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Striking Photos Capture the Unnatural Transformation of the Amazon Rainforest

There was this moment last year when I was sitting in the quietest place in the U.S. and a plane flew overhead, breaking the cocoon of natural sound. It was the sonic emulation of the world we’re creating, writ large. Humanity has crept into every nook and cranny of the planet, and now we’re being forced to confront…Read more...
Tags: Anthropocene, Culture, Photography, Art, Atmos, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

A Day At Mission Beach, California, August 1970

Mission Beach (the beach) is a long wide sandy beach in the Mission Beach area of San Diego. It is a laid-back neighborhood whose namesake sands attract surfers, sunbathers and volleyball players. A paved path curls around Mission Bay, a popular spot for water sports. “I went down and spent a week with my cousin living in the Mission Bay beach community. After surfing with my beach air mat for a... Source
Tags: Photography, 1970s, Beach, California, Day, Mission

68 Nostalgic Images Of The Greatest Pop Culture Legends In History Shared By Morrison Hotel Gallery

Audrey Hepburn, 1967 Photo: Terry O’Neill Media is packed with shiny covers and airbrushed images of celebrities we love, but the candid behind-the-scenes images that capture the unpolished truths and honest emotions of these famous faces are what show someone we can actually relate to. Here is a time travel to the glory days of the greatest pop culture legends of all time.
Tags: Photography, Celebrities, Gallery, Nostalgic, Retro

Critic’s pick: A Barnes Foundation Show Illuminates the Dawn of Photography

An exhibition shows how the pioneers of photography saw the dominant medium of painting both as inspiration and competition.
Tags: Art, Photography, From Today, Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia (Pa, Girault de Prangey, Joseph-Philibert, Daguerre, Louis (1787-1851, Talbot, William Henry Fox

A Refined Point of View: Joe + Maddie Greer’s NYC

Inspiration, motivation and an undying dedication to honing one's craft in our beloved city Land Rover‘s city-focused compact luxury SUV, the 2020 Range Rover Evoque has been refined and updated, but remains an undeniable classic—a little like New York City. We spent a few days with recent transplants Joe and Maddie Greer to explore NYC through a fresh lens, and found that they have an …
Tags: Sponsored, Photography, Design, NYC, New York City, Joe, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover, Compact SUVs, 2020 Range Rover Evoque, Refined Point of View, Joe Greer, Maddie Greer, Joe Maddie Greer

Interview: Dan Barasch on Ruin and Redemption in Architecture

An extensive survey of buildings lost, forgotten, reimagined and transformed Dan Barasch, co-founder of New York City‘s Lowline (a football field-sized abandoned plot of underground land in the Lower East Side) argues in his newest book, Ruin and Redemption in Architecture, that there are four status updates for old buildings: lost, forgotten, reimagined and transformed. Barasch documents buildings all over the world in these various …
Tags: Books, Photography, Design, Interviews, New York City, Architecture, Dan Barasch, Lower East Side, Lowline, Barasch, Phaidon

Spy Planes Spot Ancient Archaeological Sites

Using images taken by American U-2 spy planes between 1959 and 1972, researchers and archaeologists have been able to uncover archaeological sites in the Middle East that have since been developed over. Though only the final five years worth of photographs are of a high enough resolution to decipher, pre-urban sprawl imagery presented scenes of 5,000 to 8,000 stone structures with clarity. Read more about the …
Tags: Photography, Design, Planes, Tech, History, Middle East, Archaeology, Linkaboutit, Space Archaeology, Spy Planes

This colorful camera kit replica is made entirely from paper

We have seen some interesting items inspired by photography gear, such as a chocolate Nikon camera or lens-inspired watches. A Seoul-based design studio DOTMOT has also found inspiration in photography. They have created a colorful replica of a photography kit, consisting of a DSLR, two interchangeable lenses and an external flash, and everything is carefully […] The post This colorful camera kit replica is made entirely from paper appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Design, Inspiration, Artwork, Nikon, Dslr, Seoul, DOTMOT, Paper Camera

“Backstage Disillusion”: The Incredible In-Game Photo Artworks By Petri Levälahti

Generation Zero Petri Levälahti aka Berduu works at EA DICE in Stockholm. He’s also an accomplished game photographer: his flickr stream is a visual triumph (“video game tourism, snapping shots as mementos”, he said). Like Duncan Harris, Berduu pursues an aestheticized digital photorealism that recalls Jean Baudrillard’s notion of iper-reality using camera hacks and mods... Source
Tags: Photography, Games, Design, Tourism, Stockholm, Virtual, EA Dice, Jean Baudrillard, Photomanipulations, Berduu, Petri Levälahti, Duncan Harris Berduu

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The first-ever photo of a black hole, artwork-adorned Japanese currency, inspiration from Milan Design week and more First-Ever Photo of a Supermassive Black Hole Truly a quantum leap, astronomers have “seen the unseeable” and captured an image of a supermassive black hole—a “smoke ring framing a one-way portal to eternity,” Dennis Overbye writes for the New York Times. A planet-sized network of eight radio telescopes—called …
Tags: Photography, Space, Science, Design, Environment, History, Furniture, Asteroids, Archeology, Black Holes, Self-driving, Linkaboutit, Dark Blue, Link About It, Milan Design Week, Verner Panton

Photographer Recaptured Old Photos Of Berlin To Show How Much It Has Changed Over The Years

Linie C (1923/2019) According to Jo Furch: “For about half a year now, I’ve been going out almost every day to recapture old photos of Berlin as accurately as possible. I started doing this to better understand how the banality of everyday life continues despite historically extreme periods of time. Many “anchors” in the city landscape like old houses and trees help to build a bridge to... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Germany, Berlin, Retro, Cityscapes

“Untypical Girls”: Early Photographs Of Women In Punk From Between The Late 1970s And Early 1990s

Punk girls with Belinda Carlisle from the Go-Go’s in the center. Los Angeles, 1978. Photo by Mike Murphy. These rarely seen, personal photographs, taken from Sam Knee’s forthcoming book, Untypical Girls: Styles and Sounds of the Transatlantic Indie Revolution, chart the rise of women in alternative music. From the advent of punk in late-70s Britain to grunge via no wave, indie... Source
Tags: Photography, Music, Design, Women, Rock, Punk, Retro

Explore Neon-Lit, Cyberpunk Moscow Suburbs With This Bladerunner-Inspired Photographer

The air is grainy with mist and suspense. Passersby with smudged faces move against a backdrop of endless tower blocks and the dull sheen of wet asphalt, lit by the neon glare of signs advertising bargain stores, sex shops, and kebab kiosks. These aren’t stills from a new Ridley Scott or David Lynch film, but an Instagram account documenting the lives of the Moscow suburbs, a project of the... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Russia, Cyberpunk, Night, Neon, Bladerunner, Konstantin Vikhrov, Noscow

World Press Photo Contest 2019 Winners

The winner: crying girl on the border, by John Moore. Yanela, from Honduras, cries as her mother, Sandra Sanchez, is searched by a US border patrol agent, in McAllen, Texas, US. This image was also nominated in the “spot news” category. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images/World Press Photo 2019) General news, singles winner: the disappearance of Jamal Kashoggi, by Chris McGrath. Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Photo, World, Press, Contest, Winners

All the presidents’ busts – in pictures

Standing nearly 20 feet high, 43 US presidents’ busts, remnants from a bankrupted theme park, are stored in Croaker, Virginia, on the property of Howard Hankins who is seeking to restore the massive sculptures. Hankins has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to relocate the statues to a place where they can be visited by all Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Photography, Virginia, US, World news, US news, Culture, US politics, Art and design, Sculpture, Hankins, Howard Hankins, Croaker Virginia

Nuclear wasteland: inside Chernobyl's exclusion zone – in pictures

The Chernobyl disaster in 1986 forced the evacuation of nearby Pripyat, home to 45,000 people. David McMillan has journeyed there 21 times since to record abandoned homes and buildings as they are reclaimed by nature Continue reading...
Tags: Energy, Art, Europe, Books, Photography, Environment, World news, Ukraine, Cities, Culture, Art and design, Nuclear Power, Chernobyl, Urban Exploration, Pripyat, David McMillan

Rare And Beautiful Photos Of 18-Year-Old Freshman Madonna At The University of Michigan In 1976

Before Madonna donned that iconic conical bra and wore a rosary around her neck because she said she liked the feeling of a naked man between her bosom, Madonna Louise Ciccone was actually looking pretty sweet. Here’s a collection of rare and beautiful photos of a young Madonna at age 18 taken by Peter Kentes in 1976. h/t: vintag. Source
Tags: Photography, Design, University, Madonna, Michigan, Retro, University Of Michigan, 1970s, Madonna Louise Ciccone, Peter Kentes

Tips To Grow Your New Personalized Portrait Business For Less

30% of new businesses fail within the first two years, according to the Small Business Association. As such, when you’re launching your own personalized portrait business, you need to have solid marketing in place to attract customers. Additionally, you’ll need all the stock and tools required to create an original, quirky, and colorful piece that your customer will treasure forever. But, how do you ensure that you don’t overspend and ruin your growth potential? Buy Materials in Bulk Before y...
Tags: Art, Photography, Design, Small Business, Paint, Small Business Association, CHANNEL-DIGITAL-ART, OTHER-DIGITAL-ART

Russian Photographer Makes Incredible Cosplay Photography You’ve Never Seen Before

Robot meets chiki-briki. Fetish Super Mario princesses. Friday Fallout bar party. Dark and horror stories. Meet Russian cosplay phorographer Eugene Nakryshsky, based in Novosibirsk. More: Instagram... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Russia, Cosplay, Novosibirsk, 412art, Eugene Nakryshsky

Daredevil Photographer Captures Incredible Pictures Of Sharks In The Middle Of A Wave

Sean Scott is a Gold Coast photographer. For more than twenty years, he takes pictures of the magnificent environment he lives in. Dreamy beaches, marine life, beautiful landscapes or breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, among others. As he was having a family road trip in Western Australia, he was watching the swell forecast and was heading to the Red Bluff location, an amazing surf spot. Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Australia, Gold, Coast, Daredevil, Sharks, Western Australia, Underwater, Gold Coast, Sean Scott

The Visual Poetry Of Sébastien Rivest In Black And White

From Tokyo to Montreal, Quebec photographer Sébastien Rivest brings us on his urban wanderings through his shots. More: Instagram h/t: fubiz View this post on Instagram Thanks to @fubiz and @cmbeha for the great article on my work. . . . . .#blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #monochrome #filmphotography #studioargentique #art #fubiz #igersmontreal #photoclubdemontreal A post shared by... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Urban, Mood, Tokyo, Night, Street, Montreal Quebec, Black&white, Sébastien Rivest

Atlantic City: 'Trump turned this place into a ghost town'

When Trump won the election, photographer Brian Rose made straight for the gambling town – to show the reality behind his billionaire boasts. The broken city he captured speaks volumes about today’s AmericaWhen Donald Trump opened the towering Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City in March 1990, he declared it “the eighth wonder of the world” and joined in the celebrations at a launch ceremony filled with portly actors dressed as genies brandishing tacky golden lamps. Even though it was purcha...
Tags: Art, Books, Business, Photography, Gambling, Economics, Communities, Society, World news, US news, Cities, Culture, Architecture, Art and design, Social exclusion, New Jersey

Artist Photographs Workers On The Streets Of Tokyo To Pay Homage To The Proud Work Ethics Of Japan

Pastry Shop Staff In Japanese culture, people share a strong respect for all occupations and the workers who fill them. So much so that they even have a unique term to describe a hard worker – “Hatarakimono”. More: Frank Le Petit, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda Jinrikisha Man Tokyo-based French artist Frank Le Petit, who goes by the name K-Narf (Frank spelled backward)... Source
Tags: Photography, Japan, Design, Tokyo, Frank Le Petit Instagram Facebook, Frank Le Petit, K Narf Frank

“Outside The Boundaries”: The Colourful Universe Of Mischelle Moy

Welcome to the colourful universe of Mischelle Moy, a photographer based in New York. Is it fiction or reality? On her Instagram account, doubting is allowed. The artist likes to play with boundaries, as she reinvents a gayer world. More: Source
Tags: Travel, Photography, New York, Design, Infrared, Colorful, Neon, Mischelle Moy

Photographer Creates Surreal & Minimalist Self-Portraits Surrounded By Flowers And Fruits

Here is a very delicate Instagram gallery. Ziqian Liu specialises in self-portrait. The photographer stages herself in a minimal universe, surrounded by flowers and fruits. By playing with mirror and reflection, she deconstructs her body with poetry and originality More: Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Fruits, Flowers, Minimalist, Self-portraits, Surreal, Ziqian Liu

Evanescent art.

View this post on Instagram A piece from back in 2011 when I was living in Santa Cruz. First time sharing it. Just as I was arriving to this beach , the park rangers came driving onto the larger beach, and just as I got to this little cove, they were driving out of it. Ugh! Vehicles and their tracks are my nemesiseses . I had to spend a fair bit of time smoothing out the sand before starting. Ironically, the design of this piece features a ...
Tags: Art, Photography, Law, California, Ann Althouse, Andres Amador

This Exclusive Photo Book Portrays The Relative Beauty Of Belgian Roads

Sometimes you have to look at things differently to appreciate them. Like the imperfection of our Belgian roads. For some a daily source of irritation, for others one of inspiration and raw beauty. It depends on what perspective you look at it from. Or which car should you drive. There is beauty in these wells and cracks. That is why Mitsubishi Motors wanted to capture the Belgian roads on the...
Tags: Travel, Photography, Design, Book, Roads, Belgium, Explore, Mitsubishi Motors

Tracing the Roots of Photo Sharing, From Mail Art to Instagram

A new exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art shows that image sharing is evolutionary, not revolutionary.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Social Media, Museums, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Kawara, Computers and the Internet, San Francisco (Calif, Postal Service and Post Offices, On (1932-2014, Clement Cheroux

Photographer Chris Cline Can’t Get Enough Of His Dog So He Supersizes Him

When photographer Christopher Cline (previously) moved from Virginia to Minnesota, he was feeling homesick and “sliding into a sad place in life.” But then his girlfriend brought him Juji. Though the photographer wasn’t keen on getting a dog at first, the adorable Goldendoodle not only became his best friend, he brought his inspiration back. Now Cline creates amusing Photoshop manipulations... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Minnesota, Dogs, Virginia, Cline, Chris Cline, Christopher Cline, Juji, Photomanipulations, Supersize

20 Strange & Unusual Pics From The Early 20th Century That You May No Longer See Today

Pig rider, circa 1920 Postman with a mailed baby, man riding on a pig, or zebra power on streets…, these strange and unusual pics from the early 20th century that you may no longer see today. h/t: Zebra power, circa 1905 Bicyclist, circa 1900 Drag king & queen, circa 1900 Fallen over, circa 1900s Tree house, circa 1900s Sneak peek, circa 1908 Chicken cart, circa 1910s Face to... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Humor, Strange, Retro, Unusual

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