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NYC considers Manhattan land expansion to fight climate change

On Thursday March 14, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City unveiled a $10 billion plan to prepare lower Manhattan for the inevitable invasion of sea level rise predicted with climate change. The plan was announced alongside the release of the Lower Manhattan Climate Resilience Study, which provides a complete assessment of predicted climate risks, including sea level rise, storm surge, extreme rainfall and heat waves. The plan includes extensive construction of permanent and smartly integrated...
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Notes: On Hudson Yards

Our takeaways from exploring the mico-city, its monuments and restaurants A city within the city of New York, the Hudson Yards district comprises 28 acres of residential, commercial and public space developed on top of and around the MTA’s former John D. Caemmerer West Side Storage Yard—once an untrodden abyss along the river. Almost all the statistics convey the staggering scope of this endeavor, beginning …
Tags: Notes, New York, Design, Shopping, NYC, Restaurants, Bars, Architecture, Mta, Thomas Heatherwick, Shops, Thomas Keller, Hudson Yards, Tak Room, John D Caemmerer, West Side Storage Yard

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Farewell to two cultural pioneers, debunking myths about women's bodies, our co-founder at SXSW and more Four New Statues of Women for NYC While NYC is scattered with statues of notable men, there are very few of women—just five, in fact. She Built NYC is commissioning four new statues of historical and influential women: Billie Holiday, Dr Helen Rodríguez Trías, Elizabeth Jennings Graham and Katherine …
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OMA unveils designs for zigzagging residential towers in Brooklyn

OMA’s New York office has unveiled striking designs for the Greenpoint Landing mixed-use towers—two dramatically stepped buildings that appear to be two jagged halves of a whole. Designed to frame views of Greenpoint and vistas of Manhattan beyond, the project is “a ziggurat and its inverse…carefully calibrated to one another,” says OMA Partner Jason Long. Greenpoint Landing, which is expected to break ground in August of this year, is located in the Brooklyn waterfront neighborhood of Greenpoi...
Tags: New York, Design, NYC, New York City, Architecture, Brooklyn, Gallery, Amsterdam, Manhattan, Green space, Carousel Showcase, Mixed-use, Williamsburg, Oma, Greenpoint, Waterfront

Snow In NYC: Photos Of The Winter Wonderland By Joseph O. Holmes

Joseph O. Holmes’s photographs have hung in solo and group shows around the world. “The Booth” was a featured solo exhibition in Toronto’s CONTACT photography festival, following its four-month run at New York City’s Museum of the Moving Image. Among other awards, Holmes has been honored with a Curator’s Commendation at the Houston Center for Photography, first prize in MPLS Photo... Source
Tags: Photography, New York, Design, Winter, NYC, New York City, Toronto, Holmes, Joseph O Holmes, Houston Center for Photography

Inside The Future Perfect’s NYC Casa Perfect

Highlights from every floor of the West Village home turned showroom For anyone who has dreamed of living in a West Village townhouse—and, of course, for those who already have one and are looking to furnish it with pieces of insurmountable elegance and vision—The Future Perfect‘s new Casa Perfect is an absolute inspiration. A gallery experience for the brand’s carefully selected wares, NYC’s Casa Perfect …
Tags: Design, Shopping, NYC, Furniture, Interiors, Shops, Decor, West Village, Interior Decorating, Showrooms, Casa Perfect, The Future Perfect, NYC Casa Perfect

Inside The Future Perfect’s Casa Perfect New York

Highlights from every floor of the West Village home turned showroom For anyone who has dreamed of living in a West Village townhouse—and, of course, for those who already have one and are looking to furnish it with pieces of insurmountable elegance and vision—The Future Perfect‘s new Casa Perfect is an absolute inspiration. A gallery experience for the brand’s carefully selected wares, Casa Perfect New …
Tags: Design, Shopping, NYC, Furniture, Interiors, Shops, Decor, West Village, Interior Decorating, Showrooms, Casa Perfect, The Future Perfect, Casa Perfect New York

Four New Statues of Women for NYC

While NYC is scattered with statues of notable men, there are very few of women—just five, in fact. She Built NYC is commissioning four new statues of historical and influential women: Billie Holiday, Dr Helen Rodríguez Trías, Elizabeth Jennings Graham and Katherine Walker. Each statue will be placed in the borough that each woman called home—from the Bronx to Staten Island. The project is ongoing, …
Tags: Gender, Design, NYC, Culture, Feminism, Statues, Bronx, Staten Island, Public Art, Public Spaces, Monuments, Linkaboutit, Katherine Walker, City Planning, Helen Rodríguez Trías Elizabeth Jennings Graham

Creative Adversarial Networks: GANs that make art

Generative Adversarial Networks use a pair of machine-learning models to create things that seem very realistic: one of the models, the "generator," uses its training data to make new things; and the other, the "discerner," checks the generator's output to see if it conforms to the model. Rutgers comp sci prof Ahmed Elgammal runs an Art and AI Lab where they use "Creative Adversarial Networks" to produce new artworks: CANs use a "discerner" that seeks out "novelty," not fidelity to the stat...
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Black + White Artworks from The Armory Show 2019

Paintings, sculpture, collage and more pieces that demonstrate the power of contrast Wandering the halls of an art fair, visitors often flick their eyes to the ostentatious—pillars of color, sparkling shapes, neon word-based art and even manipulated reflections of self. It’s easy for explosive color to captivate. And yet, passing through 2019’s The Armory Show in NYC, numerous works composed solely of black and white …
Tags: Art, Design, NYC, Culture, Photographs, Paintings, Art Fairs, Tapestries, Immersive Art, Armory Week 2019, The Armory Show, The Armory Show 2019

Design Indaba 2019: Dong-Ping Wong of FOOD

From vertical parks in Chinatown to Kanye West projects, the NYC-based studio is all about ideas Questioning if the design process can be faster or more meaningful, during his speech at Design Indaba, Dong-Ping Wong of FOOD offered a glimpse into advanced and sophisticated ways of thinking about architecture. Based in NYC, FOOD has a unique way of approaching architecture, through a creative approach that …
Tags: Design, Interviews, NYC, Kanye West, Architecture, Chinatown, Contemporary Architecture, Design Indaba, Set Design, City Planning, Dong-Ping Wong, Design Indaba Dong Ping Wong of FOOD

NYC’s The Brant Foundation Art Study Center Opens With Jean-Michel Basquiat

A debut exhibit in a building that was once Walter De Maria's live/work space Back in 2014, rumors began circulating that the Brant Foundation had purchased 419 East 6th Street—the four-story building that had housed conceptual artist Walter De Maria‘s home and studio since the mid-’80s. Its origins, however, underline its strange, slender figure and the 16,000-square-feet space within; it was constructed as a Con Edison substation …
Tags: Art, Design, NYC, Culture, Artists, Exhibitions, Galleries, Jean-michel Basquiat, East Village, Walter De Maria, Brant Foundation, The Brant Foundation

Blain|Southern to Open in New York

Blain|Southern is opening a New York space, taking over the former Cheim & Read space in Chelsea. “We’ve been planning to open in NYC for some time but it takes time to find a space and location in-line with what our purpose-built spaces in London and Berlin offer our artists,” the gallery said in a statement.  Read […]
Tags: Art, New York, London, News, NYC, Berlin, Chelsea, Art News, Minipost, Blain, Blain Southern

Niche Niche, NYC’s New Dinner Party Restaurant

Each nightly event at this 25-seat SoHo venue will be hosted by a different wine professional SoHo’s 25-seat restaurant Niche Niche is an undeniably charming concept. Designed to host evenings reminiscent of a dinner party at a friend’s house, the venue officially opens tonight—and every day onward will be unique, with a different wine industry professional hosting each night. Owned by Ariel Arce and her …
Tags: Food, Design, NYC, Restaurants, Drinking, Wine, Dining, Food + Drink, Soho, Ariel Arce, Sommeliers, Wine Tastings, Niche Niche NYC, Niche Niche

Central Park — The Painting

Frederick Law Olmsted was a genius of unfathomable proportion. This gentleman saw the center of a bustling island, and envisioned 1.317 square miles of trees, hills, bridges, lakes and pathways — and invented Central Park. Having spent 12 years living in Manhattan (10 of which, were on the Upper East Side) — The Park was …
Tags: Art, NYC, Commission, Manhattan, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Contemporary Art, Shaq, Central Park, Painting Process, Guggenheim, Manhattan Painting, Borbay, Acrylic, Acrylic On Canvas, Commissioned Art

How a Commuter Thermos May Have Caused a Deadly Accident, Speeding the Vehicle Up and Preventing Braking  

A few years ago, when I was still in NYC, there was a high-speed bus crash that was all over the local news. A charter bus blew through a red light at an absurd 60 miles per hour in a 30 MPH zone. This is the footage: Just in NEW video showing the second the buses collided in @ABC7NY September 18, 2017 "> Three people died, including the driver of the charter bus, one Raymond Mong. Mong was a former MTA bus driver who, it was then reported, was fired by the MTA a couple of years earlier, ...
Tags: Design, NYC, Cars, Mta, Daily News, Ntsb, National Transportation Safety Board, Mong, Kemberly Richardson, Raymond Mong Mong, NTSB National Transportation Safety Board, Dahlia Group Inc, Northern Blvd, Raymond Mong

“Robert Mapplethorpe: Choreography for an exhibition” at Museo Madre, Naples

Classic art juxtaposed with the iconic photographer's work in a show that explores human form Symmetry was one of beloved photographer Robert Mapplethorpe‘s obsessions. Now, 30 years after his death, Mapplethorpe is celebrated with a major retrospective at NYC’s Guggenheim Museum and also in a smaller, more precious exhibition at the Museo Madre in Naples. Robert Mapplethorpe. Choreography for an Exhibition (curated by Laura Valente and Andrea Viliani) is focused …
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Walmart's tiny home on wheels is embarking on a tour around the country

While Walmart may not be exactly synonymous with sophisticated home design now, that could all change if Allswell has anything to do with it. Walmart-owned Allswell is a bedding and mattress company that is using a stunning tiny home, designed by the creative team from Modern Tiny Living, to showcase its quality mattresses. Setting off across the country on February 8, the gorgeous tiny home on wheels will make its way from NYC to Seattle, stopping at various sleep-deprived cities along the way...
Tags: Design, NYC, Walmart, Architecture, Gallery, Seattle, Tiny Homes, Tiny House, Tiny Home, Union Square, Tiny Homes on Wheels, Tiny Home Living, Modern Tiny Living, Allswell, Allswell Tiny Home, Allswell Tiny Home Tour

ATLA’s Aguas Frescas Boast Texture and Flavor

While their inventory rivals even the best mezcalerias, it's their zero-proof drinks that impress most At ATLA, the younger sibling of Cosme, in New York‘s NoHo neighborhood, the light fare and non-alcoholic beverages impress most. (Think donut-shaped churros or flaxseed chilaquiles paired with delectable aguas frescas.) While beverage director Yana Volfson is skilled at crafting cocktails, her zero-proof options transcend the expectations usually associated with …
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Some Light-Up Cacti to Make Your Winter a Little More Tolerable

The other day it was 6 degrees here in NYC, and today it's 59 degrees. These fluctuating temperatures combined with the crippling darkness of winter are starting to mess with my mood, so I've been doing a bit of lighting research to see if adding a little more cheer to my apartment might help. I'm also a notoriously bad plant parent, killing anything and everything in my path (I thought aloe plants were supposed to be indestructible?), so I quickly realized that these cacti lights I stumbled acr...
Tags: Design, NYC, Israel, Tel Aviv, Lighting, Chen Bikovski

Korean Ingredients at NYC’s Reception Bar

The zero-proof section of the cocktail menu is a particular reason to visit From the outside, newcomer Reception Bar looks like yet another drinking hole in NYC‘s Lower East Side—fitted with floating orb lights, shades of peach and timber, plants in the circular windows and curved doorways. But one night exploring the menu proves Reception Bar is a sanctuary for people tired of classic cocktails or even alcohol …
Tags: Design, NYC, Alcohol, New York City, Bars, Cocktails, Korean, Les, Food + Drink, Lower East Side, Alcohol-free, Korean Cocktails

The 2019 Lexus Design Award Finalists Shine a Light on Social Consciousness and Impact

We look forward to the Lexus Design Award finalist announcement each year not because it means another glamorous exhibition in Milan (although that's not so bad) but because of the variety and high level of projects that Lexus continues to select. This year, we're especially excited to note that many of the projects are industrial design-focused and that all of them approach a specific design need through a social impact lens. Three of the projects take the "industrial" part of industrial design...
Tags: Design, Milan, NYC, Competition, Lexus, Social Impact, David Adjaye, Milan Design Week, Jessica Rosenkrantz, Lisa Marks, Jaime Hayon, Ben Berwick, Rezzan Hasoglu, Arenophile Hasoglu, Green Blast Jet Energy, Dmitriy Balashov

Design Heals at Parsley Health’s Reimagined Medical Office

From design to doctors, a new and impressive approach to wellness Wellness is a journey, not a destination. For some, it’s about living their best life with a chronic illness; for others, it’s simply about optimizing from a place of strength. These two types of people loosely summarize the member base at Parsley Health, a practice applying more holistic points of view to traditional healthcare. Everything …
Tags: Health, Wellness, Design, Medicine, Interviews, NYC, Healthcare, Doctors, Interior Design, Office Design, Parsley Health, Biophilia, Parsley Health 's Reimagined Medical Office

Six Thoughtful New Cookbooks

Elevate your home chef skills with these diverse guides More than how-to guides, cookbooks tell stories—whether it’s once-lost traditions or modern-day innovations. In these recently published cookbooks, readers can learn secret family recipes, inventive plant-based dishes, clever fermented fare and much more. And, beyond the delicious dishes, each of these creative books tell a unique tale—from a love letter to Detroit, to a thoughtful approach to …
Tags: Food, Cooking, Japan, Design, NYC, Restaurants, Japanese, Detroit, Vegan, Food + Drink, Cookbooks, Noma, Wildair, Home Cooks, Vegan Cuisine


We team up with the menswear show for sneak peeks, prizes and more With a focus on menswear, PROJECT is a fashion trade event that showcases everything from sneakers to hats, with emerging talent and established brands on display side by side. Attendees (mostly industry experts and buyers) can see the newest and most impressive creations spanning apparel, shoes and accessories—with a focus on sportswear. PROJECT …
Tags: Sponsored, Fashion, Design, Style, NYC, Events, Menswear, Project, Trade Show, Fairs

NYC’s Defunct Gotham Chamber Opera Comes Back From The Dead (Sort Of)

“[GCO’s] founder, Neal Goren, is back in business — thanks to an unusual collaboration between his new company, Catapult Opera, and Peak Performances at Montclair State University, which will present four of Catapult’s productions.” — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, NYC, Montclair State University, 01.09.19, Neal Goren, Catapult Opera

Stockholm’s Artistically Accessible Photography Destination, Fotografiska

We speak with founder Jan Broman about the brand's DNA, an NYC expansion and more Rising from the northern edge of Södermalm Island in Stockholm harbor, an Art Nouveau building bustles with Swedish cognoscenti. It’s early evening and the former customhouse, built at the turn of the 20th century, crackles with the sort of anticipation a marquee exhibit opening promises. The nearby quay overflows with well-dressed …
Tags: Photography, Design, Sweden, Interviews, NYC, Culture, Museums, Photographers, Galleries, Stockholm, Kirsty Mitchell, Fotografiska, Jan Broman, Södermalm Island

Currently Crowdfunding: A Smart Indoor Garden, A Color Inkjet Printer for Smartphones and More

Brought to you by MAKO Design + Invent, North America's leading design firm for taking your product idea from a sketch on a napkin to store shelves. Download Mako's Invention Guide for free here. Navigating the world of crowdfunding can be overwhelming, to put it lightly. Which projects are worth backing? Where's the filter to weed out the hundreds of useless smart devices? To make the process less frustrating, we scour the various online crowdfunding platforms to put together a weekly roundu...
Tags: Design, Crowdfunding, NYC, UNICA, MAKO Design Invent North America, UNICA Mag Ceramics

The Living Installation ARTISTIC REVOLUTION Jan.5th 2019, 8pm to 1am

The Living Installation ARTISTIC REVOLUTION 2019 Saturday, January 5th 8pm to 1am Tickets at: Live show / also live feed world wide view into a Bushwick studio turned theater! The Living Installation has been going strong for close to 20 years in NYC and Michael Alan has been doing...Read more »
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Best of CH 2018: Most Popular

From sustainable living to tech upgrades and enduring motorcycle brands, our most-read articles this year Like each year in COOL HUNTING’s history, 2018 offered an immensely varied collection of content—from Escher wallpaper to hydroponic vertical gardens, Apple Watch upgrades, sustainable architecture and beyond. With this in mind, it’s always fascinating to explore our analytics at the end of the year and find what resonated most with …
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