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Composer And Lyricist Stephen Sondheim, Master Of Musical Theatre, 91

Impossible to sum the central figure of American musical theatre up, but: “Sondheim not only bound music, lyrics and book inextricably together, but he explored in far greater depths the human condition in all its anxieties and moral complexities.” – Washington Post
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“Superstar” Actor Arrested In Connection With Jan. 6 Riot

James Beeks, who performs in Superstar under the stage name James T. Justis, is charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia with obstruction of Congress, a felony, as well as a misdemeanor charge of unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds. – Deadline
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Magnus Carlsen Has Been World Chess Champion Since His Teens. The World Of Chess Has Changed Since Then

Computer-assisted preparation makes it ‘harder and harder’ to demonstrate the superiority of his intuition and strategic thinking in classical games. Players with good memories, decent calculation and solid technique can use the latest AI discoveries to boost their chances against him. – London Review of Books
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He Was A Child Laborer, Then A Homeless Migrant. Now He’s A Prizewinning Filmmaker Who Could Get An Oscar.

P.S. Vinothraj worked in a flower market at age nine and a sweatshop at 14. At 19 he ran to the big city (Chennai) and slept on the streets. Now his first feature is a festival hit and India’s official submission to the Oscars. – The Guardian
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The Musicians, Dancers Killed In The Wisconsin Holiday Parade

Three of those killed were members of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, a group of women whose pompom routines have been a staple of local holiday parades since the 1980s. – The New York Times
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How A Lifetime Of Cross-Dressing Helped Aurore Dupin Dudevant Become George Sand

When she was a child, her officer father dressed her up as a mini-me in full uniform. As a young woman, she moved freely about Paris, observing everything, by dressing as a boy. (She claimed the idea was her mother’s.) Taking a male pseudonym? Easy. – Aeon
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Remembering Dave Hickey, The Renegade Critic

Like so many Texan artists before and after him, he had a tortured relationship with his home state and its mythology. He kept trying to get away from the cowboy thing. It kept sucking him back in. – Texas Monthly
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Eddie Redmayne: Playing “Danish Girl” Trans Character Was A Mistake

“No, I wouldn’t take it on now. I made that film with the best intentions, but I think it was a mistake,” Redmayne told The Sunday Times. – Variety
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Writer Robert Bly, 94

He “galvanized protests against the Vietnam War and started a controversial men’s movement with a best seller that called for a restoration of primal male audacity.” – The New York Times
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An Appreciation Of Dave Hickey, Prolific Art Critic

Christopher Knight: “Lots of smart people write smart things about art but nobody was a better writer than Dave. … Hickey, a brilliant and cantankerous wit, wrote for the ear. His work needed reading, not scanning, and rewarded effort with pleasure.” – Los Angeles Times
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Bonnie Sherk Had A Performance-Based Take On Landscape Art

The artist, dead at 76, did this near an on-ramp: “A young woman was sitting on a bale of hay, surrounded by potted palm trees and 4,000 square feet of green turf, patting a Guernsey calf that was tied to a railing.” – The New York Times
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The Woman Who Was Half Of The Mystery-Writing Duo ‘Charles Todd’ Has Died

Caroline Todd (a pen name for Caroline Watjen) and her son Charles (er, David) wrote more than 40 mysteries set in rural England after WWI. “They were one of the better mystery writers,” says historical mystery writer Rhys Bowen. – The New York Times
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Patrick Reyntiens, Who Worked Miracles With Stained Glass In Britain’s Bombed-Out Cathedrals, Dead At 95

While he did a great deal of high-quality work, his most admired projects were in two modern monuments which replaced medieval landmarks destroyed in World War II: Coventry Cathedral (the baptistry) and Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (the lantern tower.) – The Guardian
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Song-writer Dave Frishberg, 88

His songwriting wit was for grown-ups, yet he reached his widest audience with sharpshooting ditties for kids as a regular musical contributor to ABC-TV’s long-running Saturday morning animated show “Schoolhouse Rock!” – The New York Times
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“I Knew That My Actions Were Wrong And Illegal”: Art Dealer Inigo Philbrick Pleads Guilty To Wire Fraud

He had previously pled not guilty to several charges of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft; in an apparent plea deal, he confessed to one count of wire fraud, for which he faces up to 20 years in prison and must pay $86 million in restitution. –
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Jimmie Durham, Native American Artist And Activist (Or Was He?), Dead At 81

“(He was) celebrated for incorporating traditional Native American imagery and materials into lively, unconventional sculptures before his claim of Cherokee ancestry was widely challenged, setting off an intense art-world debate over his authenticity.” – The New York Times
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Playwright Ed Bullins, Leader Of Black Arts Movement, Dead At 86

“Over a 55-year career in which he produced nearly 100 plays, Mr. Bullins sought to reflect the Black urban experience unmitigated by the expectations of traditional theater” and staged in Black theaters in such places as Harlem and Oakland. – The New York Times
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How Marcella Hazan Became An Italian Food Guru

At the height of her career, she became so popular that Bloomingdale’s created a boutique in its storefront on Fifty-ninth Street called Marcella Hazan’s Italian Kitchen, stocking it with her homemade pasta Bolognese and extra-virgin olive oil from Tuscany. – The New Yorker
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Outsider Fashionista Passes Torch To 20-Year-Old, Takes Life, And A New Museum Is Born

Professionally, Steven Klein created logos and slogans for hotels and restaurants. But he belonged to no agency. Instead, as an independent consultant, he was a walking encyclopedia — and booster — of pop culture from the 1970s. The New York Times
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How To Stay Focused When The World Turns A Spotlight On You

National Book Award finalist and MacArthur “genius” grant winner Hanif Abdurraqib keeps to himself most of the time, far from the madding crowds. “I’m not trying to be aloof,” he says. “My superpower is that I mind my own business.” – The New York Times
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Lee Maracle Propelled Herself And Other First Nations Writers Into Canadian Consciousness

Maracle died at 71, after having “chronicled the effect of Canadian settlement on the land’s Indigenous people and the persistence of discrimination, only to find herself in recent years championed by the very cultural and political establishment she had spent her career attacking.” – The New York Times
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Oliva Colman Says It’s Easier To Portray A Murderer Than The Queen

That two-year stint on The Crown wasn’t the easiest for the multiple award-winning Colman, but “it wasn’t the actual Queen she found the hardest act to follow – it was Claire Foy, who had played the same character at a younger age in the earlier series.”- The Guardian (UK)
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Bettina Grossman, Artist And Artistic ‘Feature’ At The Chelsea Hotel, 94

Grossman “was unusual even by the standards of the Chelsea, the storied haven for quirky artists.” Her apartment “had become so crowded with her accumulated artwork — largely abstract, highly conceptual drawings, sculptures and photographs — that … she slept in her hallway on a lawn chair.” – The New York Times
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A Judge Rules Britney Spears Can Be Free Of Conservatorship

Fans celebrate – and some wonder about the many non-famous, non-white, disabled folks who are also in conservatorships: “Spears’ case is expected to be used as fuel for conservatorship reform.” – Los Angeles Times
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Petra Mayer, NPR’s Beloved, Passionate Books Editor Has Died Suddenly

“Mayer was a proud nerd … [who] shared those passions with readers and listeners through her reviews of sci-fi, fantasy, romance, thrillers and comics, her trusty on-the-scene reporting at Comic-Con, and her contributions to the Book Concierge.” – NPR
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Sylvère Lotringer, Who Founded Semiotext(e) And Brought French Theory To America’s Art World, Dead At 83

We leave it to you to speculate on which direction St. Peter will send him for that, but his work did spark enormous changes in American arts and intellectual life — not least through the riotous 1975 colloquium “Schizo-Culture” he organized at Columbia. – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
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Man And Daughter Killed Over Four Stradivarius Violins

“Our principal hypothesis is that the motive for the double crime was to find the international certification of authenticity of the violins so they could be sold.” – Daily Beast
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David Graeber Was A Startlingly Smart Anthropologist. He Died Just After Completing His Magnum Opus

“Since one cannot know a radically better world is not possible, are we not betraying everyone by insisting on continuing to justify and reproduce the mess we have today?” – New York Magazine
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How A Nice Jewish Boy From Oakland Became A Busy Bollywood Actor

Richard Klein seemed well set as a math and science teacher and amateur performer in the Bay Area. Then, at 45, he up and moved to Mumbai, determined to make it in Indian showbiz. Now he’s one of Bollywood’s go-to white-guy character actors. – The New York Times
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Sea Sculptures of the Underwater Museum

Around the world are a few unusual sculpture museums. In order to gain entry to the museums, you must first put on your swimming gear and grab a snorkel or dive tank. This is because the museums are under the sea. Art Works or Artificial Reefs? The creator of the underwater museums, Jason de Caires Taylor, designs his sculptures with the intention of forming artificial reefs for sea life. The statues are made with PH neutral casting cement, which means that they will not poison the water or...
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