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11 ways to be more self-sufficient in the new year

Self-sufficient living is all about providing for your own needs— and the needs of your household— without resources or help from the outside. To become more self-sufficient, you need knowledge and skills, plus motivation and a spirit of independence. The reasons for living a self-sufficient lifestyle can be political, social or personal, but whatever the motivation may be, learning how to become self-sufficient can offer a feeling of security, even in the event of a disaster. There isn’t a han...
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7 of the biggest eco-friendly and green living myths

When you decide to go green and adopt a sustainable lifestyle, you might think that some of the biggest steps you can take in the right direction are doing things like buying a hybrid car, dropping meat from your diet or using eco-friendly products. But over the years, we have been inundated with “green” messages that are easily taken for granted, and some of them are filled with misinformation. So to help you go green the right way, here is a list of seven of the biggest sustainable living myt...
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Precycle, a zero-waste grocery store, opens in Brooklyn

For many of us, a trip to the grocery store results in a ton of waste, thanks to the mountain of plastic bags and food packaging. But some stores are trying to change that by going zero-waste and selling in bulk. Precycle is a zero-waste grocery store in Brooklyn that has opened for business, and it is avoiding all plastic by having its customers buy food from bulk containers. Katerina Bogatireva, the owner of Precycle, is from Latvia, and she said that in her home country, food waste is not ac...
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Zero-waste packaging is coming to a freezer aisle near you

This past year, frozen food made a comeback thanks to healthier and tastier options hitting your grocer’s freezer, and the debunking of the myth that fresh is always healthier than frozen. For the first time in five years, the frozen food market has grown, and consumers are starting to see frozen products as a healthy option for easy meal prep. Now, one grocer is taking freezer food to the next level with bulk bins and zero-waste packaging. In recent years, frozen food companies have shortened ...
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New York City bans polystyrene foam starting January 1

New York City has officially become the largest jurisdiction in the United States to ban polystyrene foam food and beverage containers. On January 1st, the city’s new policy went into effect after a five-year lobbying and litigation effort from the plastics industry to upend the city’s environmental initiative. Back in 2013, the City Council authorized the statute that states NYC restaurants, food vendors and stores can’t possess, sell or offer polystyrene foam containers for food and beverages...
Tags: Design, News, New York City, Environment, United States, Plastic, Foam, Styrofoam, NRDC, Polystyrene Ban, Polystyrene foam, banning Polystyrene foam, Polystyrene Containers, Polystyrene Container Ban

Study finds microplastics in sea turtles around the world

The microplastics problem in the oceans has made its way to sea turtles in a big way. A new study from researchers at the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory along with Greenpeace Research Laboratories has found microplastics in the guts of every single turtle they tested — a total of 102 sea turtles. The researchers tested more than 100 sea turtles from all seven species and three different oceans, and they were looking for synthetic particles less than 5 mm in length. The most...
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Corona announces pilot program for 100% plastic-free 6-pack rings in 2019

Corona has announced that it will be launching a pilot program in 2019 for 100 percent plastic-free six-pack rings, making it the first global beer brand to attempt such eco-friendly packaging. The company says it will introduce the new rings in select markets at the beginning of the new year as part of its commitment with Parley for the Oceans to lead the multi-billion dollar beer industry in doing its part to protect the world’s oceans from plastic pollution. Corona beer is mostly packaged wi...
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6 environmental topics to spark discussion at the Thanksgiving dinner table

Nothing sparks political discussion and debate more than a family dinner during the holidays. In this explosive political climate, chances are the conversation will run wild during Thanksgiving even more than it has in the past. To give you some ideas for the upcoming holiday season, here are some environmental topics to help spur your political discussion while you enjoy your turkey dinner. Elections With a major midterm election happening just this month, politics will be a hot topic at T...
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European parliament supports the ban of single-use plastics

The EU adopted new plans last week to ban single-use plastic items like plates, straws, cutlery, balloon sticks and cotton buds — which make up over 70 percent of marine litter — by 2021. Under draft plans approved by Parliament, MEPs also added items to the banned list that contained products made of oxo-degradable plastics, like bags and fast-food containers made of expanded polystyrene. The ban also incorporates a plan for several other items that do not have an alternative, like single-use ...
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SodaStream deploys an ocean-sweeper to clean up plastic waste in the Caribbean Sea

SodaStream has announced the launch of its massive ocean-sweeper, a contraption designed to dismantle booming plastic waste patches in marine waters.  The “Holy Turtle” has already started cleaning up plastic in the Caribbean Sea; the specially designed model is stationed off the shores of Roatán, Honduras for its pilot project. Enlisting the aid of local youth and government, as well as environmental NGOs, experts and artists, SodaStream’s multifaceted mission is a four-day feat with a hopeful...
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Microplastics have made their way into human poop

Each year, humans around the world produce about 882 billion pounds of plastic waste, and about 80 percent of it ends up in landfills or in the natural environment. Now, scientists are beginning to study the effects of microplastics on people, and it turns out that they are showing up in human poop after contaminating our food. Microplastics are the smallest particles of plastic waste — so small that most are invisible to the human eye. They are found in most bottled and tap water, soil and sea...
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Nuatan is the bioplastic that could answer the plastic pollution crisis

A potential solution to the world’s plastic pollution crisis has recently been unveiled at the London Design Festival. Crafting Plastics Studio, established by design duo Vlasta Kubušová and Miroslav Král, created the all-natural alternative, which is made from corn starch, sugar and cooking oil. According to the team, who researches and constructs cutting-edge materials for their avant-garde designs, Nuatan has the possibility to “replace all the packaging we know,” because it is so safe that ...
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Even fish can eat Nuatan, the bioplastic that could answer the plastic pollution crisis

A potential solution to the world’s plastic pollution crisis has recently been unveiled at the London Design Festival. Crafting Plastics Studio, established by design duo Vlasta Kubušová and Miroslav Král, created the all-natural alternative, which is made from corn starch, sugar and cooking oil. According to the team, who researches and constructs cutting-edge materials for their avant-garde designs, Nuatan has the possibility to “replace all the packaging we know,” because it is so safe that ...
Tags: Design, London, News, Plastic, Innovation, Biodegradable, Sustainable, Plastic Pollution, Kral, Bioplastics, London Design Week, London Design Festival, Biocompatible, Natural Plastics, Nuatan, Crafting Plastics

Environmental campaign floods UK Royal Mail with empty potato chip bags

The U.K. postal service has implored its public to stop mailing empty potato chip bags addressed without an envelope after a surge in chip bag mailings was encountered by its courier offices. The mailings are part of an environmental campaign urging the most popular brand of British crisps, Walkers, to reevaluate its plastic packaging. Walkers, owned by PepsiCo, is being met with a petition signed by more than 310,000 people and an online campaign that is sending unknown numbers of empty bags r...
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Plastic-eating mushrooms are the new superheroes in combating the growing waste crisis

A new study from the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew in London says that fungi are capable of expediting the breakdown of plastic waste. The aspergillus tubingensis fungus was featured in the State of the World’s Fungi 2018 report, which also documented that fungi are optimal in producing sustainable building materials and capable of removing pollutants from soil and wastewater. Whereas plastic generally takes years to degrade, the mushroom, first discovered growing in a Pakistani dump in 2017, could...
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California implements plastic straw ban at dine-in restaurants

A monumental week of reforms forged by California lawmakers saw no sign of slowing down as groundbreaking legislation was brought into effect by Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday. The statesman, who has chastised the overuse of single-use plastics on several occasions, signed a bill banning restaurants from distributing plastic straws with their customers’ beverages. While diners will still be given a straw if they specifically ask for one, the plastic straw ban could make leaps in curtailing un...
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UK's Co-op to ditch single-use plastic bags for biodegradable bags

A popular supermarket chain in the U.K. is taking a step toward bettering the environment by putting a stop to plastic waste. Co-op recently announced plans to use compostable shopping bags, which double as biodegradable bags for food waste, in all of its stores. The new bags will replace the old single-use plastic bags. Co-op is introducing the eco-friendly bags over the next few weeks. Stores in England, Wales and Scotland will receive the bags first, followed by outlets across the rest of th...
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Global movement will call out consumer brands most responsible for plastic pollution

The Story of Stuff Project is launching a global call to action in combating plastic pollution. The ambitious initiative plans to identify the most pervasive polluting companies while simultaneously cleaning up coastal and inland communities around the world. The plastic waste brand audit is the first of its kind and intends to underline responsibility and accountability at the very source of our world’s growing trash crisis. “Every year, thousands of people get together to clean up the waste t...
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Danish brewer Carlsberg to swap plastic 6-pack rings for glue

The Danish beer company Carlsberg is doing its part in cutting down plastic waste. The brewing company just vowed to stop using plastic six-pack rings to hold its cans together, instead opting for glue. Once the new policy is in full swing, Carlsberg estimates it will save around 1,200 tons of plastic every year. CEO Cees ‘t Hart explained how Carlsberg experimented with some 40,000 variations before settling on the perfect glue. Hart described the glue as something similar in consistency to ch...
Tags: Food, Design, News, Germany, Beer, Plastic, Recycling, Norway, Carlsberg, Plastic Waste, Eat & Drink, Plastic Pollution, Hart, Cees, Carlsberg Via Bloomberg

Former businessman bicycles down the Thames River to stop plastic pollution

Dhruv Boruah, a former management consultant turned environmental hero is cleaning up the Thames River in London on a floating bicycle. The endeavor, named The Thames Project, is more about striking up conversations with passersby and raising awareness than it is about removing all of the plastic waste from the canals — an impossible feat for the one man show that is Boruah. The self-constructed rig, made up of a bamboo bicycle with yellow floats on either side, a rudder and a pedal-powered pr...
Tags: UK, Design, London, News, Environment, Cnn, Bicycling, Plastic, Bruges, Water Issues, Plastic Pollution, Rio de Janiero, Thames River, Plastic Recycling, Dhruv Boruah, Environmental Footprint

This floating park in Rotterdam is made from recycled plastic waste

More than 1,000 square feet of plastic ultimately destined to pollute the ocean is getting a second lease on life in Rotterdam. On July 4, 2018, Recycled Island Foundation opened its prototype to the public: a floating park made entirely from recycled plastic waste and appropriately named the Recycled Park. According to a report commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, more than 1,000 cubic meters of plastic waste is transported every year down the Meuse River and ...
Tags: Design, News, Environment, Park, Pollution, Plastic, Innovation, Recycling, The Netherlands, North Sea, Parks, Bruges, Sustainable Design, Plastic Waste, Ocean Pollution, Waste Disposal

Australia takes stand on single-use plastic bags

Single-use plastic bags are going out of style in Australia, but shoppers aren’t thrilled by the reduction. Two major retailers, Big W and Coles, have officially ended the use of plastic shopping bags from their stores. The move effectively outlaws their use in nearly every Australian state. After Tasmania and South Australia started by installing a plastic bag ban, national retailers voluntarily began relying on them in stores. On June 20, 2018, Woolworths stopped offering single-use bags, ins...
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Look closely: These Hawaiian shirts depict our plastic-polluted oceans

A staggering eight million tons of plastic trash is dumped in our oceans each year, according to a 2015 Science report. As a way of putting a spotlight on the issue, Spanish designer Adolfo Correa created the art for The Paradise? Shirt, a Hawaiian-style shirt that, at first glance, looks standard-issue. Look closer and you'll see he's put plastic waste -- like toothbrushes and six-pack rings -- into the design. The shirt was a collaboration between Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, Corona and...
Tags: Art, Post, Fashion, News, Pollution, Plastic, Adolfo Correa, Aloha shirt, Hawaiian shirt, Art as activism, The Paradise? Shirt, Wieden Kennedy Amsterdam Corona

The artists saving our seas by turning the tide on plastic

The artists saving our seas by turning the tide on plastic As scientists predict that soon there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish, a group of artists have been commissioned to explore the problem. Their work forms part of the “Changing Tides” creative programme, which is partially funded by The […] The post The artists saving our seas by turning the tide on plastic appeared first on
Tags: Art, News, Top, Plastic, Tall Ships, Faith Bebbington, Lulu Quinn

Turning Plastic Trash into Fantastic Tiles!

After stunning audiences in Beijing, Shanghai, and most recently in London, the Trashpresso makes its way to the Milan Design Week. The massive machine, big enough to fit into a 40-ft shipping container, is the world’s first off-grid, industrial grade recycling solution. What does it do? Turns plastic waste into stunning, upcycled architectural tiles.The upcycling process takes place in five stages. The gathered plastic waste is first shredded, then washed, air-dried, dehumidified, and then ba...
Tags: Design, London, Architecture, Plastic, Waste, Bottles, Product Design, Milan Design Week, BEIJING SHANGHAI, Miniwiz, TRASHPRESSO, Architectural Tiles

90% of bottled water contains microplastics, according to a new study

If you thought you were safe drinking bottled water, think again. The Guardian reports that a new study commissioned by Orb Media has found microplastics in 90 percent of 259 bottles of water tested. Surveying several brands in nine different countries, scientists from the State University of New York in Fredonia told the paper some of the bottles contained twice as many plastic particles as tap water they had previously studied. To highlight the particles in any given sample, the scientists us...
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First plastic-free supermarket aisle opens in Amsterdam

The world’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle opened on February 28 at the Amsterdam location of the Netherlands-based supermarket chain Ekoplaza. Within this aisle, customers will be able to choose from more than 700 plastic-free products. Eventually, the company hopes to roll out plastic-free aisles at all of its 74 locations. The aisle arrives at a time when global concern over plastic pollution is on the rise and campaigns are urging companies and governments to change their plastic poli...
Tags: Europe, Design, News, Groceries, Environment, Supermarkets, Earth, Plastic, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Grocery Stores, Packaging, Sustainable Packaging, Iceland, Sustainable Food, The Netherlands

Clothing company removes 1,000,000 pounds of trash from global waters

Fast fashion is a dirty business, and the apparel industry is considered one of the world’s most toxic, second only to the oil industry when it comes to pollution. Some big labels are keen to tout their greenwashed textiles or “responsible” material sourcing, but few have taken measures to reduce waste. Enter United By Blue, a sustainable fashion line that not only uses eco-friendly materials in the manufacturing of its products but has made a commitment to removing one pound of trash from glob...
Tags: Design, News, Australia, Environment, Atlantic, Pollution, Plastic, Coral, Lamb, United, Ocean Plastic, Blue, Cornell University, Coral Reefs, Water Issues, Eco-fashion

'Food in the Nude' project helps New Zealand supermarket reduce plastic use

A New Zealand grocery store is attempting to slash its plastic use creatively with a new “Food in the Nude” project. And no, it’s not about people getting naked – it’s about serving produce without a pile of packaging. According to SUPERMARKETNEWS, the New World Bishopdale market has installed a refrigeration shelving system for displaying vegetables and fruit without plastic packaging. New World Bishopdale is having fun with cutting plastic. Owner Nigel Bond told SUPERMARKETNEWS in his 30 yea...
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Microplastic pollution poses particular threat to filter-feeding rays, sharks and whales

Microplastics pose a huge threat to aquatic life – particularly large filter feeders such as whale sharks, manta rays, and baleen whales. Filter feeders are at high risk because of their constant sifting through ocean water to capture their micro-plankton prey. These large creatures play an important role in oceanic ecosystems and huge problems in the food chain could arise if they were to become threatened or even extinct due to escalating threats. A new study by an international team of rese...
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