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His Art, Their Ideas: Did Robert Indiana Lose Control of His Work?

Private text messages entered as evidence in a legal dispute raise new questions about whether the artist fully designed his final works.
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Magenta is an ultra-compact tiny house built for $10K

This bright pink wonder is small, but packs in quite a bit of the basics.
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UK Government Invests $20 Million into Areas of Kent, Grimsby, Wakefield, Plymouth and Worcester

The UK Government is investing £20 million into cultural projects in the areas of Grimsby, Wakefield, Plymouth, Worcester and the Thames Estuary area of Kent. “This is an incredible opportunity that will not only help people build careers in the arts and culture locally but also boost wider investment and diversify the creative economy,” says Jeremy Wright, […]
Tags: Art, UK, News, Worcester, Art News, Minipost, Thames Estuary, Jeremy Wright, Kent Grimsby Wakefield Plymouth, Grimsby Wakefield Plymouth Worcester

Ed Fornieles Explores Investment and Share-trading in New Project

Artist Ed Fornieles is embarking on a new project, selling a series of works that ensure collectors a stake in future profits from the artist’s work. “It’s another way of sourcing capital for production and then rewarding that upfront cash with a percentage of the profits,” the artist says. “If you look at the current […]
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MOCA to Close Pacific Design Center Location

MOCA LA is closing its exhibition space at the Pacific Design Center, the LA Times reports. “We are proud of MOCA’s record of achievement at the PDC,” says board Chairwoman Maria Seferian. “We are grateful for our partnership with the PDC and [owner] Charles Cohen and now look forward to consolidating and growing our exhibition activities, including […]
Tags: Art, News, Pacific, Pdc, Art News, Minipost, LA Times, Charles Cohen, Maria Seferian, MOCA LA

Hayward Gallery Taps Zoé Whitley as Curator

The Hayward Gallery has tapped Zoé Whitley as its new senior curator. “The mix of world-class and risk-taking programming consistently draws me to the Southbank Centre as a member of the public,” Whitley said in a statement. “I am so excited to now join the team when the organization is innovating interdisciplinary leadership and collaboration.” Read […]
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Southbank Centre, Whitley, Hayward Gallery, Hayward Gallery Taps, Zoé Whitley

Seeds on the moon started to sprout for the first time but quickly died

China has taken a major step toward long-term space exploration. Earlier this month, the Chinese moon probe Chang’e 4 carried a container with cotton, mustard and potato seeds, yeast and fruit fly eggs to the moon’s far side (facing away from Earth), and early this week, the China National Space Administration said that those seeds started to sprout. Unfortunately, temperatures dropped and killed the plants. According to the BBC, the project was designed by 28 Chinese universities, and the expe...
Tags: Space, Science, Design, News, China, Earth, Bbc, Moon, Agriculture, Plants, Watson, Mars, Seeds, FAO, Chang, China National Space Administration

To Get This Artist’s Message, You Have to Look Really Closely

With “This Land,” David Opdyke melds art and activism, hoping to inspire urgent changes in vision, one postcard, and viewer, at a time.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Global Warming, University Of Michigan, David Opdyke

El Espace: 500,000 Students Are Affected by the L.A. Teachers Strike. Most Are Latino.

This week in El Espace: “Hamilton” in Puerto Rico, changes in mental health guidelines for boys and more.
Tags: Art, News, Puerto Rico, Women and Girls, Mexican-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, El Espace

Can Art Make Something Happen?

With “This Land,” David Opdyke melds art and activism, hoping to inspire urgent changes in vision, one postcard, and viewer, at a time.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Global Warming, University Of Michigan, David Opdyke

Walker Art Center Launches Indigenous Public Arts Commission

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has launched an open call for a new Indigenous public art commission to be installed in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden or on the Walker campus in the fall of 2020. “This project builds on the commitments the Walker has made to the Native community and I am excited to see […]
Tags: Art, News, Minneapolis, Art News, Minipost, Walker, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Walker Art Center

Lawmakers are pushing gadget manufacturers with the Right to Repair movement

The amount of electronics that we are throwing away each year is growing at an exponential rate, and this toxic trash is hazardous to both people and the planet. What are we supposed to do when our smartphones or other gadgets stop working? According to lawmakers in the United States and Europe, there is one option that should be available instead of getting rid of them— fixing them. Lawmakers in at least 18 states— and the European Parliament— believe that manufacturers should make it a priori...
Tags: Apple, Gadgets, Europe, Design, News, Microsoft, Electronics, Law, California, Virginia, Tech, Legislation, Smartphones, Earth, United States, Carbon Emissions

Antony Gormley Installs Works Atop Philadelphia Museum of Art Steps

Antony Gormley has unveiled a series of new sculptures atop the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. “This exhibition is incomplete without the subjective witness of the citizen: Each work in its different way calls on him/her to simultaneously project and recognize internal affinities,” he says. Read more at Philadelphia Inquire
Tags: Art, News, Antony Gormley, Art News, Minipost, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Victoria Miro to Represent Howardena Pindell

Victoria Miro Gallery now represents artist Howardena Pindell, the gallery has announced.  ‘It is a pleasure to be working with Howardena Pindell,’ Miro said in a statment. “Deeply principled, daringly innovative and boldly incisive, Pindell truly embodies the dictum ‘the personal is political.'” Read more at Victoria Miro
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Miró, Victoria Miro, Victoria Miro Gallery, Howardena Pindell, Pindell

UK's Guardian switches to biodegradable wrapping for newspapers

The Guardian — a national newspaper in the U.K. — has ditched its polythene packaging and replaced it with a compostable wrapper in an effort to reduce plastic waste. The newspaper and its inserts are now packaged in a clear, biodegradable material made from potato starch that will completely compost in just six months. The choice to scrap the plastic packaging makes The Guardian the first national newspaper in the U.K. to make such a switch, following publications like the National Trust membe...
Tags: UK, Design, London, News, Innovation, The Guardian, Guardian, Biodegradable, Waste, Newspaper, Greater London, National Trust, Suffolk, Guardian Newspaper, Observer, Plastic Packaging

Artsy Co-Founder Sebastian Cwilich to Step Down as President

Sebastian Cwilich, the co-founder of Artsy, will leave his position as president and chief operating officer after nine years, and will take on an advisory role, Art Newspaper reports. “Sebastian really guided us on this fundamental strategy of partnership versus disruption. The reason why such an obvious idea like ours hasn’t succeeded in the past is because […]
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Sebastian Cwilich

Dealer Sarah Watson Leaving Sprüth Magers for Kayne Griffin Corcoran

Los Angeles dealer Sarah Watson has left Sprüth Magers, where she has been senior director since 2015, to become president of Kayne Griffin Corcoran gallery, Art News reports. “I saw that the gallery has come so far in such a short period of time,” Watson says. “I have been friends with Maggie, Bill, and James […]
Tags: Art, News, Los Angeles, Watson, James, Art News, Minipost, Sprüth Magers, Sarah Watson, Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Maggie Bill

A Beloved Provence-Based Wicker Workshop Comes to Paris

This week, Atelier Vime unveils its new showroom and a collaboration with the American artist Wayne Pate.
Tags: Design, News, Furniture, Paris, Paris (France, Provence (France, Atelier Vime

Critic’s Pick: Ansel Adams in a New Light

The National Parks are in partial shutdown. But America’s wilderness shines in a show at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston that reveals how human intervention has changed purple mountains’ majesty.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, California, Boston, America, Ansel Adams, Adams, Museum of Fine Arts, Ansel, Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, Wilderness Areas, Yosemite National Park (Calif

Architects propose turning Buckingham Palace into affordable housing

It's time to end restrictive single family zoning and intensify an underdeveloped, underutilized urban resource.
Tags: Design, News, Buckingham Palace

Penguin Sex and Stolen Artifacts: Museum Tours Through a New Lens

A growing movement at British cultural institutions shows collections in novel and sometimes radical ways, sharing stories that were previously largely untold.
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Cambridge University, British Museum, Alice, Dan, Procter, Fitzwilliam Museum, Vo, Victoria and Albert Museum, Homosexuality and Bisexuality, New Lens, Arts and Antiquities Looting

Hauser & Wirth to Represent Max Bill Georges Vantergerloo Stiftung

Hauser & Wirth now represents the Max Bill Georges Vantongerloo Stiftung, a foundation based in Zumikon, Switzerland, partially responsible for overseeing the estates of the artists. “Max Bill and Georges Vantongerloo were key figures in the narrative of European art of the past century, whose aesthetic breakthroughs continue to exert palpable influence today across cultures and disciplines—from graphic design […]
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Hauser, Wirth, Hauser Wirth, Zumikon Switzerland, Max Bill, Max Bill Georges Vantergerloo Stiftung, Max Bill Georges Vantongerloo Stiftung, Georges Vantongerloo

650 sq. ft. Urban Micro Home is a small house for outdoorsy couple

Outfitted with smart home tech and lots of storage space for outdoor gear, this small home feels 'just right'.
Tags: Design, News

Why our building materials should be almost edible (Video)

Cork, straw and mushrooms can keep you warm and can be a healthy, high fiber part of a balanced building diet.
Tags: Design, News

Andy Warhol Foundation Announces Winners of Fall 2018 Grants

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has named the recipients of its Fall 2018 grants, giving $3.65 million to 42 nonprofit arts organizations for exhibitions, publications, and visual arts programming.  Recipients include a show at Arts Nova Workshop in Philadelphia for a show on drummer Milford Graves, and a grant to the UC Berkeley Art […]
Tags: Art, News, Andy Warhol, Philadelphia, Art News, Minipost, Milford Graves, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Arts Nova Workshop, UC Berkeley Art

Bronx Museum Honors Carey Lovelace at 2019 Gala

The Bronx Museum of the Arts will honor art journalist, curator, and playwright Carey Lovelace, as well as the For Freedoms project, at its 2019 Gala, Art News reports. “Carey Lovelace has been a vital influence to the Bronx Museum over the years, and we are thrilled to be honoring her alongside For Freedoms and the Stan Lee […]
Tags: Art, News, Stan Lee, Art News, Minipost, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx Museum, Bronx Museum Honors Carey Lovelace, Carey Lovelace, Gala Art News

Jeff Koons Moves Studio, Lays Off Staff

Jeff Koons is moving his New York to 475 Tenth Avenue in Hudson Yards, and downsizing his operations with a series of layoffs, Art News reports. “It’s an end of an era,” one employee wrote on social media. Read more at Art News  
Tags: Art, New York, News, Jeff Koons, Art News, Minipost, Hudson Yards

Tulsa, OK Wins Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge

Tulsa, Oklahoma has been named a winner of the Bloomberg Philanthropies 2018 Public Art Challenge, receiving $1 million towards a show commemorating Black Wall Street, an area in the city’s Greenwood neighborhood that was home to many African-American-owned businesses in the early 20th century. Read more at Art News  
Tags: Art, News, Bloomberg, Art News, Minipost, Tulsa Oklahoma, Greenwood

Dakar’s Museum of Black Civilization Renews Debates Over Cultural Repatriation

The opening of Dakar’s Museum of Black Civilizations has sparked renewed debate over the restitution of African artifacts and treasures to their native countries, as a new show features a range of works on loan from European Museums. “We cannot go to France and take them by force as they did in the days when they took […]
Tags: Art, News, France, Minipost, Dakar, Go See, European Museums, Museum Of Black Civilizations, Museum of Black Civilization Renews Debates

Art Newspaper Interviews Artists Over Brexit Deal Rejection

The Art Newspaper has a piece today surveying the responses of UK artists following the rejection over Theresa May’s plan for Brexit last night. “Brexit is a further sign of our broken society. It is our duty as citizens to find ways to come together and overcome the deeply sad and disorienting effects of Brexit,” says Anish Kapoor. […]
Tags: Art, UK, News, Theresa May, Brexit, Art News, Minipost, Anish Kapoor

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