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If you are in LA, come to Nicoletta Ceccoli's art opening at Corey Helford Gallery

Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles will be showing the work of painter Nicoletta Ceccoli from November 2 to December 7. Here are a few of the paintings in the show:
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Exquisitely engineered coin contains a mechanical beating heart

Russian artist Roman Booteen modifies coins with incredible engravings and feats of mechanical engineering. This coin features a beating heart. Other exquisite examples of his work are below. He also customizes Zippo lighters. (via Kottke) View this post on Instagram #hobonickel #goldinlay #morgandollar #engraved #engravedcoin #hobonickel #hobonickels A post shared by Roman Booteen (@romanbooteen) on Aug 7, 2017 at 8...
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Greta Grotesk: a font based on Greta Thunberg's hand-lettered signs

Uno's Greta Grotesk is a free font based on Greta Thunberg's hand-lettered signs. (Image: Anders Hellberg, CC BY-SA) (via Kottke)
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Check out this killer Yoshitomo Nara graffiti in NYC bar

In 2009, Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara was hanging out with his business manager Tim Blum in the Manhattan bar Niagrara. Nara pulled out a marker and drew some of his fantastic figures on the walls. (Later that night, he did the same thing at a subway station and was promptly arrested.) Last week, one of Nara's paintings sold in a Sotheby's auction for $24.9 million, driving up the value of his other work including this graffiti. According to Blum though, Nara doesn't want anyone to pull out t...
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The Washington Post convinced a bunch of hockey players to draw self portraits

In a brilliant move, the Washington Post convinced several Washington Capital players to draw self portraits, most-used emoji, favorite memory, first thing bought after signing their rookie contract, And whatever this is: Check out the rest of the gallery here.
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The Deep Dark is an art installation that asks "why do we fear the dark?"

The Deep Dark is a recurring art installation by Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett: To develop the installation, the artists conducted interviews, asking: why do we fear the dark? Is darkness a presence or an absence? What separates real fears of nighttime from imaginary fears of things we cannot see? By unearthing commonalities between interviewed participants, a loose narrative emerged, exposing a collective insight into our human relationship with the deep dark. The Deep Dark uses domestic doo...
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These sculptures are like The Matrix code given solid form

Terumasa Ikeda uses lacquer and bits of mother of pearl to create surreal sculptures.  He demonstrates the painstaking process in this video: The results look like code given solid form: (H/T @MasakiSe.)
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How Susan Kare applied embroidery skills to create the iconic Macintosh icons

In the early 1980s, Susan Kare joined Apple Computer to design fonts and user interface graphics. A legend of pixel art, Kare created the look of the original Macintosh, from the Chicago typeface to the Trash Can to the Happy Mac icon. She's currently creative director at Pinterest. David Kindy profiles Kare in Smithsonian: Pioneering designer Susan Kare was taught by her mother how to do counted-thread embroidery, which gave her the basic knowledge she needed to create the first icons for t...
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Posters that mash up Talking Heads songs with pulp covers and vintage ads

Todd Alcott -- purveyor of "Cultural Mashups" and "Ephemera Set to Music" -- created this incredible set of six posters that mash up vintage ads, pulp covers, and posters with Talking Heads songs, which leaves me both excited at the thought that these will soon grace my walls (they're available as giclee prints ranging in size from 11" wide to 48" wide, at prices from $33 to $300), and enraged that apparently the artist has been eavesdropping on my most deeply held obsessions. Get out of my hea...
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Kickstarting a two-book collection of Anthony "Tonky" Clune's street photos

For many years, we've brought you the delightful arts and crafts of Anthony "Tonky" Clune: beautiful felt housewares, giant wall-stickers, a short film about thrifting, cool reflective cycling safety badges and more. Now, Tonky is kickstarting a pair of books collecting decades' worth of his street photography, which feature some beautiful work. He needs a mere $3370 for prepress work, and $5 gets you a set of PDFs, $20 gets you one volume, and $35 gets you both. He hopes to deliver for Ch...
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Spooky Halloween ornaments painted on outsized lightbulbs

Last year, I posted about the spooky painted lightbulb Halloween ornaments of David "gnarledbranch" Irvine; since then, Irvine has created a new, more ambitious batch. He writes: "Some bulbs I salvage are oversized/too heavy to hang, so I had custom designed wooden stands made and they turn into an 'art object'...some even with a wraparound scene!" The Gnarled Branch [David Irvine/Etsy]
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This scientific paper about black holes includes a 1:1 image of a black hole

I can't speak to the scientific value of the paper--actual quote: We focus on a more exciting possibility: if the OGLE events are due to a population of PBHs then it is possible that the orbital anomalies of TNOs are also due to one of these PBHs that was captured by the Solar System. But the writers of "What if Planet 9 is a Primordial Black Hole?" get an A for showmanship. Page 5 includes an "exact scale image" of the black hole discussed: Science papers are always full of figures, but very...
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Paintings by famed chimpanzee artist to be sold by London gallery

During the 1950s, surrealist and ethologist Desmond Morris mentored Congo, a chimpanzee, in the great ape's artistic pursuits. Congo painted more than 400 works that were purchased by the likes of Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso. And now Morris is selling his collection of 55 of Congo's paintings at London's Mayor Gallery. He's keeping just one of them. The paintings -- which will be priced around £1,500 – £6,000 -- will first be on exhibit from December 3-19. From It's Nice That: Morris worked...
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Vans sneakers boycotted in Hong Kong after they pulled a protest-themed shoe design from public competition

In Hong Kong, a boycott has begun of skateboard lifestyle brand Vans after the company pulled the above design from their annual Vans Custom Culture competition. In the contest, the public is invited to submit their designs in competition for a cash prize and having their shoe design manufactured. This particular design is themed around the current anti-government protests in Hong Kong and it was apparently doing quite well in the competition. From CNN: The design, attributed to a Canada-base...
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Vans boycotted in Hong Kong after they pulled a protest-themed shoe design from public competition

In Hong Kong, a boycott has begun of skateboard lifestyle brand Vans after the company pulled the above design from their annual Vans Custom Culture competition. In the contest, the public is invited to submit their designs in competition for a cash prize and having their shoe design manufactured. This particular design is themed around the current anti-government protests in Hong Kong and it was apparently doing quite well in the competition. From CNN: The design, attributed to a Canada-base...
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Fan-made "rideable" Haunted Mansion poster

Cartoonist Vince "Untold Tales of Bigfoot" Dorse (previously) continues to make astoundingly cool Haunted Mansion fan media: his latest is a "ride through" illustration of the Mansion and its many set-pieces, which imagines a coherent geometry for the ride. It's an underappreciated fact that the Haunted Mansion is basically a giant black show-building filled with effectively floating rooms that don't join up in any internally consistent fashion (contrast with rides built around the same tim...
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Thanks to you, the Trump They Live billboard is up in Times Square!

Mitch "the World's Best Artist" McConnell (Not "Moscow" Mitch O'Connell, the sell-out senator) got enough money in his crowdfunding campaign to erect this terrific They Live homage featuring reality TV show host Donald Trump. The VOTE billboard is ready for selfies at 7th Ave and 48th St! Mitch said, "Mostly due to Boing Boing, it’s UP!" Yay! Mitch received enough funds to keep the billboard up for a month, but if he gets more money it'll stay up longer. Contribute here.
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Thieves apologize profusely and return stolen Indigenous artwork

Some people sober up and realize they've made a giant mistake. Smithsonian: Outside the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts towers a totem pole by Charles Joseph, a Canadian artist from the Kwakiutl First Nation. In the early hours of September 20, the left hand of this striking artwork was stolen, prompting both the museum and Joseph to issue a plea for its return. Fortunately, their appeals seem to have worked. According to Marian Scott of the Montreal Gazette, the thieves have returned the hand, ...
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In Etch A Sketch: Haunted Mansion stretching room portraits

Tightrope Girl took 18 hours and the widow Constance Hatchaway took 13 hours If you've ever tried to draw anything on an ordinary Etch A Sketch toy, you know it takes some mad skills to be able to do what "etch artist" Kevin E. Davis has accomplished with these four Haunted Mansion stretching room portraits. The series is part of his Disneyland Project which also includes absolutely incredible Etch A Sketch drawings of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the treasure room of the Pirates of the Caribbean, ...
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Banksy painting just sold for $12 million

Banksy's massive "Devolved Parliament," a 2009 painting of chimpanzees in Britain’s House of Commons, just sold for $12.1 million at a Sotheby's auction. It was put on the block by a private, unnamed seller. The painting was previously titled "Question Time" but that was before Banksy made subtle changes to it after it was included in an exhibition at the Bristol Museum. From the New York Times: After a dramatic 13 minutes of competition, in which as many as 10 bidders were involved, at le...
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Beautiful book, augmented reality, and film about stunning rocket launches

In the realm of rocket geeks and space nerds, filmmakers MaryLiz Bender and Ryan Chylinski have dream jobs. The pair have the equivalent of "backstage passes" to SpaceX, NASA and ULA rocket launches where they capture and share breathtaking videos from the launchpads that convey the power, risk, and thrill of space exploration. The work of their studio, called Cosmic Perspective, is visceral, wondrous, and inspiring. Now Bender and Chylinski are creating a fascinating art book enhanced with aug...
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Hand-drawn fractals

I chanced upon Sheldon Ebbeler's hand-drawn fractals, and now plan on tattoing my entire torso, leaving only a tattered self-similar void around the navel.
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Wrist-mounted artists' palettes: the best wearables are analog

You know what's better than a smartwatch? Literally everything else. But especially: the centuries' worth of wrist-mounted paint palettes worn by some artists. Some of these are humble affairs (a bit of masonite with a thumb-hole) while others are super-elaborate, mounted on watch-straps, with hinged bodies, unfolding trays, and even high-end, $1225 brass or silver Sketcher boxes with foldaway thumb-rings, water reservoirs, and up to 14 paint wells. As Rain Noe notes on Core 77 these thing...
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Watch: Epic ink pen drawing on a pizza box

“This is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever drawn,” writes IMGURian @smallssss. “It’s on the back of a pizza box but I’m pleased with how it turned out.” I'll say! Amazing work. ... And a more detailed view, below.
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The "Uber of Live Music" will charge you $1100-1600 to book a house show, pay musicians $100

Sofar Sounds is an "uber for live music" startup that just closed a $25m round of investment for its product, which books house-shows -- where musicians show up and play in your living room for you and your friends -- at $1100-$1600/each. House shows are a staple of indie musicians and a way for people in communities to show their support for bands getting their start, but they are a labor of love that generally lose money for all concerned. How could a company like this ever be profitable ...
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The history of Spikey, the Wolfram logo

It's a 2d projection of a rhombic hexecontahedron, first generated by Mathematica's namesake programming language back in the 1980s, when it was as damned close to magic as anything in computer science. Spikey is one of my favorite logos. They went through many variations with many products, inspired by renaissance drawings and a vast selection of other influences, on their way to the one you see here, which was originally devised for Wolfram Alpha. Founder Stephen Wolfram: And that’s when I ...
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Mitch and Emily Rales Were Buyers for Record-Setting Lee Krasner Last Week

The collector couple Emily and Mitchell Rales were the buyers of Lee Krasner’s The Eye is the First Circle (1960) last week at Sotheby’s, which set a record of $11.7 million for the artist.  WSJ reporter Kelly Crow broke the news on her Instagram. “We weren’t sure we’d get it,” Rales told her. “We’re so happy.” Read the Post […]
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The sex weasels of classical portraiture

No acchiappaclick here: you're getting exactly what the headline promises. Weasels are a symbol of sexuality in portraiture and there are so very many to choose from. Dr Chelsea Nichols: Weasels sometimes also appear in Renaissance paintings where the woman is already successfully pregnant. In these cases, the weasel can better be understood to represent the hope for safe childbirth. Some believed that wearing weasel fur directly on the skin could also help ease childbirth. Letters between Chris...
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Watch the new short film by Mike Mills and The National

"I Am Easy to Find" is a short film by esteemed experimental (and Hollywood) director Mike Mills in collaboration with The National. A two-way street, Mills took inspiration from The National's new album, also named "I Am Easy To Find," while the film, starring Alicia Vikander, fueled The National's songwriting. (I've heard the record, to be released on Friday, and it is truly magnificent.) “The National gave me the stems for their songs, some were sketches some were finished and encouraged a...
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