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A paradox revealed through portraiture

A photograph taken seven years before her passing says much about the life, times and character of the trailblazing Meherbai Tata The much-loved wife of Dorabji Tata and daughter in-law of Jamsetji Tata, the founder of the Tata group, Meherbai Tata was a woman of personality. A participant in the ornamental theatrics of being imperial within Empire, one finds her name regularly among the maharajas, nawabs and begums in royal chronicles. And deservedly so. Meherbai was honoured with the ‘Comm...
Tags: Art, London, Life, India, History, Heritage, Paris, Buckingham Palace, Victoria, Lafayette, Rembrandt, Mumbai, Queen Victoria, Tata, Reed, George V

The Royal Albert Hall At 150: A Strange History

Way, way beyond the Proms: To mark the sesquicentennial of the hall’s opening (Queen Victoria was all verklempt), the Beeb recounts some of the more momentous and offbeat events to have happened there, from the first-ever sci-fi convention (also the public debut of the only-the-English-could-drink-it concoction Bovril) to astounding fancy-dress balls to a séance for Arthur Conan Doyle to the first-ever sumo match outside Japan to (this may have been the weirdest) John and Yoko’s Alchemical Wedd...
Tags: Art, Japan, Arthur Conan Doyle, John, Issues, Queen Victoria, Albert Hall, Yoko, Beeb, 03.29.21

New portrait of Queen Victoria's African goddaughter unveiled

Painting of Sarah Forbes Bonetta part of English Heritage project to highlight overlooked black figuresHer birth name, historians believe, was Aina but in the high society of 19th-century England she was Sarah Forbes Bonetta, an enslaved little girl from what is now the west African country of Benin who became Queen Victoria’s goddaughter.The remarkable life of Bonetta is being highlighted by curators at English Heritage who, on Wednesday, will unveil a new portrait of her by the artist Hannah U...
Tags: Art, England, Africa, Race, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Victoria, English Heritage, Queen Victoria, Benin, AINA, Sarah Forbes Bonetta, Bonetta, Hannah Uzor

New Crop Of Plays Treats History Of Blacks In Britain

“From an African girl who was ‘gifted’ to Queen Victoria to a slave who took on his master in a British court, several little-known but remarkable chapters of black British history are being put in the spotlight on stage this year.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Theatre, Britain, Queen Victoria, 01.22.20

NYT crossword spoiler alert... "This??? This is your Queen Victoria's 200th birthday tribute puzzle? Just ... her name?"

"Look, do a damn tribute or don't do a tribute, but this half-assed half-themed junk has got to go. I kept looking around for Victorian material. Kept thinking there was some theme building that I just couldn't see.... 'Grandmother of Europe,' ugh, why are we 'honoring' her? Was the idea ... what was the idea? Just put her name in the middle and then build a very old-fashioned, very old, kinda mediocre themeless around her? LINDY in a LANDAU, that's what this thing was. For the NONCE. It's painf...
Tags: Art, Europe, London, Law, Gifts, Puzzles, Manchester, Naked, Victoria, Queen Victoria, Lindy, Ann Althouse, Rex Parker, Woof Rex Parker

Queen Victoria's risqué side revealed with nude-filled collection

Romantic gifts exchanged between Victoria and Prince Albert will be displayed at Isle of Wight’s Osborne HouseQueen Victoria is sometimes remembered as prudish, buttoned-up and disapproving, but a new display reveals a woman well in touch with the more sensuous side of her nature.Romantic and risqué gifts exchanged between Victoria and Prince Albert are to go on display at Osborne House, the couple’s grand seaside retreat on the Isle of Wight, which is stuffed with art and fabulous objects that ...
Tags: Art, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Victoria, Isle Of Wight, Queen Victoria, Albert, Osborne House, Osborne HouseQueen Victoria

Why Helen Hayes Was ‘The First Lady Of The American Theatre’

“As theater professor Cheryl Black explains, she became a household name for her naturalistic on-stage portrayals of historic women, like Queen Victoria and Mary Queen of Scots. ‘She was very, very human and really did seem to have that ability to tap into the soul of a character. She was ahead of her time in her simplicity.'” (podcast)
Tags: Art, People, Queen Victoria, Helen Hayes, Mary Queen, 09.06.18, Cheryl Black

Coming Up This Week

In my area of the world, grey winter skies and occasional snow flurries linger, making me long for flowers and trees with leaves. Maybe that’s why I’ve been paying more … Continue reading →
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Buy: Stiggins' Fancy Pineapple Rum

In the year since its release, Plantation Rum's Stiggins' Fancy Pineapple Rum has become a bartending staple for those whipping up clever mixed drinks. Queen Victoria pineapples are hand-peeled and infused into a dark rum from Trinidad. Those rinds...... Continue Reading...
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Cloudy with a chance of rain

 Cloudy with a Chance of Rain oils on canvas panel 6" x 6" Available through Etsy - $65 + $5 shipping within North America ($10 to UK) Its heading towards the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada. Yes Canada still celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday, bless her. She was born on May 24, 1819. Its also called the May 24th weekend or just the May long weekend.Its the first official holiday of summer where people head to the woods or cabins for camping and boating. The weather can be unpredictab...
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