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French masterpieces renamed after black subjects in new exhibition

Curators at Paris exhibition tracked down names of models used by likes of Manet, Picasso and CézanneFrench art masterpieces have been renamed after their long-overlooked black subjects in a ground-breaking new Paris show on the representation of people of colour in art.Edouard Manet’s Olympia, the scandalous painting of a naked reclining prostitute that marks the birth of modern art, has been renamed Laure after the woman who posed as her black maid. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, France, Africa, Race, Painting, Art and design, Paris, édouard Manet, Laure, Manet Picasso

Squalor, glamour, wealth and cruelty: the Britain Van Gogh saw and loved

He painted prisoners, devoured Dickens and worshipped the London News … ahead of a major show, our writer reveals how Britain changed Van Gogh – and how he transformed its artVincent van Gogh was the most European of artists. His brief, intense life, before he killed himself aged 37, saw him moving between his native Netherlands, Belgium, England and France. He spent two years in London from 1873 to 1875, employed by an art dealer; in 1876, for shorter periods, he worked as a teacher in Ramsgate...
Tags: Art, London, France, Painting, Society, UK News, Culture, Britain, Art and design, Exhibitions, Social history, Tate Britain, Ramsgate, Provence, Van Gogh, Dickens

A Portrait of Patricia Barganier

I’m excited and honored to share this collage-painting portrait of dear friend, and collector — Patricia Barganier. We met during my first exhibition in Jackson many years ago, and became fast friends… bonding over our mutual love of art, family, Jackson Hole, fine cocktails, entrepreneur-ism and living life to the fullest. When we decided to …
Tags: Art, Collage, Painting, Entrepreneur, Commission, Jackson, Contemporary Art, Jackson Hole, Painting Process, Collage Painting, Borbay, Mh The Verb, How To Paint, Meaningful Painting, Borbay Portrait, Borbay Collage Painting

1980s Film Posters From Ghana

Bucking the stereotypical blockbuster movie posters, Ghanian artists during the ’80s created gorgeous and witty hand-painted versions. Taking the core ideas of each film and combining them with popular culture and “complex iconography,” the posters (many of which will be on display until 23 March at the Brunei Gallery) represented Ghana’s blossoming film industry. These posters are evidence of a heightened interest in seeing Western …
Tags: Design, Films, Africa, Prints, Painting, Posters, Film Posters, Ghana, Linkaboutit, Brunei Gallery, Hand-Painting

"Mona Lisa Descending A Staircase," a wonderful claymation from 1992

Joan C Gratz's animated short "Mona Lisa Descending A Staircase" is a lovely and trippy 2D claymation of iconic artworks transforming one into another. After spending a decade on the piece, Gratz won the 1992 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Gratz called her animation technique "clay painting." From Educational Media Reviews Online: “Clay-painting” is a unique process that blends film and painting, and an innovation that garnered Joan Gratz’s Mona Lisa Descending A Staircase a 19...
Tags: Art, Video, News, Painting, Illustration, Animation, Short Films, Gratz, Claymation, Joan Gratz, Joan C Gratz

James Gurney’s Living Sketchbook, Volume 3 – Court Report

When I first met author and artist James Gurney some years ago, I had the opportunity to leaf through one of his sketchbooks. Gurney is so accomplished that his sketchbooks often consist of page after page of beautifully realized paintings and sketches, usually in gouache or casein. My immediate thought was that he should publish them in some form, if only because I would personally like the opportunity to look through them at leisure. I didn’t say anything at the time, but some years later, ...
Tags: Art, Painting, Nba, Gallery And Museum Art, Sketching, Watercolor And Gouache, James Gurney, Metro North, Gurney, Dan Gurney, Tools and Techniques, Living Sketchbook Volume

Is there room for creative imagination in science?

Not just once, but repeatedly, I have heard something like “I just didn’t see in science any room for my own imagination or creativity,” from young students clearly able to succeed at any subject they set their minds to. It is a tragedy that so many people do not perceive science as a creative. Yet it doesn’t take an Einstein to observe that without that essential creative first step of re-imagining what might be going on behind a natural phenomenon, there can be no science at all.Einstein had s...
Tags: Art, Books, Astronomy, Music, Featured, Biology, Painting, Creativity, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy, Albert Einstein, Mathematics, Einstein, Vladimir Nabokov, Thomas

Italian police reveal '€3m painting' stolen from church was a copy

Masterpiece by 17th-century artist Brueghel the Younger was swapped to foil heist The heist appeared to have gone entirely according to plan. The thieves broke into the display case in an Italian church on Wednesday morning and made off with a €3m painting by the 17th-century Flemish artist Pieter Brueghel the Younger.But police revealed that night there had been one hitch – the snatched artwork was a copy. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Painting, World news, Culture, Art and design, Italy, Belgium, Art Theft, Brueghel, Pieter Brueghel

Martin Woodcock obituary

Artist admired for the illustrations that grace the pages of the monumental The Birds of Africa, first published in the early 1980sAmid the economic uncertainty of the mid 1970s not many people gave up a job in the City of London. But in 1974, Martin Woodcock did just that, swapping life as a stockbroker to become a freelance bird artist.He never looked back. Martin, who has died aged 84, spent the rest of his distinguished career travelling through Asia and Africa to observe, draw and paint som...
Tags: Art, Asia, Books, London, Animals, Poetry, Africa, Environment, Painting, Birds, Wildlife, Art and design, Norfolk, Martin, Martin Woodcock

Shunned, seized and now celebrated: the porn paintings of Betty Tompkins

Inspired by her husband’s porn stash, the artist’s explicit work horrified galleries and customs officials. Now the world can’t get enough. We visit her New York studioWarning: adult contentBetty Tompkins sits slumped in her chair, knees wide apart, cheerfully reading from the phone in her hand with an attitude of scoffing amusement: “‘The venerable’, ‘the brilliant’, ‘the incomparable’, ‘the great living legend’ … ” She breaks off to frown and mutter: “How old am I?” Then she continues: “‘The f...
Tags: Apple, Art, New York, Women, Painting, Life and style, World news, Culture, Feminism, Art and design, Exhibitions, Pornography, Soho, Tompkins, Manhattan Continue, Betty Tompkins

Skin in the game: do we need to take down nudes – or look at them harder?

The Royal Academy’s major exhibition of nudes features equal numbers of naked men and women. Is this progress?Things look different after #MeToo. And not just after #MeToo, but after several years of a surging fourth wave of feminism. There has been fury against patriarchy – with the term itself, after decades of dormancy, surging back into use to explain everything from the rise of Donald Trump to sexual violence in India to pay inequality in western Europe.Everywhere, dams of silence and fear ...
Tags: Art, Europe, Education, India, Women, Painting, Life and style, Society, World news, Body Image, Culture, Feminism, Art and design, Drawing, Sexuality, Royal Academy of Arts

Kenneth Cadwallader

Kenneth Cadwallader is a painter with a fresh, confident approach, and a vibrant use of color. The galleries on his website are divided into paintings from his travels in China, figures and floral still life. I particularly admire the strong value contrasts in many of his townscape and still life paintings.  
Tags: Art, China, Painting, Gallery And Museum Art, Kenneth Cadwallader

Rare works by 'cultural magpies' of Bauhaus to go on show in London

Exclusive: Sotheby’s to exhibit art from influential German design school ahead of auctionA collection of seldom-viewed paintings by key proponents of the influential Bauhaus art and design school are to be brought together for a rare show in London before going under the hammer at the end of the month. Related: Bauhaus at 100: the revolutionary movement's enduring appeal Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, London, Germany, Painting, UK News, World news, Culture, Art and design, Bauhaus, Sotheby

9 weird and terrifying monsters from Japanese mythology

Compared to Japan's menagerie of creatures, Western folklore can feel a little drab.The collection of yōkai—supernatural beasts or spirits—has a staggering amount of variety.Although there are many more creative folkloric creatures, here are nine that caught our attention. None Like any culture, Japan has its fair share of folkloric creatures. But to Westerners, whose folklore tends to recycle the same variations on witches, goblins, orcs, and dragons, Japan's bestiary of creatures can be stagge...
Tags: Art, Asia, Japan, Religion, Painting, History, Innovation, Storytelling, Buddhism, Buddha, Buddhist, Tanuki, Ashinaga, Tanuki Starting, Tsukumogami Tsukumogami

Rare Lucian Freud portrait of Guinness heir goes up for auction

Artist’s 1956 painting hung in legendary house in Wicklow mountains for half a centuryA tender and rarely seen portrait of a boy by Lucian Freud that hung in a legendary Irish house tucked away in the Wicklow mountains for more than 50 years is to appear at auction for the first time.The 1956 painting, Head of a Boy, is of Garech Browne, the wealthy Guinness heir who became a patron of Irish arts and music and hosted wild, dazzling, parties at the fairytale-esque Guinness home and estate. Contin...
Tags: Art, Europe, Painting, World news, Culture, Ireland, Art and design, Lucian Freud, Guinness, Wicklow mountains, Wicklow, Garech Browne

Thief steals painting from Moscow gallery as witnesses watch

Man took painting from wall and strolled out of gallery but picture – and thief – were located a few hours laterIt was an art heist so audacious that it seemed certain to fail. And it failed spectacularly in less than 24 hours.On Sunday evening, a man in jeans and a dark shirt walked up to a painting by landscape artist Arkhip Kuindzhi in Moscow’s New Tretyakov Gallery and lifted it right off the wall. Then, as others looked on, he grabbed the frame in one hand and strolled out of the gallery. C...
Tags: Art, Europe, Russia, Painting, World news, Culture, Art and design, Moscow, Art Theft, New Tretyakov Gallery, Arkhip Kuindzhi

Peak sneak: daring theft of mountain painting in Moscow proves short-lived

A bold thief stole a work by artist Arkhip Kuindzhi from a gallery wall – but it was recovered in less than a dayIt was an art heist so audacious that it seemed certain to fail. And it failed spectacularly in less than 24 hours.On Sunday evening, a man in jeans and a dark shirt walked up to a painting by landscape artist Arkhip Kuindzhi in Moscow’s New Tretyakov Gallery and lifted it right off the wall. Then, as others looked on, he grabbed the frame in one hand and strolled out of the gallery. ...
Tags: Art, Europe, Russia, Painting, World news, Culture, Art and design, Moscow, Art Theft, New Tretyakov Gallery, Arkhip Kuindzhi

Jane Austen? Family say note establishes disputed portrait's identity

Personal ‘history’ believed to have been written by the novelist’s grand-niece is ‘absolutely emphatic about the fact it’s a portrait’ of the novelistAn overlooked note that may have been written by Jane Austen’s great-niece Fanny Caroline Lefroy could put an end to the long-running question mark over an oil painting its owners believe is a depiction of the novelist as a teenager – a claim that has long been disputed by art experts.Showing a young girl in a flowing white muslin dress with a cap ...
Tags: Art, Books, Painting, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Heritage, Jane Austen, Francis, British Library, National Portrait Gallery, Rice, Jane, Cassandra, Austen, Humphry

A Portrait of Rayes Lemmens

Introducing — my first signed painting of 2019 — a collage-painting portrait of my friend, Rayes Lemmens. I met Rayes last year, during my European adventure… And now… let’s jump into the painting process, and discover how this came to be. Kicking things off with a series of carefully curated headlines and images. Here comes …
Tags: Art, Europe, Painting, Belgium, Herman Van Rompuy, Prime Minister, Parliament, Contemporary Art, Painting Process, Collage Painting, Borbay, Nomadic, Portrait Commission, Antwerp, European Council, Rayes

Why We Fixate on the Time Artists Spend on Their Work

Collectors, viewers and members of the press have long been fascinated with how long artists spend on each piece they create. Whether related to our obsession with the myth of the artist’s struggle, how we put a monetary value on a piece, or beyond, “it’s easier to value intensive physical labor over conceptual rigor when an artist’s thought process can feel so intangible and impossible to …
Tags: Art, Design, Time, Painting, Culture, Capitalism, Artists, Linkaboutit, Conceptual Art

How to Paint Like a Pro Without A Professional Background

There is nothing you can do about drawing well if you are not extremely talented in arts or haven’t visited special art-related courses. At least this is what many people believe in. Most adults with average or minor drawing skills believe they can do nothing about drawing well if they don’t visit special courses or academy of arts. That’s not true. In the 21st century, anyone can create a masterpiece even without being talented or educated in art. How? By having the right tools. If you...
Tags: Art, Fashion, Diy, Painting, Paint, Drawing, Art Projects, Diy & Crafts, Paint Brush, Paint By Number

Beyoncé and Jay-Z help Louvre museum break visitor record in 2018

More than 10m visited Paris museum, with interest boosted by music video filmed thereThe Louvre, the world’s most visited museum, broke all ticket office records last year with more than 10 million people viewing its Paris collection of fine arts and antiquities, boosted by foreign tourists and the interest in Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s music video filmed there.The 10.2 million people who came to the museum in 2018 marked a 25% rise in visitors, beating the previous record of 9.7 million visitors in 20...
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, New York, Beyonce, Jay-z, France, Painting, World news, Culture, Art and design, Heritage, Museums, Paris, Exhibitions, Louvre

Florence museum urges Germany to return painting stolen by Nazis

Vase of Flowers by Jan van Huysum was taken during second world warThe Uffizi Gallery in Florence has called on the German government to help return an 18th-century painting stolen by Nazi soldiers during the second world war.Vase of Flowers, a still life by the Dutch master Jan van Huysum, is currently held by a Germany family. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Germany, Painting, World news, Culture, Art and design, Museums, Italy, Nazi, Florence, Jan van Huysum

Marc-Aurele Fortin’s Small-Town Quebec

~ Sticking (mostly) with the winter theme that I’ve been thinking about lately, Marc-Aurele Fortin is another artist in whose works winter figured prominently.  Fortin was a contemporary of the Group of Seven painters and he focused on scenes of small-town Quebec, his native province, and the landscape of the surrounding St. Lawrence River Valley.  […]
Tags: Art, Landscape, Religion, Inspiration, Painting, History, Canada, Quebec, Countryside, Rural, Small Towns, Fortin, Marc Aurele Fortin, St Lawrence River Valley

Gorgeous Winter Scenes by Nicholas Bott

~ Nicholas Bott is a contemporary Canadian painter originally from the Netherlands who has adopted the vast landscape of the country, particularly British Columbia, as his muse.  His style is reminiscent of a couple of the Group of Seven landscape painters, such as Lawren Harris and Tom Thomson.   These gorgeously rendered wintery scenes by Bott […]
Tags: Art, Landscape, Winter, Religion, Inspiration, Painting, Canada, Netherlands, British Columbia, Bott, Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris, Nicholas Bott

Cannabis Botanical Kit

Turn this Meditation Tree stencil into a piece of art with paint-by-numbers guidance. Accompanied by four shades of green paint and a fine-tipped paintbrush, the entire art set will result in a glorious rendition of an indica plant.
Tags: Art, Design, Painting, Cannabis, Stencils, Cannabis Botanical, Meditation Tree, Paint by Numbers

How Experts Spot Forged Paintings

Insane prices in the art market make art forgery a potentially high-profit business. So how do art buyers tell real undiscovered artworks from fakes? To analyze and identify forgeries, experts must apply their knowledge of art history, plus the science behind the materials and techniques of artists. In the video…Read more...
Tags: Art, Science, Painting, Artists, Lifehacks, Hoaxes, Forensics, Forgery

The horror and mystery behind 'the Black Paintings'

The Black Paintings stand out in art history for their dark composition and themes.The biggest mystery, though, is that Goya painted them directly onto the walls of his home and never told anybody about them.With such little information, all we can do is speculate about the 14 horrifying Black Paintings. None By 1819, the painter Francisco Goya had been through quite a bit. He had witnessed the chaos of war when Napoleon invaded Spain and the chaos in Spain as its government bounced back and for...
Tags: Art, Death, Painting, Spain, War, Innovation, Violence, Saturn, Jupiter, Madrid, Humanity, Mariano, Napoleon, Goya, Javier, Francisco Goya

Dutch art panel's ruling against Jewish family criticised as 'step back'

Committee backed museum in battle over Kandinsky painting obtained before Nazis invadedThe decision of a Dutch art committee to back one of the Netherlands’ most prestigious museums in its attempt to hold on to a prized painting obtained from a Jewish family in 1940 has sparked an international outcry over the fate of Nazi loot across Europe. The binding ruling against the descendants of Emanuel Lewenstein has come under heavy criticism after it emerged that the committee had taken into account ...
Tags: Art, Europe, Painting, World news, Culture, Art and design, Second world war, Netherlands, Jewish, Wassily Kandinsky, Committee, Kandinsky, Emanuel Lewenstein

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