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In Their Country’s Second Lockdown, London’s Royal Ballet Dancers Are Still Performing

The director of the Royal Ballet, discussing the live-streamed performances: “It’s so important for them to do what they’re trained to do, to be in the studios together, to be rehearsing, and to be performing. It’s their job; it’s their life.” – CNN
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The Royal Ballet Leaps Back On Stage

“No one was ready, no one could even think that it would be possible that one day they would have to readjust ballet so that it would be social distancing in between,” say some Royal Ballet dancers. And yet, with various bubbles between dancers and “work spouses in the bubbles,” the ballet is going on at the Royal Opera House. – BBC
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London’s Royal Opera House To Sell Hockney Painting To Stay Solvent

The painting, which was commissioned for the Covent Garden building in the 1970s, is to go up for auction later this month in an unprecedented attempt to protect the venue’s future as a home for the Royal Ballet and for international opera. – The Guardian
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London’s Royal Opera And Royal Ballet Return To Live Performance

It’ll be to an empty house, though; social distancing isn’t over yet. The Live from Covent Garden series, streamed over the Royal Opera House’s YouTube and Facebook pages, begins on June 13 with a program including a brand-new dance by Royal Ballet resident choreographer Wayne McGregor and music by Handel, Britten, Butterworth and Turnage sung by Royal Opera soloists Louise Alder, Toby Spence, and Gerald Finley. – London Evening Standard
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The Royal Ballet Cuts Ties With Liam Scarlett Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

According to The Guardian, The Royal Ballet has cut ties with choreographer Liam Scarlett, who has been accused of sexual misconduct with students. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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More And More Men Are Dancing On Pointe

And it’s not just the Trockaderos and Cinderella’s mean stepsisters, either. Gilbert Bolden of New York City Ballet, James Whiteside of ABT, Bennet Gartside of The Royal Ballet, and Raffaele Morra of (yes) the Trocks talk about how and why guys dance on their toes. – Dance Spirit
Tags: Art, Dance, Royal Ballet, Cinderella, New York City Ballet, James Whiteside, Trocks, 02.21.20, Gilbert Bolden, Bennet Gartside, Raffaele Morra

Liam Scarlett, Royal Ballet’s Choreographer In Residence, Suspended Following #MeToo Claims From Students

“Independent investigators are examining claims that he behaved inappropriately with Royal Ballet School students and encouraged them to send him naked photographs. … The inquiry has not concluded and it is understood that no findings have been made against Scarlett.” – The Times (UK)
Tags: Art, Dance, Royal Ballet, Royal Ballet School, Liam Scarlett, 01.30.20

So What Is Grime Ballet?

Artistic director Whitley, who has worked with the Royal Ballet and performing arts company Saddler’s Wells, suggests there are “a lot of assumptions” that go with words like grime and ballet and the types of people involved in each. – BBC
Tags: Art, Dance, Royal Ballet, Wells, Whitley, Saddler, 01.26.20

Royal Ballet Dancer and West End Performer Stephen Beagley Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison For Child Sexual Assault Charges

According to the BBC, former Royal Ballet principal dancer, and West End performer, Stephen Beagley, has been jailed for 10 years for sexually abusing three girls. The girls were between the ages of 9 and 13. [Author: Stephi Wild]
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Royal Ballet’s New Star Marcelino Sambé On How He Got Into Dance

“It was hilarious. I showed up in tracksuit and trainers, didn’t know what ballet was. The atmosphere was sterile, the other kids were preppy and well prepared. I was nothing of the kind. But I could do the splits and I remember I kept doing the splits repeatedly [he laughs].” The panel was not impressed. “Then came the special moment when they asked us just to dance. – The Guardian
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Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui At The Royal Ballet

“Despite running a ballet company — and his many commissions for ballet companies — Mr. Cherkaoui is still largely seen as a contemporary dance-maker … [and he] seem[s] half-amused, half-pained by the idea that he is seen as an outsider in the ballet world.” Reporter Roslyn Sulcas talks to the choreographer about his new work for London’s august ballet troupe, Medusa. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, London, Dance, Royal Ballet, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Roslyn Sulcas, Cherkaoui, 05.07.19

Carlos Acosta Named Director Of Birmingham Royal Ballet

The 45-year-old Cuban was one of the (London) Royal Ballet’s most popular stars in his 17 years with the company, from which he retired about three years ago. He says he hopes to “look for choreographers that the Royal Ballet isn’t looking at, people and ballets that might not be obvious.” — The New York Times
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The Brutal Toll Of Ballet

Want to see the reality of what dance does to a (male) body? Check out this story on The Royal Ballet’s top dancer. “Watson said living with injuries is the daily reality of a ballet dancer but the body slowly repairs itself.” – The Telegraph (UK)
Tags: Art, Dance, Royal Ballet, Watson, 01.12.19

Andy Blankenbuehler Replaces Wayne McGregor As Choreographer For Movie Version Of ‘Cats’

Blankenbuehler, who won a Tony and an Olivier Award for his work on Hamilton, steps in for contemporary ballet choreographer McGregor, who withdrew because of scheduling conflicts with a work he’s creating for the Royal Ballet in London.
Tags: Art, Dance, Royal Ballet, Hamilton, McGregor, Tony, Andy Blankenbuehler, Wayne McGregor, Blankenbuehler, 11.24.18

Royal Ballet Soloist Says He Used Skin-Lightening Products For Auditions

Fernando Montano grew up in Colombia and came to the Royal Ballet in 2006. The soloist, “said he used cosmetics during his early years at Britain’s largest ballet company as he was one of only three black dancers.”
Tags: Art, Dance, Colombia, Britain, Royal Ballet, 11.03.18, Fernando Montano

How Two Major Ballet Company Bosses Are Trying To Change The Culture Of Bullying And Passivity

Judith Mackrell talks about counteracting the powerful forces of discipline/submissiveness, competition, ego, and tradition with Royal Ballet artistic director Kevin O’Hare (“We had issues with one guest coming in recently who was behaving in ways that we aren’t used to any more”) and Scottish Ballet artistic director Christopher Hampson (“We have 40 dancers, and there are still about 15 who would rather I shouted at them and tell them what to do.”).
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Top Posts From AJBlogs For The Weekend Of 05.27.18

The Return of the Posies (Guest Columnist) LAST night I caught the Seattle-area band the Posies at the Bootleg Theater, which has gradually become one of my favorite places to see a show in Los Angeles. Out with me was a  ...  read more AJBlog: CultureCrash Published 2018-05-26   Jeff Sultanof On An Important Film Reborn Composer, arranger, educator and jazz authority Jeff Sultanof occasionally honors Rifftides with his insights. This is one of those happy occasions. Jeff has seen a restorat...
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"I do not want to sit and make a nest and be comfortable, and I did feel so comfortable that I stopped being involved as a person and an artist and that is not something I want."

"I don't want to have comfort, I don't want to have a family, I don't want to have a flat — so I destroyed in a way everything I had in order to be able to build. It is almost like a delete button and you just want to start fresh."So said Sergei Polunin, in 2012, when he was 22 and had suddenly quit the Royal Ballet, where he was the youngest dancer ever to have been made a principal.I'm reading that today because it was presented as related by BBC News where I'd gone to read "Booed tenor quits ...
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Top Posts From AJBlogs 04.30.18

On artistic leadership and aesthetic values in a changed cultural context: A new keynote address Last week I had the privilege, pleasure, and honor to give the keynote address at the Canadian Arts Summit – an annual gathering of the board chairs, executive leaders, and artistic leaders of Canada's major cultural institutions. ... read more AJBlog: Jumper Published 2018-04-29 Egypt: Breaking New Ground – Underwater Like Gold, Picasso and Impressionism, Egypt has generally been a sure-fire subject...
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Merce Cunningham Trust Plans Worldwide Celebration For His Centennial

"More than 60 presenting organizations and dance companies from around the world are expected to participate, and the Royal Ballet in London will be one of several to tackle Cunningham for the first time. ... A highlight of the centennial will be a 'Night of 100 Solos' to be performed on the evening of Cunningham's […]
Tags: Art, London, Dance, Royal Ballet, Cunningham, 04.16.18, Merce Cunningham Trust

When A Fashion Designer Works With A Ballet Company, Things Can Get Interesting

Erdem Moralioglu's company is famous for its evening gowns and "decadent craftsmanship." How will he work with dancers at the Royal Ballet in London?
Tags: Art, London, Dance, Royal Ballet, Erdem Moralioglu, 03.15.18

Tamara Rojo Says Her Boyfriend Dancing In The Company She Runs Isn't Nepotism (He's Too Good For That)

The former Royal Ballet star and current artistic director of English National Ballet has been catching some flack for her romance with principal dancer Isaac Hernández (who's 16 years younger). SDhe insists there is "not even a possibility" of conflict of interest: "He has won all the awards you can possibly win, so there was […]
Tags: Art, Dance, Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Tamara Rojo, Isaac Hernandez, 02.27.18

Inside The Audition That Lets Dancers Try Out For Ten Ballet Companies At Once

"'Our main goal is really to help dancers,' says David Makhateli, a former principal with The Royal Ballet who launched the Grand Audition with his wife, dancer Daria Makhateli. With 10 artistic directors from a wide range of countries present, a dancer who might not fit one company's requirements has many more opportunities to be […]
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Carlos Acosta's Dance Company Is Opening Up The Closed World Of Ballet In Cuba

"Since retiring from the Royal Ballet and founding Acosta Danza in 2015 with the aim of fusing classic and contemporary ballet, the 44-year-old artist has brought the work of many renowned foreign choreographers like American Justin Peck to his Caribbean island. Some have created new pieces for the company."
Tags: Art, Dance, Royal Ballet, Cuba, Caribbean, Carlos Acosta, Justin Peck, Acosta Danza, 01.24.18

Annette Page, Star Of Britain's Royal Ballet, Dead At 84

"A dark-haired beauty with a pure classical technique, ... [she] was one of a golden generation of ballerinas who made the Royal Ballet into a global phenomenon in the mid-20th century."
Tags: Art, People, Britain, Royal Ballet, 12.18.17, Annette Page Star

Again, Why Is There So Much Rape And Violence Against Women In Ballet Lately?

Six months ago, critic Siobhan Burke raised the issue in The New York Times. Now, in Britain's The Observer, Luke Jennings writes, "In the last few seasons the Royal Ballet stage has seen record numbers of female characters brutalised and killed. ... Consider this body-count alongside the number of recent abstract works in which women […]
Tags: Art, Dance, Britain, Royal Ballet, Luke Jennings, New York Times Now, Siobhan Burke, 11.12.17

The Dancing Line: Revisiting Shiavax Chavda

A Retrospective of paintings & sketches of the Master WHAT: ‘The Dancing Line – revisiting Shiavax Chavda’, a Retrospective of paintings & sketches of the master. WHEN: Tuesday October 24th to Monday October 30th, 2017 WHERE: Jehangir Art Gallery, Kalaghoda, Mumbai TIMINGS: 11am to 7pm ‘The Dancing Line – revisiting Shiavax Chavda’ For the first time in 22 years, the family of late artist Shiavax Chavda will be holding a dedicated retrospective of his works at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai...
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How Hull Became Britain's Ballet Talent Engine

Skip back a generation or two, and those to have emerged from other Hull dance schools include former Royal Ballet principal Mark Silver and ex-Birmingham Royal Ballet principal Robert Parker. Hull seems to have a particularly good record with male dancers.
Tags: Art, Dance, Britain, Royal Ballet, Hull, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Mark Silver, 09.16.17, Robert Parker Hull

How A Post-Industrial Yorkshire City Became A Hotbed Of Ballet Talent

The secret of Hull's success is the Skelton Hooper Ballet School, which trained a slew of principals at leading ballet companies in Europe, most notably Xander Parish (now at the Mariinsky) and Royal Ballet director Kevin O'Hare.
Tags: Art, Europe, Dance, Royal Ballet, Hull, Xander Parish, 09.15.17, Skelton Hooper Ballet School

Keeping Alive The Sacred Royal Dance Of Cambodia

Princess Norodom Buppha Devi, granddaughter of the late King Sihanouk and half-sister of the current king, toured the world in the 1950s and '60s as one of the leading dancers of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. In the 1990s, after the years of the Khmer Rouge and the later Vietnamese invasion, she located surviving dancers […]
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