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Salvador Dalí’s Illustrations for The Bible (1963)

Some might have taken offense when Salvador Dalí began illustrating the Bible in 1963. The notorious Surrealist “went to jail for his artworks as a young man,” writes Jackson Arn writes at Artsy, but he “lived long enough to lend his legendary panache to Hollywood movies and Alka-Seltzer commercials.” Along the way, he gained a reputation for having a rather vicious character. George Orwell, reviewing Dalí’s autobiography, described him as “disgusting” for his fanatical harassment and abuse of ...
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Rizzoli Releases New "Industrial Design in the Modern Age" Book, Puts Free 75-Page Preview Online

The late George R. Kravis, the philanthropist, art collector and founder of the Kravis Design Center, owned what is probably the world's finest collection of industrial design. And he's not into eye candy: "As a collector, George is interested in an object's function, form, manufacture, and materials while also considering the user and the design process," as his website states.A new book by Rizzoli, "Industrial Design in the Modern Age," combed through Kravis' collection to highlight a couple h...
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An Introduction to the Codex Seraphinianus, the Strangest Book Ever Published

Imagine you could talk to Hieronymus Bosch, the authors of the Book of Revelation, or of the Voynich Manuscript—a bizarre 15th century text written in an uncrackable code; that you could solve centuries-old mysteries by asking them, “what were you thinking?” You might be disappointed to hear them say, as does Luigi Serafini, author and illustrator of the Codex Seraphinianus, “At the end of the day [it’s] similar to the Rorschach inkblot test. You see what you want to see. You might think it’s s...
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Beams Beyond Tokyo

Not only does the new Beams Beyond Tokyo book from Rizzoli look fantastic — a celebration of the brand’s collaborations through the years — I’m also happy to see that my buddy W. David Marx is one of the contributors. These Rizzoli coffee table books tend to be incredibly well made (oh, you know, like that Tokyolife: Art and Design book), and this looks like another one I’d love to pick up.
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Valerie Phillips' "Another Girl Another Planet" : A vibrant photographic study on female youth

There are some familiar faces within the pages of photographer Valerie Phillips' latest compilation, "Another Girl Another Planet," published by Rizzoli. And yet, every other face that doesn't belong to a celebrity, model or public figure also feels...... Continue Reading...
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Bellissima! The Italian Automotive Renaissance: 1945 to 1975: A book full of the most rare, collectible and stunning cars and motorcycles from the post–World War II era

Even if you're not a gung-ho car enthusiast, the new hardcover tome "Bellissima! The Italian Automotive Renaissance: 1945 to 1975" (published by Skira Rizzoli) is a breathtaking, alluring book. The pages inside are full of the most rare, collectible...... Continue Reading...
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Buy: Feelings: Soft Art

With contributions from the likes of Tracey Emin, John Baldessari, Ryan McGinley and more, experimental book "Feelings: Soft Art" explores contemporary art with a focus on emotions and sensual, gut reactions. Via interviews, short essays and (of course...... Continue Reading...
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