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Looks Like We Might Be Catching Helicopters Instead of Cabs in the Near Future

Today at the GreenTech Festival in Berlin, Skyports and Volocopter announced plans to build the first physical, mobile "Volo-Port" (electric take-off and landing system) for their air taxis. The overall design and renderings of the system were created by Brandlab. It's absurd to think that helicopter taxis might become somewhat of a norm one day, but this idea has actually been brewing for quite some time—we even had the chance to sit inside a prototype model during CES in 2018. Even so, the i...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The world's "weirdest" languages, spy planes spot archaeological sites, making museums more accessible and more from around the web Open-Source Software Making Museums More Accessible Oftentimes, the process of visiting a museum begins at an institution’s website, and not all of them are accessible to people with disabilities. In fact, several notable NYC institutions’ websites are not readable by visitors with loss of vision. Those …
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World’s Largest Airplane’s First-Ever Flight

Weighing 500,000 pounds and boasting two fuselages and a wingspan of 385 feet, Stratolaunch‘s behemoth of a plane—which will launch rockets into Earth’s orbit—took flight for the first time ever this past weekend. Taking off from the Mojave Air and Space Port, the Stratolaunch ascended to 15,000 feet, reaching speeds up to 175 MPH, before landing successfully two hours later. “It was an emotional moment …
Tags: Science, Design, Planes, Tech, Earth, Airplanes, Rockets, Orbit, Linkaboutit, Mojave, Mojave Air, Aircrafts, Stratolaunch

Spy Planes Spot Ancient Archaeological Sites

Using images taken by American U-2 spy planes between 1959 and 1972, researchers and archaeologists have been able to uncover archaeological sites in the Middle East that have since been developed over. Though only the final five years worth of photographs are of a high enough resolution to decipher, pre-urban sprawl imagery presented scenes of 5,000 to 8,000 stone structures with clarity. Read more about the …
Tags: Photography, Design, Planes, Tech, History, Middle East, Archaeology, Linkaboutit, Space Archaeology, Spy Planes

Incredible Photos Of Planes Passing Just Over Maho Beach

Corsair Boeing 747-400 Arriving from Paris-Orly. From 2009 to 2011, Josef Hoflehner watched passenger planes landing at Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch/French Caribbean island of St Maarten/St Martin. Nothing extraordinary in plane spotting. But this airport is within splashing distance of Maho Beach, a spot popular with tourists. In 2011 the runway was lengthened... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Planes, Paris, Caribbean, Beach, St Martin, Maho Beach, Mahó, Princess Juliana International Airport, Josef Hoflehner, Corsair Boeing, St Maarten St Martin Nothing

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

An electric E-Type, budget art investing, early species interbreeding and more in our look around the internet Buy Shares in Masterpieces For $20 For those of us who could never afford a Warhol or Monet for ourselves, there is another option: purchasing a stake in newly acquired, soon-to-be-resold art. On Masterworks, a new platform aimed at opening art up to a broader investing audience, shares …
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Burt Rutan + Paul Allen’s 385-Foot-Wide Strato­launch Airplane

On the runway of the Mojave Air & Space Port, the Strato­launch airplane sits waiting for its first flight later this year. To date, there’s been no aircraft bigger—or as ambitious. The wingspan of the Catamaran-style plane stretches 385 feet—a distance longer than a football field. Six engines power the beast, as well. Designed by aviation mastermind Burt Rutan, and funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the Strato­launch will …
Tags: Design, Microsoft, Planes, Tech, Flying, Paul Allen, Aviation, Linkaboutit, Mojave Air Space Port, Burt Rutan, Stratolaunch, Burt Rutan Paul Allen

Aston Martin Takes to the Skies with Latest Concept Design

Better known for producing vehicles that have four wheels firmly on the ground, Aston Martin is reaching new heights in luxury transportation with its latest concept design.Launched at the recent Farnborough International Air Show in the UK, the Volante Vision Concept is an exploration into personal air mobility that, being Aston Martin, aims to deliver the ultimate in premium passenger experience. Together with its distinctive Aston Martin design language, the aircraft features vertical t...
Tags: UK, Design, Planes, Aston Martin, Vtol, Marek Reichman, Reichman, Farnborough International Air Show, Aston Martin Takes, Volante Vision Concept, Cranfield University Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Aston Martin EVP

Link About It: This Week's Picks: Peach-scented records, LSD for anxiety, windowless planes, gems falling from the sky and more

1. Psychedelics Could Repair Brain Cells "Shriveled" by Depression University of California researchers have observed that psychedelics like LSD and MDMA can rewire the brain—and trigger the growth of new branches between cells—long after the...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Health, Wellness, Art, Science, Design, Drugs, Planes, Tech, Nature, Records, Hawaii, Nsfw, Exhibitions, Album, Wellbeing, Limitededition

Our Favorite Transportation Stories from 2017

2017 has without a doubt been an important year for all transportation industries. From out of this world concept cars seen at the Tokyo Motor Show to IKEA's flat-pack, modular bike, here are our ten favorite transportation stories of the year: You know those homes made from shipping containers? Well, this container ship converted into a superyacht is the nautical version.  Earlier this year, IDEO imagined a future filled with autonomous vehicles and ride sharing. We interviewed IDEO's Des...
Tags: Design, Planes, Cars, Bikes, Porsche, Boats, Ikea, Tokyo, Nissan, Year In Review, Ideo, Danny Stillion

Steven M. Johnson's Bizarre Invention #193: The Uni-Person Travel Module

[Folks, this one was submitted in black and white. Any of you care to colorize it, and post the image in the comments? --Editor]
Tags: Design, Trains, Planes, Cars, Cartoons, Steven M Johnson, Bizarre Inventions

Designing airplane interiors to feel bigger than they are

A commercial airline is no Tardis ("bigger on the inside") but designers and engineers do use several techniques to reduce your claustrophobia in the sky.
Tags: Video, Design, News, Air Travel, Planes, Airplanes, Interior Design

Link About It: The Uncertain Future of Skywriting

One family has mastered the skill of skywriting, and now they’re revolutionizing it with “skytyping”—a more efficient method of writing in the sky that involves a fleet of planes and programmed puffs of smoke. Gregg Stinis, a 75-year-old who has spent...... Continue Reading...
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