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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is feeling the financial strain of coronavirus

Shakespeare's Globe — a reconstruction of the original Globe Theatre opened by William Shakespeare and the Lord Chamberlain's Men in 1599 — has issued a plea for donations in the face of its pending insolvency and closure. We hope to open the doors to our wooden O as soon as possible but in this unprecedented time for theatre, and as a charity that receives no annual government subsidy, we are in desperate need of donations to help us to continue to strive in the future. […] We remain one of the...
Tags: Post, UK, News, Theatre, History, Bbc, William Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Chamberlain, Shakespeare s Globe, Globe Theatre, Digital Culture Media, Coronavirus, with apologies to Shakespeare, Yair Haklai Wikimedia Commons CC

You can zoom way, way into this incredible photo of Rembrandt's The Night Watch

The Night Watch is a 1642 painting by Rembrandt. It hangs in The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Today, the museum posted the "largest and most detailed ever photograph of The Night Watch on its website, making it possible to zoom in on individual brushstrokes and even particles of pigment in the painting." I've been exploring it and it's incredible! The Rijksmuseum’s imaging team led by datascientist Robert Erdmann made this photograph of The Night Watch from a total of 528 exposures. The 24 rows of ...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Amsterdam, Rembrandt, Robert Erdmann, Macrophotography

Look at this photo printed on algae in a petri dish

Okay, now THAT is a selfie. This is such a cool photography/biology experiment. Says IMGURian @MxMarx, “I put a petri dish filled with algae under my enlarger and left it on for a week. The algae grew thicker and greener where the image was brighter, so it formed a positive image in the petri dish!” Scroll through the entire gallery to see how this was done. Printing photographs on algae
Tags: Art, Post, Photography, Science, News, Diy, Weird, Fun, Cool, Craft

Here's a jet with an outdoor deck for the ultra rich who've made a killing from Covid-19

"You've probably heard that America's billionaires have gotten at least $282 billion richer during the pandemic," writes Rain Noe on Core77. "What will they spend that extra cash on, once this is all over?" Rain recommends the Aviro Business Jet Explorer, a private jet with an outdoor deck. It's just a concept design for BAE by Design Q, but I'm sure they would be happy to make it for any customer willing to pay for it. Image: Design Q
Tags: Post, Design, News, America, BAE, Private Jets, Rain Noe, Lifestyles Of The Rich And Hideous, Pandemic Profiteers

Banksy installed a stunning artwork in a hospital; its auction will raise money for healthcare

Banksy hung this stunning painting in the foyer of Southampton General Hospital's emergency department. Apparently the installation of the framed, one meter square artwork was completed in cahoots with the hospital management. Video below. Banksy left a note that reads, "Thanks for all you're doing. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if its only black and white." According to the BBC, "the painting will remain at Southampton General Hospital until the autumn when it will be au...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Charity, Bbc, NHS, Healthcare, Artists, Banksy, Street Art, Southampton General Hospital, UK s National Health Service

Michael Connelly's imaginary Blue Note albums

Police procedural novelist Michael Connelly is a connoisseur of jazz music so it's no surprise that his most famous character, LAPD detective Hieronymus 'Harry' Bosch, is also a deep enthusiast of the genre. (Connelly has a page on his personal Web site all about the "music in the novels.") Illustrator Russell Walks took those cues and his own penchant for Los Angeles noir and mid-century design to create a terrific series of imaginary Michael Connelly albums released by Blue Note Records. ...
Tags: Art, Post, Music, Design, News, Los Angeles, Artists, Jazz, Harry, Authors, Lapd, Noir, Miles, Connelly, Russell, Reid Miles

I doodled on a face shield -- for a good cause

I was invited to participate in the Face Shield Art project and draw illustrations on a face shield. The one I scribbled on, along with other face shield art, is up for auction on eBay. Proceeds from the auction sales will go toward protective equipment for healthcare workers.
Tags: Art, Post, News, Auctions, Healthcare Workers, Coronavirus, COVID-19

These cool prints are made from the soundwaves of songs, and the sales help COVID-19 charities

Soundwaves Art is the brainchild and handiwork of Austin-based visual artist Tim Wakefield, who creates digital prints based on the visualized waveforms of popular songs. For example, here's one made from "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran that's signed by the band themselves: View this post on Instagram Created from audio of @duranduran's "Hungry Like the Wolf." Limited edition prints signed by the...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Pink Floyd, Austin, MMJ, Duran Duran, Wolf, Foundation, Wakefield, Digital Art, Waveform, Soundwaves, Tim Wakefield, COVID, Soundwaves Art Foundation

Charity auction of Andy Warhol's Polaroid photos and snapshots to benefit artists

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you," Andy Warhol said. A collection of Warhol's Polaroid photos and snapshots are up for auction at Christie's to benefit the Andy Warhol Foundation’s emergency relief fund for artists. The body of work is title "Better Days."
Tags: Art, Post, Photography, News, Auctions, Artists, Andy Warhol, Warhol, Photographs, Polaroid, Christie, Andy Warhol Foundation

This AI's only function is to draw penises

DICK-RNN is a neural network trained with 10,000 doodles of dicks. When you start drawing a shape, the AI will turn it into a penis as best it can. Try it. For the technical background and conceptual inspiration: GitHub page for DICK-RNN
Tags: Art, Post, News, Illustration, Machine Learning, Ai, Neural Networks, Dick RNN, Phallic Symbols

Edward Gorey's new book reviewed by Mark Dery

"The Angel, The Automobilist, and Eighteen Others" is a new collection of early drawings by eccentric illustrator and storyteller Edward Gorey (1925-2000). Over at The Comics Journal, Mark Dery, author of the Gorey biography Born to Be Posthumous, reviews the slim new volume while considering where Gorey's odd oeuvre sits (or doesn't) in the comic book tradition. Dery writes: [Gorey's] library, at the time of his death, included anthologies of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, Gary Lars...
Tags: Art, Post, Books, Comics, News, Illustration, Batman, Asterix, Calvin, Max, Edward Gorey, Gorey, Moritz, Dery, Heller, McCloud

In honor of today's LSD anniversary, a sale on The Family Acid: California

On April 19, 1943, Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman ingested 240 micrograms of lysergic acid diethylamide, a curious compound he had synthesized for possible use as a respiratory and circulatory stimulant. An hour later, Hoffman wrote one sentence in his journal: "Beginning dizziness, feeling of anxiety, visual distortions, symptoms of paralysis, desire to laugh." As he rode his bicycle home, the effects intensified. Eventually though, the fear gave way to wonder. "Little by little I could begin ...
Tags: Art, Post, Books, Photography, Design, News, California, Devon, Vietnam, Kate, Lsd, Psychedelics, Mary, Hoffman, Tim Page, Tim Daly

Studio Ghibli released magnificent free backgrounds for videoconferencing

Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli has released stunning free backgrounds for videoconferencing software like Zoom. Change your set and setting to Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky, and four other enchanting film scenes. Download them here: "Studio Ghibli wallpaper that can be used for web conferences" (via Open Culture)
Tags: Art, Post, News, Illustration, Animation, Miyazaki, Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, Zoom, Videoconferencing, Mononoke Castle

Get these facemasks with Coop's art

The great Coop is selling facemasks emblazoned with his fantastic illustrations. They're being sold at cost, And "100% of the net proceeds that Threadless earns for each face mask is being donated to med share, up to a $100,000 maximum donation." [Before clicking on the link please note that some of the illustrations are NSFW and are suitable for adult intellectuals only.] [via Pluralistic]
Tags: Art, Post, News, Charity, Coop, Coronavirus, Facemask

It Takes A Lot Of Work To Cancel A Big Arts Festival

“It’s bizarre to be this busy and not presenting music,” said an official at one festival; “We’ve had to unravel a pretty huge ball of yarn while transitioning to working remotely,” said another. Not only are there the issues of contacting patrons (individually, in some cases), testing the cancellation clauses of contracts, and dealing with lost income, there are problems like airlines giving (in place of refunds) travel credits to the ticket holder, not the festival who paid for the ticket. – ...
Tags: Art, Post, Issues, 04.11.20

Why Warhol painted soup cans

In 1962, Andy Warhol exhibited his famous Campbell's Soup Cans paintings for the first time and cemented his place as a Pop Art powerhouse. Previously, Warhol had bridged his commercial and fine art efforts with paintings based on comic strips and advertisements, but he (rightly) felt that style had already been done by Lichtenstein and others. So why soup cans? Smithsonian has the story in an excerpt from Blake Gopnik's new book Warhol. From Smithsonian: Warhol’s final breakthrough ...
Tags: Art, Post, New York, News, Painting, Artists, Smithsonian, Andy Warhol, Soup, Warhol, Paintings, Campbell, Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol Campbell, Oldenburg, Pop Art

When Banksy has to work from home

"My wife hates it when I work from home," writes Banksy on Instagram.
Tags: Art, Post, News, Illustration, Artists, Banksy, Street Art, Graffiti

Secret wine storage drawers built into stairway

Murray Berrill Constructions in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia created this wonderful "easy access wine cellar" in the dead space under a stairway. With a few modifications to the design, it could be entirely secret storage! (via Laughing Squid)
Tags: Post, Design, Storage, Woodworking, Architecture, Homes, Wine, Bendigo Victoria Australia, Secret Compartments, Murray Berrill Constructions

A good way to spend time in lockdown: hand-lettering exercises

I've been a great admirer of the design work of House Industries since the early 90s. They're famous for their logos and font designs (like the one they did for Jimmy Kimmel's show). I just got my copy of the brand new and I'm looking forward to doing the exercises in the book. The book itself is beautifully designed, and makes great use of hand-lettered type as a design element for the book. (I love self referentiality like that.)
Tags: Art, Post, Design, News, Jimmy Kimmel, Lettering, House Industries

How to find a stolen Van Gogh

As I posted last week, thieves smashed a glass door at the Singer Laren museum near Amsterdam and stole Vincent van Gogh's oil painting “The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring 1884." The museum has been closed due to COVID-19. “I am shocked and unbelievably pissed off,” said Singer Laren’s director, Jan Rudolph de Lorn. “Art is there to be seen and shared by all, for society as a whole, to bring enjoyment, to bring inspiration, and also to bring comfort. Especially in this difficult time...
Tags: Art, Post, News, China, Theft, Nazis, Russia, Middle East, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Crimes, Arnold, Van Gogh, Vincent Van Gogh, Esquire, Black Market

Locked-down wedding photographer shoots beautiful LEGO wedding

UK wedding photographer Chris Wallace is on lockdown like so many of us. To keep his creativity alive, he staged and photographed a fantastic LEGO wedding. You can see the photos and Wallace's narration of the nuptials over at Petapixel. It looks more romantic and fun than many real weddings I've attended!
Tags: Art, Post, Photography, UK, News, Creativity, Lego, Weddings, Photographs, Wallace, Chris Wallace, PetaPixel

Thomas Kinkade painting of toilet paper available as puzzle and print for charity

The Kinkade Family Foundation turned up this Thomas Kincade unseen masterpiece "Untitled (Toilet Paper)," c. 1978, oil on canvas, 8" x 10, and have issued it as a puzzle and print. The proceeds benefit the New Art Dealers Alliance's (NADA) fund to support galleries impacted by COVID-19. The canvas print is $150.00 unframed and $750 framed. The 100-piece puzzle is $45.00.
Tags: Art, Post, News, Artists, Paintings, Thomas Kinkade, NADA, Thomas Kincade, COVID, Kinkade Family Foundation, Painter Of Light

Recently discovered: Eiffel's drawings for a slightly different Statue of Liberty

In 2018, Barry Lawrence Ruderman, a rare map dealer from California, bought a folder of documents and blueprints related to the Statue of Liberty. What they didn't realize is that the lot contained almost two dozen original engineering drawings for the Statue produced by Gustav Eiffel's workshop. Ruderman and Alex Clausen, director of Ruderman's gallery, hope to eventually show the drawings at a museum but for now you can inspect scans they posted online. Greg Miller writes in Smithsonian: ...
Tags: Art, Post, New York, Design, News, California, New York City, Architecture, Engineering, Illustration, Smithsonian, Statues, Eiffel, Greg Miller, Berenson, Ruderman

Artist reimagines classic horror films as vintage Disney children's books

Swedish artist Daniel Björk is the mad mind behind these wonderfully evil visions of classic horror films reimagined as Disney's Wonderful World of Reading vintage children's books. My wish upon a star is that they were real! See more at Björk's Instagram.
Tags: Art, Post, Books, Design, News, Parody, Disney, Artists, Illustrations, Bjork, Daniel Björk

Noah Wall paints audio portraits using the structures of New York

Noah Wall, the artist and musician responsible for the highly-recommended Grotesque Tables II (and who has collaborated with David Byrne, St. Vincent, David Lynch, Maya Lin, and may others) wrote to tell us about his most recent project, an EP entitled Alloys. Like so many, I’ve been inside my apartment for almost a month, handling anything from outside with newfound prudence. But recently I was in the open, manipulating and resonating foreign objects with hands and mallets and microphones. The ...
Tags: Art, Post, New York, News, Noise, Experimental music, Musique Concrète, New York Made, Noah Wall, David Byrne St Vincent David Lynch Maya Lin, BIPOC, GNC NB Queer

Plague mask of bugglegum cyberpunk apocalypse sparkly rainbow fabulousness

An extraordinarily beautiful mask for “Plague Times,” by IMGURian @BelmontLeather1. “A Pandemic doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. If you're stuck in a global crisis, it's important to have fun.” Enjoy this extensive gallery with 'making of' shots aplenty. Plague Times
Tags: Art, Post, News, Weird, Masks, Fun, Cool, Craft, Plague, Pandemic, Face Mask, Quarantine, Stay At Home, Face Masks, Coronavirus, Staying At Home

Ruth Asawa postage stamps are coming soon: U.S. Postal Service

It brings me, and my future sheltered-in-place mail art projects, a lot of joy that Ruth Asawa postage stamps have been announced. Sadly, USPS hasn't revealed the release date just yet. So, instead, I'll just be over here clicking "refresh." Showcasing Asawa’s wire sculptures, the pane includes 20 stamps, with two each of 10 designs, featuring photographs by Dan Bradica and Laurence Cuneo. The selvage features a photograph of Asawa taken by Nat Farbman in 1954 for Life magazine. Ethel Kessler...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Mail, Usps, Stamps, U S Postal Service, Philately, Ruth Asawa, Nat Farbman, Asawa, Postage Stamps, Dan Bradica, Laurence Cuneo, Ethel Kessler

Stream this powerful theatre production about class and motherhood right now

Theatre companies have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus quarantine. While the communal accessibility of theatre is a large part of the artform's pedigree and appeal, professional productions are often tight for money, even in the best of times. With limited runs, and plenty of hands-on-deck required on a nightly basis, many professional theatres in America rely heavily on donations — and right now, those are drying up, too. My wife, Bevin O'Gara, is the Producing Artistic Director f...
Tags: Post, News, Theatre, America, Performing Arts, Rochester, Plays, Streaming Services, Jessie, Lina, Ithaca New York, Creative Economy, Kitchen Theatre Company, Adrienne, Bevin O Gara, Jared Bowen

The art world in the wake of COVID-19

Jerry Saltz takes a sobering, thought-provoking look at where the art world may find itself in the wake of COVID-19. Anyone involved or adjacent to this world knows how much it has been struggling in the last few decades. Will the current global pandemic spell an end to the many small, scrappy art institutions and business models that have already been hanging on by a thread? And if so, what new models might emerge in the aftermath? I believe the pandemic could spell the end of art fairs except ...
Tags: Art, Post, News, America, Switzerland, Basel, Jerry Saltz, Angela Adams, Art World, Pandemic Aftermath, Eri Pançi

A 'banned book' bookshelf

What a fantastic project. “I made a 'banned-book' bookshelf with a hidden compartment,” says IMGURian @honestworkdesigns. “Sliding dado door serves as hidden compartment at the back of bottom shelf.” @honestworkdesigns Brilliant. I made a "banned-book" bookshelf with a hidden compartment
Tags: Art, Crafts, Post, News, Woodworking, Craft, Banned Books

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