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How The Temple Dancers Of South India Fought Back Against “Moral Reform”

In the 19th century, prompted by the disapproval of Protestant missionaries who wanted Hindu temple dancing banned, some Tamil reformers campaigned for the performers, called devadāsīs, to become like nuns, as they supposedly were in a purer golden age. Starting in 1911, some devadāsīs argued back. – JSTOR Daily
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One Idea For What To Do With Unused And Deconsecrated Churches

Artists need studios, and usually studios with light … and churches often have that. “Places of worship are typically built to outlast their parishioners. The steepled Protestant churches in upstate New York are often the oldest buildings in their towns — repositories of local memory, even as their congregations have dwindled.” – The New York Times
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This Manuscript Book May Be The Only Surviving Relic Of Thomas Becket

The elaborate shrine to Becket at Canterbury Cathedral, where he was Archbishop and where he was murdered at the altar by King Henry II’s knights in 1170, was smashed to bits by Protestant iconoclasts during the English Reformation. Every remnant and relic of the man was destroyed. Now an illuminated psalter held at one of the Cambridge colleges has been identified as having belonged to Becket. – Apollo
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Exit Lines: “Cyprus Avenue”

I’d hoped to ease into the 2018-2019 theatre season, but Cyprus Avenue had other plans. True, the Public advertised it as a black comedy–but there’s black, and there’s the black of three a.m., when everything’s uneasy and fear seeps into the bones. We’re not five minutes in when the n- and c-words are launched in the direction of a black psychiatric case worker by her patient. He’s testing her, and the playwright, David Ireland, will test us for the next 100 minutes. Crude language is the least ...
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It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, Meaning it’s Also DeLorean DMC-12 Day

Listen, we don’t want any trouble. St. Paddy’s Day is a time for all of us — black and white, Irish and American, Catholic and Protestant and all those other religions — to come together and figure out how much green food coloring can be consumed before it has a laxative effect. But, as we think of […] The post It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, Meaning it’s Also DeLorean DMC-12 Day appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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