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Development Director Position

ORGANIZATION OVERVIEW: Since 1987, Seattle Arts & Lectures (SAL) has cultivated transformative experiences through story and language with readers and writers of all generations. SAL fulfills its mission through educational, public, and community programming, in person and online. Our public literary events bring the most talented and thought-provoking writers of our times to local stages. Our youth programs include Writers in the Schools (WITS) and the Seattle Youth Poet Laureate (YPL) pr...
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Japanese Cook Draws Every Meal He Eats, Now Has 32 Years' Worth

One of the more surprising things that happened in my high school: There was a kid I'll call Sal who was a jock through-and-through, athletic, competitive, football star, his dad was one of the coaches. Junior year Sal badly injured his knee and was out for the season.Sal would sit on the sidelines, still wearing the team jacket, to watch all the practices. One day I noticed he had a sketchbook with him. He'd taken up drawing to idle away the time. Then he realized he loved it.By senior year Sal...
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The QuadraOpus is any sort of furniture you want it to be

The bachelor in me has nothing but appreciation for the QuadraOpus. Designed for small apartments with not enough space for a lot of furniture, the Quadraopus can be anything you need, from a shelf, to a table, to even a bench with or without armrests. In fact, the name QuadraOpus comes from the four basic needs the product aims at fulfilling… Shoe-rack, Storage, Seating, and Table.The QuadraOpus by Anupria Singh, an industrial design student from India, form building blocks of domestic furnitur...
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Amazing floating hotel allows guests to sail away in their own private yachts

The Catamaran apartments each feature a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and upstairs sleeping area, floor-to-ceiling windows as well as an open-air front deck. The oddly shaped yacht rooms are designed to move slowly through the inland waters of landlocked Serbia, allowing visitors to enjoy uninterrupted views of the natural beauty around them. According to the designers, the apartments “can be considered as frames of the nature, connecting the guests with the water and the sky and isolating th...
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