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Italian TV employees suspected of thieving dozens of works of art

‘Priceless’ pieces removed from Rai’s offices by employees and replaced with fakes, police believe“Disloyal employees” at Italy’s public broadcaster, Rai, are suspects in the theft of dozens of works of art from its offices thought to date back to the 1970s.In what the daily newspaper Il Messaggero has described as “the sack of Rai”, the “priceless” artworks were removed from the broadcaster’s headquarters in Rome and units across the country and replaced with fakes. The works included original ...
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Mary Beard: Ancient Rome Never Disappoints

The Cambridge classics professor (and Twitter, TV, and book star) says that our desire to compare the U.S. to ancient Rome is normal – but not sensible. “Rome, in a way, doesn’t matter at all. It’s a very long time ago; no one’s going to get hurt by them. … Rome helps us stand outside ourselves. For me, Rome was a brutal and exploitative empire. But the idea of looking at a big, nasty imperial community who saw their origin in migration, in asylum, and that always traded on the incorporation of...
Tags: Art, Rome, Cambridge, Mary Beard, Issues, Twitter TV, 05.31.21

Pasadena’s Norton Simon Museum open again as pandemic eases

PASADENA >> There she was. Still hanging around on Friday, May 28, after a year and a half of a pandemic: “Woman with a Book,” Pablo Picasso’s 1932 oil on canvas. Inside her bold black lines, vibrant colors that beckoned on a wall inside a spacious gallery hall at the Norton Simon Museum. Picasso’s famous abstract wasn’t the only one welcoming back the masses at the Colorado Boulevard museum during its first full week of reopening after being closed during the coronavirus crisis. You know the ca...
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Was the fiddler framed? How Nero may have been a good guy after all

He was a demonic emperor who stabbed citizens at random and let Rome burn. Or was he? We go behind the scenes at a new show exploding myths about the ancient world’s favourite baddieNero comes with a lurid reputation. “The main thing we know about him is his infamy,” says Thorsten Opper, curator of the first British exhibition devoted to the Roman emperor. “The glutton, the profligate, the matricide, the megalomaniac.” Also, the pyromaniac: famously, Nero “fiddled while Rome burned”, or at least...
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Rome’s Colosseum To Get New High-Tech Floor

Milan Ingegneria, a structural engineering and architecture firm, has won an €18.5m (£16m) bid to build and install a retractable arena floor that will allow visitors “to see the majesty of the monument” from its centre, culture minister Dario Franceschini said on Sunday. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Rome, Visual, Dario Franceschini, Milan Ingegneria, 05.03.21

Jhumpa Lahiri On Living In Linguistic Exile, And Translating Her Own Work

That would be the book (Dove mi trovo, or Whereabouts) she wrote first in Italian and then translated into English – her first novel written that way since she began her decades-long love affair with the language, and with Rome. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Rome, Words, 05.01.21

Giant statue of Roman emperor reunited with long-lost finger

Bronze finger found at Louvre is remounted onto Constantine’s hand at museum in RomeA giant statue of the hand of Constantine the Great in Rome has been reunited with its missing finger after more than 500 years.The 38cm-long bronze index finger, found in the Louvre in Paris in 2018, was remounted onto the statue at Rome’s Capitoline Museums on Wednesday. Continue reading...
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Was The Emperor Nero Really So Wicked? Probably Not

Says the curator of a new exhibit on the Roman monarch at the British Museum, “Nero’s memory was contested after his death, and that really was divided along class divisions. You have a very hostile elite, but we also know that the common people in Rome, the plebs urbana, honored his memory for decades after his death. Already, you have an intriguing story with accounts that don’t quite match up. And this is really what we want to investigate.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, People, Rome, Nero, 04.22.21

Was Nero cruel? British Museum offers hidden depths to Roman emperor

Nero: the man behind the myth brings together more than 200 artefacts from across EuropeNero, one of the most notorious Roman emperors of them all, murdered his mother and two wives, ruthlessly persecuted early Christians, including Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and even set fire to Rome itself – famously fiddling amid the flames – to make room to build himself a vast, luxurious palace.Or did he? That is the question posed by an exhibition opening at the British Museum next month which seeks, if n...
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13 films everyone should watch and why—as voted by you

We asked Big Think's readers and staff for their recommendations on films everyone should watch.A collection of fiction and non-fiction works from around the world, these movies will entertain and expand your horizons.The films cover various topics, explore numerous themes, and shed light on several controversial historical events. Ever find yourself unsure of what movie to watch? Have you spent so much time looking at the options on a streaming service that you could have finished a film in the...
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It Was A Mosaic From Caligula’s Pleasure Yacht. It Became A Park Avenue Coffee Table. Now It’s Finally Back In Rome.

“Officials unveiled the mosaic at the Museum of Roman Ships, which was built in the 1930s specifically to house the treasures of two huge ceremonial ships Caligula commissioned in around AD 40. … Details [have now] emerged about the lucky break in the investigation that got it there.” – AP
Tags: Art, Rome, Visual, Caligula, 03.11.21

Researchers unearth the “Lamborghini” of ancient chariots in Pompeii

Archeologists recently discovered a first-of-its-kind chariot in Pompeii.The ceremonial chariot is decorated with bronze and tin medallions, while the sides sport bronzesheets and red-and-black paintings. Given looting activity in the area, it's lucky the 2,000-year-old treasure wasn't lost to the world heritage site. In 79 CE, near the Bay of Naples, Mt. Vesuvius erupted. Geologically, this was business as usual for the volatile volcano, but for the nearby cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, it...
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Mausoleum Of Emperor Augustus, Long Neglected, Now Restored and Reopening

“Still imposing after 2,000 years, a vast funerary monument that was once the resting place of Rome’s emperors is to reopen to visitors on Tuesday after a [five-year,] €12 million restoration. … It is a place that, despite being right in the heart of the capital and just a stone’s throw from busy shopping streets, restaurants and hotels, has rarely been open to Romans during the last 80 years.” – Yahoo! (The Telegraph, UK)
Tags: Art, Rome, Visual, 03.01.21

Art, unlocked: Italy's museums quietly reopen – in pictures

After Italy’s government loosened Covid-19 restrictions in much of the country – including Lazio, the region that contains Rome and Vatican City – newly reopened museums are offering local visitors the opportunity to enjoy artworks undisturbed by the usual crowds of international tourists Continue reading...
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Rauschenberg, Twombly And Johns – A Great Art Love Triangle

Rauschenberg and Twombly were both southerners. Rauschenberg, who was quarter Cherokee, came from Texas, Twombly from the heart of the old Confederacy in Lexington, Virginia. The passion of their relationship is beautifully preserved in black and white photographs that Rauschenberg took on a visit to Rome in 1952. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, People, Rome, Johns, Twombly, Rauschenberg, Lexington Virginia, 02.13.21, Rauschenberg Twombly, Texas Twombly

They’ve Found The Emperor Hadrian’s Breakfast Room, And It Was Quite Something

“Researchers discovered the breakfast area within the ruins [of Hadrian’s Villa east of Rome], and it reveals how the emperor and his wife began each day with an impressive display of power. They believe the emperor would have sat on a raised marble platform, flanked by fountains. … Both Hadrian and his wife were positioned as if on thrones, with retractable bridges further setting them apart from their many servants.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Rome, Villa, Visual, Hadrian, 02.10.21

Skywhalepapa enthrals Canberra crowd – even as winds keep him grounded

Thousands gather before dawn for the official launch of beloved Skywhale’s new companion Many cities have patron saints. In Palermo in southern Italy there is a story that a vision of Saint Rosalia, a young hermit, saved the city from a plague. In Berlin, you can see a black bear everywhere you look: on the city’s coat of arms, on street signs, as statues like teddy bears telling visitors they are welcome.Around the world, part of living in a city is to believe in mythical creatures or visions t...
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America’s Leading Black Classics Scholar Says The Field Needs A Complete Overhaul. Is That Even Possible?

Dan-el Padilla Peralta came to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic at age 4 and grew up extremely poor; it was his childhood fascination with ancient Greece and Rome, combined with his academic talents, that got him school scholarships and pulled him out of poverty and into a professorship at Princeton. Today he argues that his discipline, as it developed in the U.S. and Europe from the 18th century onward, is completely bound up with white supremacy and should be either restructured completel...
Tags: Art, Europe, Greece, America, Rome, Issues, Dominican Republic, Dan el Padilla Peralta, 02.02.21, Princeton Today

A brand-new blue may be the most eye-popping blue yet

Combine yttrium, indium, and manganese, then heat and serve.The new blue was synthesized by chemists at Oregon State University.YInMn Blue is the latest character in the weird history of the color blue. The color you're looking at in the unretouched photo above is a stunning new blue called "YInMn Blue." It's the first new inorganic blue pigment developed in hundreds of years. "YInMn Blue" is a contraction of Yttrium, Indium, and Manganese, and the pigment was invented by a team of chemists led...
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Colosseum In Rome To Get Retractable Floor, Just Like It Had Originally

Well, this new one will probably be higher-tech, but yes, the Italian government has requested bids to construct a retractable floor along the lines of the one the ancient venue had until about 1,000 years ago. Plans are for construction to start in 2021 and be completed in 2023, after which concerts and theater will be performed there. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Rome, Visual, 12.23.20

French Police Seize Hoard Of 27,000 Ancient And Medieval Artifacts, Probably Looted

Authorities seized the trove, which includes coins and jewelry from ancient Rome, bracelets and similar items from the Bronze and Iron Ages, and metal objects from the European Middle Ages, from a Frenchman in Belgium who claims he had found the objects in his apple orchard. Customs officials in both countries say they were probably smuggled from France. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Rome, Belgium, Customs, Visual, 12.17.20

Florence’s Soccer Stadium Is A Modernist Masterpiece But Badly Outdated. Preservationists And The Team Are At War.

The Artemio Franchi stadium, designed by Pier Luigi Nervi in 1930, is regularly featured in architecture textbooks and is even on a page in Italy’s passport. But the seats are uncomfortable, some of them are exposed to rain, and there’s no place for revenue-generating shops or eateries. The team’s owner, with the fans on his side, wants to tear it down and build a new one; preservationists are aghast; the culture ministry in Rome will be the referee. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Rome, Italy, Florence, Visual, Artemio Franchi, 12.02.20, Pier Luigi Nervi

Remorseful American Tourist Returns Ancient Marble Fragment She Stole From Rome

“The National Roman Museum recently received the piece of stone, which was inscribed in black marker, ‘To Sam, love Jess, Rome 2017.’ ‘I feel terrible for not only stealing this item from its rightful place, but writing on it,’ said the note accompanying the item. ‘It was a big mistake on my part and only now, as an adult, do I realize just how thoughtless and despicable it was.'” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Rome, Sam, Visual, National Roman Museum, 11.30.20, Jess Rome

Fine Arts Work Center – Executive Director

The Fine Arts Work Center (The Work Center) is an internationally renowned artist and writer residency in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The Work Center has dedicated its 52 years to providing early-career artists the opportunity to live and work together in a community of peers. Artists are given the freedom to pursue their artistic growth without interruption for seven months from October through April in Provincetown. The Work Center is devoted to encouraging the growth and development of emerg...
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Rome’s Infamous Graffiti Artist Is No Longer Anonymous

And Geco isn’t seen with the same, let’s call it reverence, that many give Banksy. Rome’s mayor, Virginia Raggi: “‘He has soiled hundreds of walls and buildings in Rome and other European cities, which had to be cleaned using public funds.’ She posted a photo of ‘hundreds of spray paint cans, thousands of stickers,’ and other tricks of the trade that she said investigators had confiscated from the apartment of Rome’s most-wanted graffiti painter.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Rome, Visual, Virginia Raggi, 11.14.20, Banksy Rome

Have A Look Inside The Italian Police’s Vault For Stolen Art

A modest three-story building on the edge of Rome’s Trastevere district is where the Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale keep thousands of artworks for as long as they are considered evidence in legal cases. Says one officer at the facility, “Usually, we give back the pieces a few days after seizing them. But some cases take longer, there are several counterclaims, and the objects stay here for years.” – Atlas Obscura
Tags: Art, Rome, Visual, Trastevere, 11.10.20, Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale

A Quay Brothers Animation Explains Anamorphosis, the Renaissance Illusion That Hides Pictures within Pictures First appearances can be deceiving. Take physicist Emmanuel Maignan’s 1642 fresco in a corridor of Rome’s Trinità dei Monti monastery. Viewed head on, it appears to be a somewhat unconventional landscape in which one of the few remaining branches of a mutilated tree spreads over a city, far in the distance. Streaky clouds suggest heavy weather is brewing. Stroll to the end of the corridor and take another look. You’ll find that the tree has co...
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Ancient Villa With Mosaics Unearthed Under Apartment Block In Rome

“The remains of the series of ornately decorated rooms were discovered when engineers were carrying out the earthquake-proofing of the 1950s residential building in 2014. Archaeologists were called in to undertake €3 million excavations funded by BNP Paribas Real Estate, the company that owns the apartment block. The archaeologists found a complex of lavish rooms with black and white mosaic flooring. The site will soon be accessible to the public as a subterranean museum.” – Forbes
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An exceptional leadership opportunity. American Composers Orchestra (ACO) is the only orchestra in the world dedicated to the legacy and future of orchestral music by American composers. Through concerts, readings, professional development and education programs ACO identifies today’s brightest emerging composers and champions prominent established composers. ACO increases regional, national and international awareness of the infinite variety of American orchestral music, reflecting gender, ethn...
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This $500 million concept megayacht was inspired by Japanese anime and designed to look like a swan — take a look at the Avanguardia

The Avanguardia concept megayacht. Lazzarini Design Studio Rome-based Lazzarini Design Studio unveiled the Avanguardia, a concept megayacht shaped like a swan. The design was inspired by 1970s and 1980s Japanese anime shows, according to its maker. The "neck" is movable, and the "head" — which otherwise serves as the command center — can be detached and turned into a tender. If a client wants to build the yacht, Lazzarini Design Studio estimates the total cost would be about $500 million. ...
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