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Conductor Grant Llewellyn, Late Of North Carolina Symphony, Makes His Way Back From A Stroke

Last summer, back home in Wales after completing his 16-year term in Raleigh, he suffered what turned out to be a three-day stroke that severely impaired the use of his right arm and leg. After a month’s hospitalization and six months of physical therapy, though he can’t hold a baton, he is back working with the Orchestre national de Bretagne, his ensemble in Rennes, France. “The irony of my situation is that I can conduct Beethoven symphonies but I can’t get out of bed. I can’t tie my shoelace...
Tags: Art, Music, Wales, Beethoven, Raleigh, Rennes France, 06.11.21

MVRDV to dramatically revitalize Frances historic Palais du Commerce

Dutch design firm MVRDV has won a competition to renovate and expand the historic Palais du Commerce in Rennes, France. The impressive 19th century palace had once served multiple public functions but now suffers from disconnect with current civic life. Working in collaboration with co-architects Bernard Desmoulin for developers Frey and Engie Avenue, MVRDV plans to reactivate the former public building and transform it into an inviting mixed-use destination that will serve as the centerpiece o...
Tags: Transparency, Design, France, Germany, Architecture, Gallery, Urban Design, Commerce, Expansion, Palace, Historic Preservation, Rennes, Place De La République, Carousel Showcase, Green Renovation, Adaptive Reuse

"These delightful street 'carpets' by artist Arthur-Louis Ignoré (or Ali) of Rennes, France, overlays beautiful, abstract representations over an existing urban context..."

Treehugger reports — without more detail on that name "Ignoré." The word translates as "unknown." I assume it, like the acronym "Ali," are assumed names, chosen for a reason. I'd like more detail. Look at the photographs of the artwork at the link and weave your theories.Note: It should be "overlay," not "overlays." And "overlay... over" is bad. A post shared by Ali (@arthur_louis_ignore) on May 31, 2018 at 10:00am PDT [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Fred Augis

Fred Augis is a concept artist and illustrator based in Rennes, France. His gaming credits include titles like Prey, Life is Strange, Remember Me and Strike Vector. His online example art includes character design, and in particular, numerous spacesuit designs. These range from realistically rendered to nicely graphic and gestural.  
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The Flying Box Villa - Architect Josué...

The Flying Box Villa - Architect Josué Gillet’s studio 2A Design used shipping containers to built this prefabricated house on a tiny plot in a rural village next to Rennes, France. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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