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Journalist Janet Malcolm, 86

“A longtime New Yorker staff writer and the author of several books, the Prague native practiced a kind of post-modern style in which she often called attention to her own role in the narrative, questioning whether even the most conscientious observer could be trusted.” – AP
Tags: Art, People, Prague, Janet Malcolm, 06.17.21

More Evidence That Jane Austen Was Probably Anti-Slavery

“Austen’s personal values — namely, whether she supported slavery — have been debated by literary enthusiasts and experts who read her work like a cipher. A new discovery [reveals that her] brother Henry was sent as a delegate to the World Anti-Slavery Convention in 1840.” What’s more, one of Austen’s letters “mentions her love of the work of Thomas Clarkson, an abolitionist author.” – CNN
Tags: Art, People, Jane Austen, Henry, Austen, Thomas Clarkson, 06.16.21

‘Choking On Sanctimony And Lacking In Compassion’: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Slams Social Media’s Social Justice Warriors

“The assumption of good faith is dead. What matters is not goodness but the appearance of goodness. We are no longer human beings. We are now angels jostling to out-angel one another. God help us. It is obscene.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, People, 06.16.21

Big Thinker Edward de Bono, 88

Through his 60-plus books, including The Mechanism of Mind (1969), Six Thinking Hats (1985), How to Have A Beautiful Mind (2004) and Think! Before It’s Too Late (2009), as well as seminars, training courses and a BBC television series, De Bono sought to free us from the tyranny of logic through creative thinking. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Bbc, People, Edward de Bono, de Bono, 06.10.21

Jon Meacham, The Ubiquitous Historian

He is the intellectual of the moment, this soft-spoken biographer of great men. Meacham whispers in the president’s ear and appears on TV constantly. – Harper’s
Tags: Art, People, Harper, Meacham, Jon Meacham, 06.10.21

Richard Baron, Daring Publisher Of Dial Press, Dead At 98

Among the unconventional books that he took on when other publishers wouldn’t were The Armies of the Night, the first of Norman Mailer’s “nonfiction novels”; James Baldwin’s Another Country (Baron let Baldwin stay in his country house while he finished it); and Report from Iron Mountain, an antiwar satire which he and editor E.L. Doctorow marketed as a secret, leaked government study detailing the necessity of constant war to maintain power. As Doctorow later said, “If anyone was the perfect pu...
Tags: Art, People, James Baldwin, Baldwin, Norman Mailer, Doctorow, 06.14.21, Richard Baron He

Inquest: John Le Carré Died After Fall In Bathroom

The author of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, fractured his ribs in the fall. – BBC
Tags: Art, People, John Le Carre, 06.14.21

Naomi Wolf Was Once Highly Influential. How Did She Get So Crazy?

With each subsequent decade, Wolf has injected a little more madness into the cesspool of weird that we sometimes call “the discourse.” – The New Republic
Tags: Art, People, Wolf, Naomi Wolf, 06.11.21

Ned Beatty, Prolific Actor Of Stage And Screen, 83

Beatty’s roles “captured the full spectrum of humanity — from sincerity to villainy, buffoonery to tragedy — and made him one of the most versatile performers of his generation.” Beatty: “My great joy is throwing curveballs. Being a star cuts down your effectiveness as an actor, because you become an identifiable part of a product and somewhat predictable. … But I like to surprise the audience, to do the unexpected.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, People, Beatty, Ned Beatty, 06.13.21

Gottfried Böhm, The German Expressionist Of Brutalist Architects, Dead At 101

He was one of postwar German’s most prominent architects, and had been the country’s only living Pritzker Prize winner. “His most revered works resemble jagged concrete mountains, among them the town hall in Bensberg in western Germany that he shaped as a grand fortress and crown of the city. So too the massive pilgrimage church in Neviges, near Düsseldorf, seems to have been hewn out of the rock and built to last for eternity. What looks so heavy from the outside yet appears almost weightless ...
Tags: Art, Germany, People, Dusseldorf, 06.10.21, Bensberg, Neviges

Stuart Silver, Museum Designer Who Pioneered Blockbuster Shows, Dead At 84

“As the inventive design director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art [under director Thomas Hoving] in the 1960s and ’70s, [he] turned the presentation of art into a gasp-inducing genre of theater” — most famously in the Treasures of Tutankhamun exhibition of 1978-79 — “giving the staid institution mass appeal and inspiring widespread changes in the style and spirit of museum exhibitions.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Thomas Hoving, 06.09.21

Graeme Ferguson, Co-Inventor Of IMAX, Dead At 91

After he and his brother-in-law, Roman Kroitor, created documentaries for Expo 67 in Montreal that used multiple screens and projectors, they decided to invent a single large-format projector. By the mid-1970s, they had established the technology and made and shown a few highly praised nature documentaries, but it took many years to overcome producer and exhibitor skepticism and get IMAX accepted as the popular spectacular it ultimately became — and Ferguson was the top creative mind behind the...
Tags: Art, People, Ferguson, Montreal, Roman Kroitor, 06.06.21, Graeme Ferguson

Kirill Serebrennikov Barred From Leaving Russia To Attend Cannes Festival

The award-winning, beleaguered dissident — famous recently for his dance and opera productions — is also a filmmaker, and he has a new title, Petrov’s Flu, in competition at Cannes this year. He wrote the screenplay while under house arrest pending trial on an embezzlement cased widely considered to be trumped-up; he was convicted on that charge last June and given a three-year suspended sentence, during which he is forbidden to leave Russian territory. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, People, Cannes, Petrov, Kirill Serebrennikov, 06.07.21

Richard Robinson, Who Made Scholastic Into A Children’s Publishing Powerhouse, Dead At 84

“[His] nearly five decades at the head of the company shaped it into one of the world’s most prominent and recognizable publishers of children’s literature” — including the Baby-Sitters Club, Captain Underpants, Hunger Games and Harry Potter books — “and an influential education and media company.” – Publishers Weekly
Tags: Art, People, Harry Potter, Richard Robinson, Baby Sitters Club, 06.06.21, Children 's Publishing Powerhouse

Conductor And Soundmaker Yoshi Wada, Of Fluxus Art Collective, Has Died At 77

Wada wrote and performed music that “was characterized by dense, sustained sounds that could create mind-bending acoustic effects. He borrowed widely from different musical traditions — Indian ragas, Macedonian folk singing and Scottish bagpipes — all while supporting his musical life by working in construction” – which meant that sometimes, tools of the trade (like plumbing pipes) became instruments. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Wada, 06.05.21, Soundmaker Yoshi Wada

Sophie Rivera, Photographer Of Puerto Rican New York, 82

Rivera began by asking her neighbors to be her subjects. “The images she made were majestic four-by-four-foot prints of everyday New Yorkers of all ages. They were time-stamped by their hair styles and clothing as citizens of the 1970s and ’80s, but they were made eternal by their direct gazes, formal poses and the nimbus of light with which Ms. Rivera surrounded them. Vivien Raynor of The New York Times likened these Nuyorican Portraits, as they were known, to the portraits of Édouard Manet; T...
Tags: Art, People, New York Times, Times, Rivera, Holland Cotter, 06.04.21, Sophie Rivera, Vivien Raynor

Frederike Mayrocker, Grande Dame Of German Language Poets, 96

Mayröcker, an Austrian, earned acclaim as a formally inventive poet, but her writing “ranged far more widely, producing an immense body of work that encompassed nearly every literary genre: novels, memoirs, children’s books, drama and radio plays as well as poetry. (Only a handful of her works have been translated into English.)” Perhaps that should change. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, 06.04.21, Frederike Mayrocker Grande Dame

Escaping The ‘Teen On Disney’ Trap

Olivia Rodrigo has figured out something that few have before her. There’s” a shift within the Disney sphere, which has apparently evolved enough to allow its stars to curse while still holding down jobs on PG-rated television.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Disney, People, Rodrigo, 06.02.21

Luis Biasotto, Argentine Dancer And Choreographer, Dies Of COVID At 49

Biasotto was the co-founder of Grupo Krapp with his longtime artistic partner, Luciana Acuña, who wrote, “Luis moved comfortably in the abyss. The emptiness, besides giving him panic, gave him peace of mind. A brave being, by nature. A contemporary hero out of a Marvel comic book. To rehearse with Luis was not being able to stop admiring him, to be surprised at every moment, to burst out with laughter and to be certain of sharing the world with a being from another planet.” – Dance Magazine ...
Tags: Art, People, Luis, 06.01.21, Luis Biasotto, Grupo Krapp, Luciana Acuña

George Beasley, Dead At 89, Built A US Radio Empire

He started in 1961 with one AM station, which he ran while working as a high school principal, in small-town North Carolina. Sixty years on, his Beasley Broadcast Group is one of the five largest radio groups in the U.S., with 62 stations and 20 million listeners a week. – Billboard
Tags: Art, People, North Carolina, Beasley Broadcast Group, George Beasley, 06.02.21, US Radio Empire

Dan Frank, Brave And Influential Chief Editor Of Pantheon Books, Dead At 67

He shepherded the work of a remarkable group of authors ranging from Cormac McCarthy to Jill Lepore to Oliver Sacks and beyond. Perhaps his two biggest coups were seeing the potential of graphic narrative to be an enduring genre beyond Art Spiegelman’s Maus (he worked with Spiegelman on subsequent books, and also with Marjane Satrapi and Ben Katchor) and coaxing Joseph Mitchell into publishing a book (Up in the Old Hotel) after 27 years of silence. (Click here for a tribute to Frank by James Fa...
Tags: Art, People, Cormac Mccarthy, Marjane Satrapi, Jill Lepore, Oliver Sacks, Joseph Mitchell, Art Spiegelman, Spiegelman, Ben Katchor, 06.02.21, Dan Frank Brave

Arturo Luz, Neo-Realist And Key Figure In Art Spaces In The Philippines, 94

As an artist, “Luz was best known as an artist who liked to use spare lines and dramatic compositions in his practice that included painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and photography.” But he was much more. “As an art administrator and curator from the 1960s onwards, he championed a modernist visual language in sharp contrast to prevailing fashions favouring classic European painting and sculpture.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, People, Philippines, Luz, 05.28.21, Arturo Luz

Arturo Cruz, Neo-Realist And Key Figure In Art Spaces In The Philippines, 94

As an artist, “Luz was best known as an artist who liked to use spare lines and dramatic compositions in his practice that included painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and photography.” But he was much more. “As an art administrator and curator from the 1960s onwards, he championed a modernist visual language in sharp contrast to prevailing fashions favouring classic European painting and sculpture.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, People, Philippines, Luz, 05.28.21, Arturo Cruz Neo

Preserving The Jail Where Oscar Wilde Was Imprisoned

The prison was closed to the public in 2013 on “health and safety grounds,” but actors including Kate Winslet, local politicians, and more want to preserve the area, and turn the prison into a museum. Will Reading let them? – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Kate Winslet, 06.01.21

Violetta Elvin, Royal Ballet Prima Ballerina, 97

Elvin, a Russian dancer who also performed with the Bolshoi, “gave London audiences one of the first tastes of Russian style. … Elvin created roles in Frederick Ashton’s Cinderella (Summer Fairy, 1948), Daphnis and Chloe (Lykanion, 1951), Homage to the Queen (1953), and Birthday Offering (1956), as well as Roland Petit’s Ballabile (1950).” – Gramilano
Tags: Art, London, People, Bolshoi, Elvin, Frederick Ashton, Roland Petit, 06.01.21, Violetta Elvin Royal Ballet Prima Ballerina 97, Chloe Lykanion

Remembering Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, Famed Canadian Architect

Oberlander, who died at the age of 99 in May, had a long, rich career whose influence continues to grow. She was “an early proponent of rewilding, community consultation, pedestrian-friendly accessibility and creative playgrounds for children,” and her devotion to green spaces and the influence of greenery on humans “tell a story of a great mind that spearheaded change and championed excellence in her profession.” – Wallpaper
Tags: Art, People, Oberlander, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, 05.24.21

Liam Scarlett’s Death Did Not Happen The Way Everyone Presumed It Did

The British choreographer, aged 35, died in April, one day after the Royal Danish Ballet announced it was cancelling its staging of his Frankenstein over #MeToo allegations against him; similar accusations led to his firing from London’s Royal Ballet in 2020. The widespread assumption was that Scarlett committed suicide after the release of the news from Copenhagen; in fact, he had been admitted to a hospital, unconscious, four days earlier. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, London, People, Dance, Royal Ballet, Copenhagen, Frankenstein, Scarlett, Royal Danish Ballet, Liam Scarlett, 05.28.21

Raimund Hoghe, Who Created Dances For His Own Nonnormative Body, Dead At 72

Five feet tall and born with a curved spine, he was a young journalist interviewing Pina Bausch when she asked him to work with her; after a decade, he began making pieces of his own. His solo work, whether for himself or colleagues, tended toward the political; his dances for larger ensembles mixed contemporary ballet with butoh and set it to the likes of Liza Minnelli and Maria Callas. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Pina Bausch, Liza Minnelli, Maria Callas, 05.31.21, Raimund Hoghe

Lois Ehlert, Illustrator Of Colorful Books Like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, 86

Ehlert created 38 books for young children as an author and illustrator. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, which she illustrated with her signature collages, has sold more than 12 million copies since its publication. She was a Caldecott winner for the 1997 board book Color Zoo. “Her workday, she said, was a never-ending series of paper cuts.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Ehlert, Lois Ehlert, 05.30.21

Chi Modu, Photographer Who Shaped Rap’s Visual Identity, 5

“In the early and mid-1990s, working primarily for The Source magazine, at the time the definitive digest of hip-hop’s commercial and creative ascendance, Mr. Modu was the go-to photographer. An empathetic documentarian with a talent for capturing easeful moments in often extraordinary circumstances, he helped set the visual template for dozens of hip-hop stars. The Source was minting a new generation of superheroes, and Mr. Modu was capturing them as they took flight.” – The New York Times ...
Tags: Art, People, Chi Modu, Modu, 05.29.21, Mr Modu

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