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Is It Feasible To Reopen Cinemas With A Max Of 50 People Per Screen? Norway Is Trying It

Movie theaters in Norway will reopen on May 7 with a mandatory minimum of one meter of space between each audience member and no more than 50 patrons total in any one space. (These rules follow those of Sweden, which did not close its cinemas when the novel coronavirus arrived.) If everything goes smoothly, the limit will be increased to 200 patrons per screen on June 15. – Variety
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Street Art Confronts the Pandemic

From Norway to Colorado, street artists depict a world of masks and hand-washing (and toilet paper). One recurrent theme: a deep appreciation of health care workers.
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What to know about Hulu's Greta Thunberg documentary

Hopeful, passionate and completely fearless, Greta Thunberg is quickly becoming the face of climate change awareness. The teenage climate activist became a household name after a school-wide strike ignited an international sensation, inspiring millions of young people to stand up to the environmental crisis plaguing the planet we all share. Since those first days of solitary protests outside of the Swedish Parliament, Thunberg has continued to be an example for climate activism. From taking a ze...
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A zen minimalist cabin that brings nature in and takes distractions out

We all know the movie Birdbox and we associate it with a stressful situation, I mean it was definitely didn’t fit in the comedy genre, right? However, I came across a different Birdbox by Livit, a Norwegian company, to counteract those feelings and really soothe our souls. This Birdbox is actually a prefabricated shipping container-like cabin that offers one-of-a-kind escapes to lush destinations surrounded by nature.The cabins are simple, rectangular structures with huge circular and oval windo...
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Experience The Fjords And Mountain Ranges Across Norway In A Birdbox

Among the fjords and mountain ranges of Norway’s great wilderness, design studio Livit introduces Birdbox — creating a unique atmosphere of calmness and freedom for travelers. More: Livit, Facebook, Instagram h/t: desingboom With a minimalist design and small footprint, Birdbox brings its occupants close to nature both physically and experientially, offering comfort and framed views across the... Source
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Cabins designed to help you feel at one with nature: Part 2

When it comes to holiday getaways, everyone loves the idea of lounging about in a nice cabin surrounded by nature at its best. Whether it’s in the middle of a forest, by the sea or on a snowy mountaintop, one can never say no to cabin vacations! Architects and designers have been innovating the basic concept of a cabin itself, creating luxurious and cozy holiday destinations. So, we’ve curated a collection of comfortable cabins that will help you reconnect with nature and yourself!The Resort Man...
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Scandinavia’s Successful Education Model

Favoring a more comprehensive educational model that emphasizes humanistic and technical training, studies conclude that Nordic nations raise citizens that are intelligent (in the traditional sense), more internally aware, prideful for their nation, and capable of viewing a situation from another’s eyes. Governments in countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway aim to make “lifelong learning a part of the natural fabric of society,” and it …
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Tropical greenery surrounds a sustainable, solar-powered home in Singapore

In Singapore, a lush veil of tropical plants has enveloped a sustainable home for a family of five. The house, aptly named “Fade to Green,” is the work of Singaporean design studio HYLA Architects, who was tapped to create a semi-detached home that was green in both design and spirit. In addition to its thriving tropical foliage, the house is equipped with a rainwater harvesting system and rooftop solar panels to reduce the building’s environmental footprint. Located on a long and narrow lot, t...
Tags: Design, Singapore, Norway, Green House, Derek Swalwell, Kebony, HYLA Architects, HYLA Architects Images

Could These Tree-Like Vertical Farms Be the Future of Urban Farming?

Norway and New York City-based design studio Framlab ("fram" means "forward" in Norwegian) have come up with an intriguing solution for urban farming that combines modular design with soilless, aeroponic growth systems. The conceptual project—titled Glasir ("gleaming")—is designed with Brooklyn in mind, a borough where the foodie destinations along the gentrified waterfront neighborhoods stand in stark contrast to some of the biggest food deserts in the city in low-income neighborhoods like East...
Tags: Design, New York City, Urbanism, Brooklyn, Norway, East New York East Flatbush Canarsie

NYT Reports on Fading Facade of Edvard Munch’s ‘Scream’

Edvard Munch’s Scream is fading, and scientists in Norway and New York are working to unravel the issue with the painting, the NYT reports. “There tends to be an interest in the bigger-name artists, for obvious reasons,” says Dr. Nicholas Eastaugh, founder and chief scientist at Art Analysis & Research. “But actually these are problems that will affect all artists […]
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The URÆD wristwatch pays tribute to the creator of the world’s first closed lifeboat

If you haven’t heard of the story of Mr. Ole Brude, sit down and grab a cup of hot chocolate, because it’s pretty incredible. Back in August 1904, a Norwegian by the name of Ole Brude designed a lifeboat no larger than the size of a minivan. The unique feature about this lifeboat, however, was that unlike most boats in 1904, this one was enclosed, and shaped like an egg. Brude, perhaps fueled by eccentricity and hope, decided to take this van-sized boat on its maiden journey from Norway to Ame...
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Get your childhood unplugged with these innovative treehouse designs!

A treehouse is every child’s fantasy, a safe haven among the trees, somewhere to simply relax and get away from the world. We all may not have had access to treehouses as children, but, it doesn’t mean that we can’t indulge in this fantasy a little as adults! To feed your childhood indulgence, we’ve curated a collection of picturesque treehouses, which could probably serve as options for your next holiday destination!Somewhere in Mexico City, suspended on a treetop is the Casa Flotante. It trans...
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Openings Of Norway’s New Munch And National Museums Are Delayed

The handover of the building from a contractor to the constructor has been delayed due to incomplete delivery of fire and security doors as well insufficient performance and unsatisfactory operation of the building’s climate systems, the newspaper Dagbladet writes. The new Munch museum has already been the subject of criticism over its design. Architecture editor Gaute Brochmann, in comments to Dagbladet, has likened it to a “threatening black shadow, a coal-grey block looming over the O...
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Self-sustaining Ugandan surgical facility provides healthcare to underserved areas

In an inspiring example of humanitarian architecture, Kliment Halsband Architects teamed up with Mount Sinai Surgery in New York to create the Mount Sinai Kyabirwa Uganda Surgical Facility, a prototype for an independent, self-sustaining ambulatory surgical facility. According to the architects, roughly 5 billion people lack any form of safe or affordable surgery, leading to millions of deaths annually worldwide. In response, the architects created a modular, easily replicable surgical facility ...
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Van Gogh’s Weirdest Self-Portrait, Long Considered By Some A Forgery, Is Genuine

Doubts about the authenticity of the painting, which depicts the artist giving some serious side-eye, first arose in 1970. But research conducted jointly by the National Gallery of Norway (which owns the work) and the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has determined that the portrait is no forgery — and that it’s the only one van Gogh ever painted while hospitalized for psychosis. – Yahoo! (AFP)
Tags: Art, Amsterdam, Norway, National Gallery, Van Gogh, Visual, Gogh, Gogh Museum, 01.20.20

Self-portrait of van Gogh during psychotic episode, thought to have been a fake, deemed real

Researchers have determined that the above self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh, long thought to have been a fake, was indeed painted by the artist in 1889 while he was suffering from psychosis in a French mental institution. The painting belongs to Norway’s National Museum but is currently on display at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. From The Art Newspaper: The painting is now linked to a letter in which Van Gogh wrote that he had made a self-portrait which was “an attempt from when I was il...
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Portrait in Norway National Collection Authenticated as Van Gogh

A gloomy portrait in the national collection of Norway has been authenticated as the work of Vincent Van Gogh, The Guardian reports. “The Oslo self-portrait depicts someone who is mentally ill,” a statement from the Van Gogh Museum reads. “His timid, sideways glance is easily recognizable and is often found in patients suffering from depression and […]
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Architectural Designs that use glass to create a perfect fairy tale setting

Architectural designs have the ability to breathe life into cities and towns. Though usually associated with modern design, glass structures have a way of giving a fresh look to any space, giving that space a constantly changing view that manages to encapture and enthrall the viewers. The collection featured here hero’s glass as a material of choice, designed to transport you to a fantasy-filled world where fairy tales can come to life!Designed by Doug Aitken, the Mirage in Gstaad, Switzerland i...
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Norway Debates The Ethics Of Writing A Near-Autobiographical Novel

Vigdis Hjorth’s novel, in which a woman in her 50s reveals to her family that her father sexually abused her as a child, has touched off a debate in Norway – and fury in her own family. “Hjorth’s sister, Helga, a human rights lawyer, responded to the book by writing a novel of her own, Fri Vilje (Free Will), in which a character suffers the trauma of living with the public fallout from a narcissistic sibling’s ‘dishonest’ autobiographical novel.” – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Norway, Words, Helga, Hjorth, 01.04.20

The Whale: A New Touristic Attraction In Norway, That Will Tell The Stories Of The Majestic Sea Creature Through Art, Science, And Architecture

The Danish architecture firm Dorte Mandrup A/S won the international competition to design “The Whale”, a new touristic attraction for northern Norway, that will tell the stories of the majestic sea creature through art, science, and architecture. More: Dorte Mandrup h/t: archdaily Located on a plot 300km north of the Arctic Circle, on the island of Andøya, a small town of 2600 citizens... Source
Tags: Travel, Design, Architecture, Norway, Arctic Circle, Whale, Dorte Mandrup, Andøya

Knowledge Can Save Lives: New Harm Reduction Campaign Launched In Norway

The aim of Rusopplysningen, a non-profit Norwegian organization, is to deliver accurate and science-based information about drugs without moralizing. By informing about the effects, risks and providing safety guidelines, we hope to minimise the harms of drug use. The original campaign is in Norwegian, but here are the English translation. More: Rusopplysningen (nor) h/t: Source
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BroadwayHD's January Lineup Includes RED, HENRY IV, and BRIGADOON

BroadwayHD dives into the new decade with a collection of awe-inspiring and bold productions this month. Leading the roster is the 1954 classic film Brigadoon, starring Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly, which comes to the platform on January 1. Six-time Tony Award-nominated production of Red, starring Tony Nominee Alfred Molina and Harry Potter film star Alfred Enoch, will be available starting January 9. Donmar Warehouse's contemporary and innovative all-female production of Shakespeare's Henry IV m...
Tags: Theatre, Harry Potter, Norway, Shakespeare, Donmar Warehouse, Bertolt Brecht, Gene Kelly, Kurt Weill, Hedda Gabler, Henry IV, BWW News Desk, Alfred Enoch, Tony Nominee Alfred Molina

Slinningsbålet: The Battle For The Biggest Bonfire In The World

To see the world’s biggest bonfire you’ll have to visit Alesund, Norway, where wood pallets are stacked over 40 meters (131 ft) high on an artificial island. The occasion? Sankthans, or ‘Midsummer’, an annual festival in commemoration of John the Baptist’s birth. The day is celebrated on the 24th of June (around summer solstice) in Scandinavian countries and other parts of Europe. In Alesund... Source
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Great Britain Has Fantastic Public Spaces, And A Kitschy Retail Christmas Market Doesn’t Fill Them Will

Architecture critic Rowan Moore is not thrilled with the thoughtless, crass commercialism filling Trafalgar Square. “It is not the presence of the market, precisely, that’s the problem, so much as the cluelessness with which it and other temporary elements are jammed in among the stonework. These include a crib housed in something like a bus shelter and a makeshift health-and-safety skirt of crush barriers and green tarpaulin around the 25-metre Christmas tree, donated every year by Norway in t...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Norway, Trafalgar Square, Rowan Moore, 12.08.19

6 helpful ways to give back to nature this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it is the best time to reflect on our planet and give thanks for nature and all of its glories. What better way to celebrate our world and its wildlife than by offering a helping hand? Here are some ways to give back to and celebrate Mother Earth this Thanksgiving. Save a turkey While Thanksgiving traditionally means turkey at the table, those who are vegetarian, vegan or simply interested in protecting turkeys can instead adopt or sponsor a turkey...
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Svalbard’s “Doomsday” Seed Vault to Get a Snøhetta-Designed Welcome Center

Preserving some 986,243 seed species, in zero degrees Fahrenheit, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault protects the legacy of Earth’s fauna. For those who’ve long dreamed of seeing the site themselves, a visitor center known as The Arc is set to open in 2022. Design firm Snøhetta will lead, and their vision is two-fold. First, a mirrored, modernist main building (on a suspended timber frame, so …
Tags: Design, Climate Change, Nature, Norway, Svalbard, The Arctic, Linkaboutit, Snohetta, Snøhetta, Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Svalbard Global Seed Bank, The Arc

Artist Jamie Paul Scanlon Creates Stunning Street Art Inpired By Pop Characters And Horrror Movies

Inspired by Banksy, Jamie Paul Scanlon (JPS) has developed his own style creating fun, whitty street art by involving pop culture characters like heroes and villains along with some frighteningly realistic horror movie characters. Jamie Paul Scanlon breaks the boundary between life and art, bringing his works to public buildings and walls all over England and Norway. After losing more than ten... Source
Tags: England, Design, Horror, Pop, Norway, Inspirations, Streetart, JPS, Jamie Paul Scanlon, Banksy Jamie Paul Scanlon

New e-snowmobiles bring eco tourism to the northern lights

Between Norway and the North Pole is Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago and one of the most rugged and northern inhabited areas. With an average January high of 9 degrees and 24 hours of darkness, you might not expect this to be a tourist hot-spot. But the northern lights are drawing bigger and bigger crowds through Svalbard’s dark winter. The trick is making sure that the roughly 75,000 annual visitors don’t overwhelm the environment and culture of the archipelago’s 2,583 year-round residents. O...
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Danish Architect Dorte Mandrup’s The Whale Visitor Center in the Arctic Circle

A few miles from the shore of Norwegian town Andenes, on the island Andøya in the Arctic Circle, a deep-sea valley (called bleiksdjupa) frequently welcomes migrating whales. Breaching the dramatic landscape near the town, The Whale attraction will open its doors to visitors hoping to catch a glimpse. Inside, it will also tell the story of the magnificent marine mammals, their relationship to humans and their …
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Photographer Yann Philippe Captures A Cold Beauty Of Norway In Infrared

According to Yann Philippe: “When I had the opportunity to visit Norway in 2014, 2017 and 2019, I took my infrared-converted camera with some prototype filters of what would later become KolariVision’s IRChrome filter. South-Norway’s breathtaking views from the coast near Bergen up to the Preikestolen were absolutely astonishing. At first, I doubted that infrared photography... Source
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