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Vice President for Development, Grand Rapids Symphony

Now in its 91th season, the Grand Rapids Symphony invites applications and nominations for the position of Vice President for Development, available in the first quarter of 2021. The Organization Now in its 91th season, the Grand Rapids Symphony (GRS) is a highly acclaimed orchestra that presents more than 400 performances annually, reaching a diverse audience of more than 200,000 concertgoers from 14 West Michigan counties. Nearly half of those who attend are st...
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Sean Scully Closes His Windows

In the wake of the pandemic, the Irish-American artist has rediscovered the color black. We unveil his newest work for troubled times.
Tags: Art, News, Sean, Scully, Sean Scully, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV

How Swizz Beatz Bridged the Worlds of Hip-Hop and Contemporary Art

While amassing his own collection, the music producer became a crucial connector, and an important advocate for artists of color.
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Sean Parker's wedding violations result in new app for California coastline

What started out as a high-profile beachside wedding turned into a useful and long-term solution to beach access issues along the California coastline. When Napster founder and original president of Facebook Sean Parker started planning his 2013 beachfront wedding to then-fiance Alexandra Lenas, he had no idea that he was breaking land usage rules. With a redwood grove in mind, he simply leased the space from the hotel that fringed the area. He then spent months having the perfect set built. It...
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#ShotoniPhoneXS: Experiments with incite*

#ShotoniPhoneXS: Experiments with incite* AoiroStudio Sep 17, 2018 Jokes aside along with all the memes that we have shared about the "new" iPhone XS, we also always go into this dilemma about whatever you should upgrade or not. That's how Apple is good at marketing their new products (especially how they listed them to confuse the hell all of us). For me? It will be the camera, I was a bit disappointed to know that the new iPhone XS will still swing a...
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When Steve Jobs Taught Andy Warhol to Make Art on the Very First Macintosh (1984)

When Andy Warhol first became famous, few knew what to make of his art. When Apple first released the Macintosh — dramatically promoted with that Ridley Scott Super Bowl commercial — few knew what to make of it either. The year was 1984, when almost nobody had seen a graphical user interface or even a mouse, let alone used them, and the Macintosh looked as strange and compelling when it entered the computing scene as Warhol did when he entered the art scene. Both seemed so casually to re...
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Auction Buyers Are Catching on to African-American Art

Museums have been re-evaluating their collections to give more prominence to works by black artists. Recent sales in New York show the market is following.
Tags: Art, New York, News, Auctions, Christie's, Sotheby's, Marshall, Sean, Combs, Basquiat, Kerry James, Jean-Michel, Phillips Auctioneers LLC

Sean Combs Is Revealed as Buyer of Kerry James Marshall Painting

“Past Times,” which sold for $21.1 million this week, “has found a home in a collection with purpose and an eye toward preserving legacy,” said Jack Shainman, who represents Mr. Marshall.
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Auctions, Blacks, Broad, Sean Combs, Marshall, Sean, Combs, Eli, Kerry James, Jack Shainman, Rap and Hip-Hop, Bad Boy Entertainment, Kerry James Marshall Painting

In Berlin, Artists Find a Home

It’s a city friendly to the creative crowd, with ample and affordable space and a share of solitude.
Tags: Art, News, Berlin, Ai Weiwei, Sean, Scully, Klaus, Berlin (Germany, Biesenbach

Celebrities Caught Smoking In The Met Museum Bathroom (And Museum Board Members Aren't Happy)

According to “Page Six,” one board member was “horrified to go into the ladies’ loo” to find a “host of celebs messing around,” including Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kendall Jenner, and Kim Kardashian. On top of that, certain celebrities, such as Bella Hadid, Marc Jacobs, and Dakota Johnson, were also caught smoking in the bathroom.
Tags: Art, Kim Kardashian, People, Kendall Jenner, Dakota Johnson, Sean, 05.07.17, Bella Hadid Marc Jacobs

Yesteryears by Sean Cham

Sean Cham is an undergraduate at Yale-NUS College, with an Urban Studies major and an Arts and Humanities minor. He is also the author of Yesteryears, a photobook showcasing 50 places in Singapore that were culturally and historically significant. “The series was taken when Singapore celebrated 50 years of independence, and there was an increasing wave of nostalgia across the nation. However, many buildings and places were left abandoned and forgotten amidst the country’s race for progress...
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Kingston is an arts and cultural hot

At first glance, Kingston may seem like a mere shipping port and capital city for visitors en route to sandy beaches and rainforest treks; however, as was proven during a brief tour of the city, Kingston on its own merit is a beacon for Jamaicans and visitors from around the world who want to see Jamaican arts and culture in full swing. 1 Deep artistic traditions at the National Gallery of Jamaica With paintings, sculptures, and woodwork from all a...
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Using Resources Correctly In A Analysis Paper

Online Homework Whether in higher education or graduate school, there is tiny accessible time when you have to perform to try to eat. There are periods when you say that it is important to publish my paper so that you can carry on on with your instruction. It is not a little something you are undertaking at all situations but only when time is tight and your routine does not allow the paper to be handed in on time. We improved the subject, simply because Helen was having worried. Soo...
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Guy Discovers He Can Go Anywhere While Wearing A Hi-Vis Vest

David Allegretti and his mate Sean conducted a little experiment, and they were shocked by the results. They bought a few hi-vis vests and then they put them to the tests. They used the vests to enter restricted areas, and they quickly discovered that no one questions people when they’re wearing one of these vests. David Allegretti and his mate Sean decided to see how far they could get by wearing official-looking hi-vis vests. h/t: vice They decided to test their stunt at the local movie th...
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Vitruvi Premium Essential Oils

Essential oils can easily transport you to a more serene, relaxed state of mind. These powerful oils can be used for a variety of purposes, too, from beauty to home to cleaning. Brother-sister duo Sean and Sara Panton combined their passions and skills to create Vitruvi, a line of premium essential oils with a clever periodical table package design.“At Vitruvi we believe the products you use...Click to read full post... » Read More Packaging & Articles at            Related ...
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Anything We Dream

With some New Line shows, you gotta just go for the crazy ride.Shows like Anyone Can Whistle, Hair, Johnny Appleweed, A New Brain, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Bukowsical, Jerry Springer the Opera, Threepenny... and Celebration. If you, as an audience member, insist on understanding every moment of shows like these, you'll get just frustrated. You have to let go of the need for signposts and conventional structure, and accept that that's not the kind of experience you're having. When you watch...
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Hey, Mr. Somebody in the Sky!

Celebration is an experiment.In my last post, I was trying to figure out exactly what this show of our is, how it works, what its rules are. I could sort of identify the elements of a Hero Myth story, but it really didn't exactly match up, and it broke a lot of those rules.So the other night in rehearsal, I'm watching our actors do a first run-through of Act I, and I realize that this has nothing to do with Hero Myths, any coincidental similarities notwithstanding. You can see how this story fe...
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The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design v2.0 + Interview with Author

Last month, I introduced you to Kyle Courtright’s Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook, which is the “definitive guide to logo design”. It was one of the most popular deals I’ve ever shared here on Just Creative. The good news is that Kyle has just released v2.0 of this eBook, which has been updated based on all of your feedback. It’s in portrait now (yay!), the visuals have been updated and more content added. Browse inside and/or download Chapter 1 for free.  35% Off Discount for Just Creative...
Tags: Deals, Design, Jeremy, Logo Design, Sean, Kyle, Nadir

Sean Hayes & Megan Hilty Reunite During AN ACT OF GOD Performance

Former SMASH and SEAN SAVES THE WORLD co-stars Sean Hayes and Megan Hilty reunited during a recent performance of Broadway's hit comedy, AN ACT OF GOD. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Sean Hayes, Sean, Megan Hilty, BWW News Desk

Don't Make Products for the Moment, Make Products That Last: An Interview with Grovemade's Head Designers

Have you ever gotten yourself in a bit of a design pickle, where you realize you're designing something for too niche of an audience, developing a product you later realize is too expensive to be manufactured, or creating products for a market where trends change so quickly you can barely keep up? Years ago, Portland-based design studio Grovemade found themselves in the latter predicament, as they were initially specialized in creating accessories for a highly erratic market: iPhones. Nowadays, ...
Tags: Apple, Design, San Francisco, Portland, Sean Kelly, Consumer Product, Ken, Sean, Gerard, Grovemade

UEFA EURO 2016 Poster Series

For the fans of football or soccer as we call it here in the US, Sean Ford created a fantastic series of posters created for each country represented at UEFA EURO 2016 in France, using elements from their respective flags. The beauty of this posters made me speechless, they are all super simple but Sean was able to capture the colors and elements from the flags quite well. If you are not aware of what UEFA EURO, the UEFA European Championship is the primary association foot...
Tags: England, Design, France, Uefa, North East, Sean, Union of European Football Associations UEFA

With Visual Puzzles and Funky Still Lifes, "Alphabetacool" Is a Children's Book for Adults (Too)

Adi Goodrich and Sean Pecknold are two parts of the Los Angeles based Sing Sing Studio. They're prolific and immensely talented visual artists, and they've come together, through an obsession with children's books and a belief that kids are smarter than us, to make a children's book of their own.We're very excited to have their book, Alphabetacool, and I sent them a few questions so we could get a little more insight into this incredibly fun book they've made—one that's more intellectual and uni...
Tags: New York, Design, Los Angeles, Hand-Eye Supply, Sean, Adi, Jeremiah, Visual Communication, Hes, Jeff Rutherford, Adi Goodrich

Big Sean & Jhene Aiko cover FLAUNT

To start the week, Big Sean & Jhene Aiko announced their upcoming joint album, Twenty88, and while we wait just 24 more hours, they both don the cover (and Jhene the orange wig) of FLAUNT. The big takeaway here is that their chemistry throughout their friendship is just radiant and not only these photos, but also the reveal that they went on a date before. “We went on a date,” Aiko reveals. “We went to a Lakers game. It was a long time ago,” (it was in May of 2012 to be exact). “First of all, I ...
Tags: Design, Jhene Aiko, Big Sean, Lakers, Sean, Aiko, Flaunt, Jhene, Twenty88, Sean Jhené Aiko

The Rest of Our Lives

I was at the Rep with Sean, one of our newest New Liners (you can follow Sean's vlog here), and we were talking before the performance about American Idiot (Sean's in the show). He knows the Green Day albums really well (I don't), and he was talking about the adaptation from the one form to the other.As he was talking, I realized that Billie Joe Armstrong had written his own autobiographical Hero Myth story with the American Idiot album, and it seems, also with 21st Breakdown. And what Armstron...
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