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Kennedy Center Turns 50 (And Unveils Celebrations)

The 50th anniversary celebration is part of 1,110 dance, theater, jazz, comedy and musical concerts and events in the 2021-2022 season. The total represents a 25 percent cut from pre-pandemic averages, Rutter said, and many of the special performances have been scheduled for 2022 as a hedge that vaccines would by then be widely available. – Washington Post
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Kennedy Center And Its Resident Companies Will Commission Series Of New Anti-Racist Works

“Led by the National Symphony Orchestra and the Washington National Opera, the Cartography Project will create an unspecified number of new works from artists of color that promote healing and understanding, Kennedy Center [CEO] Deborah Rutter said Thursday. The project is named for its intention to become a kind of musical map, tracing events that have sparked marches and activism across the nation. Shorter orchestral pieces may be presented digitally as soon as this fall, while opera commissi...
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The Christmas Carol Composer

Does John Rutter care that people know him mostly through his carols? "'I used to think that was a problem,' Mr. Rutter said, surveying from his kitchen window the absurdly perfect village he calls 'idyllic, if a bit Miss Marple.' He worried that people wouldn’t take his other music seriously. 'But I’m not unhappy to […]
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A temporary matter by jhumpa lahiri pdf

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Broadway Producer Chosen To Direct Kennedy Center’s Theatre Program

Finn, 46, who will report to Robert van Leer, the center’s senior vice president for artistic planning, said in an interview that part of what made the job so attractive was the commitments Rutter and van Leer made to commissioning more theater pieces and in the center producing more original projects.
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The Merry Wives review – carry on, Falstaff

New Vic, Newcastle-under-LymeIt’s full-scale farce with flat caps as Barrie Rutter takes on Shakespeare’s shambling antihero for a third time with Northern BroadsidesNot even Shakespeare seemed overfond of The Merry Wives of Windsor: having apparently spent no more than a fortnight knocking off this all-prose potboiler at the behest of Elizabeth I, who couldn’t get enough of Falstaff and commanded a sequel to the Henry IV plays showing the fat knight in love.Barrie Rutter, however, is unusually ...
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