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Tim Rice: 'Evita was a bonkers idea'

As the great songwriter prepares to take Jesus Christ Superstar on a 50th birthday tour, he talks about penning hits, his idea for a new musical – and drinking from Lloyd Webber’s Georgian wine glassesTim Rice had a hunch the Oscar was in the bag. After all, he and Elton John had been responsible for three of the five nominations in the best song category. But, as he walked on stage that night in 1995, after Can You Feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King won, the tall, slightly awkward-looking...
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Tony Rice, Virtuoso Guitarist Who Brought Jazz Stylings To Bluegrass, Dead At 69

“[He] collaborated with Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Garcia and Béla Fleck, and, with mandolinist David Grisman, defined the synthesis of bluegrass, jazz and chamber music known as ‘dawg music.'” As one critic put it, “If you play bluegrass guitar, you have to come to terms with Rice the way portrait photographers have to come to terms with [Richard] Avedon.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, People, Bela Fleck, Rice, David Grisman, 12.28.20, Ricky Skaggs Jerry Garcia, Richard -RSB- Avedon

How The Houston Symphony Returned To The Stage For Live Performances

To be honest, part of the reason this could even be tried was that the governor of Texas didn’t institute a wide lockdown. That said, the symphony, which resumed weekly live concerts in July, consulted researchers from Rice to figure out where “microparticles” from musicians go within the symphony hall, and to institute better ventilation and filtration systems. (But the concerts have a livestreaming option for audience members who are not persuaded.) – Houston Chronicle
Tags: Art, Music, Texas, Audience, Rice, 11.19.20

When ABBA Wrote Music for the Cold War-Themed Musical, Chess: “One of the Best Rock Scores Ever Produced for the Theatre” (1984) Chess is amazing. The simplicity of its characters and plot (capture the king!) can be appreciated and understood by children; the complexity of its tactics can consume an adult life. Despite its medieval origins—and stumpers for us moderns like the strategic importance of a bishop on the battlefield—chess remains as much a potent allegory for power and its tactics as it was 1,500 years ago in India when it was called “chaturanga.”  The game ha...
Tags: Google, Music, UK, London, College, China, India, New York City, Time, Theatre, Bbc, New York Times, Broadway, Moscow, Abba, Andrew Lloyd Webber

Bill T. Jones Dances With Rice

Well, to be truthful, it’s his performers who are engaging the grain directly. Artist Lee Mingwei’s performance installation Our Labyrinth, a meditative ritual in which performers sweep a mound of rice across a floor, has arrived at the Met Museum. Met Live Arts director Limor Tomer got the idea to add movement by Jones, who says he isn’t changing Lee’s piece but rather “infecting” it. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Jones, Rice, Lee, Bill T Jones, 09.15.20, Lee Mingwei, Met Museum Met Live Arts, Limor Tomer

Episode 14 of Tim Rice's GET ONTO MY CLOUD Podcast Will Feature New Songs From David Essex, Joss Ackland, and Elaine Paige

Tim Rice has revealed the guests on the upcoming 14th episode of his podcast, Get Onto My Cloud Rice revealed on Twitter that, in the episode, Hal Prince'sfirst thoughts on Evita will be discussed. In addition, there will be songs from David Essex, Joss Ackland, andElaine Paige. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Rice, Tim Rice, Elaine Paige, Hal Prince, BWW News Desk, David Essex Joss Ackland, David Essex Joss Ackland andElaine Paige

A Museum Canceled a Show About Police Brutality. Here’s the Art.

MoCA Cleveland has apologized to the artist Shaun Leonardo, whose charcoal drawings represent victims of police violence.
Tags: Art, News, Censorship, Museums, Black People, John, Police Brutality, Cleveland, Trayvon, King, Gray, Rice, Black Lives Matter Movement, Martin, Garner, Snyder

A Museum Canceled a Show About Police Brutality. Now It Has Regrets.

MoCA Cleveland has apologized to the artist Shaun Leonardo, whose charcoal drawings represent victims of police violence.
Tags: Art, News, Censorship, Museums, Black People, John, Police Brutality, Cleveland, Trayvon, King, Gray, Rice, Black Lives Matter Movement, Martin, Garner, Snyder

Podcast: Listen to Tim Rice Tell Stories of EVITA, JOSEPH, KING DAVID and More!

Lyricist Tim Rice is already a legend on Broadway and West End, and now he is expanding his audience even further as he launches his very own podcast- Get Onto My Cloud. In the first installment, Rice tells stories about his beloved mantlepiece, which features over 100 items from his life and career. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, West End, Rice, Tim Rice, BWW News Desk, Joseph King

This reinvented sustainable packaging design pays homage to the rice farmers

Rice is a sacred global grain – it is a part of almost every cuisine and can be found anywhere you go. Rice is what home would feel like on a plate and that is what Backbone Branding conveyed with their reimagined packaging design. The goal was to evoke an emotional response for the rice farmers while also being functional as a product that is to be sold in health stores.The new design was minimal, familiar and reminded us of the humans behind harvesting rice. With these elements at the core, th...
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Japanese Cats Love Nothing More In The World Than Watching Farmer Next Door Plant His Rice

Just because cats don’t like to work doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy watching other people work. You can find cat cafes all across Japan, but Yuzu no Ie, in the town of Yurihonjo, Akita Prefecture, is special. That’s because, according to its owners, it’s the only cat cafe in Japan that’s right next to a rice paddy. h/t: soranews24 What, you’re saying that doesn’t motivate you to visit Yuzu no Ie... Source
Tags: Japan, Design, Cats, Animals, Farmer, Rice, Yuzu, Yurihonjo Akita Prefecture

Jane Austen? Family say note establishes disputed portrait's identity

Personal ‘history’ believed to have been written by the novelist’s grand-niece is ‘absolutely emphatic about the fact it’s a portrait’ of the novelistAn overlooked note that may have been written by Jane Austen’s great-niece Fanny Caroline Lefroy could put an end to the long-running question mark over an oil painting its owners believe is a depiction of the novelist as a teenager – a claim that has long been disputed by art experts.Showing a young girl in a flowing white muslin dress with a cap ...
Tags: Art, Books, Painting, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Heritage, Jane Austen, Francis, British Library, National Portrait Gallery, Rice, Jane, Cassandra, Austen, Humphry

Fascinatin' Rhythm

When I wrote my history book, Strike Up the Band, I had two primary agendas. One was to reject the premise of all other musical theatre history books, that the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical was the pinnacle of the art form. It wasn't. The other agenda was to include in the story of our art form all the people of color, the women, the people with disabilities who helped shape the American musical theatre but get left out of almost all history books. I hope I did a decent job of re-balancing our ...
Tags: New York, Cook, Musicals, Boston, Berlin, New York City, Theatre, America, New Jersey, Broadway, African American, Manhattan, Theater, Johnson, Black, Chinatown

How to choose the healthiest, most sustainable milk alternative

Scientists agree that the dairy industry has an overall negative affect on the environment. For starters, it takes a lot of land, fertilizer and water to grow food for the cows. It also takes a lot of energy to process raw milk, package it and deliver the goods to supermarkets around the world. Then, there is the fact that cows generate loads of methane, which is more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. With the dairy industry disrupting the environment, more people are turning to a...
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Art Review: Cleveland Triennial Is an Artistic Scavenger Hunt With Civic Pride

At the inaugural Front Triennial, powerful experiences come at a former station on the Underground Railroad and in drawings of gay life in Akron.
Tags: Art, News, Museum, Museums, Ohio, Michael, Rice, Michelle, Fred, Bey, Cleveland Museum of Art, Grabner, Bidwell, Underground Railroad (19th Century, Shonibare, Cleveland (Ohio

Higher CO2 levels may lead to decreased nutrients in rice

According to new research from an international team of scientists, the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may cause a decrease in the nutritional value of rice. Published in the journal Science Advances, the study concludes that rice contains lower levels of four essential B vitamins when grown under atmospheric conditions similar to those expected by the end of the 21st century. This aligns with similar studies that found that higher levels of carbon dioxide can result in r...
Tags: Asia, Japan, Design, China, Africa, Rice, Ebi, University of Washington Center for Health, Global Environment Kristie Ebi, Lewis Ziska

Historic rice mill reborn as a natural foods store in Taipei

A flourish of adaptive reuse activity at Taipei’s historic Dihua Street is turning the once oft-overlooked half-mile strip into a hotbed for tourism, creative retail, and cultural education. Case in point: B+P Architects’ renovation of a 19th century rice mill into a natural foods store stocking locally grown and produced products. Carried out over the course of three years, the project—known as Inverted Truss—carefully preserved many historic elements while adding a contemporary and modular de...
Tags: Design, Taiwan, Architecture, Gallery, Taipei, Carousel Showcase, Green Renovation, Rice, Historic Architecture, Adaptive Reuse, Modular Architecture, Truss, Natural Foods, B+P Architects, Japanese cypress, Dihua Street

The cooker that never wastes rice!

Asia’s most consumed grain is also asia’s most wasted. Rice is a staple in most parts of asia, but is never fully consumed. What do you do with a cupful of rice left over from a meal? There’s nothing you CAN do with it… it’s too little to store in the fridge, so it gets thrown away.Ronald Tan’s idea is that even a small portion of leftover rice is food nevertheless, and should not be treated as waste. The Mirai Rice Cooker is designed to not just flawlessly cook your rice (with multiple settings...
Tags: Kitchen, Asia, Design, Appliances, Product Design, Rice, Mirai, Rice Cooker, Ronald Tan, Red Dot Concept 2017, Mirai Rice Cooker

Anger Over Gov't Funding For Emma Rice's New Theatre Company

Gosh, and everyone had seemed to be on her side. Wise Children, the troupe Rice is starting after she leaves Shakespeare's Globe, was awarded roughly £2 million (£475,000 per year) by Arts Council England, even though it didn't exist even on paper until eight days before the application deadline. What's more, Wise Children received money […]
Tags: Art, England, Theatre, Shakespeare, Rice, Emma Rice, 07.29.17, New Theatre Company

Actor Michelle Terry Will Take Over From Emma Rice At The Globe

The Shakespearean actor said it was "a dream come true," despite the fact that she's succeeding another woman, Emma Rice, whose vision for the Globe was famously undercut when the theatre's board decided to force her out (Rice is headed to the Old Vic).
Tags: Art, Theatre, Globe, Rice, Emma Rice, 07.24.17, Michelle Terry Will

The Globe's Older Romeo Says Everyone Wants To Do Their Best For Emma Rice

Edward Hogg isn't thrilled about the dismissal of Rice: "It’s very sad, really. Especially at a time like this, you really need your true artists, people like Emma, at the forefront of big theatres like the Globe. I’m such a big Emma Rice fan, so with this we want to do our best not only […]
Tags: Art, Theatre, Globe, Rice, Emma, Emma Rice, 04.21.17, Edward Hogg

Worry-free Rice!

There are two types of home cooks – ones who love speciality kitchen appliances… and then there are others who microwave everything! Only kidding… but seriously, foolproof devices like the rice cooker are a must-have for any serious home chef. This one puts an artistic twist on the rice cooker, taking inspiration from the waxing and waning moon.Observing that waiting for that perfect, fluffy rice is similar to waiting for a full moon, designer Abel Seo let the lunar cycle inform the look and pro...
Tags: Kitchen, Cooking, Design, Appliance, Appliances, Product Design, Rice, Midea, Rice Cooker, Abel Seo

Experts in the Field: Lessons from Dr. Kym Rice

Kym Rice, PhD, is the Director and Chair of George Washington University’s Museum Studies Department and a member and former co-chair of AAM’s Committee on Museum Professional Training. She is an expert on Exhibition Development, Curatorial Research, and Historic House Interpretation. Over the years, she has taught hundreds of the industry’s emerging professionals, who have carried her expertise to countless museums, nature centers, and interpretive sites throughout the world. As part of her job...
Tags: Design, Interview, Disney, America, Portland, Rice, Portland Museum of Art, TSI, AAM

Star Wars themed rice paddy art

Americans have corn mazes, and in Japan, the town of Inakadate has rice paddy art. By planting several strains of rice in the same field, they create these colorful images, like this Star Wars scene. Bonus: the latest Godzilla art. • STAR WARS Inakadate Tambo Art (YouTube / Satoshi.K via)
Tags: Art, Post, Video, Japan, Rice, Environmental Art

Photo Flash: Tim Rice, Finger Lakes Bring Excerpts of FROM HERE TO ETERNITY to Honolulu

The Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival and multiple award-winning film and theatre lyricist Tim Rice are bringing excerpts of Rice's latest musical, 'From Here to Eternity,' to Honolulu to participate in three commemoration events of the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Scroll down for photos [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Pearl Harbor, Rice, Honolulu, Tim Rice, BWW News Desk

The future of food: how dry farming could save the world

You've heard the line: water, it's everywhere, not a drop to drink. Only 3 percent of the world's water is fresh, 75 percent of which is stored in glaciers. Much of the drops accessible for drinking are often diverted to the roots of thirsty plants. Currently, more than two-thirds of available potable water is used for agriculture, yet the global demand for water is soaring. In a water-scarce world, innovative growers are incorporating modern and ancient methods of dry farming into their practi...
Tags: Design, News, Climate Change, California, France, Environment, Drought, Sustainability, Cnn, Farming, United Nations, Agriculture, Sustainable Food, Water Conservation, Water Scarcity, Nature / Environment

Maybe It Made Sense For Shakespeare’s Globe To Part Ways With Emma Rice

Terry Teachout argues that the London press’s “general meltdown” over Rice’s sacking sudden resignation as artistic director is misguided, and that the Globe’s press release was basically telling the truth. But that doesn’t mean the Globe hasn’t treated Rice badly.
Tags: Art, London, Theatre, Shakespeare, Globe, Rice, Terry Teachout, Emma Rice

Sacking Of Shakespeare’s Globe Director Is *Not* About Lighting And Decor She Chose

Matt Trueman: “She’s clearly been pushed, but it’s the speed that’s so shocking. The decision comes at the end of her very first season … Rice has challenged a hell of a lot in a short space of time – too much, too soon it now seems.”
Tags: Art, Theatre, Shakespeare, Audience, Rice, Matt Trueman

Board Of Shakespeare’s Globe Decides To Jettison Controversial New Artistic Director

“Shakespeare’s Globe artistic director Emma Rice is to leave the theatre in 2018 after its board decided her methods are not authentic enough. Rice took charge of the London theatre in January but has come in for fierce criticism, including for her use of sound and lighting technology.”
Tags: Art, London, Theatre, Rice, Emma Rice, Shakespeare s Globe

BWW Interview: Tim Rice And Brett Smock of FROM HERE TO ETERNITY at Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival

Legendary composer Tim Rice's new musical, From Here to Eternity, is currently playing at Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival at the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse through July 20. Based off the 1951 novel of the same name by James Jones, the show tells the story of a group of U.S. Army soldiers during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. From Here to Eternity, as Rice tells us via a phone interview, is much different than some of his past musicals including The Wizard of Oz and Beauty and the Beast...
Tags: Theatre, James Jones, Pearl Harbor, Rice, Tim Rice, U S Army, Aladdin

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