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I don’t know where or when it started, but many umbrellas overhead, usually in an alley or gallery, is a big decorating thing now all over the world. Instagram suddenly had photos of le Village Royal, here in Paris so I got myself there as soon as possible. I joined many photographers and, I think, Instagramers. Here’s the entrance into the passage. As you can see, they go on quite a way. There were some sculptures there as well by a Belgian artist. There was a cute li...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Art, Instagram, Paris, Umbrellas, Decoration, Sculptures, le Village Royal, Village Royal

Artistic Director – New York City Gay Men’s Chorus

The AD will devise and implement an innovative, transformational, and relevant artistic strategy. The strategy will be in line with the mission, vision, and values as a leading organization within the field of LGBTQ performing arts in New York as well as nationally and internationally. OrganizationBig Apple Performing Arts (BAPA) is an LGBTQ-identified organization that serves as the nonprofit umbrella management company for New York City Gay Men’s Chorus (NYCGMC), Youth Pride Chorus, the ...
Tags: Art, New York, London, Jobs, White House, New York City, United States, Paris, Broadway, Lgbtq, Caribbean, Kristin Chenoweth, Carnegie Hall, Bruce, Cyndi Lauper, Brooklyn Academy of Music

Cultural Objects Versus Immigrants – A Disconnect

“Since the independence of West African countries throughout the late 1950s and early ’60s, the retention of objects and the simultaneous rejection of people has become ever more fraught. Young undocumented migrants from former French colonies stand metres away from the Musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, a museum in Paris full of their inaccessible patrimony. The migrants are treated with contempt while the objects from their homelands are cared for in museums and treated with great reveren...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Paris, SJ, Jacques Chirac, 02.20.19

'Shape of Light' Shines in the Space Where Photographic Art Bleeds into Wider Art

None From May to October 2018, the Tate Modern in London presented an exhibition titled Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art, examining relationships between abstraction in fine art and photographic practice. The exhibition featured an array of photographs curated for the show, with relevant examples of abstract art from the Tate's collection. The book, Shape of Light, serves as the companion volume to that exhibition. A generous collection of reproduced photographs, colou...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Music, London, Review, Los Angeles, Book Review, Paris, Manhattan, Laszlo Moholy Nagy, Dada, Tate, Alfred Stieglitz, Man Ray, Stieglitz

A Survivor Of The Real USSR Looks At The Pseudo-USSR Of ‘DAU’

“Born of infinite resources and expectations and hubris, the project’s formal artistic failure as cinema was as dialectically preordained as was the failed realization of the Soviet Communist utopia. Yet the Soviet-style command economy mobilization of resources needed to forge the institute in Kharkiv and the art installations in Paris succeeded.” – Tablet
Tags: Art, Media, Paris, Kharkiv, 02.19.19, Pseudo USSR

Climate twins: which city will your city feel like in 2080?

The phrase “global warming” gets tossed around a lot, but do we really understand what it means and how it will feel? In the groundbreaking Paris Agreement, 195 countries agreed to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius — but how will those 2 degrees really affect our lives? A new study in Nature links 540 U.S. cities to other cities with a current climate that is similar to how those cities will feel in 60 years. As CityLab’s Robinson Meyer explained, the study takes each city and finds “th...
Tags: Weather, Design, News, Climate Change, Washington, New York City, Environment, Urban, Global Warming, Cities, Arkansas, Paris, Heat, Philadelphia, Memphis, Southern California

“Telegraph” Gaffe: Louvre Affirms Its Hope to Display the Elusive Leonardo “Salvator Mundi”

Seemingly the go-to journalist for scholars seeking to debunk the painting’s attribution to Leonardo da Vinci, Darya Alberge wrote about “an apparent snub from the Louvre in Paris, which is understood to have cancelled plans to display Salvator Mundi in its major Leonardo exhibition.” But a passage, tacked on at the end of her article, seems to contradict that statement. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Paris, Louvre, Ajblogs, Leonardo, Salvator Mundi, 02.18.19, Leonardo da Vinci Darya Alberge

ZOOM M&O PARIS – ECAL MADE Projet étudiant : Interview de Hugo Paternostre et de son projet la grappe

En cette édition de Janvier 2019, MAISON & OBJET PARIS a permis aux étudiants en première année de Master Design de produit de l’ECAL (École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne) de se confronter aux enjeux du métier de designer, de l’idée jusqu’à la fabrication et la vente. Ces objets «  ECAL made », objets du quotidien réalisés en Suisse avec l’aide, pour la plupart, d’artisans locaux, en sont l’heureux résultat. Un « Swiss made » qui a le mérite d’être des plus surprenant. Parmi ces projets exposés, ...
Tags: Books, Design, Interview, France, Restaurant, Paris, Packaging, Chocolat, Cuisine, Concept, Lausanne, Vin, Deco, Etudiants, Minimaliste, Richard Hutten

Hovering Over the Aegean: Patio House in Karpathos, Greece

Discretely perched on a jagged hillside that dramatically plunges into the sea on the southeast coast of Karpathos island in Greece, ‘Patio House’ is a stunning summer house by Stockholm-based OOAK architects built as a sanctuary for a Paris-based, French-Swedish windsurfing couple.
Tags: Art, Greece, Paris, Stockholm, Aegean, Karpathos, Patio House, OOAK, Karpathos Greece

A Prescient Warning From 1994 About Dangers Of A Distraction Culture

Writing in 1994, Sven Birkerts worried that distractedness and surficiality would win out. The “duration state” we enter through a turned page would be lost in a world of increasing speed and relentless connectivity, and with it our ability to make meaning out of narratives, both fictional and lived. The diminishment of literature—of sustained reading, of writing as the product of a single focused mind—would diminish the self in turn, rendering us less and less able to grasp both the breadth of...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Paris, Sven Birkerts, 02.08.19

Zoom M&O PARIS – CRAFT : Florent Blanchard présente le luminaire DOD

Florent Blanchard présente sa propre marque DOD, un luminaire en forme de dodécaèdre modulable en bois massif à assembler soi-même. Le design modulaire du luminaire DOD  permet de créer selon les envies des combinaisons dans une ambiance lumineuse colorées, chaleureuse ou dynamique. D es centaines de combinaisons sont possibles ! Le luminaire DOD représente le premier objet d’une collection de mobilier ludique et revalorisé. Florent a eu l’idée de DOD en 2015 : «  Il y a un an, je su...
Tags: Books, Video, Design, France, Nature, Paris, Unique, Série, Dod, Cela, Deco, Bois, Lampe, Evenement, Reportage, Artisan

"When Basketball Inspires" runs Feb 8-10, 2019...

"When Basketball Inspires" runs Feb 8-10, 2019 in Paris. Stunning art exhibition by Trajectoire Studio featuring 30 artists. Particularly loving "Wireframe" by Town and Concrete. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Paris, Submitted, Trajectoire Studio

The Opéra-Bastille, The House That Gets No Respect

When it opened (not quite finished) in Paris in 1989, this joke made the rounds: “What is the difference between the Bastille Opera and the Titanic? The Titanic had an orchestra.” It was over budget (of course), the acoustics didn’t work, it was put in an awkward location, and it was (and still is) considered the ugliest opera house in Europe. As the behemoth hits its 30th anniversary, Joshua Barone pays a visit — and, while he acknowledges its flaws, he points out some successes as well. — The...
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, Paris, Joshua Barone, Bastille Opera, 02.08.19

Women are essential to climate resilience in the Caribbean heres why

The impacts of climate change are felt most intimately by poor and rural women. Many women rely directly on nature for their income, and their lack of resources prevents them from shifting to alternate jobs or safer locations during disasters. However, the same factors that make women vulnerable — their connection to nature and ties to community — are also the strengths that make women critical and competent leaders in times of crises. In the Caribbean, climate experts are increasingly looking ...
Tags: Design, India, Paris, Un, Latin America, Caribbean, Commonwealth Foundation, Economic Commission, UN Population Fund, Dessima Williams Grenada, Association of Small Island States Related, Elain Enarson, Vijay Krishnarayan, Caribbean Alicia Bárcena, Kalyani Raj, Panos Caribbean

Some Of The Coolest Movie Theatres In The World – A Gallery

For 16 years, Paris-based photographer Stephan Zaubitzer has been seeking out old movie palaces and photographing them. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Paris, 02.02.19, Stephan Zaubitzer

Paris’s ‘Miniscule Theatres’ Rebel Against Ticket Tax That Supports Only Bigger Venues

There are about 30 of these tiny theatres in the city, and they seat 25 to 50 people and can run as small as 170 square feet. And they, along with every other private sector venue, have to pay a 3.5% sales tax on every ticket. But that money goes into a fund to assist members of a 58-theatre association that refuses to admit the smallest companies. — The Stage
Tags: Art, Theatre, Paris, 02.04.19

An ‘Unbearable Act Of Cultural Delinquency’: Young Adult Book Fair In Paris Slammed For Using Too Much English

“The proliferation of English words on display at the book fair, where the ‘scène YA’ was set to feature ‘Le Live’, a ‘Bookroom’, a ‘photobooth’ and a ‘bookquizz’, spurred around 100 French writers into action, among them three winners of the country’s Goncourt prize … [to issue] a scalding rebuke to organisers over their use of that ‘sub-English known as globish’.” — The Guardian
Tags: Art, Paris, Words, 02.04.19

Time-saving supersonic airplanes could be a disaster for the environment

Supersonic airplanes might be making a major comeback, but environmental scientists warn these time-saving transports will add even more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than ever before. A group of regulators from around the world are scheduled to meet in Canada next week to discuss the impacts of supersonic travel on the environment. Ahead of the meeting, the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) published an article about how supersonic planes impact the environment. Accordi...
Tags: Usa, New York, Design, News, Canada, Atlantic, United States, Paris, Atmosphere, Usa Today, British Airways, Air France, Greenhouse Gasses, Rutherford, International Council on Clean Transportation ICCT, Dan Rutherford

20 Most Influential Graphic Design Companies From Around the World

Graphic design is a notoriously competitive field and it can be tough for companies to stand out. But, at least twenty graphic design firms from around the world have proven to be the best in their field, with gorgeous portfolios filled with impressive clients and prominent design campaigns. These are the design firms that clients with virtually unlimited budgets turn to when they need a brand identity, packaging design, or help with other types of design. These design firms drive graphic desig...
Tags: Apple, Startups, New York, Design, London, Jimmy Kimmel, Berlin, New York City, Inspiration, Samsung, Sales, San Francisco, Entrepreneurs, Spain, Barcelona, Chicago

This and That in Paris

Here are, once again, photos of various things I saw around Paris this week. It’s been cold but not cold enough to stop getting out and exploring a bit. This was seen not too far from our place on a street I’ve never been on. It is a business that has something to do with art. The other day we planned on walking on the Promenade Planteé but it was locked when we arrived due to the marches going on every Saturday so we walked on the street below. We saw this huge map of Paris from 178...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Art, Bread, Paris, Bastille, Walk, Lamps, Paris map

Vigée Le Brun Painting Sets New Record for Pre-Modern Painting by a Woman

Elisabeth-Louise Vigée Le Brun’s 1788 painting Portrait of Muhammad Dervish Khan, Full-Length, Holding His Sword in a Landscape has sold for $7.18 million, a record for a pre-modern painting by a woman.  Vigée Le Brun showed the work in the Salon of 1789 in Paris, and it wound up in the collection of the artist’s husband, Jean-Baptiste Pierre Le […]
Tags: Art, News, Paris, Art News, Minipost, Vigée Le Brun, Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun, Vigée Le Brun Painting Sets New Record, Muhammad Dervish Khan, Jean Baptiste Pierre Le

Why Michael Chabon Loves Forewords And Prefaces

“Some forewords are transitive: acts of seduction that are at the same time documents of earlier seductions. … Other forewords are parasitical; like cuckoos’ eggs laid in crows’ nests they hatch and flourish at the expense of their hosts. … As for prefaces (and afterwords), these may be explanatory, apologetic, triumphal, tendentious, rueful, score-settling, spiteful, bibliographic, theoretical (as is the case with Chandler’s), or gently embarrassed (as is the case with Cheever’s) but the best ...
Tags: Art, Paris, Michael Chabon, Words, Chandler, Cheever, 01.22.19

Why Michael Chabon Loves Forwards And Prefaces

“Some forewords are transitive: acts of seduction that are at the same time documents of earlier seductions. … Other forewords are parasitical; like cuckoos’ eggs laid in crows’ nests they hatch and flourish at the expense of their hosts. … As for prefaces (and afterwords), these may be explanatory, apologetic, triumphal, tendentious, rueful, score-settling, spiteful, bibliographic, theoretical (as is the case with Chandler’s), or gently embarrassed (as is the case with Cheever’s) but the best ...
Tags: Art, Paris, Michael Chabon, Words, Chandler, Cheever, 01.22.19

The world is close to annihilation according to the iconic Doomsday Clock

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board has announced that the iconic Doomsday Clock is remaining at two minutes to midnight because of the dangers of climate change and the lack of progress on nuclear risks. Midnight on Doomsday is a symbolic point of annihilation and has reached the familiar point it was once in at the peak of the Cold War in 1953. The Science and Security Board made the decision to keep the clock in its current standing with the Board of Sponsors — ...
Tags: Design, Iran, Nato, Paris, Trump, Security Board, Rachel Bronson, Board of Sponsors

An Industrial Designer's Story of Losing Passion, Falling in Love with Roadtrip Adventures and Designing a Watch

The following essay and photos (edited for length and clarity) come to us from Netherlands-based industrial designer Laurens de Rijke. Enjoy!______________The past five years I have spent developing my first take on a so called 'driver watch'. This first series of watches is called the Amalfi Series, named after the beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy. It is a watch that is focused on the gentleman driver that loves to take out his car in the weekend. Maybe my story is a nice article on your website...
Tags: Silk Road, Design, Nato, Paris, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Vespa, Amalfi Coast, Object Culture, CNC, Tbilisi Georgia, Vostok, Technical University of Delft, Roadtrip Adventures

Reporter’s Notebook: ‘DAU’ Has Finally Opened in Paris. Does It Live Up to the Hype?

The immersive experience, with its frequent problems yet mounting mystique, is beginning to court comparisons with the Fyre Festival.
Tags: Art, News, Paris, Pompidou Center, Ilya, Khrzhanovsky, Theatre du Chatelet, Paris (France, Theatre de la Ville, DAU (Exhibit

A Rising Chorus Urges Journalists To Get Off Social Media. Jeff Jarvis Dissents

“When journalists delete, dismiss, or disengage from Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or Instagram or Reddit or blogs, they turn their backs on the people who finally — like the journalists — have a printing press to call their own. For too long — since Habermas’ alleged birth of the public sphere in the coffee houses and salons of London and Paris — that sphere has excluded too many people, whom social media finally can include. Listen to them.” – Medium
Tags: Art, Facebook, London, Media, Paris, Reddit, Audience, Habermas, 01.27.19

A Banksy Tribute Is Stolen In Paris

The tribute to victims of the 2015 Bataclan massacre, painted on an emergency door in the concert hall, was cut out and removed. “The theft, which occurred overnight on Friday, involved ‘a group of hooded individuals armed with angle grinders,’ AFP news agency reports, citing a source close to the investigation, said.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Paris, Visual, Afp, 01.27.19, Banksy Tribute

Banksy mural stolen from Bataclan in Paris

This weekend, thieves stole the Banksy mural painted on the emergency exit door of the Bataclan concert venue in Paris. The Bataclan is where on November 13, 2015 Islamic State militants launched a terrorist attack by killing 90 people during a Queens of the Stone Age concert before continuing with shootings and suicide bombings that resulted in 130 deaths total and more than 400 injuries. From the BBC News: The theft, which occurred overnight on Friday, involved "a group of hooded individua...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Islamic State, BBC News, Queens, Paris, Banksy, Thieves, Graffiti, Bataclan, Afp, Paris The Bataclan, Bob Pescovitz

Banksy Mural Is Stolen From Bataclan, Site of Paris Attacks

The venue said the work, painted on an emergency exit door, was a memorial to the victims of the 2015 terror attacks.
Tags: Art, News, France, Paris, Banksy, Murals, Robberies and Thefts, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, Paris (France, Paris Attacks (November 2015, Bataclan (Paris

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