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Future of Technology Summit to host public showcase of personal jet-packs

The Future of Technology Summit is, in a lot of ways, the true accelerator of technological innovation and a window into the future. While the CES event (which happened just days ago) certainly commemorates the future, it presents innovation through a rather small window. CES, or the consumer electronics show, is exactly what it is. A showcase of new concepts and products within the consumer electronics domain. The Consumer Electronics Show only exhibits innovation, it doesn’t facilitate it the ...
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The Hurdle Hanger Can Organize your Clothes in Seconds

The clothes hanger is probably one of those products that each industrial designer looks at with disgust, and probably redesigns at least once in their lifetime. They’re so commonly found and horribly designed, that they’re the perfect product to relook and reinvent. I imagine YD sees at least 5 hanger redesigns each year, each better than the previous one, either improving on its strength, its eco-friendliness, or its function. The Hurdle Hanger, like all its predecessors, looks at the common...
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Whipped on the Rope Watch

Plenty of people are rooting for Apple to release of round smartwatch this year. This design, dubbed the Rope Watch, by Dongwook Yoon explores what we might expect if our shared daydream becomes reality.The device features a simplified strap design that highlights the new round form. The lasso-style strap is effortlessly attached to the wrist in one swift motion. No buckling, no major adjustment mechanisms – simply choose your size, slip it on, and snap it off. Which would you be more stoked for...
Tags: Apple, Design, Technology, Watches, Product Design, Dongwook Yoon, Rope Watch

The (More) Lifesaving Traffic Light

If you’re a regular car driver, you know that cringe-inducing moment when you’re at a traffic light and hear ambulance sirens. Which direction is it coming from? Is everyone paying attention? Followed by the sigh of relief once the emergency vehicles have passed safely. However, there’s a good reason to worry. Ambulances are three times more likely to be in a car accident. Even worse, 80% of those accident occur after picking up the patient.Designed with this in mind, the Emergency Traffic Syste...
Tags: Design, Medical, Automotive, Product Design, Traffic Light, Taekkyung Lee, Emergency Traffic System, JunYoung IM

Listen to Hi-def Music While Listening to the World Around You

Audio cancelation is nice. It’s nice, however, indoors. Step outdoors and audio cancelation can be a dangerous thing. I remember almost getting hit by a bus ten years ago because I had headphones on, and didn’t hear the massive vehicle heading towards me. That’s where immersive, isolated audio can be somewhat of a drawback. What’s the solution? A pair of headphones that have the ability to adapt to where you wear them.That’s what the HB-V70 are. A pair of around-ear headphones that allow you t...
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These Parasitic Products Are Looking for Their Next Host

The notion of a ‘parasite’ has a negative connotation, but not for designers Seonghwan Hong, Taekkyung Lee, and Yoojin Song. Their collaborative effort on this series of everyday objects looks to microscopic parasites for inspiration.The form of each design is modeled after the irregular body of these minuscule organisms. The resulting aesthetic is something entirely new yet completely organic. Each design also serves a unique and independent purpose, relying on a ‘host’ to complete its job or b...
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YD JOB ALERT: OXO is looking for a Design Engineer

ABOUT OXO At OXO, we’re on a quest to make the everyday better. For over 25 years, we’ve made household tools that delight our customers and exceed their expectations. When we have an idea, we’re going to make it happen, even if it hasn’t been done before—especially if it hasn’t been done before. If you’ve ever thought, “there’s got to be a better way to do this”, you belong here, too. We balance hard work with a thriving office culture; community isn’t just a buzzword at OXO, it’s a way of lif...
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911 for Coffeeheads

If you’re one of those people (like me) who can barely make it to 10:00 am without getting the shakes, this design is for you. An evolution of the original, the aptly named “Daily Addiction 2.0″ makes no apologies for satisfying those ubiquitous caffeine cravings.Whether you’re in the car or on a camping trip, the portable design makes it possible to enjoy a hot cup of coffee just about anywhere you can get your hands on water. Simply add coffee or tea to the reusable capsule and fill the kettle...
Tags: Design, Appliances, Product Design, Coffee Maker, Antoine Beynel, MIIO Studio, Daily Addiction 2.0, Daily Addiction

This little speaker-cap hacks your smart speaker to give you back your privacy

Project Alias looks and behaves like a parasitic fungus, in the sense that it latches onto its host, feeding off it and inhibiting its functions for its own gain. It may sound a little extreme, but it does it all for the sake of privacy. Smart speakers now sit in one out of three American homes… and while they’re great in terms of convenience, they’re a privacy nightmare. Smart speakers are always listening in on everything you say or do around your home, and companies create databases and pro...
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This Unusually Compact Ball-pen Also Houses an Entire Sewing Kit Within It

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “ripped a hole in my pocket”? It implies that something is so expensive that it ripped through the pocket fabric to take all your money. Literal or metaphorical, the Darter Pen is neither. A compact, reasonably priced ballpoint pen, the Darter is the size of an AA battery, and aside from packing a Cross Matrix ballpoint refill for writing, the Darter even houses an entire sewing kit that packs everything you need for a stitch in time.An unusual looking and u...
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The Most Powerful Nanobubble Faucet Aerator!

Using a faucet is part of our daily routines, they are used all around our homes, from cleaning our hands in the bathroom, through to fresh vegetables in the kitchen. But their cleaning power can be enhanced with a single, almost unnoticeable upgrade… MiniBle S.MiniBle S can be installed on the average faucet and, through the flow of the water, creates an abundance of nanobubbles that greatly increase the thoroughness of the clean. Nanobubbles aren’t to be underestimated; they may be small, 50...
Tags: Kitchen, Design, Product Design, Faucet, Aerator, MiniBle S

Never Lose Your Vacuum Attachments Again

It’s cleaning day at my house and, as I stare at my vacuum, I’m noticing the attachments are missing. Then I realized, they’ve always been missing from every vacuum I’ve ever had… and the same was true for my parent’s vacuum. It seems like those brush and nozzle peripherals were just built to be lost!The Revolver vacuum addresses this problem with a rotating base that will automatically attach and store the extra pieces for you. Simply select the attachment you need directly on the device and yo...
Tags: Design, Appliances, Product Design, Cheolsu Park, Revolver Vaccum

Never Loose Your Vacuum Attachments Again

It’s cleaning day at my house and, as I stare at my vacuum, I’m noticing the attachments are missing. Then I realized, they’ve always been missing from every vacuum I’ve ever had… and the same was true for my parent’s vacuum. It seems like those brush and nozzle peripherals were just built to be lost!The Revolver vacuum addresses this problem with a rotating base that will automatically attach and store the extra pieces for you. Simply select the attachment you need directly on the device and yo...
Tags: Design, Appliances, Product Design, Cheolsu Park, Revolver Vaccum

Capture the Story From Your Perspective

Whether you’re a YouTube star or a just local celebrity, the Solo headset aims to make documenting and sharing your experiences with the world as easy as wearing a hat. The wearable device simplifies the video capturing process with modern innovations like an easy-to-use gimbal system, plenoptic camera lens, and advanced auto-focusing technology. With a simple touch, users can even drop pins during production to search for moments during post. Completely adjustable and adaptable to each user’s u...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Camera, Cameras, Product Design, Solo, Joshua Han, Joshua HanThis

A Homegrown Chair

(If by home you mean a lab, and if by grown you mean 3D-printed.) After the designers at Budmen Industries created their own 3D printer, dubbed the Budmen Builder, they decided to have a little fun. The result is a chair that balances form and function, fabrication and furniture. The result is Resolute.Developed using CAD software, the Resolute chair is adapted for aesthetics yet sturdy enough to support a person weighing more than 250 lbs. Modern in composition yet organic in shape, the design ...
Tags: Design, Furniture, Product Design, Seating, Resolute, Budmen Industries

The Activcargo Tribal is Half Sports Bag, Half Gym Locker

The Tribal sports bag is an aggregation of a number of good ideas, tied up well into a sports bag that’s a pleasure to own, use, and occasionally flaunt. Touted as the world’s first anti-theft sports bag, the Tribal comes with three security measures. A 3-digit combination lock sits on the front, protecting your sports gear and your belongings stashed in the main compartment. The Tribal even packs a YKK 8RCW double layer, anti-puncture zipper that can’t be pried or broken apart to access your ...
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GE Appliances is looking for an Industrial Design Intern

GE Appliances (a subsidiary of Haier) is one of the largest appliance brands in the United States, spanning the entire kitchen and home appliance industry. From refrigerators to freezers, cooking products, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, water filtration systems, and water heaters, GE Appliances has electrified and modernized life for more than 125 years, relentlessly pursuing innovation, and in doing so, continues to build on its rich legacy of being one of America’s strongest a...
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This Tablet Folds Down To Half Its Size!

The idea of a folding display might sound like a sci-fi fan’s dream, but the flexible future is already here! Following the release of a few bendable displays in recent years, designer Kizuku Kitada takes things to an entirely new level with this tablet notepad that features a complete 180-degree fold. The design, dubbed éf NOTE, is distinguished by its seamless display and ability to fold down to have its size. Reminiscent of the traditional notebook, it’s at once familiar and futuristic.Desi...
Tags: Design, Technology, Tablet, Product Design, Kizuku Kitada, ef NOTE

The Screwdriver That’s Inspired by The Moon-landing

Coming up to 50 years ago, the world witnessed an, at the time, incomprehensible feat of engineering… the Apollo 11 moon landing! It was the moment that inspired a generation to enter into the world of engineering… and it hasn’t stopped being a source of inspiration since. Introducing, the Magnet Driver Space Rocket.The Magnet Driver is a screwdriver like no other; the miniaturized Saturn V Spaceship is packed full of features that aid in the assembly, restoration and repair process that are f...
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These 2D perspectives unfold to form 3D furniture

Remember all the time spent creating a perspective drawing and trying to get those angles right? Well, this 2D form turned furniture will take you back to those moments with pure nostalgia!South Korean designer Jongha Choi has created a line of space-saving furniture that can be hung on your wall when not in use. The collection, named “De-Dimensions” plays with visual forms, transforming a two-dimensional form into a functional three-dimensional object. Comprising of a stool and a bench, each ...
Tags: Home, Design, Living, Lifestyle, Furniture, Product Design, Seating, CHOI, Jongha Choi, De-Dimensions, Folding Furniture

Evolution of the Wall Clock

Designer Daeun Joung’s latest concept looks like nothing more than a three-dimensional piece of wall art… but it’s that and more. The sculptural design actually triples as a short throw projector and wireless speaker.Disguised as art on your wall, it frees up the surface real estate that most wireless speakers occupy. Working in tandem with the COZY app on your phone, the design can stream your favorite tunes and display a variety of customized notifications on your wall. Sync it up to preview a...
Tags: Design, Audio, Speakers, Speaker, Projector, Product Design, Cozy, Daeun Joung

The Top Consumer Electronic Products and Concepts of 2018

As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is upon us, we thought that now would be the best time to review what trended in 2018, as we also take a look at how that may shape our 2019. Phones have always played a massive part of the consumer electronic showcase, and this year is no different. We tried to kill the bezel this year, and are one step closer to an all-screen phone. We’re also seeing 5G make its way into our lives. Along with phones, wireless chargers have taken off (except Apple’s AirPow...
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These security cameras are monitored by AI as well as a human surveillance team

Do you remember that viral video of the engineer that designed this glitter bomb for parcel-thieves? It was this over-engineered box that contained a motor, a centrifugal cup with glitter, a fart-bomb, and four smartphones that recorded the incredibly cathartic experience of seeing your parcel thief open the box only to be doused in glitter and sprayed with fart-spray. Thieves would see an unsuspecting box on a porch and pick it up. Once they opened it, the motor would trigger, sending glitter...
Tags: Amazon, Home, Design, Safety, Ces, Cameras, Product Design, Mark Rober, Rober, Deep Sentinel, Robert Brunner, Ammunition Group, Ces2019, LiveSentinel Surveillance Guards

A Faucet Your Face Will Appreciate

Whether or not it will be a hit, I always get excited seeing something entirely new! And this idea by designers Seungho Choi and Yoona Lee is exactly that. At first glimpse (not necessarily to its benefit) it looks like a hybrid of an audio recorder and hair dryer. Upon further review, however, you’ll notice it expands on the the functionality of the everyday faucet.The design operates much in the same way as a traditional bathroom faucet, only it also features a unique face-refreshing mechanism...
Tags: Design, Bathroom, Product Design, Yoona Lee, Beauty Jet, Seungho Choi

Guess what Sony’s latest bluetooth speaker looks like…

You may constantly need to explain yourself to your parents or conservative family members when they first take a look at the Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker, because trust me, it looks uncannily similar to something you’d find in a college-going teenager’s room.Mary Jane reference aside, this product, weird as it may look, is classic Sony. Sony as a company is famed for creating products that are state of the art, but also weird (Verge has chronicled most of them down)… and the LSPX-S2 or th...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Sony, Wireless, Bluetooth Speaker, Product Design, Candle, Mary Jane, Sony Sony, Sony LSPX, Glass Sound Speaker, LSPX-S2

The Gaze Tray is Apple’s AirPower Charger with a Lifestyle-design Touch

The Gaze Tray joins an already powerful design movement to make tech and tech accessories more home-friendly. Technology that is present inside an interior space must recognize and respect the space it is in. Flashy, edgy technology doesn’t sit well in a subtle, minimal, Scandinavian interior space, and companies are now beginning to make use of interior-friendly colors, materials, and forms to make these products complement the spaces they are in.The Gaze Tray is a wireless charger with multi...
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Produce Fresh Vegetables in The Comfort of Your Home!

When we think of growing plants, phrases such as ‘High maintenance’, ‘Unreliable’ and ‘Time consuming’ spring to mind. But this doesn’t always have to be the case… and Aspara proves this!Aspara is a smart indoor garden that encourages the growth and consumption of fresh, healthy vegetables and herbs! Remembering to water the plants is a thing of the past; a scaled-down hydroponics farm system has been neatly integrated into the design, allowing for a reduced amount of wasted water, a faster pl...
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What is the World Design Consortium?

Think of the World Design Consortium as an International Association for Design and Designers. It connects designers to prospective clients, acting as mediators and a platform for both parties to work with and benefit from. The World Design Consortium was founded by Dr. Onur Mustak Cobanli (the creator of the A’ Design Awards) and forms an integral part of the A’ Design Award’s mission to provide reach and value to the design community on a massive, international scale.An independent internation...
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Machine Learning for Life’s Mundane Tasks

The latest work from Andrea Ponti, UNO is a smart AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) robot that harnesses the power of machine learning to execute a variety of tasks so you and me don’t have to! The autonomous system features a modular build that presents endless customization opportunities for employers, individuals, and companies.For example, a secured compartment allows for the delivery of items between short distances while another module equipped with cameras, sirens, and lights transforms it i...
Tags: Design, Technology, Product Design, Porter, UNO, Yanko, Andrea Ponti, Robots/Drones, Ponti, Machine Learning for Life, Uno Porter

The LUCI Immers wants to be the first style-conscious VR headset

My strongest visual memory of VR headsets is this image of Mark Zucerkberg walking past an entire audience wearing VR headsets. There’s a lot to discuss about this picture. Especially the element of dystopia, where masses have these large cuboids strapped to their faces, completely absorbed in their virtual world, oblivious to their surroundings. This feeling is brought about by the VR headsets, which are enormous, and truth be told, ugly.VR’s always had this bad rap, thanks to their hulking des...
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