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On impulse I decided to make a trip to the Orsay Museum. It was fairly full but I don’t know if they were tourists or locals. It was nice to see the Impressionists again. The Statue of Liberty is there to greet you. There is an exhibit about the physical world going on right now. This is a stuffed elephant which was once in a Paris zoo. The clock is always great to see. Sculpture by Degas. Degas loved painting those ballerinas. That night there were firew...
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Out of the Past Journalism as the Poetry of Fact

I spent most of my adult working life as a journalist. Kay Boyle, prolific author of novels and short stories, once sent me a praising a piece I had written as “the poetry of fact.” Which led to this blogpost back in 2016. ° ° ° At the Chicago Sun-Times I watched some great wordsmiths up close. Roger Ebert wrote with an ease that seemed miraculous. His profiles flowed like swift streams. David Elliott was another. His reviews had the density of Hart Crane poems. (I exaggerate, but only a ...
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I decided to have a look at the art in the Orangerie, known for the water lily paintings by Monet. They were having an exhibit of Magritte and his influence from Monet. To tell the truth I misread who was showing there and thought it was Matisse whom I like much better. Magritte was a surrealist doing the sort of artwork Dali did, a little strange to my untrained eyes, but interesting. I recognised this one. It was painted as WWII ended and he got to leave the South of France and return t...
Tags: Travel, Art, Paris, Belgium, Monet, Matisse, South Of France, Dali, Magritte, Orangerie, Orangerie Museum, Water Lillies, Monet Here

American Carpenters Use Medieval Techniques To Help Rebuild Notre-Dame’s Roof

A group of about 30 young workers and students will gather at Catholic University in DC next month and use hand tools to build a 45’x35′ wooden truss, which will be used in the Paris cathedral’s reconstruction following the 2019 fire. – The Art Newspaper
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Paris Design Week : Ventes aux enchères de prototypes de design

Très bientôt nous nous revoyons ! Vivement ces rentrées chargées comme nous les aimons, expositions, salons, soirées, vernissages et belles découvertes ! Du côté de Paris, c’est le retour de M&O et de la Paris Design Week ! Nouveauté et belle opportunité, en ces périodes particulières, l’appel à projet «  Paris Design Week Factory « va vous permettre sur sélection de présenter vos projets et prototypes au plus grand nombre, mais également de pouvoir vendre ! En effet, la Paris Design Week s’ass...
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‘Writer Directory’ Offers More Than Information

Few books have come my way as generous and wise about writers and writing as this one. The title Writer Directory: A Book of Encounters takes as its model the phonebooks of long ago. But forget that. Remember this: The author, A. Robert Lee, is a British-born, globe-trotting, retired professor now living in Spain, whose heavy academic laurels disguise a common touch so light that reading him feels as charmed as floating on air. EyeCorner Press, 2019 His encounters with more than two ...
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The Life & Art of Hilma Af Klint: A Short Art History Lesson on the Pioneering Abstract Artist

Like many artists whose abstractions cemented their legacy, Hilma af Klint was trained to paint portraits, botanicals, and landscapes. The naturalist works of her early adulthood depict bourgeois, late-19th century Swedish life, and, by association, the sort of subject matter and approach that were deemed most fitting for a female artist, even in a society where women were allowed to work alongside men. But something else was afoot with Hilma, as artist and educator Paul Priestley ...
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‘I had designed it a little too small’: Abraham Poincheval on spending a week inside a sculpture of himself

He’s lived within a boulder, hatched a nest of hen’s eggs, and now plans to encase himself in a beehive. Is this France’s most extreme performance artist –and how does he go to the toilet? Last month, in a smart gallery in Paris, the back of a sculpture was removed and a man was lifted out. He looked around, disoriented, as his body slowly unfurled. A doctor rushed to his side and, after inspecting him, announced he was in good health. The crowd cheered. He’d been in there for seven days.Abraham...
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Paris Conference: Total Assault on the Culture

Scholars, poets, writers, translators, and artists to celebrate the works of Claude Pélieu and Mary Beach. Featuring Benoît Delaune, Jacques Donguy, Franca Belarsi, Matthieu Perrot, Bruno Sourdin, James Horton, Pierre Joris, Gérard-Georges Lemaire, Peggy Pacini, Pamela Beach-Plymell, Antonio Bonome, and Raphael Haudidier. Click the images below to read the program notes. ° ° ° ° ° °
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The Making of a Marble Sculpture: See Every Stage of the Process, from the Quarry to the Studio

Some marble statues, even when stripped of their color by the sands of time since the heyday of Greece and Rome, look practically alive. But they began their “lives,” their appearance often makes us forget, as rough-hewn blocks of stone. Not that just any marble will do: following the example of Michelangelo, the discerning sculptor must make the journey to the Tuscan town of Carrara, “home of the world’s finest marble.” So claims the video above, a brief look at the process of Hungarian...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Greece, College, Rome, Paris, Seoul, Tuscany, Rodin, Michelangelo, Auguste Rodin, Carrara, Pietrasanta, Colin Marshall, 21st Century Los Angeles, Michelangelo Váró

Pompidou Centre Plucks Head Of Picasso Museum As Its Next Leader

Laurent Le Bon, 52, faces a challenging term. The Paris museum is scheduled to close from 2023 to 2027 for renovations to deal with its antiquated heating and cooling system, escalators that frequently break down and asbestos in the structure that needs to be removed. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Paris, Visual, 06.25.21, Pompidou Centre Plucks Head Of Picasso Museum, Laurent Le Bon

1540 Monet Paintings in a Two Hour Video

I am distressed, almost discouraged, and fatigued to the point of feeling slightly ill. What I am doing is no good, and in spite of your confidence I am very much afraid that my efforts will all lead to nothing.  To know anything about the school of painting called Impressionism, one must know Claude Monet, who gave the movement its name with his painting Impression, Sunrise and provided its method — an almost confrontational relationship with landscape in plein-air. “I have gone back to...
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Fury Over Choice Of Bosses For Pompidou Center’s Brussels Branch

A jury made up of museum professionals selected Kasia Redzisz, a senior curator at Tate Liverpool, to be artistic director of Kanal-Centre Pompidou, the museum’s outpost in the Belgian capital. But the museum’s board partly overruled the jury’s decision, appointing as co-director Bernard Blistène, the jury’s runner-up and director of the Pompidou’s Paris flagship until the end of this month. (Senior cultural officials in France must retire after age 65; Blistène is 66.) Art world professionals ...
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Soprano Pretty Yende Says She Was Strip-Searched By French Customs Agents

The South African coloratura, who is currently starring in Bellini’s La Sonnambula at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris, says she was detained by authorities at Charles de Gaulle Airport who took her cell phone and other belongings, strip-searched her, and held her for more than an hour. A French government source says she attempted to enter France on a South African passport without a visa and that she was released after a phone call confirmed her identity. – AP
Tags: Art, Music, France, Paris, Bellini, Charles de Gaulle Airport, La Sonnambula, Théâtre des Champs Elysées, 06.22.21, Customs Agents

More Carnavalet

More photos of my visit to the Carnavalet Museum, home of the history of Paris. A look out a window at the newly replanted garden below. Maybe I need a musuc room with yellow walls too. Wooden wall art. An ornate bed for a royal baby. A whole room was painted in this fashion. There is the entire interior of a jewlry shop there done in the Art Deco style designed by Muscha, including, somehow, the gorgeous mosaic floor. A lovely fireplace too. ...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Art, Paris, Marie Antoinette, Versailles, Art Deco, Carnavalet Museum, Hot Air Ballon, Muscha

Opera star detained at Paris airport accuses immigration of racial discrimination

South African soprano Pretty Yende, due to star in Bellini opera, given French visa after strip searchThe South African opera star Pretty Yende has accused French immigration authorities of “outrageous racial discrimination” after being detained, strip searched and held in a dark room at Paris’ main airport.“Police brutality is real for someone who looks like me,” Yende, who is black, said in a social media post on Tuesday, a day after the encounter at the Charles de Gaulle airport. Continue rea...
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Champs Elysee To Be Converted To Long Park As Paris Turns Away From Cars

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo hopes to bring the road back to its people by removing its outer lanes, widening pedestrian areas, planting more trees and greenery, and creating dedicated bicycle lanes. – B1M
Tags: Art, Paris, Issues, Anne Hidalgo, 02.11.21, Long Park

Carnavalet Museum

The Carnavalet Museum is finally open. It was closed for over four years for renovation and then of course, there was the Covid situation. Admission is free but you have to get tickets online. The Carnavalet features the history of the city of Paris. It’s a beautiful museum. In the entry courtyard. It’s Louis XIV. There are over 100 rooms and 615,000 artifacts. The Carnavalet is the oldest museum in Paris. It’s in two adjoining mansions built in the 16th and 17th centuries. Lo...
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Is Paris Supplanting London As The Visual Art Capital?

Part of the recent surge comes down to Brexit jitters. Since the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, industry players speculated that Paris would benefit where London lost. – ARTnews
Tags: Art, UK, London, European Union, Paris, Brexit, Visual, 06.16.21

A replica of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' has been sold to a European collector for $3.4 million - 10 times its expected selling price

Leonardo da Vinci's world-famous "Mona Lisa" painting in the Louvre museum. Associated Press A copy of Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" on Friday sold for $3.4 million. A European collector bought the replica via Christie's Auction House in Paris. The painting's longtime owner said it was the true "Mona Lisa." See more stories on Insider's business page. A replica of Leonardo da Vinci's world-famous "Mona Lisa" painting on Friday sold to a European collector for abo...
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Art For The Nose: In Paris, An Exhibition Of ‘Olfactory Sculptures’

“We have art for the eyes and music for the ears, but what about about creative stimuli for our sense of smell? A new show at Phillips auction house in Paris is addressing this question through a new show of olfactory sculptures by six artists, including Joana Vasconcelos and Adel Abdessemed, which incorporate uniquely created fragrances by perfumers.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Paris, Visual, Phillips, Adel Abdessemed, Joana Vasconcelos, 06.17.21

Download Great Works of Art from 40+ Museums Worldwide: Explore Artvee, the New Art Search Engine

Dilbert creator Scott Adams once wrote of his early experiences introducing the World Wide Web to others. “In 1993, there were only a handful of Web sites you could access, such as the Smithsonian’s exhibit of gems. Those pages were slow to load and crashed as often as they worked.” But those who witnessed this technology in action would invariably “get out of their chairs their eyes like saucers, and they would approach the keyboard. They had to touch it themselves. There was something about t...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Technology, College, Nasa, Paris, Smithsonian, Rembrandt, New York Public Library, Seoul, Rijksmuseum, Scott Adams, Art Institute of Chicago, Museo, Hilma, Colin Marshall

Notre-Dame In Paris Needs More Millions To Rebuild After Fire

In the months after the catastrophic 2019 blaze, more than €800 million was raised to reconstruct the 13th-century cathedral. Why is the Diocese of Paris now seeking €6 million more? Not long after the disaster, the French parliament passed a law that the first round of money raised may be used only for structural work and conservation; these new funds will be for new furniture, lighting and sound fixtures, as well as for facilities for the millions of tourists who visit the church. – Yahoo! (A...
Tags: Art, Paris, Visual, 06.14.21

Have A Look At The New ‘Pop-Up’ Grand Palais In Paris

“The Grand Palais Éphémère, the €40 million temporary building that will host the Fiac and Paris Photo art fairs in Paris while the Grand Palais undergoes renovation, is opening on Saturday on the Champ-de-Mars overlooking the Eiffel Tower.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Paris, Mars, Visual, Grand Palais, 06.10.21

‘Cultural appropriation is a two-way thing’: Yinka Shonibare on Picasso, masks and the fashion for black artists

Picasso was so enthralled by African art, he used it to start a revolution. But did it give rise to a fantasy of Africa that still endures? British-Nigerian artist Shonibare tells us why he’s revisiting that seismic moment In 1998, in a hilarious work called Diary of a Victorian Dandy, Yinka Shonibare inserted himself, impeccably attired, into the sitting rooms, drawing rooms, billiards rooms and bedrooms of high society Victorian Britain, invariably causing a sensation in each of the perfectly ...
Tags: Art, Nigeria, Africa, Race, UK News, World news, Culture, Britain, Art and design, Sculpture, Paris, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon, Hogarth, Picasso, Tate

Masks, monsters and masterpieces: Yinka Shonibare squares up to Picasso

Picasso was so enthralled by African art, he used it to start a revolution. But did it give rise to a fantasy of Africa that still endures? British-Nigerian artist Shonibare tells us why he’s revisiting that seismic moment In 1998, in a hilarious work called Diary of a Victorian Dandy, Yinka Shonibare inserted himself, impeccably attired, into the sitting rooms, drawing rooms, billiards rooms and bedrooms of high society Victorian Britain, invariably causing a sensation in each of the perfectly ...
Tags: Art, Nigeria, Africa, Race, UK News, World news, Culture, Britain, Art and design, Sculpture, Paris, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon, Hogarth, Picasso, Tate

‘Immersive Van Gogh’ exhibit announces venue and opening date in Los Angeles

Producers of the “Immersive Van Gogh” exhibit have officially announced a venue and an opening date for the experience in Los Angeles. The exhibition, which is also currently showing in San Francisco and Chicago, will take over the former home of Amoeba Music at 6400 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and celebrate its grand opening on Saturday, July 31. The Los Angeles edition of “Immersive Van Gogh” was announced back in February and was set to open in May at an undisclosed location “in the heart of L....
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Backdrops to a riot: JR on how his confrontational street art went global

His portraits of his Paris neighbourhood summed up its residents’ anger. Now his subversive installations straddle borders, float on boats and envelop favelas. We speak to the elusive artist“I didn’t spend enough time in school for any of the teachers to remember me. The only role models I had were the guys in the neighbourhood doing graffiti,” reflects JR, on his journey from street-smart tagger to world-famous conceptual artist. “I guess what’s nice is now, at 38, I can tell my mother I am not...
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Old Friends

The day the Louvre Museum was due to open I got online and got a ticket to wander around again. It was so great to be there once more. They limit the number of people who can enter so it wasn’t very crowded. The lobby. Mercury. A fovorite room. pretty statue. Winged Victory still in the same place. Ah, Mona! I rather like this one too. A few paintings that I like are moved or on loan I guess.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Art, Architecture, Paris, Mona, Mona Lisa, Louvre Museum

‘We have to laugh’: Brexit art show hits Paris

From remixed flags to a fishermen’s feast, more than 400 works by amateur artists exploring the new Franco-British relationship have gone on showWinners of a cross-Channel competition for amateur artists to shake off the Brexit blues have gone on display in Paris.I Love You, Moi Non Plus drew more than 400 entries including paintings, illustrations, photography, music and writing aimed at exploring the new British-French relationship. Continue reading...
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