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Does a steam-powered spacecraft hold the key to exploring the solar system?

A newly developed spacecraft prototype capable of using steam as a propellent may help the first miners survey potential dig sites and identify space rocks best fit for mining missions. Future versions may be fitted with sensors, allowing it to map and survey the solar system. The post Does a steam-powered spacecraft hold the key to exploring the solar system? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The weird, worrying, and wonderful science that happened in 2018

2018 as a whole was equal parts weird, worrying, and wonderful. The same can be said of the science that happened this year. Here’s our recap — in no particular order — of the most outstanding scientific breakthroughs, news, and discoveries from the past 12 months The post The weird, worrying, and wonderful science that happened in 2018 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Meet the MIT scientist who’s growing semi-sentient cyborg houseplants

Elowan is a cybernetic plant that can respond to its surroundings. Tethered by a few wires and silver electrodes, the plant-robot hybrid can move in response to bioelectrochemical signals that reflect the plant’s light demands. The post Meet the MIT scientist who’s growing semi-sentient cyborg houseplants appeared first on Digital Trends.
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One Robot To Rule Them All

Don’t be deceived by the name, this adorable robot isn’t going to clean your floors, but it might be able to control another device that does. It’s called the IHR (Intelligent Housekeeping Robot) and its primary function is to act as a central hub that can manage all your smart devices efficiently.Using a mobile app, home users can sync up everything from floor vacuums and nanny cams to alarm systems and air conditioners. The IHR will make informed decisions by monitoring the condition of the in...
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This emotive robot has the most expressive eyes ever

The eyes can speak louder than words can. You can look into someone’s eyes and learn things about their personality. Whether they’re shy or confident, whether they’re happy or sad, and even if they’re telling the truth or lying. As far as robotics and 3D animation are concerned, the eyes are an extremely complex part only because they’re so expressive, that it’s a challenge to make them look believable, but the SEER (Simulative Emotional Expression Robot) seems to have cracked the surface of t...
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Robot baristas will never get your name or your order wrong

They say that preparing food requires love and a human touch, but honestly, something as mechanical as making you a cup of coffee could surely be handled by a robot, couldn’t it? Think about the methodical approach to preparing a latte or a cappuccino, and the number of steps that could go wrong because of human error. The CafeX wants to do away with that by introducing robotic arms into the mix. Your coffee order becomes a line of code that the robot follows to the absolute T, and that means ...
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Rolls-Royce made miniature robot minions to perform jet-engine inspection

An innovation you’d completely expect from a Hollywood spy flick, Rolls-Royce has designed tiny robots called SWARM that get deployed within their jet engines to run reconnaissance and inspections.A part of RR’s IntelligentEngine program, the SWARM get deployed into intricate parts of the engine, giving engineers real-time feedback on performance, wear-tear, etc. The visual data collected by these tiny robots would be used “alongside the millions of data points already generated by today’s eng...
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L’enceinte aux allures de robot personnalisé Maybe par Arthur Kenzo

Arthur Kenzo, designer industriel français basé à San Francisco, aux Etats-unis, présente Maybe, une enceinte commandée par la voix incarnant à merveille la personnification de la technologie. Arthur Kenzo est un designer pluridisciplinaire aux compétences comprenant le design industriel, le design de produits, l’expérience utilisateur et la direction créative. Son travail se concentre principalement sur la création d’expériences significatives à travers des produits qui relient les marques ...
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This robot turns the beach into a gigantic doodle-pad

YouTuber and DIY mega-enthusiast Ivan Miranda puts together 3D printed machines all the time, but his latest project, the Sand Drawing Robot is probably one of his biggest and best endeavors. Working just the way a 2D printer would, Miranda’s robot comprises of a massive rail on which his line-making module rests and moves up and down. The rail itself moves too, covering both X and Y axes. Art is made by the line-making module as a flipper moves down, digging into the sand, creating line after...
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Smartibots do for robots what Google Cardboard did for VR

In 2014 when Google debuted the cardboard VR headset, it changed the game, bringing VR into every home, destroying the misconception that VR was an expensive ordeal like how Oculus presented it to be. The Crafty Robot does the same with robotics, democratizing the technology and helping everyone have access to the tools to build robots that perform tasks as complex as detect objects and follow them, or as simple and pleasant as deliver your cup of tea to you.The $40 robot comes in three types. A...
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Robot Tech Working Together!

Robot vacuums have come a long way but the AIRBOT takes things to a whole new vertical… literally! The hybrid design includes an autonomous floor vacuum in addition to an air purifier. Since it will be scanning every inch of your apartment anyway, it only makes sense that the floor vacuum detects the indoor air quality from room to room. Once it has scanned the areas for free radicals, pollutants and other harmful particles, it will zoom on over to the air purifier, pick it up and give it a lift...
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For the love of Pacific Rim

Robot fighting. There is nothing that sounds cooler in the world and the very thought of it can is so much more exciting than sitting down and playing video games. If it sounds that cool, it probably needs to look that cool too. Which is no problem for the far advanced Pilot Labs Moorebot Zeus Battle Robot, taking a giant leap into the world of robot fighting. Zeus is trained in karate, kung-fu, and a lick of MMA – he might even be more equipped with skill than those stepping into the Octagon ...
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First Rule of LEGO Robo Sports Club…

Growing up with LEGO, I played with it everyday – religiously. I built houses, cars, airplanes, vehicles that could miraculously fly, drive and deep sea dive. Sometimes it was a one man building job, sometimes it would require the need of several friends – the possibilities were endless. Never did I think the day would come where, what I built, would ACTUALLY be a robot. Mike Andersen developed a project aimed at exploring the connectivity of play and LEGO together. The project – LEGO Robo Spo...
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One Brainy Bean

Pudding BeanQ introduces education into play in an entirely fun and approachable way! This expressive robot allows children to video chat, play games, ask questions, and chat all while learning along the way. Designed to be a companion at home, it can help little ones learn new languages, teach them how to cook, and even help them go to bed. Unlike many other robots, which can be intimidating and even scary, Pudding BeanQ looks and feels more like a pet with its round body and expressive face....
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A Robotic Picker-Upper Pet!

Inspired by our flightless feathered friend, the penguin, this design by the same name was designed to be more friendly-looking than other robotic vacuums currently on the market. It quietly takes care of dust and small debris while steam cleaning the floor surface. Designed to be completely autonomous, it’s more like a pet than an appliance!Designer: Soo Mok
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Your Very Own Robo-Buddy!

Who hasn’t dreamed of having your very own robot pal?! Well, now you can. Meet, MiP! This interactive robo-buddy has a personality all his own, communicating through motion, sound, and expressive RGB eyes.MiP is able to navigate surroundings with a unique dual wheel system. This means fast speeds, on-the-dime turning, and the ability to follow objects around. With his tray accessory, MiP can even balance multiple objects while moving or standing still!A free app lets you program MiP, drive him...
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One Charming Robot

The result of a collaboration between engineers, programmers, psychologists and designers, MOnarCH is an experiment in social robotics that aims to provide edutainment to children, visitors and staff at the Portuguese Oncology Institute at Lisbon.The challenge behind designing the MOnarCH robot was creating a friendly, inviting aesthetic around a highly mechanical platform. The final look features a non-threatening overall stance with arms placed in a peaceful resting position that seems to awai...
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This robotic arm's cleanup task is bloody endless

The Guggenheim has Sun Yuan & Peng Yu’s installation "Can’t Help Myself" on display through March. The robot arm monitors and attempts to contain a viscous blood-red liquid as it spreads out from the base of the arm, spattering more liquid around its enclosure. (more…)
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Enabling people to help themselves with IT issues

Part of working in IT is fixing issues, and the other part is enabling people to help themselves with IT issues. I was working in a company that was chronically understaffed. This caused many departments to really work hard. It always seemed there were emergencies at this company. One of the frustrating parts of working there is that people often needed things done immediately for valid reasons. One day I was working on an important thing for one coworker and another coworker asked me to do some...
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Robolights Illuminate Palm Springs

Palm Springs legend Kenny Irwin Jr. is back with the 30th anniversary of   his artistic creation, Robolights. Looking much like a dystopian Small World ride, Robolights examines the materialism that undermines spirituality and feeds the military industrial complex in a basically light-hearted way using mainly found and discarded materials.  [[Show as slideshow]] [[Show as slideshow]] Slideshow Media Credit: Jane Pojawa
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Madeline Gannon's Mimus examines robot-human interdependence

The Design Museum in London just unveiled Mimus, Madeline Gannon's newest exploration of robot-human interdependence. From its enclosure, Mimus senses visitors and interacts with them. (more…)
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Blue Apron not worth it

Blue Apron not worth it to me. I thought I would like Blue Apron but I did not. It has some positives, but way more negatives. Here is why I didn’t like it. Not organic. They have some organic items but most of the stuff isn’t organic. In fact, they send canned goods which I avoid. Cans have BPA and that is a known problem. There are non BPA canned goods which should have been sent. Terrible recipes. The recipes are almost always terrible. I have made 12 different ones and they all were worse t...
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Laser Cut Toys For The Big Boys

Serious Fun With Drones And Robots What is it about building robots that is so much fun? If you ask a kid, you will likely get a meaningful answer… however when it comes to grown men the wide-eyed fascination of youth has developed into a serious pursuit of quirky techno-novelty. In recent years, drones have joined the venerable robot as one of the top projects for big boys to tinker away at. Through laser cutting, the design process for both drones and robots is streamlined and fully function...
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Other People’s Junk are Other People’s Robots!

Junkbot is a DIY robotic kit that truly transforms trash into treasure! No matter your age, Junkbot allows users to have fun building working robots from almost anything.The kit transforms household objects such as plastic bottles, old CDs, wooden utensils or cardboard bits into unique, imaginative robots that can be programmed for a variety of functions – and at different levels of skill. Depending on how experienced users are and their technical know-how, their robotic friends can range from v...
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Now what computer you have doesn’t matter

No this isn’t me trying to convince you to choose a particular computer, but rather warn you it doesn’t matter. According to this hackers are now able to attack the most popular computers with the same malware. This is a fascinating development. This goes to show you that hackers are finding new and more efficient ways all the time to get things from people. Right now it is impossible to fully secure someone from hackers, but attempting to have the best security is always helpful. It may not pre...
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Caught on Camera UK show instructive in a surprising way

Caught on Camera UK show instructive in a surprising way. Not because of the dumb criminals, but the type of society UK seems to be. First it is clear that CCTV (close camera TV) is something that UK citizens feel is worthwhile. However they still seem to hate it as well. For example, they had riots multiple years repeatedly and getting more violent each time. I can understand people want to feel security and order, but they also give up a great deal of their privacy as well. It doesn’t seem lik...
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The lie of handcrafted goods

I have a friend who buys handcrafted goods and it turns out that they are not better made after all. If you look at this article 11 Benefits you will see the lies that are often discussed. I am going to show you why those are not true. Lie: HANDCRAFTED PRODUCTS ARE GREEN. Truth: China manufactures things by hand in factories because of the large abundance of cheap labor. Most US citizens buy goods made from China in Wal-Mart and other retailers. This hand production causes more carbon emission...
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Will writing be done by machine in the future?

I hope not. What a boring read that will be. In this Washington Post article they talk about how their beginning Artificial Intelligence will provide updates to Twitter. Calling this “Artificial Intelligence” is a stretch. They are summarizing things that can easily be compared with templates. This is just cut and paste at this point. Writing means that the writer have a point of view, and spitting out facts does not make a point of view. I have met writers and the best ones do more than relay f...
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Elon Musk sponsors helpful robot who may one day do your chores

Ever wished for a robot to do your chores? OpenAI, the open-source research organization sponsored by Elon Musk, is working on software that would allow robots to teach themselves the best way to accomplish chores. OpenAI is using robots developed by Fetch Robotics that, through a process of trial and error, could soon learn the best way to fold laundry or wash dishes. Fetch Robotics mainly makes robots that can help out in a warehouse, following workers around and collecting items to help s...
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Photo Flash: Aaron Paul and Friends Turn SLEEP NO MORE Into Scene From MR. ROBOT

On Monday, July 18th, Aaron Paul, his wife Lauren, actorsinger Troye Sivan, and model Jacob Bixenman turned the popular immersive theater experience SLEEP NO MOREnow in its fifth hit year at The McKittrick Hotel in NYC into a scene out of 'Mr. Robot' as they donned SLEEP NO MORE's now-famous masks which all audience members wear while attending the performance and took to the streets of Chelsea, NYC for a homage to the 'F Society' characters who also don masks on the red-hot Emmy-nominated TV sh...
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