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Kim Jong-Un Is On The Warpath Against K-Pop

The Dear Respected Leader has “called it a ‘vicious cancer’ corrupting young North Koreans’ ‘attire, hairstyles, speeches, behaviors.’ His state media has warned that if left unchecked, it would make North Korea ‘crumble like a damp wall.’ After winning fans around the world, South Korean pop culture has entered the final frontier: North Korea, where its growing influence has prompted the leader of the totalitarian state to declare a new culture war to stop it. But even a dictator may have trou...
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We Think Poverty And Opportunity Are In Cities. Here’s Another Way Of Looking At It

Newly released Index of Deep Disadvantage looks at poverty and disadvantage across all the nation’s counties and 500 of the largest US cities. The index was based on three categories of data: income, health, and social mobility. While the most advantaged communities in the U.S. rank alongside the most developed parts of the world, those struggling the hardest measure up with countries like North Korea and Bangladesh. From among the list of 100 most disadvantaged communities, 80 are rural. – ...
Tags: Art, North Korea, US, Bangladesh, Issues, 02.03.20

The State Of Gay Art In Beijing: Delicate And Discreet

On the third floor of Destination, a nightclub-turned-cultural center that’s one of the few such places in the country to expressly welcome queer people, is ART.Des, a (very rare) gallery that features Chinese art that addresses homosexuality. While there is censorship, says one artist, “perhaps it’s not as free as the West; but it’s not as closed as people think, either. We’re not North Korea.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, North Korea, Beijing, Visual, 01.17.20

Photographer Captures Socialist Architecture Of North Korea In Pastel Aesthetic

Monument to Party Founding, Axis 1 Cristiano Bianchi In ‘Model City Pyongyang’, published by Thames & Hudson, Cristiano Bianchi and Kristina Drapic offer the reader an immersion in the heart of the capital of North Korea, to discover its “socialist architecture” and its “grand visions”. Through its buildings, the two Italian architects based in Beijing reveal a city with a strange... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, North Korea, Beijing, Pyongyang, Cristiano Bianchi, Model City Pyongyang, Thames Hudson Cristiano Bianchi, Kristina Drapic

After Five Years, Are We Really Sure We Know Who Hacked Sony Pictures?

“The massive cyberattack just before Thanksgiving 2014 crippled a studio, embarrassed executives and reshaped Hollywood. The FBI blamed a North Korea scheme to retaliate for the comedy The Interview, but many whose lives were upended have doubts.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, North Korea, Fbi, Sony Pictures, 11.25.19

South Korea to build a peace trail along the DMZ

South Korea is making big changes to the Korean Peninsula’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The country just voted in a plan that will build a peace trail along the DMZ in honor of the Panmunjom Declaration, which was signed in April of last year by President Moon Jae-in and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. The first phase of the project will feature a hiking trail in the Gangwaon Province, located near the east side of Korea. Tourists will be able to explore the Unification Observatory and hike alongside ...
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The World Order Was Created For Nations. But Increasingly Cities Are Taking The Lead

No, Chicago isn’t about to negotiate with North Korea. And London isn’t making a mutual defense treaty with New York. But on a range of issues from climate change to workers’ rights, cities are making pacts with one another. – CityLab
Tags: Art, New York, London, North Korea, Chicago, Issues, 04.15.19

An Artist, With The Help Of Many Others Across The DMZ, Unites The Koreas By Hand

Kyungah Ham found a North Korean propaganda leaflet – something she hadn’t seen for decades – in 2008, and that changed her art, and her life. “For a decade, Ms. Ham has been producing designs on her computer that are printed and smuggled into North Korea through intermediaries based in Russia or China. Then a group of anonymous artisans, whom she has never met or spoken to, are paid to convert them into embroideries, using exquisitely fine stitching. With bribes and subterfuge, the works are sm...
Tags: Art, North Korea, China, Russia, Visual, 07.26.18, Kyungah Ham, Ms Ham

An Artist Unites North and South Korea, Stitch by Stitch

Through smugglers and bribes, Kyungah Ham employs embroiderers in the Hermit Kingdom to sew her designs, an extraordinary and risky collaboration.
Tags: Art, South Korea, News, North Korea, Smuggling, Textiles, Hermit Kingdom, Busan (South Korea, Kyungah Ham

Link About It: The Architecture + Color Palette of North Korea

Pyongyang, North Korea "stretches out beneath you as a pastel-colored panorama," Guardian architecture critic Oliver Wainwright observed from the 70th floor of the 500-foot-high Tower of the Juche Idea. This, and many other surprising discoveries are...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Design, North Korea, Pyongyang North Korea, Oliver Wainwright

Claude Lanzmann, Director Of ‘Shoah’, Dead At 92

While he had an extensive career as journalist, editor, public intellectual, and lover of Simone de Beauvoir, it was with Shoah, a 9½ oral history of the Holocaust widely considered one of the greatest documentary films ever made, that Lanzmann gained world renown. He never retired: his final film, Napalm (about his youthful affair with a nurse n North Korea), and his miniseries The Four Sisters were both completed last year.
Tags: Art, North Korea, People, Simone de Beauvoir, Claude Lanzmann, Lanzmann, 07.05.18

How Donald Trump Uses Images

The iconic imagery from the summit will be the shaking of hands with the interspersed American and North Korean flags in the background. That imagery, followed by the big, broad claim that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat, is hard to combat politically. You've got to say, "In fact, it's much more complicated." […]
Tags: Art, North Korea, Donald Trump, Visual, 06.14.18

Inside The Architecture Of North Korea Is A Pastel Fairyland Built To Forget The Agony Of Its Citizens

"'Pyonghattan' was the joke nickname given by foreign diplomats to a cluster of shiny cylindrical towers that emerged in the capital in 2012, assuming this was a one-off publicity stunt. But since then, almost every year has seen the grand unveiling of another lavish trophy project, each more futuristic than the last, with parades of […]
Tags: Art, North Korea, Visual, 06.10.18, Pyonghattan

What Happens To Art Made In North Korea?

Much of the art that leaves North Korea actually travels to a small village outside Tuscany where Pier Luigi Cecioni runs his modest gallery devoted to the art of Mansudae Studio, one of the world’s largest art production centers operating since 1959.
Tags: Art, North Korea, Tuscany, Visual, 06.05.18, Pier Luigi Cecioni

Choi Eun-Hee, South Korean Actress Kidnapped By North, Dead At 91

One of South Korea's most famous actors in the 1960s and '70s, Choi was kidnapped in Hong Kong in 1978 and transported to Pyongyang at the order of Kim Jong-Il. With her ex-husband, Shin Sang-Ok, who was abducted shortly afterward, she was held in North Korea and forced to make films for eight years.
Tags: Art, South Korea, Hong Kong, North Korea, People, Pyongyang, Shin, Kim Jong Il, CHOI, Choi Eun hee, 04.17.18

Elon Musk warns AI could become an immortal' digital dictator

As if the world didn’t have enough dictators to worry about, Elon Musk says that our future authoritarian leaders will be AI. Musk has previously warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence, particularly if control of it is concentrated the hands of a power-hungry global elite. He suggests that an AI dictator would know everything about us (thanks to being connected to computers across the planet), would be more dangerous to the world than North Korea and would unleash “weapons of terro...
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The Great Wave review – gripping mystery of North Korea kidnap scandal

Dorfman, LondonFrancis Turnly’s drama drills to the heart of the harsh politics and complex emotions surrounding a series of historic abductions of young Japanese peopleSometimes a play grips because of its subject. Such is the case with this new piece by Francis Turnly which, although dramaturgically conventional, opens up the story of the abduction by North Korea of young Japanese citizens. Documentaries and movies have been made about this, but Turnly’s play seems especially timely as we stru...
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North Korea's Capital Isn't Gray At All. And It Wants To Be A Tourist Mecca

"I have to say [Pyongyang] is honestly one of the most colorful cities I’ve ever been to. You expect a gray, crumbling, 1950s dystopia of decaying concrete, but they’ve made a real conscious effort to try and cheer the place up." The spit shine is part of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un's campaign to […]
Tags: Art, North Korea, Pyongyang, Issues, Kim Jong, 02.27.18

North Korea’s graphic artistry – in pictures

Everyday objects, such as sweet wrappers and posters, will be exhibited for the first time outside the communist republic at a London show to showcase the country’s graphic art. Made in North Korea: Everyday Graphics from the DPRK is at the House of Illustration until 13 May Continue reading...
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This too is misogyny: Imagining that a woman is accomplishing great things when she's just sitting there or standing there looking glam.

What else could account for articles like "Kim Jong-un’s Sister Turns On the Charm, Taking Pence’s Spotlight" (in The New York Times)?[Kim Jong-un sent] his only sister, Kim Yo-jong, whom news outlets in the South instantly called “North Korea’s Ivanka,” likening her influence to that of Ivanka Trump on her father, President Trump....Flashing a sphinx-like smile and without ever speaking in public, Ms. Kim managed to outflank Mr. Trump’s envoy to the Olympics, Vice President Mike Pence, in the g...
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North Korea's Pop Musicians Are A Well-Oiled Propaganda Machine

In addition to their rare performances abroad, North Korea's modern musicians play an essential role at home as propagandists for the government. Songs are usually aimed at building the Kim personality cult and legitimizing the Kims' leadership role by invoking Mount Paektu, the sacred symbol of the family. Titles include “Our Comrade Kim Jong Un” […]
Tags: Art, Music, North Korea, Kim, Kim Jong, Mount Paektu, 02.07.18

Art Review: Review: When a Landscape (and Memory) Is All You Have

Timed for the Olympics, the Met puts together a show of a forbidden sight: the Diamond Mountains in North Korea. The paintings are poignant and beautiful.
Tags: Art, South Korea, News, North Korea, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Politics And Government, Olympic Games (2018

North Korea's National Orchestra Met With Protests As It Arrives In South Korea For Olympics

"The 9,700-tonne ferry, the Mangyongbong 92, was escorted into the eastern South Korean port of Mukho, where throngs of demonstrators were waiting. Some held large photos of the North's leader, Kim Jong Un, with black crosses drawn through them."
Tags: Art, South Korea, Music, North Korea, Kim Jong, Mangyongbong, 02.06.18, National Orchestra Met, Mukho

The Nuclear Doomsday Clock is as close to midnight as it has ever been

Today, the world is the closest it has ever been to doomsday since since the nuclear arms race of the ’50s. Scientists and researchers moved the Doomsday clock – an indicator for how close humanity is to nuclear annihilation – to 2 minutes to midnight today. Researchers at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists cited the threat between North Korea and the United States, facilitated by President Trump’s harmful rhetoric, as the main reason for the shift. The closest we have ever been to midnight was ...
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Bad UI Design: Here's How Hawaii's Ballistic Missile False Alarm Happened

On Saturday, folks living in Hawaii received this chilling message on their phones: My friends and acquaintances who live there posted accounts on social media describing their scrambling panic. "It sucked big time for us here in Hawaii," my buddy Mike, a married father of two, wrote. "For a few minutes, I thought we were done."About 38 minutes after the alert went out, it was rescinded.We have to understand how absolutely dangerous that error was, and how it could easily have led to a nuclea...
Tags: Design, North Korea, Germany, Hawaii, Poland, Ux, Pyongyang, Mike, Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, Richard Rapoza

What do International Government Emergency Hotlines Actually, Physically Look Like?

As fans of the old Batman TV show know, the Caped Crusader and Commissioner Gordon often contacted each other using a special hotline. Each of them had a red phone with no dial, and for some reason Commissioner Gordon kept his inside a cake display on his desk. "I can't enjoy my coffee unless I know that phone is protected from dust." Emergency hotlines exist in real life, of course, intended to connect countries that have the potential to go to war and to defuse potentially catastrophic misu...
Tags: South Korea, Design, Washington, North Korea, Jimmy Carter, Batman, Object Culture, Gordon, CC BY SA, Moscow Washington, Moscow Moscow, Austin Mills

You Know What'll Bring Revolution To North Korea? Soap Operas

"Kim Jong Un's iron grip on the North Korean people is weakening, and an information campaign rooted in soap operas and dramas could help advance a civilian uprising, a prominent defector told a congressional panel Wednesday."
Tags: Art, Media, North Korea, Kim Jong, 11.01.17

How Can North Korea Possibly Build Nukes? Because They Have 15,000 CNC Machines

Constructing a nuclear missile requires access to precision manufacturing techniques. Isolated North Korea, saddled as it is with poverty, starvation and maniacal leadership, is not known as a manufacturing powerhouse. But as it turns out, they started building their own CNC machines in the early '90s, according to Reuters. The working theory is that they got their hands on some Russian machines, reverse-engineered them and started building their own.The article doesn't say what kind of CNC mach...
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Daan Roosegaarde unveils mind-expanding 295-foot SPACE installation in Eindhoven

Most of us won’t have a chance to blast off to outer space and glimpse the beauty of Earth at night. But designer Daan Roosegaarde’s firm Studio Roosegaarde brought that image of light and darkness to the Eindhoven Railway Station in the Netherlands. This new, interactive art installation, called SPACE, gives travelers the opportunity to, in the words of Roosegaarde, “experience a new dimension of light, just as an astronaut sees it in an orbit of the Earth.” Inhabitat spoke with Roosegaarde to...
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Smuggling Contemporary Art Lessons Into North Korea

"Artist Mina Cheon, a professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art, ... has successfully sent hundreds of USB sticks containing short videos of contemporary art lessons into North Korea as part of a new art project. ... Arranged by thematic subjects such as art's relationship to power, food, feminism, and money, the [ten] lessons […]
Tags: Art, North Korea, Visual, Maryland Institute College of Art, 09.28.17, Mina Cheon

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