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How to Make the Most of Every Inch of Your Hallway

If you live in a large house, you may see your hallways as those extra spaces to vacuum that simply bring you from one part of your home to another. But if you live in an apartment or a smaller house, hallways are precious and valuable space you should definitely be making the most of.Read more...
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White Remains Top Vehicle Color Globally According to Axalta

  Axalta released its 68th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report today, and it said 81 percent of vehicles are white, black, gray or silver. White at 38 percent is the most frequently purchased automotive color worldwide and has been for 10 years consecutively. Black remains at 19 percent year-over-year and is a luxury vehicle favorite. Gray, […] The post White Remains Top Vehicle Color Globally According to Axalta appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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How to Refresh Your Home With Minimal Fuss

From reconsidering your lighting to upgrading your bedding, suggestions for making the space you’re isolating in feel new again.
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Trending paint colors as you prep for sale

It’s no surprise that light tones are often the best choice for marketing and selling luxury properties. They let a home speak for itself, and provide buyers with a blank canvas on which to imagine an ideal space. But if you have sellers who have used unconventional colors in their property, knowing how to sell them on a color change becomes integral to a sale.
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Let Your Kid Paint With These Homemade Paint Popsicles

When my son was a preschooler, I was forever looking for new artsy activities to do with him. I especially loved activities where the set-up was part of the activity itself—you get more mileage out of those. We’d make homemade play dough together or mix together corn starch, water and food coloring to make sidewalk…Read more...
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An Artist Who Makes Paintings Without a Canvas

Ahead of a new solo show, Suzanne Jackson talks about her creative routine, her love of jazz music and the worst studio she ever had.
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This scientific paper about black holes includes a 1:1 image of a black hole

I can't speak to the scientific value of the paper--actual quote: We focus on a more exciting possibility: if the OGLE events are due to a population of PBHs then it is possible that the orbital anomalies of TNOs are also due to one of these PBHs that was captured by the Solar System. But the writers of "What if Planet 9 is a Primordial Black Hole?" get an A for showmanship. Page 5 includes an "exact scale image" of the black hole discussed: Science papers are always full of figures, but very...
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What color to paint the threshold, the transition between rooms when the rooms are different colors?

What color to paint the threshold, the transition between rooms when the rooms are different colors? “Hey Lori, I’m driving myself crazy with what I’m sure is a simple question. I keep going back and forth trying to decide what color I should paint the threshold, the small transition wall area between rooms when the rooms are two different colors. How do you know which color from which room to choose?”It does seem like a s...
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Cutting Paint Color Formulas – People Decide it Works Before it’s Done

Cutting Paint Color Formulas – People Decide it Works Before it’s Done Hey Lori, I am trying to understand cutting paint color formulas. If you cut a formula by 50% does the color just lighten? Can I just add white paint to lighten a paint color? Short answer, no. Here’s what you need to know: Whenever you cut an existing formula, you’re essentially creating a new color because all 3 dimensions of color, hue, value and chroma will be affected. Many don’t think the logic of cutting or doub...
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How to Keep Your Pets Safe While Painting Your House

Pets should be treated as full members of the family so, naturally, each decision you make regarding your house, also concerns them and their safety. If you decided to refresh the look of your interior and are considering a paint job, you need to make sure your pets won’t be affected by the change. Here are the most common problems you might encounter while painting your house and dealing with the animals inside it and, most importantly, how to handle them properly.   Stress No matter if you ...
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Kids’ Room Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

Kids’ rooms are always filled with toys, clothes, drawing supplies, and who knows how many other things. It is easy to see your children’s bedroom as the last room in your house you want to clean as you know that’s where the maximum chaos is. It doesn’t have to be this way, and many ideas will help you organize this space so that you don’t have to worry so much about keeping it clean.   Reduce the number of toys Even if that may sound harsh, it is easy to notice how your kids prefer to play o...
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Tips To Grow Your New Personalized Portrait Business For Less

30% of new businesses fail within the first two years, according to the Small Business Association. As such, when you’re launching your own personalized portrait business, you need to have solid marketing in place to attract customers. Additionally, you’ll need all the stock and tools required to create an original, quirky, and colorful piece that your customer will treasure forever. But, how do you ensure that you don’t overspend and ruin your growth potential? Buy Materials in Bulk Before y...
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This Makeup Artist Turns His Face Into 3D Optical Illusions

Luca Luce is a talented makeup artist who uses his expert skills to turn his own head into mind-boggling 3D optical illusions. 40-year-old Luce has been working as a television makeup artist in Italy for over 18 years, but only started using his body as a canvas for optical illusions in 2014. He first made a name for himself online in 2015, when photos of his hand-painted optical illusions went... Source
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Use Magnetic Primer on Your Kid's Bedroom Wall

Last week, we suggested that you turn a hidden wall of your house (in a basement or laundry room, for example) into an “art wall” to display all of your kid’s masterpieces. One commenter, known as “Ja’mie Lannister, Private School Kingslayer,” jumped in with another idea we love: Pick a wall or door in your kid’s room…Read more...
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All-In-One Paint Package Design – a boon for painters

A very delightful packaging design is what we have for you here! Take a look at the All-In-One Paint Package Design, which includes an array of painting accessories in one compact package. The whole tin includes paint pads and trays that are designed in a rectilinear form, decreasing the footprint of the box and making it easy to store and transport. Apparently the paint pads are detachable and reusable and the lid of the paint tin can be used as a paint tray.Once you’re done with using the tool...
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Artist Paints Creatures She Sees ‘Living’ In The Walls Due To Pareidolia

Do you remember how you used to look at the clouds in the sky as a child and your imagination projected animals and various scenes of life? This phenomenon is called Pareidolia, which scientifically means the tendency to perceive a specific, and in a lot of cases meaningful images in completely random or ambiguous visual patterns. Even though this phenomenon is more common among children... Source
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The ‘Coolest White Paint’ can cool down an entire city

Over 50% of our population lives in urban areas. Areas with concrete buildings built with heat-absorbing aluminum cladding or greenhouse-effect enhancing glass panels. Combine this with the lack of large green spaces and you get something called the “Urban Heat Island Effect”… an effect which explains why urban areas are so much hotter than forests or areas without urban settlements.In a bid to combat this trapping of heat, UNStudio has developed a paint dubbed The Coolest White Paint, a fluor...
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The Importance of Color in a Logo Design: How to Choose the Right One?

To learn the importance of choosing the right color in logo design, continue reading this post. You’ll learn the different meanings of each color and its significance on a particular logo. Here we go! Well, the color shouldn’t be ignored, especially when it comes to designing a logo, either for a business or what. If you plan to create your own logo or even consider professional help, there is a need to make sure that you are picking the right combinations of colors. You should never ignore the...
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What Is Color Therapy?

If you’ve decided to dedicate time to personal healing this new year, you may be searching for various methods by which you can do so. One method that could be particularly beneficial is color therapy, known scientifically as chromotherapy. Color therapy involves the use of color to treat a wide array of ailments. Below, we’ve provided you a breakdown of what color therapy is, why it can be useful, and how it fits into the aromatherapy that you may already be practicing. Defining Color Therapy ...
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Color as a Factor in Enhancing Student Learning

Everything is associated with a particular color. For painters, marketing professionals, and designers, it is vital to use various color shades to achieve business success. But very few know that color can affect learning abilities as well. Most educators admit that colorful desks and chairs along with glowing bulletin boards can turn a faded classroom into a bright place that holds students' attention. Colors do more than just animate a surrounding environment. They are so powerful that if use...
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How to Paint Like a Pro Without A Professional Background

There is nothing you can do about drawing well if you are not extremely talented in arts or haven’t visited special art-related courses. At least this is what many people believe in. Most adults with average or minor drawing skills believe they can do nothing about drawing well if they don’t visit special courses or academy of arts. That’s not true. In the 21st century, anyone can create a masterpiece even without being talented or educated in art. How? By having the right tools. If you...
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Printing Neon Colors in CMYK: Is It Possible?

If you want to know if it is possible to print neon colors in CMYK, read on throughout this article and find out the answer to this query. Experimenting with color printing might be an exciting thing to consider especially if you are into designing something. However, there might come the point in time wherein things become confusing, and you actually don’t know what to do. Have you also asked yourself if it is possible to print neon colors in CMYK? Or do you think you can convert neon RGB c...
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Finding the Perfect Green

*this post brought to you in partnership with Lowe’s. I’m spending some time in the next few weeks getting my new office space ready to start 2019 with a bang. I’m really excited about how the space is coming along. All of my office furniture including the desk, shelving, and project tables are white so I knew I definitely wanted to paint the walls. I’ll be adding touches of black and brass with my decorative accents, but for the walls, I was looking for the perfect shade of green:  something ve...
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How to Simplify Your Business Graphics using Bannersnack

Bannersnack is intuitive and easy to use online tool for streamlining your visual and rich media advertising and marketing. Gone are the days when you could get away with using stock images and unbranded visual media. In order to elbow out the competition, your business must be producing their own rich, unique media and high-quality content. This not only includes the branding of social media, website and third-party platforms but also media buys, advertising and banners. Why Use Bannersnack Ba...
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The Chameleon bottle changes its color with the temperature!

The Chameleon bottle just makes owning a bottle and drinking the liquid stored in the bottle fun, which is a difficult thing to begin with. It’s challenging to gamify something as basic as hydration, but the Chameleon bottle does it with a simple trick. Thermally-reactive paint! The bottle comes in one of three colors, and is white when warm, and colorful when cold. Fill your bottle with warm coffee, tea, or a cold beverage like a juice or just good old chilled water (infuse it for even more o...
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The New Farrow & Ball Paint Color Showroom in LA

The New Farrow & Ball Paint Color Showroom in LA This is what they’re saying about the new Farrow & Ball paint color showroom, “Working in three dimensions seemed like a step in the right direction.” Yes, it is in the right direction. Displaying paint colors on three-dimensional forms in a paint color showroom is smartly innovative. Why? Because we see color in three dimensions – it’s how our vision system works. Which means the very best way to categorize color is according to its three dimens...
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How to choose a colors scheme for a relationship/dating site

How to choose a colors scheme for a relationship/dating site There are many crucial aspects which require consideration when you are designing a dating site. The obvious components are the overall layout, ease of navigation, choice of font, incorporation of eye-catching images, and how well the text is seeded with those all-important keywords to draw visitors via search engines. But one of the most fundamental of all is much more elementary. Color. In order for your site to attract maximum web ...
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A contrast worth billions

In our previous blog post, we were talking about the importance of using certain colors, color theory and color psychology, as well as why some color combinations are more pleasant to the eye. Today, we will explore one of recent history's most famous example of how colors are used to communicate within an art piece.   A painting we are referring to is, of course, Mark Rothko's "Untitled (Yellow and Blue)", a piece of art which value reached $46.5 million at Sotheby's auction in New York. Painte...
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New on the Block: The Little Black House

, used Benjamin Moore’s Onyx on her home in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.No one in the suburbs paints a house black. You’re expected to paint it white. Or gray. Or taupe. Black stands out, wanting to be recognized and revered.
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This Artist Turns Spilled Paint Into Gorgeous Avalanches of Color

Thomas Blanchard doesn’t paint like normal artists do. Instead of painstakingly applying colors to a canvas with a brush, he dumps gallons of brightly colored paints into a giant tank filled with oils and other liquids, producing psychedelic waterfalls of color that could never hang in an art gallery.Read more...
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