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Harry Fonesca’s “Coyote Leaves the Res” at The Autry

Playful, personal and political—a chronologically displayed collection of the beloved artist's work Artist Harry Fonseca‘s work may look familiar—even if viewers have never seen it before. There’s an element of recent nostalgia underlining his work; a late 20th century charm that straddles traditional folk, pop and contemporary native art styles. His playful yet meticulous use of bright colors and bold patterns permeate the new show …
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Power and publicity trump protection in large marine protected areas

Nations have just one more year to reach the global marine conservation goal to protect 10 percent of the world’s oceans by 2020. Although 7 percent is already legally protected, many new declarations are massive, offshore areas. Some conservationists argue these offshore achievements fail to protect more critical coastal waters and may even be aggressive ocean-grabs by colonial powers. The goal to legally protect 10 percent of the ocean was ratified under the Convention of Biological Diversity...
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The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson review – satire fails to skewer

Park theatre, LondonChurchill, Blair and Thatcher drop in on Jonathan Maitland’s vacillating hero, but the jokes fall flat in this topical comedyThe problem with creating a play about Boris Johnson is that it reinforces his inflated sense of his own importance. Jonathan Maitland’s topical satire has a few good gags and sharply improves in its futuristic second half but, while suggesting that Johnson is a vacillating opportunist, it leaves its subject unskewered and adds to the media infatuation ...
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Black is the Body

Black is the Body: Stories From My Grandmother’s Time, My Mother’s Time, and Mine is a memoir, made up of several personal essays that meld together the experiences of author Emily Bernard’s family. From growing up black in the South to addressing interracial marriage, international adoption and motherhood, the book tells a tale of race in America—but it’s more than that. Anchored by a horrific violent …
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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Nine

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Nine The more the world spins out of control, the more Jon and Rob try to make some sense out of the irrational and, at times, ponderous.  Episode 109 of Radio City… is no exception and it’s a very full conversation.  Settle in as the boys analyze and dissect the redacted Muller Report; the Notre Dame fire;  the parole for the getaway driver in the 1981 Brink’s armored car robbery/murder of 2 police officers; the hockey playo...
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Kazakhstan Is Photoshopping Their Leader’s Photos And They Are Not Even Trying To Be Subtle

The country of Kazakhstan was just caught photoshopping official photos of its new leader, and the evidence is overwhelming. It’s clear that beauty retouching techniques dramatically altered his appearance. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty made the discovery when comparing government-released photos with other pictures captured at the same place and time by ordinary journalists. More: Source
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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Seven

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Seven Once again, Rob and Jon roll out an absolute smorgasbord of topics for discussion on this 107th installment of Radio City…  You’re being given fair warning that there’s a lot here, so get comfortable – as (amongst multiple topics), the boys discuss the criminally-obscene costs of bridges and public transportation in New York City after the latest fare and toll increases; the discovery and release of a previously-unheard Ma...
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Artist Sebastian Errazuriz Makes Classical Sculptures Of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, And Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk, Exile and Escape. Artist, Designer and Activist Sebastian Errazuriz has received international acclaim for his original and provocative works on a variety of areas and disciplines. Tackling everything from political artworks to giant public art projects, experimental furniture to product design and women’s shoes to motorcycles. His work is always surprising and compelling... Source
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April linkfest

The 2019 Deadspin Name of the Year is down to the Elite Eight. Vote for your favorites in a field that includes Pope Thrower, Pretzel Monteclaro, and Jizyah Shorts. Yes, they’re all real names. ( ) For background, see my 2018 Visual Thesaurus column about the tournament. * How great writing begins: an analysis of the opening paragraphs of “the 94 most compelling articles” in The Atlantic, Fast Company, and the New York Times op-ed section. (Better Humans) * In English, it’s “Once ...
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Adiff Makes Impactful Garments from Remnants of Crisis

We speak with Angela Luna about creating opportunities from disaster Minutes away from Eftalou Beach on the Greek island of Lesvos, hundreds of thousands of life vests and tents lie in the crook of an ancient hill. A dumping-ground for the survival gear that sustained refugees through their arduous journeys from Syria, Afghanistan and nations in between, the “Lifejacket Graveyard” is an unintended memorial to …
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101 Best Picture Comparisons From Lilliput Or Chamberlain And The Beautiful Llama

Lilliput Magazine was founded in 1937 by the Hungarian photographer Stefan Lorant. It was a quirky magazine featuring some of the best artists and photographers of that age. h/t: inexpensiveprogress, flickr Lorant was a photographer and film maker working in Vienna, Munich and Berlin before the second world war. He edited the Munich Illustrated News (Münchner Illustrierte Press) putting him... Source
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End The War on Drugs Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

With 100% of the proceeds from sales going to Drug Policy Alliance—an important organization that aims to advance policies and attitudes surrounding drug use and prohibition—this “End The War on Drugs” T-shirt offers a simple, but significant message. With a boxy silhouette, it’s perfect for all genders and sizes, and is available from small to XXL.
Tags: Politics, Design, Law, Clothing, Cannabis, Apparel, 420, Drug Policy Alliance, T-shirts, Gifts That Give Back, Law Reform, Cannabis Culture

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Five

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Five From the duo that doesn’t know when to slow down, Jon and Rob are at it again, with another inspired, interesting and enlightening conversation!  This week’s discussion includes the horrific taping of a man beating a homeless woman on the New York City subway; everyone’s automatic reaction to Robert Mueller’s findings; the complete misappropriation of language due to the semantic drift of the younger generation’s love for buzzwo...
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Maryland could become the first state to ban plastic foam containers

Last week, the Maryland General Assembly voted 100 to 37 to approve a ban on plastic foam containers. If the bill is approved by Governor Larry Hogan, Maryland will become the first U.S. state to ban such containers because of their harmful impact on human health and the environment. The bill will now go to Republican Governor Larry Hogan for approval. Although Governor Hogan has not yet expressed a position, the bill has enough votes from the House and Senate that it would be able to override ...
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The shock of the nude: Brazil's stark new form of political protest

In a defiant riposte to president Bolsonaro and intolerance, performers at São Paulo’s international theatre festival are reclaiming the rights to be seen and to be differentIf ever there were a city where disrupting traffic felt like a political act, it would be São Paulo. Its 15 million inhabitants routinely take an hour to drive across town and can waste a month per year just getting to and from work. So when the dancers of Cia. Les Commediens Tropicales step in front of the moving vehicles o...
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Risky geoengineering research deemed safe, blocked by US

New study conducted by Harvard, MIT and Princeton claims that releasing sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to cool the climate could be safe, only if gas injections are limited to only cooling temperatures by half of what is needed to stop global warming. About two weeks later, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia blocked a United Nations proposal to commission further research on the emerging technology— called geoengineering— a move that both supporters and opponents of the technology see as blatant pro...
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'England became smaller and bigger': what 'home' means in Brexit Britain

Headlong theatre company’s latest production, Acts of Resistance, plugs into people power in four communities across the countryIn the days after the EU referendum, Headlong theatre company’s artistic director Jeremy Herrin was struck by the dividing lines fracturing the UK. “It was just a massively clear exposure that the country was in disagreement,” he says, “and the old party lines – north/south, working class/middle class, Tory/Labour – all of those divides seemed to be foxed completely by ...
Tags: Europe, Politics, UK, England, Theatre, Eu, European Union, UK News, World news, Culture, Stage, Brexit, Bristol Old Vic, Brexit Britain, Herrin, Jeremy Herrin

Crucial animal protection laws for the sage grouse being eliminated by the White House

The White House is eliminating crucial animal protection laws for the sage grouse. The protections, originally put in place by President Barack Obama, are being rolled back to open millions of acres of land for gas and oil development. Conservationists warn the move could land the sage grouse back on the endangered species list. The Donald Trump administration’s new plan targets 8.7 million acres of Sagebrush Focal Areas, an important habitat for the sage grouse and hundreds of other wildlife. ...
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Can Florida save its prized Everglades from climate change destruction?

Half of all Floridians will live underwater by the end of the century, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s predictions. In her disheartening article in The Guardian, researcher and author of Rising, Elizabeth Grant instructs Floridians to flip a coin – tails and your home is headed under the sea. Overpopulation, unsustainable development and sea level rise also threaten to destroy Florida’s famous Everglades, but the newly elected Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis...
Tags: Florida, Politics, Design, Congress, Climate Change, Environment, Sea Level Rise, Sustainable Development, Caribbean, Water Quality, Wetlands, Cayman Islands, Everglades, Restoration, Steve Davis, Everglades National Park

“Hail The Dark Lioness”: An Important Series Addressing Identity Politics And Racial Injustice

South African visual artist, activist, and photographer Zanele Muholi took 365 self-portraits for her series titled ‘Somnyama Ngonyama: Hail the Dark Lioness’, to bring to attention the injustices faced by South African people of color. The book features over ninety of Muholi’s evocative self-portraits, each image drafted from material props in Muholi’s immediate environment. Source
Tags: Photography, Politics, Design, Women, Racial, Portraits, Black, Zanele Muholi, Muholi

Capitol Police arrest man projecting 'Discrimination is Wrong' on Rayburn House Office Building

WUSA9's Mike Valerio reports that Capitol Police in Washington, D.C. have arrested a man who was projecting the words 'Discrimination is Wrong' on the exterior wall of the Rayburn House Office building. The man who was arrested is said to have been working with or for multimedia artist Robin Bell of Bell Visuals. • Man was working for artist @bellvisuals • His team is famous for projecting images on Trump Hotel • Police confiscated their equipment last night UPDATE — Artist known for anti-...
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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Two

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Two And once again, Rob and Jon are at it, with another freewheeling, off-the-cuff conversation that just flows and entertains.  Listen in as they discuss the current political climate, new music, sports, current events around the country, a stellar “In Our Heads” and so much more! With the boys being back in top form, how can you resist?  You can’t – so sit down, get comfortable and enjoy this latest installment of the wildly succes...
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Buckminster Fuller Rails Against the “Nonsense of Earning a Living”: Why Work Useless Jobs When Technology & Automation Can Let Us Live More Meaningful Lives

We are a haunted species: haunted by the specter of climate change, of economic collapse, and of automation making our lives redundant. When Marx used the specter metaphor in his manifesto, he was ironically invoking Gothic tropes. But Communism was not a boogeyman. It was a coming reality, for a time at least. Likewise, we face very real and substantial coming realities. But in far too many instances, they are also manufactured, under ideologies that insist there is no alternative. But let’s a...
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Side-By-Side Photos Show How Tragically Different Life Is In War-Torn Countries

News broadcasts and stories on social media highlight the casualties and destruction of war in the Middle East. It’s a sad truth that daily life in the Middle East is the polar opposite of the relatively peaceful culture that many of us in the Western world know. Artist Uğur Gallenkuş is showcasing just how tragic the contrast in daily life can be between these two parts of our planet. Source
Tags: Politics, Design, Turkey, World, Middle East, Inspirations, Collages, Uğur Gallenkuş, Photomanipulations

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred One

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred One The first all-new episode after the hiatus that halted Radio City… for a few weeks, this is undoubtedly the most powerful and personal installment yet.  Listen in and you will fully understand why the show stopped for a while – and during those revelations, you may cry; you’ll laugh – but this is a conversation that will make you think.  And if you have a heart, you’ll definitely be able to relate. Here are Jon and Rob, as human as...
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Talking Tech, Gender, Pleasure and Politics With Lora DiCarlo’s Founder

"Hold the phone, did you just call women's sexual health and wellness 'profane?'"
Tags: Politics, Design, Interviews, Sex, Sexism, Tech, Ces, Feminism, Nsfw, Lgbtq, Sex Toys, Tech Industry, Inclusivity, LGBTQ Community, Pleasure Objects, Lora DiCarlo

Andrew Wheeler confirmed as new EPA administrator

Andrew Wheeler is taking over the reigns as the new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Wheeler, who used to work as a lobbyist for the coal industry, became the 15th EPA administrator after a Senate vote confirmed his appointment. Shortly after the vote, Wheeler took to Twitter to post his thoughts on becoming the new EPA administrator. Wheeler thanked several politicians for helping him obtain the appointment and vowed to move forward with President Donald Trump’s agen...
Tags: Politics, Design, News, Obama, Senate, West Virginia, Maine, Wheeler, Epa, Donald Trump, Environmental Protection Agency, Boeing, Scott Pruitt, Susan Collins, Collins, Trump

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Perform the Earliest Version of Hamilton at the White House, Six Years Before the Play Hit the Broadway Stage (2009)

Another immigrant comin' up from the bottom His enemies destroyed his rep, America forgot him…  Holler if you can remember a time when few Americans were well-versed enough in founding father Alexander Hamilton’s origin story to recite it in rhyme at the drop of a hat. Believe it or not, as recently as the summer of 2015, when Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Hamilton: An American Musical exploded on Broadway, Hamilton the man was, as the Tony award winning lyrics above sugges...
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35 Perfect Reasons To Love New Yorker Cartoons

If you spend any time on Instagram or Facebook, New Yorker Cartoons is a great follow for a daily chuckle/smirk/snort. The single panel comics are a permanent fixture in the magazine as well as online and despite being around well before the Internet, their format works perfectly in today’s endlessly scrolling feeds. Below you will find 35 of the most loved New Yorker cartoons shared online in the... Source
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Sinkane: Everybody

Musician/vocalist (and band director of the Atomic Bomb! Band) Sinkane (aka Ahmed Gallab) has just released “Everybody,” an upbeat, powerful and political anthem brimming with words of encouragement and hope. Jubilant drums back layered vocals, and the song blends krautrock, Sudanese pop, afrobeat and more for an incredibly lively tune. The Bruno Ferreira-directed video features scenes from Escola de Samba Paraíso do Tuiuti in Rio …
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