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People Either Adore Or Despise The Rothko Chapel — Could Its Restoration Change The Haters’ Minds?

“The space, which features fourteen dark paintings by Rothko, is famous for being dim and moody. It’s a sensory deprivation chamber that also functions as a theological deprivation chamber.” For its “devotees,” it’s “a space that seems sacred for a post-religious world” and can induce truly spiritual experiences. Others, well, disagree: one artist called it “a place where art and life and imagination go to die” and one critic who loved Rothko’s work called it “at worst a well-designed crematori...
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How to Talk About Art, With Jerry Saltz

Have you ever felt at a loss for words when staring at a Jackson Pollock? Or simply not known what what to say in reaction to a Rothko? New York Magazine’s Senior Art Critic, Jerry Saltz, joins us this week to help the less-cultured of us learn the art of discussing fine art, as well as impress upon us that there is…Read more...
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Sotheby’s Has $25m Rothko for New York Sale in November

Sotheby’s has announced  that Mark Rothko’s Blue Over Red will be a featured lot in the company’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale November 14th in NYC.  The work was acquired directly from the artist by dealer and collector Harold Diamond, before being sold to a private collection from the holdings Baltimore collectors Israel and Selma Rosen. Read more at Art Market Monitor  
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Wroth Over Rothko: SFMOMA’s Distasteful Disposal

What museum director would choose to sell from his institution “an important work completed at the apex of Rothko’s artistic powers, … one of just 19 paintings completed by the artist in 1960” — a year that marked “a critical juncture in the iconic Abstract Expressionist’s career”? – Lee Rosenbaum
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Art Review: At the Met Museum, an Abstract Show That Falls Short of Epic

An exhibition meant to show off the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection of art from the 1940s to the present day only points to gaps and a lack of imagination.
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Florida Man Tried To Defraud Sotheby’s By Bidding On Art As Somebody Else: FBI

Antonio DiMarco, an interior designer from Broward County, and New York art consultant Joakim von Ditmar have been charged with identity theft and conspiracy to commit wire fraud: they allegedly bid $7.5 million for a Rothko and an Ad Reinhardt under the name of an 80-year-old client of DiMarco’s.
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A contrast worth billions

In our previous blog post, we were talking about the importance of using certain colors, color theory and color psychology, as well as why some color combinations are more pleasant to the eye. Today, we will explore one of recent history's most famous example of how colors are used to communicate within an art piece.   A painting we are referring to is, of course, Mark Rothko's "Untitled (Yellow and Blue)", a piece of art which value reached $46.5 million at Sotheby's auction in New York. Painte...
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Behind the Scenes at the MoMA

Ever wonder what's going on behind that wall when you see this sign? We lionize the artist and the designer. But few of us ever consider the men and women behind the scenes at a museum, who must deal with packing and unpacking their famous and weirdly-shaped creations, and who must clean them, inspect them, move them around and hang them. For every Rothko you've ever appreciated, there's a group of folks wearing gloves who hung it with a level. Dig that Warhol? Thank the gal who just vacuumed...
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60-Second Introductions to 12 Groundbreaking Artists: Matisse, Dalí, Duchamp, Hopper, Pollock, Rothko & More

Some art historians dedicate their entire careers, and indeed lives, to the work of a single artist. But what about those of us who only have a minute to spare? Addressing the demand for the briefest possible primers on the creators of important art, paintings and otherwise, of the past century or so, the Royal Academy of Arts' Painters in 60 Seconds series has published twelve episodes so far. Of those informationally dense videos, you see here the introductions to Salvador Dalí, Marcel...
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INKPULSE: The Art of Yeo Shih Yun

Click here to view the embedded video. “My soul mate in the universe of art is ink. INKPULSE is a monograph that I have embarked to share my art journey and it is the journal for my deeply personal and cherished connection with ink.” (from the press release) Ink artist and INSTINC founder Yeo Shih Yun is holding a crowdfunding campaign to publish INKPULSE, a progressive catalogue of art over two decades, interspersed with accounts by the people she has met along the way—gallerists, curators, fr...
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A Show Of Fakes Makes Them Real As It Gets

Here is a Rothko that isn’t a Rothko, a Coco Chanel suit that isn’t a Chanel, a Babe Ruth baseball glove that the Babe never set eyes on, and let’s not forget all the silver by Alt-Paul Revere. You name it, and Treasures on Trial: The Art and Science of Detecting Fakes probably doesn’t have […]
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The MoMA Teaches You How to Paint Like Pollock, Rothko, de Kooning & Other Abstract Painters: Free Course Begins on May 22

Some may find her insufferable, but most readers adore her: the insouciant little pig Olivia—New Yorker, art lover, and Caldecott Medal winner—has forever embedded herself in children’s literary culture as an archetype of childhood curiosity and self-confidence, especially in scenes like that of the first book of the series, in which the fearless piglet produces her own drip painting on the wall of the family’s Upper East Side apartment after puzzling over Jackson Pollock’s work at the M...
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Why Is It So Difficult For Theatre To Make Good Plays About The Art World?

As an art critic in the theater reviewer’s seat, I found myself wondering why the art market continues to hold dramatic appeal, and why so few people get it right. Of course biographical plays have always appealed, whether done straight, like the play “Red,” about Rothko, or more dreamily, like the Seurat-refracting “Sunday in the Park With George.” Yet the big-money domains of the auction houses and the largest galleries remain stubbornly beyond most writers’ faculties.
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Can art save us from fundamentalism?

London, rain, and Rothko—each was foreign to the missionary encampment on the Navajo reservation where Jakob grew up, in the 1980s. Back then, he seized every opportunity to share the gospel with his Native American friends, even as they played endless games of cowboys and Indians in the deserts of Arizona: “The Navajo kids always wanted to be the cowboys, because the cowboys always win, they said.” Into his early twenties, Jakob assumed that he would follow in the footsteps of his Pentecostal p...
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Portland Art Museum To Expand, Get Access To Rare Rothko Works

“The Portland Art Museum announced today that it will expand, connecting the museum’s two freestanding buildings, and that it will begin a 20-year art lending partnership with Mark Rothko’s children, Christopher and Kate. The partnership will allow the museum to exhibit important Rothko paintings from his children’s private collection on a rotating basis.”
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Portland Art Museum Announces Major Expansion and Loan from Rothko Famly

The Portland Art Museum has announced a major expansion in conjunction and new partnership with the Rothko family, which will see a large number of works from the family’s private holdings loaned to the museum on rotation for the next two decades.  “The partnership with the Rothko family is a homecoming of sorts, enabling us to share […]
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Going to the new Tate Modern extension? Here's what to wear

The Tate Modern open their new extension – the Switch House – this week. No dress codes here, but it’s worth thinking about co-ordinating with the grey concrete, the Picasso, Duchamp and Mondrian colour schemes, and Sadiq Khan, who was at the launchA white-hot new London venue brings with it a dress code, spoken or unspoken. When Richard Caring’s Sexy Fish restaurant arrived in Mayfair last year, the look was all about Balmain, contouring and an over-the-knee boot. (And that was at lunch.) This ...
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Penelope Umbrico Interview

Penelope Umbrico is one of the most forward-thinking, successful photographic artists working today. I heard her speak at the Filter Festival in Chicago last year, and she was kind enough to agree to an extensive interview earlier this year. You can see her work on the wall at the Mark Moore Gallery in LA, April 16-June 18, and at the Milwaukee Art Museum, May 5-August 7. Jonathan Blaustein: How did you get started as an artist? Are you a lifer? Were you making things when you were four? Penelop...
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"As soon as I arrived in Crumb’s small village, I sat at his kitchen table as Aline his wife shoved some rabbit ragout in my plate..."

"... and Crumb sat next to me and started to critique my recent Julian Assange interview in minute, precise detail. Dude, two hours ago I was at the Tate with this delicious blonde Texan girl as she explained to me the fascinating restoration of this Rothko painting that a crazed performance artist had defaced a few years prior. I was sad that she had ditched me to fly back to rat-infested Austin, so disgusted she was that I made her stay at this mice-infested musicians’ drug pen near the subway...
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'Fake Rothko' trial reduces tragic art to farce

Mark Rothko railed against the money-obsessed art world; now one of New York’s oldest dealers is accused of knowingly selling copies of his workIt is a story that illuminates in fiery red and perturbing black Manhattan’s long decline as an art capital.In 1945, New York City stood poised to become the new centre of modern art. Paris was exhausted by war and occupation. While great European artists like Picasso and Giacometti still had plenty of genius to reveal, it was a generation of young Ameri...
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