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Thrift store paintings "enhanced" with Star Wars elements

DaveRuinsArt of Canton, Ohio is not the first artist to buy and augment thrift store paintings, but The Force is strong with his Star Wars pieces. "I started making these designs because I owned a vintage store and had some really beautiful landscapes but I couldn't sell for $5," he told DIGG. "I think I had one for two years and was thinking about just throwing it away and keeping the frame but I decided to give it a shot and added an ATST that had fallen over with Ewoks fishing off of it." ...
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Johnson Tsang created a very 2020 porcelain work

Hong Kong-based sculptor Johnson Tsang (previously) is known for his fanciful ceramic artworks, and he was inspired during the pandemic to make a lovely piece that reflects the times, titled "Still in One Piece III." View this post on Instagram "Still in One Piece III" Johnson Tsang Porcelain 2020 Having the ability to see beauty in everyday life is a special gift. #johnsontsang #ceramics #art #sculpture #porcelain ...
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Poster of every Motor Trend "Car of the Year" from 1949 to 2020

The Australian insurance company Budget Direct created this nifty graphic of every Motor Trend "Car of the Year" winner in the United States. After the Plymouth Volare (1976), my eyes glazed and interest waned. They created similar graphics for awards in Australia and the UK. "Award-winning cars: Every Car of the Year Winner" (Budget Direct)
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Frazetta's "A Princess of Mars" painting sells for $1.2 million at auction

A Princess of Mars (1970) is one of Frank Frazetta's most famous works. He painted it for the 1970 hardcover edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs' first John Carter of Mars novel. Interestingly, Frazetta feared the publisher wouldn't return the art so he painted a copy for himself. The copy is generally thought to be superior to the version he created for the book cover. It sold this week at Heritage Auctions for $1.2 million. "Frank Frazetta always felt that his art transcended genres," said Nadi...
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Computer finds faces in grains of sand

In artists Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen's installation "Pareidolia," a computer vision system uses facial recognition software to find faces in grains of sand. Of course, "pareidolia" is a trick our brain plays that causes us to see meaningful patterns that aren't really there, like animals in clouds or hidden messages in songs. From the artist statement: Driessens & Verstappen are fascinated by the idea that all the faces of all the people who have ever lived and will ever live, may ...
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Aeroglyphs: long-exposure shots of light drones

Reuben Wu of English band Ladytron is also a photographer, and his Aeroglyphs blew me away: "an ongoing series of large temporary geometries traced by light carrying drones in space. " Prints are available in his online shop.
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Getting Started in Electronics (1983) is an incredible hand-lettered curiosity

In the latest issue of my newsletter, The Magnet, (subscribe here), I wrote about a book I bought in 1984 — Forrest Mims' Getting Started in Electronics, which he hand-lettered. It remains one of my favorite books. The instructional content is excellent, but the main reason I like it is because of its stupendous design. Forrest hand-lettered the entire 128-page-book, and it has hundreds of his charming hand-drawn illustrations. In 2008 I called Mims, who was 64 years old at the time, and asked ...
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Getting Started in Electronics (1983) is an incredibly hand-lettered curiosity

In the latest issue of my newsletter, The Magnet, (subscribe here), I wrote about a book I bought in 1984 — Forrest Mims' Getting Started in Electronics, which he hand-lettered. It remains one of my favorite books. The instructional content is excellent, but the main reason I like it is because of its stupendous design. Forrest hand-lettered the entire 128-page-book, and it has hundreds of his charming hand-drawn illustrations. In 2008 I called Mims, who was 64 years old at the time, and asked ...
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Graffiti artist paints sports car to look like a cartoon

Talented graffiti artist Kyle Bryce Monteiro, aka KBMER, painted a Nissan 350Z so it looks like a cartoon. He did it freehand with only spray paint and markers. Don't miss KBMER's other fantastic work posted to his Instagram: @kbmerone View this post on Instagram Check out this @Nissan 350z I painted Initial D animation style using @montanacans and markers for @initialz33 inspired by @animauto #kbmer Follow @kbmautoa...
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Perry Farrell on Survival Research Labs and Psi Com Since the 1980s, happy mutant Perry Farrell, now 60, has been waving his freak flag high as the radically creative frontman for Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros, and, before all that, Psi Com. Later this year, Perry's releasing a box set titled The Glitz; The Glamor as a retrospective of his solo musical work that will also include the Psi Com EP, rarities, and a photo album. Spin's Cam Lindsay talked with Perry about h...
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An appreciation for the animated food in Studio Ghibli films

"Anime food is an escape for a lot of people. It has a very soothing effect," says Christina Song, curator of the anime feed Instagram @anime_food. Indeed, food is treated like a character in many anime films and TV shows, including the wondrous work of Studio Ghibli. For example, see My Neighbor Totoro (above) and Howl's Moving Castle and Kiki's Delivery Service (below). At Serious Eats, Kiera Wright-Ruiz explores "Miyazaki's Magical Food:" The food scenes in Studio Ghibli productions, p...
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Make your own GIANT sidewalk chalk with a Pringles can, plaster of paris, and tempera paint

Here's big fun for families, protestors, and families who protest! At Instructables, friedpotatoes explains how to make massive sticks of sidewalk chalk with plaster of Paris, tempera paint, and a Pringles can as the mold. From Instructables: We mixed roughly 6 plastic cups of plaster powder with about 4-5 cups of water for a good pourable plaster mixture. The exact proportions aren't super important, just make sure that it isn't too dry or too thin, err on the side of it being too dry so y...
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Auction highlights: Frazetta, Zelda, pre-code comic cover art

Heritage Auction's upcoming comic art convention has lots of drool-worthy items on the block, including: Lee Elias' cover for Chamber of Chills #19 (1955) — "One of the all-time greatest covers-not only for all Golden Age horror, but for the entire history of comics — that portends the coming of death and which burned an indelibly lasting impression on the minds of kids growing up in the early 1950s." Current did: $52,500The Legend of Zelda for NES Nintendo (1987) — "To see a factory sealed c...
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For sale: Home built into the stern of a former US Navy boat from 1908

This "house boat" for sale on Mercer Island, Washington was once the USS Manzanita, built for the US Coast Guard in 1908 and later part of the US Navy. It's now for sale for $2 million. From n 1949, the boat was going to be scrapped, when a local librarian and her father bought the stern portion of the vessel. "So, they bought this boat for a thousand dollars, and they barged it over to Mercer Island. They cut down some trees, sort of winched it up onto the property, and put ...
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Biden-Harris: Here's the typeface they're using.

Typeface nerds, prepare to scrutinize the new logo design of that just-announced Biden-Harris ticket. “The solo Biden campaign logo used the typeface Brother 1816 and the new Biden-Harris campaign logo uses the typeface Decimal,” says Hunter Schwarz [@hunterschwarz]. There have only been four female candidates on major party presidential campaign logos: Ferraro, Palin, Clinton, Harris. — Yello (@yello_zine) August 11, 2020 Writes Hunter: The new Biden logo u...
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Richard Notkin's teapots

Ceramic artist Richard Notkin is famed for his clay teapots, inspired by the traditional Yixing style from China but forming a vehicle for political commentary in the west. In the interview above, you can see him work: "the vessel is the primary canvas of ceramics and the teapot is the most complex of vessels." [via Abigail Larson]
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Pete Hamill, The Ultimate New York Newspaperman, Dead At 85

“[He] became a celebrated reporter, columnist and the top editor of The New York Post and The Daily News; a foreign correspondent for The Post and The Saturday Evening Post; and a writer for New York Newsday, The Village Voice, Esquire and other publications. He wrote a score of books, mostly novels but also biographies, collections of short stories and essays, and screenplays, some adapted from his books.” – The New York Times
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A sneak preview of Drew Friedman's book of portraits of underground comix icons

The fantastic Drew Friedman says: "My latest book project will be one hundred black and white portraits of underground comix icons presented as they were during that most fertile era of underground comix, 1967-1977, from Z to A, ZAP to ARCADE (with some stops before and after). Short biographies and samples of their work will also be included." To me, this is a natural followup to my two Heroes of the Comics books that both focused on the great creators of mainstream comics, from the mid- thirti...
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As COVID Cases Continue To Rise, South Carolina Reopens Performance Spaces And Cinemas

“Venues newly allowed to reopen to customers include movie theaters, auditoriums, stadiums and performing arts centers. Those represent the last of the business restrictions not rolled back two months ago. However, they must keep capacity at 50 percent or 250 people, whichever is less.” – The Post and Courier (Charleston)
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'Wake me up when this is over,' a print by Casey Drake Makes

I identify with this very much. I really enjoy Casey Drake's drawings and prints. You can purchase 'Wake me up when this is over' and 'Social Distancing,' shown above, on CASEYDRAKEMAKES, and follow the Florida artist and mom's work on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She's doing some very cool YouTube videos that show her creative process, too -- in large scale chalk drawings on pavement.
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Why is there a crashed space capsule in Winganon, Oklahoma?

In the late 1950s, a truck carrying a cement mixer crashed on E300 Road between Talala and Winganon, Oklahoma. Apparently too heavy for anyone to deal with, the mixer sat for decades where it was occasionally graffitied or whimsically decorated. In 2011, artists Heather and Barry Thomas celebrated their wedding anniversary by transforming the drum mixer into a space capsule. It's now a popular roadside attraction for curious travelers, terrestrial or otherwise. Winganon Space Capsule (via M...
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AI turns photos into cartoonlike paintings

Learning to Cartoonize Using White-box Cartoon Representations, by Xinrui Wang and Jinze Yu at the University of Tokyo, describes an AI trained to turn photographs into paintings reminiscent of cartoon backdrops. Landscapes become beautiful Ghibli-esque backdrops... ... whereas portraits become rotoscoped 1980s ads, Patrick Nagel by way of Ralph Bakshi... The AI presumably cares nothing for whatever constellation of references we might pose it under. More examples and inference code at the git...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Ai, Ralph Bakshi, University Of Tokyo, Patrick Nagel, Xinrui Wang, Jinze Yu

Artist makes beautiful tiny animal sculptures

Fanni Sandor has an Etsy shop where she sells her adorable 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature animals. Follow her work on Instagram. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Fanniminiature (@fanniminiature) on Jul 9, 2020 at 10:14pm PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by Fanniminiat...
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Incredible handmade marionettes of early rock-and-rollers

George Miller is an artist, musician (The Kaisers and The New Piccadillys), and production designer. While on lockdown in Glasgow, Miller created a series of spectacular marionettes of early rock and roll, country, and R&B greats like Johnny Cash, Link Wray, Jerry Lee Lewis, Wanda Jackson, Sister Rosetta, and Bo Diddley. The detail and personality of the marionettes is quite astonishing. Miller loves them too much to sell any. From an interview at Dangerous Minds: I’d been working on a BB...
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Audobon's Birds of America art released as free, high-res downloads for printing

The National Audubon Society has released all of John James Audubon's magnificent watercolors from his classic work Birds of America (1827-1838) as free, high-resolution downloads for printing. The 435 life-size watercolors in the collection were "all reproduced from hand-engraved plates, and is considered to be the archetype of wildlife illustration." Each image's web page is accompanied by Audubon's wonderful first-person descriptions of the animal. John J. Audubon's "Birds of America" i...
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Federal Unemployment Supplement Could Be $200-$400 After July 31

Republican lawmakers areconsidering an additionalstimuluspackage adding200 to 400 per week to unemployment benefits after July 31. The lower figure of 200 is more likely, according to the Post report. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Cool online art project: 100 artists, 1 minute videos each of their time during isolation

A new online art project launched today and I've had a lot of fun browsing around the online video exhibition. It's called Decameron Row and when you go to the site you'll see eight multi-story buildings, each with a bunch of windows in them. When you click on a window, it starts a 1 or 2-minute video from one of 100 artists in the series. I was kindly invited to participate, and next week my video will be available. For now, check out the first 27 videos. The launch features contributions in m...
Tags: Art, Post, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Florence, Tijuana Mexico, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Boccaccio, Ohad Naharin, David Poe, Nafissa Thompson, Sumire Hirotsuru, Harriet Joshua Brian Campbell, Mike Tyus Theater

Banksy's pro-mask graffiti in London Tube washed away by cleaning crew

Last week, street artist Banksy, disguised as a London Underground cleaner, painted an excellent artwork inside a train car urging people to wear face coverings due to COVID-19. Video below. Turns out though, an actual cleaning crew wiped away the work shortly after it was created. From CNN: The work was removed "some days ago" because it was in violation of [Transport for London]'s "strict anti-graffiti policy," a spokesperson for the transportation agency said in a statement. Even th...
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Banksy Strikes Again in London & Urges Everyone to Wear Masks

The person who may or may not be Banksy is at it again, this time stenciling up a London Underground carriage with his familiar rat characters. Rats know a thing or two about spreading disease but this time they are here to insist that the public wear a mask. (Earlier in April they appeared in the artist's own bathroom.) As posted on Banksy’s social media feeds on Tuesday we can see the artist get kitted up like one of the Underground’s “deep cleaners”—-a protective face mask, goggles, b...
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Joe Biden campaign upgrades typeface

The Joe Biden campaign just got a typeface upgrade. Folks, it’s time to introduce you to our new typefaces: Decimal & Mercury. Decimal finds its roots in wristwatches — it’s true as time. Mercury, with its roots in the written word. Put simply, our typography is bound by the truth. — Robyn Kanner (@robynkanner) July 4, 2020 Hunter Schwarz writes today at his Yello newsletter about the Democratic presidential campaign's design overhaul, as it pivots toward the ...
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