Oise (France

Will Apple's AR glasses be as cool as this designer's concept video?

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Iskander Utebayev (@bat.not.bad) on Jul 25, 2020 at 5:11pm PDT Designer Iskander Utebayev did a fantastic job making a concept video that imagines what Apple's forthcoming alternate reality eyeglasses might look like. You put them on, and a monitor-like interface appears before you. This would do away with the need for an LCD display. Utebayev e...
Tags: Apple, Video, Design, News, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Concept, Iskander Utebayev

How New York’s Jewish Museum Anticipated the Avant-Garde

A string of adventurous curators made a quasi-religious institution a leading arbiter of mid-20th-century American art.
Tags: Art, New York, News, Museums, Jasper, Ny, Hunter, Gould, Claudia, Johns, Avant Garde, Jews and Judaism, Kynaston, McShine, Jewish Museum (Manhattan, Sam (1923-2014

A Work in Progress That Explores Our Collective Ignorance

Pope.L, known for exploring themes of endurance alongside the history of race in America, shares a recent piece.
Tags: Art, News, America, Pope, Performance art, Pope.L, William (1955-

Overlooked No More: Cheryl Marie Wade, a Performer Who Refused to Hide

Going public with her disability helped her cope with the pain and hardship she felt.
Tags: Art, News, Disabilities, Americans with Disabilities Act, Wade, Poetry and Poets, Biographical Information, Cheryl Marie (1948-2013, Axis Dance Co, Cheryl Marie Wade

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