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Karen Ziemba And Patrick Page Lead TheatreWorks' SHAKESPEARE IN VEGAS Online Reading

Tony Award winner Karen ZiembaBroadway's Contact, Curtains, Prince of Broadway and many more and Tony Award nominee Patrick PageHades in Broadway's Hadestown lead thecast ofTheatreWorks Silicon Valley's benefit online reading ofShakespeare in Vegas,by Suzanne Bradbeer. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Silicon Valley, Shakespeare, BWW News Desk, Suzanne Bradbeer, Karen Ziemba, Hadestown, Karen ZiembaBroadway, Patrick PageHades

Silicon Valley Gets A New Professional Dance Company

“San Jose Dance Theatre [has] announced that it [is] launching a professional ballet company, as well as a trainee program and a new pre-professional training division. This is good news for San Jose, which saw Silicon Valley Ballet shut down in 2016.” – Pointe Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Silicon Valley Ballet, 06.26.20

The Portfolio: David Phume

Animator, roboticist and artist David Phume is on a mission to show that technology is not just for the geniuses in Silicon Valley The post The Portfolio: David Phume appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Art, Technology, Animation, Silicon Valley, Autonomous Cars, Robotics, Friday, South Africa (country, David Phume, Static Tech Art

After the Gold Rush: Rolls-Royce Ready to Embrace Minimalism

We’ve covered how mainstream automakers rose to the coronavirus challenge ad nauseum, but what about companies whose customers dream of rich mahogany and yachting off Cannes all night? Well, just like a Silicon Valley tech mogul, Rolls-Royce spent these past few months reflecting, peering deep within its soul, all to learn how to become a […] The post After the Gold Rush: Rolls-Royce Ready to Embrace Minimalism appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Design, Luxury, Autos, Silicon Valley, Rolls Royce, Cannes, Consumer Demand, News Blog, Bespoke, Buyer Preferences

When Driving Becomes Just Data

Driverless cars are catnip for the Silicon Valley monopolists. The average commute is dead space because their target is too busy driving to take in advertising or interact with any information-gathering devices. But what if the car becomes one of those devices? – New Statesman
Tags: Art, Ideas, Silicon Valley, 06.24.20

Ammunition and Gantri collaborate over a series of 3D-Printed lights

SF-based design studio Ammunition Group is adding Gantri to its list of collaborators/clients, as the two companies get together to launch a series of lights designed for the Gantri platform. The lamps are designed to complement and wonderfully reflect Gantri’s clean design language, brought about by their unique 3D-printing processes and use of innovative custom plant-based filaments.The series spans three categories that embrace distinct visual styles. The Gio Collection borrows from Italian...
Tags: Design, Lifestyle, Ikea, Silicon Valley, Lighting, Product Design, Robert Brunner, Gantri, Ammunition Group, Dre Polaroid

Radha Mistry's Job at Autodesk is to Explore and Provoke Possible Futures

For this year's Core77 Design Awards, we're conducting in-depth interviews with some of our 2020 jury captains to get in a glimpse into their creative minds and to hear more about what they'll be looking for in this year's awards submissions. You could say the general purpose of an organization's collective body is to ask the question, "what's next?" In other words, any one person's job at a company is to help contribute to moving it forward and make it a success. But not everyone can say they...
Tags: Japan, UK, Design, London, France, Germany, India, US, Italy, Ethiopia, New Orleans, Sci Fi, Silicon Valley, Autodesk, North America, Designer Profiles

Is resurrecting Google’s BookBot the need of the hour?

Everyone in Silicon Valley is trying to design something straight out of the future. We treat science and technology as the end all be all of our issues and rightfully so, but here is an unpopular opinion – do we REALLY need technology in every aspect of our lives to make it better? A decade ago, robots doing all our tasks were just a thing of movies and today we don’t go a day without interacting with a robot – think about it, even if you call a place there is a 99% chance an automated voice ...
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Design, Technology, California, Lifestyle, Silicon Valley, Appliances, Robot, Delivery, Editorial, Delivery Service, Drone Delivery, Product Design, Mountain View Library, Mountain Valley

Disruptive Innovation Thinking Clayton Christensen, 67

His theory of disruptive innovation made him a key influence on Silicon Valley powerhouses like Netflix and Intel and twice earned him the title of the world’s most influential living management thinker, died Jan. 23 at age 67. – Deseret News
Tags: Art, Intel, People, Netflix, Silicon Valley, Clayton Christensen, 01.24.20

Disruptive Innovation Thinker Clayton Christensen, 67

His theory of disruptive innovation made him a key influence on Silicon Valley powerhouses like Netflix and Intel and twice earned him the title of the world’s most influential living management thinker, died Jan. 23 at age 67. – Deseret News
Tags: Art, Intel, People, Netflix, Silicon Valley, Clayton Christensen, 01.24.20

Impossible Foods debuts plant-based pork at CES

Impossible Foods has unveiled its newest meatless product, Impossible Pork. The Silicon Valley-based company continues to break ground since launching the Impossible Burger in 2016 to help minimize the use of animals as a food source. The Impossible Pork debuted at the recent Las Vegas CES 2020 event, renowned as the largest digital technology show worldwide. The Impossible Pork is gluten-free with reduced fat and no cholesterol. Even better for eco-minded consumers is the Impossible Pork’s smal...
Tags: Design, China, New York Times, Silicon Valley, Burger King, Impossible Foods, Brown, Pat Brown, Impossible Sausage, Impossible Pork, Laura Kliman

frog's Most Surprising Tech Trend Predictions for 2020

Last week frog dropped its annual Tech Trends report, this time looking at what awaits us in 2020 and where the end of the “twenty-tens” leaves us. There are a number of predictions within the report pointing to both an energetic optimism for future innovations and the darker consequences of our technological triumphs over the past ten years alone. After all, we’ve seen events like the 3D printing revolution that delivered professional quality fabrication to a consumer level at dropping price p...
Tags: Design, Future, San Francisco, Trends, Tech, Silicon Valley, Timothy Morey, Sam Dix

What Passes For A Soul (Or Conscience) In Silicon Valley

What happens after you admit you might have ruined the internet, or helped elect a lunatic, or undercut Western democracy? I suppose that, like with any confession, you feel relief. Nothing is worse than keeping a secret. Then, to borrow a cliché, you might take some time to work on yourself. Unburdened, perhaps, by their No Good Very Bad Election Year, the elite of Silicon Valley have discovered a new depth of self-reflection that they didn’t realized they possessed—and a new opportunit...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Silicon Valley, 11.26.19

Improv Comedy (Live and Otherwise) Examined on Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #20   What role does improv comedy play in popular culture? It shows up in the work of certain film directors (like Christopher Guest, Adam McKay, and Robert Altman) and has surfaced in some of the TV work of Larry David, Robin Williams, et al. But only in the rare case of a show like Whose Line Is It Anyway? is the presence of improvisation obvious. So is this art form doomed to live on the fri...
Tags: Google, Comedy, Television, Film, College, Theatre, Amy Poehler, Reddit, Silicon Valley, Brian, Second City, Thomas Middleditch, Robert Altman, Mark, Tim, Facebook Twitter

Fins: Harley Earl, the Rise of General Motors, and the Glory Days of Detroit

Fins: Harley Earl, the Rise of General Motors, and the Glory Days of Detroit abduzeedoNov 12, 2019 Here I am talking book recommendations after a long hiatus, not that I haven’t read any but simply none I felt worth sharing my thoughts here on Abduzeedo. A couple of weeks ago a co-worker recommended a book about the car industry in the US, pretty much the beginning of it, the book title is Fins: Harley Earl, the Rise of General Motors, and the Glory Days of D...
Tags: Design, Steve Jobs, US, America, San Francisco, General Motors, Gm, Silicon Valley, Michigan, Detroit, Tom Ford, Harley, Hollywood California, Great Plains, Harley Earl, William Knoedelseder

Pinterest’s Audience Algorithm Is Awesome. Now It Has To Change

The company’s leaders say they want to map a different route to success in Silicon Valley, one that’s less meteoric and more humane. But in its first year as a public company, it faces a pivotal challenge: How to grow beyond a user base that has historically skewed toward white, suburban women without alienating loyalists, stereotyping newcomers, or potentially allowing for the spread of misinformation and radicalization. – Medium
Tags: Art, Ideas, Silicon Valley, Audience, 10.13.19

What The Wild Success Of Silicon Valley Says About The American Success Story

The question of fixing Silicon Valley is inseparable from the question of fixing the system of postwar American capitalism, of which it is perhaps the purest expression. Some believe that the problems we see are bugs that might be fixed with a patch. Others think the code is so bad at its core that a radical rewrite is the only answer. – The Nation
Tags: Art, Ideas, Silicon Valley, 10.14.19

Multiple award-winning design firm Bould needs an Industrial Designer!

Bould Design is a strategic partner for bringing highly functional, beautiful and successful products to life through a professional, user-centric design process. Their focus on function, simplicity, quality, and character has achieved outstanding results for clients ranging from stealth mode startups to diversified multi-nationals. They also have several awards to their names including multiple Red Dot Design Awards in 2018 and a couple of IDEA Gold Awards through the years. Apply now to be a p...
Tags: Usa, Design, Roku, Silicon Valley, Dslr, Job Board, Product Design, San Mateo, SolidWorks, Bould, Light L16, Bould Design, Computational Camera, YD Job Board, Nest Labs Rylo Light co Eero, San Mateo CA Click

Silicon Valley’s Miracle Tech Was Supposed To Make The World A Better Place. What Happened?

These magical machines were supposed to provide a solution to the economic and political problems of the late twentieth century, a way to transcend and break free of the confining aspects of postwar capitalism. This was a feint, a way of imagining a miracle fix to tensions and conflicts that had no easy resolution. Computers, Margaret O’Mara suggests, have long been metaphors as much as machines. – The New Republic
Tags: Art, Ideas, Silicon Valley, 09.27.19, Margaret O'Mara

The Tech Revolution Was Supposed To Be Fun. So What Happened?

For many years, Silicon Valley and the machines that came out of it were presented as personally, economically, and socially transformative, agents of revolution at both the level of the individual and the whole social order. They were democratizing, uncontrolled, anarchic, and new. Most of all, they were supposed to be fun—to open up a space of play and freedom. How is it, then, that just a few decades in, we find ourselves trapped in a dreary spectacle that seems to replicate the old p...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Silicon Valley, 09.27.19

Sure, You Can Play That New Movie At Your Own House – For Three Thousand Dollars

Where previous attempts to serve the one percent by showing new movies to them for a high price, a new venture may work because the founders have decades-long relationships in the industry – they’re not some random kids from Silicon Valley. One says, “We are a niche offering — I’m too old for disruption — but even if a studio makes $25 million to $50 million annually from us, that’s found money.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, House, Silicon Valley, 04.07.19

Appodeal Goes Mondrianesque for their New Offices in Minsk

Thanks to giants like Google and Apple, Silicon Valley companies have a reputation for having some of the coolest offices in the world, complete with nifty in-house amenities like games rooms, fitness centres and relaxation zones that upend conventional office spaces. But contrary to popular belief, it’s not just Silicon Valley where the workplace is being re-invented.
Tags: Google, Art, Silicon Valley, Minsk, Apple Silicon Valley

These Educators Are Using Hip Hop to Change Silicon Valley's Representation Problem

CodeScty uses hip hop to teach computational thinking. "Say your ABCs," Armando Somoza says. "It's usually in song form, right? Across countries and languages, we've seen the power in this mnemonic device, the power of call and response, the power of communal, creative learning experiences." Somoza and his cofounder Chenits Pettigrew have been artists and educators for nearly 20 years, and have long wondered why technology training programs so often ignore the simple structure that informs so ma...
Tags: Google, Design, Crowdfunding, France, New York City, Brooklyn, Silicon Valley, Drake, Babbel, Harlem, Nyu, Kiki, Rosetta Stone, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Pettigrew, Somoza

Design Job: Design the Future as an Industrial Designer at Bould Design in San Mateo, CA

Bould Design is growing and we are looking for an exceptional designer to join our award winning San Mateo studio on a full-time basis. As a part of our team, you will collaborate on all phases of the design process from conceptualization to production. We offer an intense, yet informal environment for focused, highly motivated designers. Our client list includes the most successful design-centric companies in Silicon Valley including Nest Labs, Rylo,, Eero, and Roku. Our projects move ...
Tags: Design, Jobs, Silicon Valley, San Mateo, San Mateo CA, Bould Design, Nest Labs Rylo Light co Eero

Questlove and Live Nation are bringing an Impossible plant-based Cheesesteak to a venue near you

Questlove is teaming up with Live Nation to create a plant-based version of the classic Philly cheesesteak. The Questlove Cheesesteak is made from Impossible 2.0 Meat — which was made famous in the Impossible Burger — and will be featured in 40 venues across the country. Live Nation plans to introduce the Questlove Cheesesteak sometime this summer. Once the plant-based cheesesteak hits the entertainment company’s venues, it will be one of the only places in North America where people can get a ...
Tags: Design, News, Environment, United States, Silicon Valley, Philadelphia, Live-nation, North America, Questlove, Vegan, Philadelphia Phillies, Vegetarian, Eat & Drink, Philly, Phillies, Citizens Bank Park

Apple’s Plans To Compete In Hollywood Are Becoming Clearer

Apple didn’t need stars before, but it needs them now. Although the company was the first publicly traded American firm to be valued above $1 trillion, its most recent earnings report showed flat profits and falling revenue. So the plan now is not only to sell devices, but to fill them with content. That has led the company into the alien territory of Hollywood, where local customs can clash with Silicon Valley folkways. – The New York Times
Tags: Apple, Art, Hollywood, Media, Silicon Valley, 03.17.19

Booker Prize Has New Funder – From Silicon Valley

“Silicon Valley billionaire, philanthropist and author Michael Moritz and his wife Harriet Heyman’s charitable foundation, … Crankstart, has committed to an initial five-year exclusive funding term for the Booker, with an option to renew for a further five years. It will not give its name to the award.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Silicon Valley, Words, Booker, Michael Moritz, Harriet Heyman, 02.28.19, Crankstart

Artistic Director – Theatreworks Silicon Valley

THEATREWORKS Silicon Valley (TWSV) in Palo Alto, CA invites qualified candidates to submit applications to become its second Artistic Director. Founding AD Robert Kelly will retire at the end of the 2019/20 season after 50 years in leadership. TWSV seeks a dynamic visionary leader who will bring a variety of theatre interests to TWSV. THEATREWORKS embraces a wide repertoire from the American cannon to new plays to musicals. TWSV is solid financially, well-managed with a board that is active an...
Tags: Art, Jobs, California, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, Mountain View, Newark, Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area, Board of Trustees, Phil, Palo Alto Ca, Redwood City, Ma Rainey, Mountain View Center, Kelley

An ambient-music-playing ambient light

Now this is a purely personal opinion so don’t @ me, but when I think of a good smart-light or a good smart-speaker, I’m thinking of a product that’s ingenious and creative, not internet-connected. I personally think Alexa-enabled speakers are great, but they’re not something I’d own. I don’t need myself a speaker or a camera in my house that spies on every single thing I do or say in the interest of ‘internet connectivity’ and convenience. I’m saying, if I want to play a song, I’ll play a son...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Design, Silicon Valley, DAL, Popular, Lighting, Alexa, Product Design, Random, Jay Lee, Dal Light and Sound, Jay LeeClick

Silicon Valley’s Terms Of Service Are Impossible To Consent To, Or Understand

But they rule our lives. Can Amazon’s ToS, which would take more than nine hours to read aloud, be changed? Can any company’s? – The New York Times
Tags: Amazon, Art, Silicon Valley, Issues, 02.02.19

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