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Former “Hamilton” Cast Member, Black And Nonbinary, Files Discrimination Complaint Against Producers

Suni Reid, who’s done the show in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, alleges their contract wasn’t renewed because they requested a gender-neutral dressing room. Producers say they supported Reid, financially and otherwise, and withdrew the contract only after learning they were being sued. – The New York Times
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Sculptor James Earl Reid, 78

Reid created Baltimore’s iconic statue of Billie Holiday, and took a case with important impacts on intellectual and creative property all the way to Justice Thurgood Marshall’s Supreme Court. – Baltimore Sun
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Jazz Typefaces Capture the Essence of 100 Iconic Jazz Musicians

In the 1950s and 60s, one record label stood “like a beacon,” writes Robin Kinross at Eye, among a host of Civil Rights era independents that helped jazz “escape the racial-commercial constraints applied by White Americans, and find its own place, unpatronised and relatively free of exploitation.” That label, Blue Note, ushered in the birth of the cool—both cool jazz and its many hip signifiers—as much through graphic design as through its meticulous approach to recording. Blue Note album cover...
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Jan Reid, One Of Texas’s Leading Writers, Dead At 75

“While best known for his observant, insightful and often hilarious magazine stories about the real Texas — its people and places — [in GQ, The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, and especially Texas Monthly], Reid authored such works as Let the People In: The Life and Times of Ann Richards and The Bullet Meant for Me, his moving account of being shot and almost killed by a robber in Mexico City in 1998.” – The Dallas Morning News
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Meet Canada’s New $2 Coin

The artwork appearing on the toonie honouring his legacy is known as Xhuwaji, Haida Grizzly Bear. Reid painted it in 1988 on a ceremonial drum belonging to the Sam family of Ahousat, B.C. – CBC
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Bristol Removes Statue of Black Protester Jen Reid After One Day

The statue of Jen Reid, a Black Lives Matter protester, was raised on Wednesday in place of a toppled memorial to the slave trader Edward Colston.
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Bristol Removes Statue of Black Protester After Just One Day

The statue of Jen Reid, a Black Lives Matter protester, was raised on Wednesday in place of a toppled memorial to the slave trader Edward Colston.
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Netflix And Director Ava DuVernay Sued For Defamation By — Wait, Who?

In the 1940s, John E. Reid and Associates developed a commonly-used, and now-controversial police interrogation method called the Reid Technique. That method is mentioned once, briefly, in When They See Us, DuVernay’s recent Netflix series about the Central Park Five; based on that mention, Reid and Associates argues in its court filing that its reputation has been damaged by the script’s mischaracterization and false assertions. – Variety
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Old-World Charm at Madeira’s 125-Year-Old Belmond Reid’s Palace

An iconic oasis at the edge of an island Known for its subtropical climate, exquisite terraces carved into steep cliffs and delicious wine, Madeira is a four-island archipelago that’s part of Portugal—though it sits off the coast of northwest Africa. Located in the capital city of Funchal, Belmond Reid’s Palace (or Reid’s Palace) is a 125-year-old hotel perched atop a cliff, nestled between stunning gardens and …
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what i'm reading: solitary raven: the essential writings of bill reid

I'm supposed to be writing about the Jackie Robinson biography, which I finished weeks ago, but so far I haven't been motivated to do so. I finished another Wallander mystery -- my "in between" book -- but the next bio on my list, the new one about Frederick Douglass, hasn't come in yet. So I looked for something on my own bookshelf that I've been meaning to read, and found this: Solitary Raven: The Essential Writings of Bill Reid. It is fascinating, and by coincidence, feels very relevant.We v...
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Reid Schlegel's "Keep it Hot This Winter" Ultimate Gift Guide

Reid Schlegel is a NYC based designer and educator. He is currently a Senior Industrial Designer at Aruliden and previously worked at frog and SMART Design. Reid teaches at the Parsons School of Design and lectures at universities globally. Additionally, Reid runs an Instagram account with 140k+ followers showcasing his work and other design related content.View the full content here
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The Impossibly Cool Album Covers of Blue Note Records: Meet the Creative Team Behind These Iconic Designs

If you stepped into a record store in the 1950s and 60s, you would likely be drawn almost immediately to a Blue Note release—whether or not you were a fan of jazz or had heard of the artist or even the label. “If you went to those record stores,” says Estelle Caswell in the Vox Earworm video above, “it probably wasn’t the sound of Blue Note that immediately caught your attention. It was their album covers.” Now those designs are hallowed jazz iconography, with their “bold typography, two...
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LA Times Profiles Friendship Between Harry Reid and Michael Heizer

The LA Times profiles the meeting and partnership between Senator Harry Reid and Michael Heizer to preserve a stretch of land in Nevada where the artist has created his monumental work City.  “What Michael Heizer has done is about as visionary as anything that one can imagine,” Reid says of the artist. “It’ll be there for a long […]
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1920s Fashion Through The Lens Of Police Mugshots

Between 1910 and 1930, a series of 2500 ‘special photographs’ were taken by the New South Wales Police Department. Group of Criminals, Central 1921 This negative was found wrapped in a paper sleeve on which is written: ‘Group of criminals, Central 1921’. The subjects are not named, but the woman on the left is believed to be Eileen Leigh or Barry (daughter of Kate Leigh). The man on the far right in the back row may be Stephen Doyle, and the man to the left of him Kenneth McLelland (or McCrerra...
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vancouver, day four

Our last day in Vancouver was a full one. It included a library, great art, a meet-up with an activist-friend... and noodles!I didn't want another breakfast at the hotel, so we poked around a bit online and found something nearby. This place didn't open til 10:00 (I guess hipsters don't wake up early) but we noticed the Acme Cafe next door. It looks like a diner - an authentic diner, not a fake retro ironic diner - but with a contemporary menu. The food was very good - I had a truly excellent fr...
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